Milking my brother – Part 3 (the prequel to Drained)

Forced milking

A teenager has been locked into a portable milking device that won’t stop stimulating him. He has run home from school during lunch break in order to switch it off.

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Milking my brother part 3 – Dedicated to Glen W.

Liam arrived home twenty minutes later and let himself in.

His mother greeted him.

“Hello darling, what are you doing home?”

“I forgot my books,” he lied sprinting up the stairs.

He ran into the bedroom he shared with his brother and gathered the remotes  to the Wankatron from his bedside cabinet drawer. He dropped his trousers and shorts and aimed the remotes at the devices encasing his genitals. There was nothing to indicate that they required line of sight, but he assumed it. He pressed the button on the milker remote. Nothing changed. Again. Still nothing. He started to panic. He tried the other remote; the one that controlled the butt plug. Nothing changed with that one either. He felt the insistent buzzing against his prostate that made him feel like he was constantly on the edge of cumming. He tried both remotes several more times before arriving at the realisation that they no longer controlled the devices that were presently stimulating him.

He couldn’t possibly sit in class for a couple of hours while the Wankatron kept him elevated to a constant peak of sexual arousal. He just couldn’t!

But on the other hand, he had a perfect attendance record. It was a matter of pride to him. He couldn’t just skip half a day. Not after 7 months without a single day off. It was only two hours. Surely, he could just get through that?

He pulled up his underwear and cycle shorts and trousers and headed for the door.

“Bye mom,” he called as he headed out.


Liam was pretty fit, and he set off jogging at a fair pace, eager to reach his school before afternoon classes started. But then he felt the familiar excitement building, and he slowed his pace. A powerful orgasm hit him and he leaned against a roadside tree to steady himself as his legs turned to jelly.

“Are you alright son?” a friendly voice said.

Liam looked up to see an old man in his 70s leaning on a rubber-bottomed walking stick looking at him with concern.

“Nnnnyes,” Liam grunted, “I just, nnnng, just have a really bad stitch.”

For the second time that day, he clutched his stomach to emphasise his claim.

And for the second time, his audience was unconvinced.

“Are you sure son, it doesn’t look like a stitch.”

“Look will you just fuck off and let me cum in peace!!!” Liam wanted to scream.

It was humiliating enough that he was cumming in his pants as he stood in front of the old guy, without the man interrogating him as well. But Liam recognised that the old boy was just being considerate. He forced a smile that was more grimace than humour.

“Yeah, I get them bad sometimes. It’s going away now.”

“Wellll, okay. Just so long as you’re alright. You take care young man.”

The oldster walked on past, placing his walking stick carefully with every step.

When the orgasm had passed, Liam resumed jogging. The insides of his thighs and the backs of his knees felt weak, but he arrived back in school with just minutes to spare.

He slid into a chair next to his best friend William. This was the only class they shared together.

“Hey Sticky,” he said using the boy’s nickname.

“Hey Lee. Where ya been? I was looking for you all lunch.”

“I had to run home.”

“What, why?”

“I forgot some stuff. I’ll tell you about it later.”


The geography teacher, Mrs Laytham entered the classroom.

“Afternoon everybody. Can you all log onto your accounts and go to module 6 – erosion. Today we’re going to be looking at an incredible event called the Missoula Floods that literally sculpted the landscape of Washington.”

Liam and William logged into their accounts on the computers before them and navigated to the appropriate work module. But all the while, Liam’s cock stood up between his legs like a flagpole, its plum head straining at the relentless attention it was still receiving.


Sitting in class with a boner was by no means a unique experience for him, but having his boner expertly teased was a whole different kettle of fish. Liam focussed on outwardly appearing normal as Mrs Laytham started to talk about the cataclysmic floods that reshaped the late Palaeolithic North American landscape.

After about fifteen minutes, Liam felt another orgasm on the way. The first one or two always came quickly, and since he’d been using the butt plug, they would often catch him by surprise. But this was his fifth in less than 90 minutes, and it would be his eighth of the day. The Wankatron kept him horny every second it was active, but orgasms past the second took a little longer to build up. That was good because he had more time to mentally prepare, but it was bad because that on-the-edge feeling lasted much longer.


“Hey what’s up?” William whispered.

“What you mean?”

“You’re breathing funny. And you’re sweating. And your face is red.”

“I’m feeling rough.”

“You look rough. You should go see the nurse.”

“Nah I don’t want her sticking a thermometer up my butt,” Liam joked.

“You’d probably love it. Be like a little dick!”

“Yeah yours maybe. No-one else’s is that thin!”

The irony of bantering with his best friend about gay sex while a butt plug vibrated silently in his hole was not lost on Liam.

He tried to quiet and slow his breathing. He navigated on the screen to follow the lesson as Mrs Laytham talked with enthusiasm about events that had happened 15,000 years ago, but it was taking more and more of his attention to control his response to his rising excitement.

He stopped following along with the lesson and stared blankly at the screen, his attention entirely on his engorged penis. Although he couldn’t touch it directly, the shaft felt incredibly hard to him. Sometimes when he was super-horny, his dick would get very hard, then he’d clench his butt cheeks and roll his pelvis upwards, making his dick lift its head, just to see how hard he could make himself. But now, even without the muscular effort, his penis was harder than his previous best efforts. The massagers on his shaft were inciting the arteries to pump hard, inflating the spongy cavernosa of his shaft to its maximum limits, and there was nothing he could do to prevent it.

All-too-soon, he felt the familiar rush in his balls and he knew he was coming. As the four devices combined their efforts to force him to orgasm, he strained to control his vocal cords, converting the groan he instinctively wanted to release, into a long, barely audible but throaty sigh lasting seven seconds. William turned to him. Liam’s jaws were clenched tightly shut and there was a snarl on his lips.

“Dude, what’s wrong with you?!” William asked.

Liam ignored him, doing his best to hide from his classmates all around him, the feelings rushing through his genitals. He looked straight ahead as the orgasm took its course for another 10 seconds. Then it was finally over. But the equipment continued working unrelentingly on his hard dick.

Liam swallowed, wetting his mouth again and turned to his friend.

“It’s nothing. I’m just having trouble concentrating.”

“No shit. I thought you were about to turn into a werewolf or some shit there. Were you growling?”

“What?! No. Well, maybe. Kinda. I hurt my leg in gym. I was groaning against the pain.”

William frowned.

“So, you’re feeling bad AND you hurt your leg?”

Liam had forgotten about his earlier lie.

“Uh yeah,” he murmured unconvincingly. “Look, let’s just get on with this work okay?”

“Oookay, whatever you say bro.”


The root of Liam’s penis was aching. On the rare occasions when he went for a double wank at home, he had to be in the mood, and even then, his fist mostly bumped past the rim of his glans, rather than touching the nerve-dense helmet part.

Since his brother had given him the Wankatron, he’d experienced numerous doubles and even more, but then he was free to express his arousal without concern, to choose when he started, or to pause between wanks. But now, he’d come eight times, and the Wankatron was teasing every millimetre of the head whilst he was still well short of his body’s refractory period. It was a kind of torture that sent little lightning bolts from his glans to the root. He knew that the discomfort would pass after a few minutes, and the pain would morph back into pleasure, then unbearable lust, then he’d come and the cycle would begin all over again. But right now, he squirmed in his seat like a six-year-old at church desperate to take a pee.

After ten minutes or so, he came again, then fifteen after that, then ten minutes later, then eight after that, then eight again, then seven. They were getting more frequent, but he was getting better at hiding them. Liam decided to resist. It was a massive task, and one that he always failed, but what choice did he have? There were still 45 minutes left of the class. He knew he could never hold out that long, but if he could push them back to ten or even fifteen minutes apart, at least he’d only have to hide 5 more, or less, then he could go home and his brother would figure out a way to shut the Wankatron before his balls were reduced to nothing more than two dusty marbles!

For eleven minutes, it was easy enough. He was horny, but not desperately so. After that, it became increasingly difficult. His cock was so hard and his helmet felt like a throbbing sphere of excitement, with the stimulators polishing every millimetre of its shiny surface. It had never before occurred to him how simultaneously arousing and frustrating it would be to be expertly wanked; to have his helmet licked essentially, yet not be able to push the tongue away when he’d had enough. He didn’t want to come again. His cock was aching. His balls were exhausted, but the main reason he wanted no more orgasms was the simple fact that he hated having them in public, especially surrounded by his classmates. Sitting there horny, with a formidable boner was bad enough, but spurting his teen spunk with 27 classmates sitting around him made him feel unbearably exposed – almost as though he was naked in front of them. He’d done a good job hiding it so far, even as the reservoir between his nuts slowly filled with his adolescent jizz, but this school day just couldn’t end soon enough now.

He folded his arms to his desk, and lowered his head to them to hide the grimaces on face as he fought against the inevitably approaching orgasm.

“You okay?”

William asked.

“Not really,” Liam replied with a strained voice.

“Why don’t you ask Mrs Laytham to go to the nurse?”

“Nah, I’ll survive.”


Liam clenched the root of his penis, tensing against the feeling that was growing in his groin. 8 minutes. 12… 13… 14… 15…


In another classroom, Liam’s older brother Ryan sat at his desk. He wondered to himself how Liam was coping with an entire school day hard and locked into the Wankatron, and how he was dealing with the fact that it had now been masturbating him expertly for he past four and a half hours. He grinned to himself. Hopefully this would persuade his brother not to use the machine BEFORE school any more. If not, he’d have to program an even more effective deterrent. Maybe a one-hour orgasm would blunt his brother’s pencil…


16 minutes. It was the longest Liam had ever resisted. At home, he could come three times in less time.

His widely-separated balls were vibrating, tiny electrical shocks passing through each one. His helmet was swollen like an over-inflated balloon, but ultimately, it was his asshole that betrayed him. The part of the set-up that he found hardest to fight against. Tensing against his balls or his helmet managed to defer the inevitable, but the more he squeezed his asshole, the more it increased the pressure against the prostate stimulator, but if he relaxed, the vibrations seemed to spread more. There was no winning strategy.

It started. He sat up suddenly with an almost spastic jerk, then leaned back against his chair, pressing the palms of his semi-clenched fists to his closed eyes. He extended his legs, raising his entire body momentarily from the chair.

“Unnnnnnhhhh,” he grunted as he felt his balls give up a monumental load big enough to fill a shot glass. It kept coming and coming.

Liam tensed his stomach to control his diaphragm so that he would not make any more utterances but it was too late. The whole class was looking at him.

His balls felt like they were giving up a year’s worth of spunk and now they’d started, there was nothing he could do to stop them. It felt insanely good, and for 20 seconds, he cared about nothing else, as the butt plug continued to drive his overwhelmingly powerful orgasm. Then it receded and he collapsed into his chair. His exhausted body slid off the chair, as limp as Wile E Coyote sliding down a canyon wall he had just been fired at. He tried to save himself, but his head bounced off the hard, tiled floor with an audible clonking sound that elicited “Ooohs” of empathy from many of his class mates. He lay, stunned for a few seconds, before blinking and rising shakily back to his chair, helped by William.

Mrs Laytham frowned.

“Liam what just happened? Are you alright?”

“I had a bad muscle cramp. I’ve been getting them all day.”

His teacher had been around the block. She knew an orgasm when she saw one, but Liam was not the type of boy to masturbate in class, and he hit his head awfully hard on the floor.

“Ma’am shall I take him to the nurse?”

Laytham glanced up at the clock.

“There’s less than 30 minutes of class left. If you don’t mind missing the last of the class, you could escort him home.”

Liam interjected.

“My brother drives me home.”

“Ah yes, Ryan. Of course. William, would you mind escorting Liam to the parking lot to wait for his brother?”

“No ma’am not at all.”


A few minutes later, Liam and William stood in the corridor.

“I just have to go to the bathroom a sec,” Liam said.

“Dude, what the heck is up with you? You’ve been acting really weird all afternoon.”

“Bathroom. I’ll explain everything.”


They walked to the bathroom and Liam entered a stall.

“Come here,” he said to his friend.

William followed reluctantly. Getting caught in a stall with another guy was not likely to do either of their reputations any good.

“Promise to keep a secret?” Liam asked earnestly as soon as the stall door was closed.

“Of course.”

Liam pushed his trousers and cycle shorts down. William’s eyes widened as he looked at the penis-shaped robo-device, with its reservoir of gloopy semen between the nuts.

“What the fuck is that?”

“It’s a Wankatron. At least that’s what me and my brother call it.”

He pulled his shorts and trousers back up, and lead his friend from the bathroom.

“Is it… Does it do what it sounds like?”


“Is that why you’ve been acting weird all afternoon?”

Liam nodded.

“Why would have that on during class?”

“I can’t get it off.”

William’s smirk split his face in two.

“How long have you been wearing it?”

“Since this morning. Before I left for school.”

“And it’s been wanking you off all the time since?”

“Not all the time. It started just after first period.”

William thought in silence for a while as they walked towards the school’s exit.

“Is it good?”

“Yeah,” Liam answered with a wry grin of his own. “Too good.”

“What does THAT mean?”

“Dude, I’ve had jelly legs since gym this morning.”

William laughed.


Liam nodded sheepishly.

“Is it… Is it working now?”


William shot his friend a leer and a five-inch bulge appeared in his trousers, running horizontally.

“So, you got a boner now?” he asked.

“Oh yeah. It’s so hard it aches.”

William looked at the front of Liam’s trousers and his leer resurfaced.

“How often does it make you come?”

Liam shrugged.

“Usually about every five or ten minutes.”

“Oh shit. So you’ve been coming all that time in class? How many times?”

“I dunno, five, six times. Maybe more.”

“Aren’t your nuts… Well, you know, aren’t they tired?”

“Yeah, totally fucked. I bet they’re just peas by now. Just a sec…”


Liam leaned against a locker they were passing, supporting himself with his hand. He grimaced and pulled faces for 15 seconds before straightening.

“Dude, did you just come again?” William asked.

Liam gave him a sheepish nod.

“How many times is that today?”

“I dunno. I lost count. More than 20.”

“Duuude! No wonder you fell off your chair!”


35 minutes later, Liam sat in his brother’s car as he drove them home.

“Hey Liam, sorry I couldn’t take you home earlier. How’s your day been?”

“You have no idea. I’ve jizzed so many times, I think my balls are gonna fall off.”

Ryan grinned.

“I don’t think they can do that. Did anyone notice?”

“I had to step out of gym class, and I literally fell off my chair at the end of geography.”

“You fell off your chair? How’d that happen?”

“I came so hard that when it was ending I kind of passed out. I had no strength at all. I bashed my head on the floor and everyone was watching.”

“Did anyone find out about the Wankatron?”

“I don’t think so, but I told William. He thought I was turning into a werewolf or something with the noises I was making.”

Ryan laughed heartily.

“Well I was thinking about it all day. I think I have a way to override it. Shouldn’t take long to do.”

“Oh, thank God. I don’t think I can handle any…”

As if his body was mocking him, he came on cue. He curled his lip, as though making a theatrical “smelling shit” face, and he winced for 20 seconds. The veins on the sides of his neck corded and his face reddened.

“Dude are you okay?” Ryan asked.

“C… cumming again,” Liam groaned.

“Oh shit,” Ryan said with mock concern, hiding the remote by his leg that he had used to trigger Liam’s 27th orgasm of the day.

He let his brother cum had for a full 30 seconds before turning the devices down to normal.

“Did you jizz?” he asked as his brother slumped back into the seat.

“I dunno,” Liam gasped, “Felt like it. They all feel like it.”

“Oh man. No wonder your nuts are aching.”


As they arrived home, the were greeted by their mother.

“Hey guys. Liam, your school called me. They said you were taken ill. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine mom. I’ve just been having bad cramps all day. I don’t think I drank enough water or something.”

“Mrs Laytham said you fell off your chair and banged the back of your head on the floor.”


“Come here and let me check you’re okay.”

Liam allowed his mother to run her fingers through his hair, impatient to return to his room where his brother would hopefully turn the Wankatron off and remove it. His brother had already gone on ahead.

It felt wrong; sexual; to stand there with a throbbing boner while his mother caressed his hair. She was not aware of his condition of course, and he couldn’t possibly get any harder if he tried in any case, but his horny adolescent mind involuntarily connected her actions with his arousal.

“There’s a slight bump. Be sure to let me know if you get headaches or anything okay sweetie?”

She gave him an affectionate peck on the cheek and he scuttled off after his brother.


The second their bedroom door was closed, he dropped his backpack, lowered his trousers, shorts and underwear to his ankles and sat on his bed with his knees apart providing access to his brother.

“How long will it take?” he asked.

“If it works, we’ll know right away.”

Ryan dropped to his knees in front of his brother.

“Holy shit.”

“What? What’s wrong?” Liam asked in a panic.

“Nothing wrong Lee. It’s just. Well the spunk container is completely full. And the tube. How many times have you come?!”

“I don’t know. Loads. At least 20 I think.”

“Damn, that’s unbelievable! Just a sec.”

Ryan stood and walked to his bedside table, picking up his phone. Before Liam could object, he took a photograph of the device and its spunk reservoir.

“Bro, what’s that for? Can you just get this thing off before I come again?”

“I just wanted to show you. That’s more than 30 mils. Nearer to 40. Unbelievable.”

“You don’t have to tell me. But I just want the damn thing off. Can you do it or not?”

His brother produced another remote and fiddled with it for a few moments.

“No, that’s not it!” Liam said with alarm. “That’s turned it up!”

The stimulation on his balls and glans doubled and it felt as though the butt plug was fucking his prostate.

“No!” he repeated then collapsed back on the bed as his brother forced one more orgasm from his already-drained genitals.

Ryan watched with a look of mock concern, waiting patiently while his brother squirmed on the bed with a grimace on his face, and added yet more semen to the tube. When Liam finally stop writhing, he sat up. His brow was dripping in sweat.

“Can you pleeeease, turn it off now Ry,” he begged.

“I’ll try.”

Ryan pressed the off button and the Wankatron deactivated immediately.

“Oh, thank God!” Liam said.

Liam reached down and pulled out the pipe that had been inserted into his urethra all day. It had served as both a conduit, delivering his semen to the reservoir, and a stopper, preventing his juices from escaping and leaving wet circles on his trousers.

As soon as the pipe was removed, a fountain of white cream followed it, jetting like a powerful orgasm.

“Did you just come?” Ryan asked.


“Must have been inside your dick under pressure then. Fuck, I can’t believe you came so much!”


Ryan pretended to adjust the remote and the Wankatron for a little longer before pressing the button that enabled it to be opened. He fiddled with the device’s glans and the two halves came apart in his hands, which were wet with his brother’s semen.

Inside, his brother’s glans was still engorged and shiny, its formerly pale skin was a dark plum colour, bruised from hours of firm massage. As he looked closer, he could see that the bruising formed small circles that revealed the path of the stimulators.

Ryan opened the two metal halves that encased Liam’s shaft. Although it was not as bruised as the head, its surface was covered in dimples that resembled a golf ball. Each was a dark pink colour against the teenager’s pale skin.

Next, the testicle casing came off, freeing balls that had been confined and vibrated for over eight hours. Inside, Liam’s testicles had swollen from their hours of massage. They rode high to the root of his still-hard penis, but they were puffy, rapidly expanding in size now.

Liam’s spunk was dribbling down his shaft, coating it on all sides in thick, lumpy cream.

“Take the butt plug out too,” Liam said.

“Clean your dick off first.”

Liam picked up a sock. In his haste, he’d forgotten to snag any paper towel in preparation. He cleaned his genitals then lay back on the bed with his legs akimbo. Ryan deactivated the butt plug then gave his brother’s carefully shaven nuts a playful slap.

“Ahh, ahh!” Liam squealed, cupping himself. “What’d you do that for?!”

Ryan smirked at him.

“Dude my balls are so sensitive right now!” Liam continued.

“Oh yeah. Sowwy,” Ryan said putting on a silly voice.

He reached down and pulled the plug easily from his brother’s hole, handing it to him by the base. He could see into Liam’s hole. It was pink and clean inside.

Liam sat up, finally freed of the Wankatron and all its parts.

“Oh, at last. I didn’t think I was ever going to get free!”

Ryan walked to the bedroom door.

“I guess you won’t want to risk using it before school any more then.”

He gave his brother a look and their eyes locked. A thought crossed Liam’s mind. Surely his brother wouldn’t put him through that day of sexual torment and embarrassment just to teach him a lesson? Surely not? Their eyes remained locked and serious, as Ryan responded to Liam’s unspoken question with a steady gaze. Then after five seconds, he cracked a grin and opened the door.

“See you at dinner.”



    • PupOris-
    • 8th August 2020 at 12:22 am-
    • Reply

    Typical Ryan. Always taking out his sadistic love of forced milking on helpless friends and family. Fucking awesome story as always! Keep up the amazing work!!!!

    • Anonymous-
    • 14th August 2020 at 9:07 am-
    • Reply

    Literally my biggest fantasy, forced milking throughout a school day. Very well done! Any more stories planned along this same vein?

    • Anonymous-
    • 4th October 2021 at 5:50 pm-
    • Reply

    Damn, I can see Liam wanting revenge after that

    • Anonymous-
    • 4th October 2021 at 5:51 pm-
    • Reply

    Damn, I can see Liam wanting revenge after that!

    • Anonymous-
    • 22nd November 2021 at 11:07 am-
    • Reply

    Ha, ha… me too. I mean that I can see Lian’s revenge and… tat I would like to be milked like him too 😉
    Very good and good worked stories, damnd1. Cograts from Spain.

    • Thank you!

    • Turtleshellboy-
    • 8th November 2023 at 3:19 am-
    • Reply

    Love this story. I was leaking while reading it and had to go finish off part way through.

    The story claims Liam ejaculated about 28 times during the day from times he did in morning until when he finally got the device taken off at home. I read an article that says the average make ejaculate between 1.5mL to 5mL of semen each time, with an average volume being 3.7mL. Based on the average number of 3.7mL X 28 ejaculations, volume = 104mL. Based on that, the Wankatron would have actually needed a semen reservoir with a total capacity of at least 100mL. Making the remaining 4mL to 5mL of ejaculate that was still backed up within his urethra spurting out after the pipe was removed due to a still slightly undersized reservoir. Perhaps a technical edit for the device is needed there, LOL. Better make the reservoir capacity = 100mL.

    Next, Liam’s friend William needs his own Wankatron and butt plug. William can then have some of his own interesting and embarrassing experiences, an embarrassing trip to a hospital ER, etc.

    Perhaps Ryan designs a new upgraded version of each device with better batteries, WiFi enabled, can be worn long term, etc. The Wankatron catheter tube could connect to the glans cap with a threaded fitting, allowing it to be interchangeable with a standard catheter to a cath bag, or short tube to urinate as normal or a valve diverter to switch between the reservoir collector tube to the urinary drainage tube. The butt plug could use some extra features like integration with a chastity belt that connects both devices together plus the butt plug has a hollow 1” diameter tube in the middle with a threaded plug to allow toileting out solid waste. That way the system can be worn 24/7 if wanted.

    I wish there was a real life version of a portable wearable masturbation machine available for sale as I would buy one immediately. I know there are some commercial made ones but they are still fairly bulky and not sure if they have an actual collection jar built into them.

    I currently have a Venus 2000 milker machine and a Serious Kit Milker machine but they both have to be plugged into a wall and are fairly bulky in size. But they both work “soooo damned good”. Venus 2000 does not have a semen reservoir, but the Serious Kit has a cow milker bucket with greater than 4L (1 gallon) capacity, enough for several hundred orgasms plus the lubricant, plus ability to urinate in it on the fly during extended sessions.

    • Always happy to know a story has that effect!

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