Milking my brother part 2

Forced milking

A teenager has been locked into a portable milking device that won’t stop stimulating him.

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Milking my brother part 2 – Dedicated to Glen W.

As Liam undressed in readiness for his Friday evening session, Ryan approached.

“Hey bro, got a new toy for you to play with.”

Liam instantly gave his brother his full attention.

“Something else? Like the Wankatron?”

That was the nickname they had bestowed upon the compact masturbation machine his brother had invented.

“Yeah, kind of. You can use it at the same time.”

“What is it?” Liam asked, working hard to control his excitement.

He was at the age where he wanted desperately to appear cool, but he was also constantly horny.

Ryan held up a small rubber object. It was a little over four-inches long with a circular profile. Tapered at one end, with a one-inch diameter and flaring out to three inches at the very end.

Liam looked at it and frowned.

“What is it?”

His brother produced a remote control and pressed a button. The object changed shape. The body became conical widening to three inches, narrowing to a thinner neck before flaring out.

“It goes in your butt.”

“What? Why’d you do that?!”

“Because it feels amazing. It gets your balls pumped.”

Ryan pressed the remote again. Nothing appeared to change. Holding the plug by its base, he held it out towards his brother.

“Feel the end.”

Liam reached out then hesitated. A look of scepticism appeared on his face.

“This hasn’t been in your butt has it?”

“No, of course not. This one’s for you.”

Liam touched it.

“It’s vibrating.”



“There’s this special organ in your butt called the prostate. Women don’t have it. It’s part of where cum is made. It makes you really horny. You’ll like it I promise.”

“But it goes in my butt?”


“Sounds pretty gay.”

“Ever wondered why they like being fucked in the ass?”

Liam pondered the question for a few moments.

“Have you tried it?”

“I made one for myself.”

“What’s it like?”

“Intense. It makes you feel like you want to come, but in a different way.”

“What do you mean?”

“Only one way you’re gonna find out.”

Ryan offered the dildo. Liam looked at it like it might give him an infection. Then after five seconds, he took it from his brother’s hands.

“What do I do with it?”

Ryan gave him the remote.

“Press the red button to make it go small, then put lube on the end and push it up your butt until reaches the wide bit. Then press the blue button to lock it in place. Then the green one to start.”

Liam pushed his Tightie Whities down. He was still smooth underneath. Ever since his brother had given him the Wankatron, he’d kept all traces of hair off his genitals.

He lubed the tip of the plug, parted his legs, leaned forwards and pushed it between the cheeks of his bottom. Ryan smiled as he watched.

“You might find it easier to put in if you’re laying down.”

“I just want to see how it feels.”

The dildo was as thick as his own flaccid penis and it slipped inside him easily. When it could slide no further, Liam stood up straight and pressed the blue button. The bottom two thirds of device expanded locking it in place. A comical expression of surprise appeared on his face as he felt the movement within.

He pressed the green button and immediately felt the vibrating against his prostate. He straightened his back, gasping with surprise.

He stood, contemplating the sensation.

“Well?” Ryan asked.

“It kind of feels like I’m coming.”

“Told you.”

“But my dick’s not even hard,” Liam said, pointing out the obvious.

His three-incher dangled like a white finger.

“I can see that.”

Liam allowed the device to buzz away, and he continued to analyse it, like a scientist performing some kind of experiment. Suddenly a large dribble of semen fell from his penis. Not a powerful squirt like he often experienced; more like the drool of maple syrup pouring onto pancakes.

On the floor beneath him was his Playstation controller. He was a typical teenage boy, and things were only tidied when the space was needed for other things.

Liam jumped backed in surprise, trying to protect the controller from the unexpected discharge of teen cream.

Ryan grinned widely.

“What the…” Liam stopped himself saying “fuck”. “heck!”

The first dribble landed on the controller; the remainder was flung around him in a sticky arc as his sudden movement whipped his flaccid penis.

He held his cupped hand beneath the head of his cock to catch the last drools. When his cock had stopped leaking, he walked over to his bed and picked up a sheet of kitchen towel. He was going through so many clean up socks that he had decided to approach his masturbation with more forethought.

He wiped the cum from his hand, then the floor, then from his game controller.

“You might have to dry that out before you use it again,” Ryan said smiling.

Liam gave him a sheepish look.

“I didn’t even feel it coming.”

“Nah. You might wanna turn it off or you’ll be coming again.”

“Oh yeah.”

The vibration was almost gentle enough to be ignored. Apart from the feeling of excitement it produced. Liam pressed the red button. The dildo stopped buzzing.

“You missed some on your leg and foot.” Ryan said.

Liam looked down at himself. There was a long dribble down the inside of his left thigh and milky splat between his toes on the same side.

“Lot of jizz,” he said smiling bashfully.

“Yeah. But you wanna know the best part?”


“No cool down. It’s not like normal where your dick is super sensitive for a while after. You can just keep going.”

“And I’ll keep coming?”

“Well, you’ll be dry after a few, but you can keep on getting the cum feeling so long as you don’t have a boner.”



A few weeks later, Ryan watched his brother laying on the bed with his dick sticking out of the fly of his black school trousers. They had to leave for school in five minutes and Liam was writhing like a lizard that had fallen onto its back and couldn’t get up.

“Liam, ENOUGH already. We’ve got to go. Mom’ll get on our case.”

“30… more… seconds…” Liam panted, struggling to speak over his ecstasy.

Ryan looked down at his brother’s groin. His genitals were encased in a metallic housing that looked like a simplified version of the much smaller genitals within. A clear plastic pipe ran from the eye of the urethra, down the rear of the shaft to a transparent reservoir near the balls. The reservoir was large enough to hold 30ml of liquid – even allowing for the fact that the device produced much more powerful orgasms than usual, it was way more capacity than Liam would ever need.

“ENOUGH ALREADY!” Ryan said, shaking his brother’s shoulder. “This is the third time you’re gonna make me late.”

Liam’s eyes snapped open.

“Okay, okay, I’m just…”

The pipe filled with cream and dribbled into the reservoir nestled between the milker’s “testicles”.

Liam let out a hoarse grunt as he came, writhing with greater animation for 10 seconds. Then he reluctantly pressed stop on the remote control. As he removed the multipart device form his genitals, his brother spoke.

“Dude, you’re addicted to that thing. And you’ve still got to wash it before we leave.”

Liam gave his brother a sheepish grin as he wiped his hard-as-steel boner clean.

“You made it too good!”

He pulled the dildo from his hole.


Ryan, used his own Wankatron daily, but he’d been amused at just how horny his younger brother was. The device was intense. Even when you weren’t coming, it felt brain-scramblingly good, yet his brother could endure it for nearly an hour at a time, and he usually found time each day to use it before school as well as afterwards.

He looked at the reservoir on Liam’s milker. His brother has clearly ejaculated multiple times.

“How do you even manage to go to school after coming so many times? Don’t you have jelly legs?”

“Well, yeah. But I just ignore it!” Liam said cheerily. “And I only came three times…”

Ryan shook his head as his brother forced his still-hard dick back into his trousers then walked to their en suite bathroom to briefly wash the device.


The next day, Liam virtually needed to be physically forced to stop pleasuring himself.

“Dude, you’re getting out of control. You’re addicted. If you don’t stop right now, I’m taking the Wankatron off you and you can only use it at weekends.”

“You can’t do that!” Liam objected. “You gave it me.”

“Then I’ll photograph you and show it to mom.”

“Then I’ll tell her you made me use them. She’d never think I was smart enough to make it. Anyway, you’re bluffing. I know you’d never go that far.”

Ryan sighed. Liam was right.

“Seriously dude, you’re getting out of hand. Can’t you just save it till after school?”

“Why should I?”

“Because we’re going to be late. Again. This is the fourth time already this month!”

Sulkily, Liam turned the devices off.

“Happy now?”


He reached down to unlock the part of the device covering his glans. The components needed to be removed in a very specific order: glans, shaft, then testicles. Each part was locked into place by the one above it.

Liam tried to remove the top. It wouldn’t open.

“I can’t unlock it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t open the top. It won’t come off.”

Ryan frowned.

“Is it still running?”

“No, I turned it off.”

“Can I take a look?”

Liam sat on the edge of his bed with his feet on the floor and spread his knees to offer his brother access. His machine-encase erection stood straight up at right angles from his groin like some half-teen, half-robot sex droid.

Ryan dropped to his knees and fiddled with the device.

“Are you SURE it’s turned off? It’s got a safety lock in the head. It won’t unlock if it’s still on.”

Liam pressed the off button on his remote repeatedly.

“Definitely off.”

“Maybe the battery is dead? Try turning it on then off.”

Liam pressed the on button and his immediate squirm of pleasure made it clear that the remote was functioning properly. He pressed the off button.

Ryan frowned.

“Weird. I don’t know what the problem is.”

“You’ll have to take it apart then.”

“Yeah, but I haven’t got time now. It could take half an hour to open safely.”

“I’m not going to school with this on my dick!”

“I thought you had a really important test today?”

“I do but I’ve still got a boner. You know it doesn’t let your boner go away. I can’t spend all day with a boner.”

“How’s that any different to normal?” Ryan asked sarcastically.

“Oh, ha ha. Very funny but for your information, it does go away sometimes. I can’t last for 7 hours with a boner.”

“You’ll have to.”

Liam pressed the button on the butt plug remote and his eyes widened in surprise.

“I can’t make the plug shrink either!”

“What? You’ve got to kidding me. Turn around and bend over.”

Liam leaned over his bed and Ryan tugged on the plug.

“Give me the remote.”

Liam handed him the remote and Ryan pressed the red button and pulled on the plug. It remained locked in place.

“Have you been messing with the remotes?” he demanded.

“No ‘course not. What’s wrong with them?”

“I don’t know, but I haven’t got time to take them out now.”

Liam turned around and sat down. He looked at his brother trying to work out if he was being serious.

“But I’ve got gym second period. I can’t do that with this on,” he said, gesturing to the Wankatron. “Everyone will see!”

“Wear your cycling shorts underneath. If you keep your shirt long, that’ll hide it.”

“You CAN’T be serious Ry?”

“What other choice have you got?”


75 minutes later, Liam walked out onto the sports field wearing the baggy shorts that he prayed would conceal his condition. His penis was still achingly hard, trapped inside its cage, and it had been a constant distraction throughout his test, but at least nobody had noticed the metal bulge he’d hidden under a loose sweat shirt.

He’d had many erections during his school life. So far as he knew, nobody had ever noticed. But his penis had never before been encased in a metal device the refused to let it soften. His dick was too hard to push downwards, so he’d positioned it along the crack of his thigh, facing diagonally up to the left. He was wearing his tight spandex cycling shorts, as his brother had suggested. They were far from comfortable, and if that was all he was wearing, the metal device would easily be revealed within. However, he was not wearing it to hide his penis, but to maintain its position.

To his relief, his gym teacher had decided that today would be a trim track session. Normally, Liam loved the trim track. It was like the high school version of an assault course, with a circuit of small obstacles that circled the main athletics track. It was a solo activity, so the chance of another student seeing his odd bulge was reduced, but Liam was still apprehensive at the thought of heavy activity with a throbbing boner.

He reached the front of the line and set off at a jog. The first obstacle was a sandpit. He took a big leap as far across it as he could. The butt plug was another constant distraction. Next was an angled pitched roof that rose to 8 feet from the floor. He scaled one side and shimmied down the other, increasingly aware of his rigid cock each time his thighs passed each other.

Next was the track equivalent of cargo nets. He dropped to his stomach and Spiderman-crawled along under 50 feet of nylon mesh, his nuts aching more with each motion of his legs.

Following that was a balance beam, rope swing, and another cargo net – this time one that needed scaling. He was halfway up it when things turned from bad to worse. All of the milking equipment turned on simultaneously. He felt the massaging probes on his shaft, the tiny rotating nodes polishing his glans, and the vibrating ones making his balls rush with excitement. And in his asshole, the butt plug started gently stimulating his prostate.

He almost fell off the nets in shock. The pleasure was overwhelming, but he couldn’t possibly show it here.

“No, not now!” he groaned.

Struggling to regain his composure, Liam clung to the angled net for a few seconds before the boy behind him called up.

“You okay Liam?”

“Uhhh,” he moaned. “Yeah, just slipped.”

Liam forced himself to climb the net, struggling to ignore the pleasure that was already washing over him. He shimmied down a rope on the back side of the net.

Now all that remained was a 100-metre steeple chase; a fast run with four heavy gates to climb over and a pool of water to jump on the backside of each. With each one, he felt the milker pushing him closer. Then just as he was about to jump off the third gate, he felt the familiar surge in his balls. The orgasm caught him mid-leap, and he fell to his face into the shallow pool. A moment later, the teenager behind him splashed past laughing.

“Nice jump O’Connor!”

Liam rose to his feet sheepishly and looked down at himself. Although his shorts were wet, to his relief, the device was not obvious.

He continued running, slower now, barely a gentle jog, robbed of his energy by the power of the orgasm.

As he passed the start line for the second of three laps, his coach Mr Wake called to him.

“Attaboy Liam, keep on going!”

Liam gave the man a sickly grin and pushed on gamely.


By the time Liam reached him at the end of the second lap, he had slowed to a walk. Liam turned off the track.

“Sorry coach, I gotta step out. I got a serious stomach ache.”

“Oh, come on Liam,” the man encouraged, “I’m sure you can manage the final lap?”

Liam shook his head and stood hunched holding his stomach theatrically.

“Are you SURE you can’t push yourself. You’ll be glad you did.”

“No coach, sorry. I…”

At that moment, Liam came for the second time. He managed to transform his moan of pleasure into a series of grimaces as he felt his balls squirting their creamy juice.

“Hnnnnn. Unnnnnn. Uhhhh.”

He couldn’t believe he was standing here in the middle of the morning, with all of his classmates around, coming in his shorts and right in front of his coach! He prayed to a God he doubted even existed that it wasn’t obvious what was happening to him.

He clutched at his stomach as though that was the source of his behaviour, but in actual fact, the wave that was doubling him up was coming from ten inches lower. His semen flowed down the tube to the reservoir between his nuts.

When he had regained control, he finished the sentence.

“Sorry, I just can’t.”

Liam leaned closer and said in a low voice.

“I think I sprained my nuts Coach.”

The coach looked at him. Liam was clearly off-colour and experiencing deep physical discomfort, but there was something about the boy’s moaning that suggested an emotion other than pain. “Sprained nuts” (more likely testicular torsion or a knock) was not something that was at all common midway through a gym class. But the man knew better than to challenge a teenage boy. They had all kinds of stuff going on with their bodies. The last thing he wanted to do was embarrass the kid. He made a wincing face and sucked air in through his teeth sympathetically.

“Ouch, well do you need to go see the nurse?”

Liam looked pained.

“I’d rather not. I’ll go later if it gets worse.”

The coach nodded.

“Okay, well why don’t you go get changed. Maybe a hot shower will help. If you’re still hurting tonight be sure to tell your parents. Good effort Liam.”

Liam hobbled off to the changing room.

He didn’t accept the suggestion to shower. Instead he quickly dressed, made his way to the bathrooms, entered a cubicle, and sat down. He took out his phone and texted his brother.

“ry the thing has turned on and the other thing I gotta get this shit off me right now!!!!!”

It took 15 minutes for a reply to arrive.

“im in class what do you expect me to do?”

“come pick me up you gotta help me!”

“dude just turn it off with your remotes”

“i didnt bring them to school”

“shit look i cant pick you up im sorry, but i cant get away till 3. ☹”

“what!!! ry please!!!!”

“dude sorry”

Liam continued to beg, but his brother stopped answering.


He sat on the lavatory seat, already starting to squirm as the milker continued relentlessly working on him. He couldn’t hide out in the cubicle all afternoon. The lunch bell rang. He had one more class. It was double geography; not a lesson that required any real interaction from him. He decided to run home and get his remotes during the lunch break. He might not be able to get the device off, but at least he could turn it off.

But first, one more orgasm so he didn’t get caught by surprise on the street. He surrendered and let it happen. It wasn’t as if there was anything he could do to prevent it in any case. He’d tried to resist a couple of times but the milker was unstoppable, and all that happened was that he deferred his orgasm by maybe 30 seconds to a minute, then came twice as hard when the Wankatron did eventually force him to give up a load.

He leaned back with his legs spread slightly and allowed his cream to flow. He felt the small rods massaging the entire length of his perfectly-straight, hard-as-wood shaft. It was perfectly calibrated to ensure that his penis maintained maximum hardness.  His helmet felt incredibly swollen, like a bloated plum inside the teasing cap. His balls were tingling, as the gently vibrating arms stimulated them into accelerated sperm production.

It was the third orgasm in 30 minutes, and past experience had taught him that the device would not stop drawing orgasms from him as long as it was attached and activated.

As soon as he’d stopped squirting, he rose to his feet, left the bathroom, and jogged towards the door.

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