Sometimes things don’t go as planned.

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Stanley climbed awkwardly out of his aged Fiesta. Everything he did was awkward and ungainly. He looked as though his limbs had too many joints. He walked slowly towards the school buildings with a growing sense of apprehension. He would rather not have had to come in today, or any day for the rest of his high school life. At best, his school days passed most easily when he simply blended into the background scenery, but he was not expecting any such luxury today.

As he approached the school doors, he started to notice other students glancing at him; giving him a double-take or whispering and smiling in his direction. He kept his head up and marched inside. In the main corridor, students were standing at lockers, preparing for classes. Ten yards ahead a trio of seniors from the school football team looked up as Stanley approached. They grinned at him, but Stanley walked towards them, doing his best not to crumble beneath their attention.

As he reached them, one of them said, “Hey Stud!”

Stanley glanced at the speaker but there was no malice in the boy’s expression. Stanley nodded.


As he passed the speaker patted him on the shoulder with genuine camaraderie, and a couple of others copied the gesture.

Stanley was bewildered by their actions, and no less confused as he encountered others en route to his home room who were similarly genial. He’d attended West Ridge high for over three years and his existence had rarely been acknowledged by the other students, except by the members of the science club, and by those who occasionally liked to tease his bookishness and his scrawny physique.

Now he stood outside his home room. Inside undoubtedly waited Jason, the boy who had caused him so much humiliation. He’d like have a smug grin on his face as he bathed in the approval of the other students. And he’d continue the humiliation that had reached its zenith last night.

Stanley couldn’t avoid him for the entire year. He took a deep breath and entered. A few heads turned towards him, then a few more as he took his seat. Then then smirks began. Soon would come the comments and his day of living hell would begin…



It all began two days earlier when Jason sidled up to Stanley as he was about to get into his car at the end of the school day.

“Hey Stan.”

Stanley turned and his heart sank.

“Errr, hey Jason.”

“I got an interesting video today. It’s of you. Do you wanna see it?”

“Ummm, okay,” Stanley said, on high alert.

Jason took out his phone and played a video to Stanley. It showed him in the school bathrooms handing over a small bag of weed to another student.

Stanley’s blood ran cold. How had Jason found out about his new enterprise so quickly? He’d only started selling this week.

“You’ve been a naughty boy Stanley,” Jason said in a sarcastic tone. “Now it’s gonna cost you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s say five hundred for starters plus a hundred a week from now on.”

“I haven’t got that sort of money! I only just sold that for… for a friend.”

“Is that so? Your friend has been making you sell it quite a bit this week huh?”

“I’ve been helping out,” Stanley lied.

“Hmmm, well I feel like it’s my duty to let the principal know. I expect you’ll get kicked out of school, and I don’t suppose any college will take you. Probably be lucky not to spend some time locked up. Skinny runt like you; you’ll probably get raped every night,” Jason said, laying it on thick.

“Why would you do that?”

“Why not?”

Stanley was chilled to the bone by the casualness with which Jason was willing to destroy his life.

“Please don’t do that,” Stanley said, unable to come up with a more creative plea.

“Tell you what, you be at home in your room tonight at 8pm, and I’ll give you a chance to make it up. Give me your phone number.”

Stanley gave him his number.

“Good, now make sure you have the Gallery app installed by the time I call.”

Jason grinned before walking off and leaving Stanley to his thoughts.


At 8.01 Stanley’s phone rang. He answered tentatively and the Gallery app kicked in. He saw Jason’s face filling the screen.

“Hey Stanley,” Jason said. “Good to have you with us. Say hello.”

Stanley frowned.

“Ummm, hello?”

The screen changed and Stanley could see two dozen video chat windows arranged in a grid. Most of them contained faces of female students.

“Hey everyone, you all know Stanley,” Jason cut in, interrupting a buzz of “Hey Stan’s.”

“Stan is our school weed seller, but in order to keep his activities secret, he’s agreed to put on a little show for us tonight. Stan, why don’t you put your phone somewhere where we can see your whole room…”

Jason waited while Stan looked around, eventually settling on Blu-Tacking the phone to his wardrobe door.

“Great, Stan, now all you gotta do is dance for us.  Here, I’ll give you some music.”

“Jason, I can’t dance,” Stan protested. “I’ve got absolutely no rhythm.”

“That doesn’t matter, it’s the effort that counts.”

Stanley looked at his phone with disgust, then he started to dance. Very badly. He was off rhythm, he had no moves, and he moved with the jerky, staccato lack of fluidity of a badly-animated robot.

Jason said, “Man, Stan you ARE a shit dancer. Maybe it’s the wrong sort of music. Let’s try something different.”

The music changed to something slow and sleazy.

“Here, try this. And sex it up a bit Stan.”

Stan tried to move to the new tune.

“Sexier than that Stan!” Jason said after a while. “Like you’re at a strip club.”

Stanley moved as sexily as he could. He could hear voices sniggering at his performance, but he continued moving to the music.

“That’s better,” Jason said approvingly. “Tell you what, you might as well strip for us too.”

Stan could tell now that Jason was determined to humiliate him to the maximum extreme.

“Jason come on man, please, this isn’t cool.”

“I don’t remember asking you to talk,” Jason said. “Now strip. In time with the music.”

Stanley swallowed hard. It was this or seeing his entire life ruined. As humiliating as it was, this was nothing compared to the alternative.

He started moving along to the new music, and unlike the faster, beatier tune, he was far better with the slow stuff. He slowly stripped, sexing it up on Jason’s repeated commands, swaying his hips until he was down to his sports boxers.

If Jason was not so intent on humiliating Stanley, he would have noticed the large size of his nerdy victim’s bulge, but he didn’t.

“Lose the shorts as well.”

Stanley considered protesting again, but he didn’t want to give Jason any further sick satisfaction so instead, in time with the music, he shucked off his boxers, and a thick, seven-inches of flaccid meat flopped into view, like the penis of a horse as it droops from its sheath.

Several girls stifled their gasps of amazement.

“Oh my god,” one of them said.

Jason started to wonder if he had made a mistake but he had one more idea. The ultimate humiliation.

“Keep dancing, and now jack yourself off. Don’t forget to keep looking at the camera.”

Stanley stared at the camera with pure hatred as he massaged himself to a boner. Ten inches of solid meat, thick as a soda can, somehow, standing upright in spite of its enormous size, with a glans that looked like he could break through a brick wall with it. And beneath, in a soft sack, were a pair of nuts the size of goose eggs. The kid had the body of a famine victim, but the genitals of a stallion – a freak of nature that even porn superstars would be jealous of.

He danced, allowing his enormous, thick meat sword to sway as he slowly teased himself. It looked incongruous compared to his skinny body, but all the more impressive because of the contrast.

When he eventually came, he launched half a shot glass of cum six feet into the air, letting out an involuntary moan as he did so.

“All right faggot, that’s enough, you can stop now,” Jason said, trying to interrupt mid-orgasm, but Stanley was too far gone.

He took his hand off his dick, but it continued squirting an epic fountain of squirts for eight more seconds. His face flushed, Stanley dropped his hand to his side as stood, awaiting further instructions. His horse cock continued bouncing intermittently, its head bouncing upwards in quick twitches as his nerve endings continued to signal an orgasm even after his gargantuan balls had no more to give.


There was silence from the other watchers. A reverence that came from realising they were in the presence of something extraordinary.

“Fucking hell,” one of the guys said eventually.

“Hey, now let’s see your little worm Jason,” a girl on the group chat said.

Jason was irritated. Beyond irritated. Yes, he’d forced Stanley to put on a humiliating show for more than 20 fellow students, but it turned out that the kid was a fucking sex beast! How could he have known? There was actually a chance that this little stunt could turn around and bite him on the ass.

“The only way you’ll see my dick is when it’s about to take you in the ass!” Jason said, trying to joke his way out of the situation.

“So, you like doing it in the ass Jason?” one of the guys said.

This was turning bad.

“Fuck you man!” Jason snapped, and ended the chat session.



“Nice show Stan!” a girl in his home room said with a warm smile.

Stan blushed. Several girls turned to him with knowing smiles. Word had spread all over the school.

Ahead of him a few rows and one aisle over, Jason turned towards him. He was not turning to gloat. He had a wicked black eye.

“Why don’t you suck it Jason,” one of the guys said. “You like looking at guys’ dicks don’t you?”

Normally, Jason might threaten anyone who made such an accusation. At the least, he’d be ready with a retort or a challenge. And normally, his classmates wouldn’t risk such a taunt. But now things had changed. He was uncharacteristically subdued.


On the way into school, he’d walked into an elbow that blacked his eye and dropped him to the ground. It was Richie; one of the drop-outs. They spent their time smoking and getting wasted. They were not particularly violent in general, but even the guys on the football and wrestling teams were careful not to antagonise them.

“We don’t appreciate you humiliating a guy who’s catering to our… recreational requirements. If you ever go near Stanley again, or any videos turn up in police hands, you’ll be spending a few months in hospital. You understand?”

Jason sat on the ground, legs apart, holding his eye. He looked up at Richie from the ground and made as though to stand and fight back. Richie’s sneaker stomped him between the legs. Sickening pain instantly radiated from both nuts, and Jason collapsed to the ground.

“Okay, okay, I got it! Jesus Christ man!”

Richie and his associates disappeared into the morning crowds leaving Jason sitting and gasping for breath as he cradled his nuts.



“Nah, Jason prefers it up the ass.”

Stanley was shocked to see that the speaker was Thomas – one of the little guys like him, who preferred to melt into the background of school life. The sort of kid that Jason would beat up with both hands tied behind his back.

Jason looked at Thomas, furious at the insult.

“What are you gonna do; headbutt another elbow? Or suck me off?” Thomas said defiantly.

The whole class laughed. Jason looked furiously at the kid for a moment, then he turned his attention to the top of his desk, staring at it with fierce concentration. Stanley saw that his whole face was deep crimson but Jason’s face was not coloured by anger now.

Stanley suppressed a grin at Thomas’s audacity. It felt good to see the class bully on the back foot.

Jason furtively looked back at him.

“Look out Stan,” one of the girls said, “I think Jason wants your dick again.”

Stanley gave Jason the tiniest smirk as their eyes met, then Jason hurriedly looked away.

Head up now, Stan glanced around the class. He sensed that the reactions of his fellow students towards him were not the ridicule he had feared. It was mixture of admiration and…

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