kidnapping, forced milking, rape

A young man meets a dangerous stranger

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Theo watched as John folded himself up, bending his legs, doubling his back and squeezing into the cage that looked far smaller than the middle-aged man could possibly fit into. John continued slowly rearranging his body until every part of him was inside the barred cage.

“Shut the lid,” he grunted.

Theo, pushed the hinged lid down until it touched the opposite side of the cage.

“It’s done,” he informed the man. “Amazing!”

“See, told you I could do it,” the man said, struggling to talk with his lungs compressed so small.

He started to unfold himself, pushing the lid open with his back and emerging from the cage carefully. Theo watched him. The man was in his mid-40s, paunchy, out of shape. How he’d managed to squeeze into such a small cage was beyond Theo. But then standing in this man’s living room watching him demonstrate feats of contortionism and escapology was not how Theo had envisioned the evening going when he’d asked the man for a job.


John rose out of the cage, and stepped out of it, Theo gave him an appreciative grin.

“That was amazing. I’d never have thought a guy like…”

He cut himself off.

“Like me?” John finished. “What old, or fat?”

Theo grinned sheepishly.

“I guess, a little tiny bit of both,” he said tempering his words.

“That’s okay,” John said, relieving the teenager’s discomfort with an amiable grin. “You’re right. I’m far too old and fat to be doing that any more. I used to strip to my trunks to show off my body; now I strip to my boxers it so I don’t have so much to fit in the cage!”

Theo grinned at the self-deprecating humour. He hoped that John was going to take him on. Things were looking good.



Theo had approached John outside the store where he bagged groceries three evenings a week, hoping for a job at the man’s yard. John owned a building company and Theo had heard that he paid well and took on college kids. Now, as John dressed again, Theo rated his chances as pretty good. He sipped at the can of coke that his potential employer had given him as he stood in the man’s living room.

“Why don’t you have a go? I bet you could do it easily,” John said.

Theo felt a little tremor of nervousness pass through him.

“What, get in the cage?”

He’d heard of another John who tricked boys like that. Long before he was born. But that man was long dead. Executed for his crimes.

“Sure,” John said with a shrug, “Only if you’re comfortable.”

“Do I have to strip to my boxers like you did?”

“No, of course not. There’s loads of room in there for you. I’ll stand over here,” the man said, walking to the other side of the room.

He recognised the teenager’s caution.

“Okay, but don’t shut the lid.”

“My arms aren’t THAT long!” John joked and Theo grinned too, although apprehension still gnawed at him.

He stepped into the box and turned so that he was facing the man. Then he sat down, crossed his legs and lowered himself inside, easily fitting with space to spare.

“Well done Theo,” John said. “That was too easy. How tall are you?”

Theo stood up and got out of the cage.

“Five six.”

“Yeah, you’re 9 inches shorter than me. Lift your shirt up, let me see how big your torso is.”

Theo lifted the front of his T-shirt to reveal his body. He was the thinnest person that John had ever seen, yet he didn’t look emaciated. He was slender, with flat muscles all the way down his torso, and there was not a single ounce of fat on him. His leanness was accentuated by his tiny frame. His shoulders were narrow, his hips were narrower still, even his ribcage was smaller than average. John noted that his chest was totally devoid of hair.

John smiled.

“Wow, you’re lean. No wonder you got in so easily.”

“Yeah my mom says I’m small-boned.”

“That’s a good description. You’re in perfect proportion, just smaller. Hey,” he added as though he’d just remembered, “I think I have another cage that’s more your size. Wanna give it a go?”

The idea of climbing into a more confined space did not appeal to Theo but he felt it would be rude to be openly mistrustful, especially as he was hoping to get a job from the man.

“Uhhh, sure. I guess so,” he said, failing to hide his lack of enthusiasm.

“Cool. We’ll make a contortionist out of you in no time!”

“A what?”

“A contortionist: someone who gets into small places. I used to do it as part of my magic act. You already have a massive head start.”


With that, John dragged the larger cage out of the room. Two minutes later, he returned with a much smaller one. It measured 30 inches long, and 24 high inches and wide. He placed it in the corner, and moved back to the opposite side of the room.

“Here, give that a try.”

Theo eyed the small cage sceptically.

“It’s awfully small.”

“That’s what makes it a feat. But with your small physique, I’m sure you can manage. Why don’t you take your sneakers and shirt off first to give you more room?”

Theo contemplated how much room his T-shirt would take up, but he could see no danger in doing so, so he agreed to John’s suggestion.

“Ooookay. I’ll give it a try. What’s that hole at the front?” Theo asked, referring to the semi-circular hole at the front of the bars.

“Oh, that’s a neck hole. Different feat.”

Theo removed his sneakers and shirt, and checked to ensure that John was a safe distance away, then facing the man, he stepped into the cage. It had a flat wooden base. Theo knelt on it, folding his knees as tight as possible and pointing his toes before sitting on his ankles. He drew his elbows in to his sides like grasshopper legs, gripping the bars in front of him. Finally, he leaned forwards, bending at the waist, until his chest was pressed against his knees.

“Can’t get any smaller,” he announced, standing up.

“Oh, what a shame. Hey look, I know you’ll feel weird, but why not take off your trousers. It’s surprising how much space they take up.”

“My trousers? I don’t think I wanna do that.”

“Oh, come on. We’re both guys. I’m sure a healthy young guy like you has nothing to be ashamed of,” John said, planting the seed that it was shame that prevented Theo from complying. “Tell you what, we’ll call it the last part of your interview. How does fifteen bucks an hour to start sound?”

“Fifteen? That sounds great,” Theo said, falling for John’s distraction.

John smiled at him.

“Terrific. Well let’s get on with it then.”

He smiled warmly from across the room and sat in an arm chair with one leg crossed on top of the other just to emphasise how non-threatening he was.

Theo pushed his discomfort down, then unbuckled his grey-blue work trousers and took them off, folding them with a deliberate excess of delaying care that he never usually showed.

Underneath he was wearing cotton briefs. He felt shy about his body alone in the presence of a near stranger. He cupped his hands in front of his groin.

“Shy?” John asked, resisting the urge to look down at the boy’s bulge.

“Yeah,” Theo agreed, laughing nervously, “a bit. I feel weird.”

“I understand. Nothing to be shy about though. Hop in then! I’m sure you can do it this time.”


Theo stepped back into the cage and knelt down making himself small. The curve of the 18-year old’s back and his head protruded above the rim of the cage.

“Almost there!” John encouraged from across the room. Try tucking your head down and relaxing.”

Theo followed John’s advice, lowering his head until he was looking backwards along his own bare torso towards his groin.

“Now all you have to do is pull the lid closed.”

Theo had carefully noted that there was no padlock on the box’s lock before climbing in, and he could tell from the sound of his voice that John was still at the other side of the room. Awkwardly, he reached backwards and pulled the barred lid shut on top of him. It shut and he pushed against it to ensure that he could still escape.

“Great job! How’s that feel?” John asked.

“Very tight,” Theo grunted.

“Yes, it’s the smallest size cage.”

John pressed a button on a remote he was hiding in his hand and the electromagnetic lock clicked audibly, trapping the teenager within.

“What was that noise?” Theo asked.

He tried to push up against the lid, but it wouldn’t move.

“The top’s locked!” he said alarmed.

“Oh really?”

John stood and walked over. He gave the lid a yank and a shake.

“You’re right, it is.”

He dragged the cage off the rug to the tiled floor in the brightly-lit centre of the room.

“Well, it’s a shame to waste this opportunity.”

Theo realised that this was EXACTLY the kind of situation his parents had warned him about as a kid: exactly the situation that was the subject of so many true crime documentaries. And now his reluctance to give offence to his prospective employer had trapped him like a rat in a cage.

Theo started to struggle frantically as he realised the implications of his position, but the cage was so confining, he could barely breathe, must less move.

Suddenly he let out a scream.

“Ahhh, cramp, cramp. John let me out!”

“Where is it?” John asked calmly.

“Legs!” Theo answered truthfully.

“You can stick them through the bars.”

John knelt behind the cage and spread Theo’s knees apart to the edges of the cage then he guided the teenager’s feet between the bars.

Theo’s screams of discomfort ceased. Then he felt the man doing something to his right thigh. He couldn’t see what was happening, but he felt it as John tightened the canvas strap that secured his upper thigh tightly to one of the bars. John quickly repeated the action, securing Theo’s left thigh. As the straps were tightened, it had the effect of pulling the boy’s bottom towards the bars.

“What are you doing?!” Theo grunted.

“Just positioning you better,” John answered cryptically.

“Better for what?”

“Ha, ha! Well that’s the million-dollar question isn’t it?”

John reached between the bars at the rear and cupped Theo’s genitals through his briefs. Theo gasped and flinched at the touch, but with his knees spread and his thighs strapped to the cage, there was nowhere for him to go. Now there was no doubt about the man’s intentions.

“Tell me Theo, is your dick as thin as your body?”

Theo’s stomach turned somersaults.

“Wuh… what?”

“Not to worry, I can check for myself.”

John walked to the sideboard and took out a pair of scissors. Theo was unable to see what he was doing, but he discovered all too soon. John cut the waistband at the side of the youngster’s briefs.

“What are you…”

John cut the other side and the thin, soft cotton fell away, allowing Theo’s genitals to flop free between his legs.

Theo realised that his predicament was serious. Visions of being raped or worse flooded through his mind.

“John please don’t. Why are you doing this to me?”

“Why? Because you’re so damned cute kid. So slim but so muscular. You’re adorable. I just HAD to play with you.”

“What do you mean “play”?” Theo asked, trying to gauge how much trouble he was in.

John knelt behind the cage and looked between the boy’s thighs. The boy’s testicles hung three inches in a soft, droopy sack. In front of them, his penis, average-sized for his age but with a long, snout-like foreskin that seemed somehow appropriate on such a slender boy.

John cupped Theo’s genitals in his palm and hefted their weight.

“You know exactly what I mean.”

He gripped the boy’s long foreskin between his thumb and index finger, tugging it downwards away from the boy’s glans. The man’s intimate touch on his prepuce made Theo shiver.

“Johhhn,” he whined, on the edge of tears now as his situation started to sink in.

“Such a long foreskin. Not enough boys are uncut, but it looks great on you,” the man continued, ignoring Theo’s tone. He gave the foreskin a shake and it sent a ripple up the boy’s serpentine penis.

“Tell me Theo, do you like girls or boys?”

“What do you mean?” Theo asked, missing the point of the question.

He was struggling to breath in such confinement, let alone to hold a conversation.

“Are you gay or straight. I bet you swing both ways don’t you?”

“No!” Theo answered indignantly.

Then he realised that John was almost certainly gay and the last thing he wanted to do was to antagonise the man.

“I like girls…”

“Have you ever tried it with a boy?”


“So how do you know you’re not bi?”

“I just don’t… Sex with a guy doesn’t turn me on. It’s not my thing.”

“But there’s nothing wrong with being gay,” he added in a lame attempt not to offend his captor.

“Hmmm, I think you’re gonna be surprised,” John said, “But I tell you what, I’ll make a deal with you. We’ll play a game: if I can’t make you cum, I’ll let you go.”

“You’ll let me go?”


Theo didn’t dare to ask what would happen if the man DID make him cum. But he was pretty confident that… Then it occurred to him that that meant John would be doing something to him to try to MAKE him cum.

“I really don’t wanna play that game, can’t you just let me go? I won’t tell anyone.”

His voice was muffled by his head-down position.

In that moment, Theo truly meant it, but John knew that it was not a promise the boy would keep.

He walked to the sideboard and withdrew a pair of handcuffs, then he moved to the front of the cage.

“Stick your arms through the bars,” he said.


“You can stick them through or I can zap you with a shock wand then pull them through.”

Theo didn’t know what a shock wand was, but he didn’t like the sound of it. He stuck his hands through and John handcuffed them. Now Theo could not pull his hands back inside the cage.

John pressed his remote and the electromagnetic lid lock disengaged.

“Okay, you can lift your head up.”

Theo unfolded just a little, lifting his head from the box. His face was red from its cramped position. As soon as his head appeared, John gripped the boy’s near shoulder-length straight hair and pulled his neck down over the neck hole. Then he shut the lid and locked it again.

He looked at the boy’s frightened face. It was narrow, with high cheek bones but the curves of his face were graceful, not angular. The boy had soft lips, long eyelashes, and a straight nose. With the side of his finger, John affectionately pushed the long fringe of straight, light brown hair to the side. It hung half an inch above Theo’s eyes. John looked into the boy’s hazel-coloured eyes. The irises were strongly textured, and darkened significantly towards their circumference, giving them a dramatic look. They reminded him of the eyes of an Afghan girl he’d seen on the cover of National Geographic many years earlier. But his eyes were nicer. John smiled.

“You really are FAR too pretty for your own good.”

“Pretty” was not a word that sat well with Theo. He’d received homophobic taunts on more than one occasion in his past due to his gentle nature and sensitive features.


Theo remained kneeling, with his forearms and head trapped outside the front of the cage, and his shins outside the rear.

“That’s better,” John said. “Now your mouth is free. Gonna need that later.”

Theo felt queasy at the possibilities John’s comment implied but he didn’t ask for clarification. It felt to him as though asking John to state his intentions out loud would make them come real. There was however, one question he had to know the answer to.

“Are you gonna kill me?”

Theo had seen enough crime dramas to know that whenever a kidnapper allowed the captive to see his face, it rarely ended well for the victim.

“Not if you do everything you’re told.”

Theo didn’t want to remind John that he’d seen his face. He was already sure that the man was acutely aware of that fact, but he hung onto the shred of hope that John was going to release him anyway.


John moved behind the teenager and dropped to his knees.

“You’ve got a great ass. Really skinny guys are often bony. Do you do any sports?”


“Wow! No wonder you’re in great shape. You must really burn those calories off.”

John ran his hand over the curves of Theo’s naked rump. The bars of the cage were pressed tight to the boy’s bottom restricting John’s access.

As if the situation was not already surreal enough, it felt doubly so to Theo to hear his kidnapper casually chatting about his interests while fondling his naked ass.

John placed a hand on each of the globes of Theo’s bottom and pulled them apart using his thumbs. When he moved his hands away, the cheeks stayed parted, held in place by Theo’s pressure against the bars, which was maintained by the straps high on his thighs.

“You’ve got a hairy hole,“ John observed.

“Oh,” Theo replied without inflection, suddenly aware that the spread of his ass cheeks displayed his sphincter.

“How can such a smooth-chested boy have such a hairy asshole and legs?” John mused rhetorically.

Then Theo felt an oily fingertip touch him right on the starfish. He flinched, instinctively trying to draw away but unable to do so.

The finger slimily circled his hole, exploring, lightly sliding over the skin.

“Do you like that?” John asked.


John gently pushed his finger inside to the second knuckle, twisting to ease its passage. Theo tensed, desperate to close his hole against the man. He strained again to move forwards but though his shoulders rocked, his exposed butt-hole stayed exactly where it was.

“What about that?”

“No!” Theo responded more emphatically.

“You will do. There’s a gland in your butt called the prostate. It makes semen. It feels great when you rub it.”

To illustrate the point, John slowly finger-fucked the teenager, allowing his fingertip to bump across the boy’s prostate. Theo could feel the thrill of unwanted excitement emanating from his prostate each time it was touched.

“John, please don’t.”

The man ignored him but wiped the lube from the area, cleaning the boy’s asshole thoroughly. Then Theo felt a new sensation. It was wet and slimy again, but this time it was hot. It took him a few moments to identify the sensation. A tongue! The man was licking his asshole!

Theo felt appalled; disgusted; violated. Never in his wildest nightmares had he imagined his asshole being licked, especially not by a man. He felt John pushing the tip of his tongue into his sphincter, the nerve-dense pucker of skin responding with surprising pleasure. Theo trembled. He assumed it was fear. A display of weakness he’d rather not show. But John knew otherwise. Young men often responded like this the first time a tongue penetrated their sanctum.


John reached beneath and cupped the boy’s scrotum as he continued rimming the teen. Theo’s nuts still loose in his soft bag. John jiggled them playfully, then he gently tugged on them, holding them lightly in his fingertips; feeling the shape and size of each one through the boy’s silky purse.

With the index finger of his other hand, John teased the boy’s long foreskin, lightly running the tip of his finger back and forth over it, tickling it. After a while, he wormed his finger inside the foreskin. It clung stickily to John’s finger as he lightly stroked the glans within.


Theo was awash with emotions. He was fearful of course, but his body was experiencing many new sensations. He’d had sex dozens of times, primarily with his current girlfriend, but she was as inexperienced and inept at it as he was. He’d tried unsuccessfully to persuade her to give him a blowjob, and though they were edging closer, she had thus far declined. So far, the most adventurous thing she’d do was to allow him to take her doggy style.

But now Theo was in the hands of a master at the game; a man who’d spent two decades learning how to drive young men crazy with lust, and he was only just getting started.

John’s playful genital stimulation was having an effect, and though Theo wanted to resist becoming aroused with every fibre of his conscious being, his body cared nothing for his conscious wishes, and he could feel his cock slowly responding.

John was used to it. Straight boys were the best. All hormones and aggressive masculinity, but they could always be turned on eventually. Always. And Theo was not even much of a hold out.

John felt the gradual thickening of Theo’s penis as the blood flow increased. This was not the fast, powerful erection of a horny kid catching an unexpected flash of tit at school. It was the reluctant erection of a young man doing his very best to ignore his own penis as it grew like a nervous dormouse cautiously emerging from its burrow.

After five minutes of tantalising rimming, John moved his head back and looked between Theo’s legs. The teenager’s penis was longer and thickened with blood, but it still hung vertically, not yet hard enough to support its own weight.

John gripped it halfway down its skin-covered glans and drew his fingers back along its shaft, taking the skin with it, and revealing the head. The skin of the boy’s penis was pale, but his uncovered glans was a vibrant shade of red-purple.

“Nice helmet Theo,” John said, stroking it with the side of his index finger. “But it’s pretty red. How often have you been spanking it?”

Theo didn’t answer.

“Hey, I asked you a question,” John repeated, tapping the boy’s testicles upwards with four fingers.

There was no pain, but Theo recognised the threat.

“I dunno, once a day,” he answered.

“Bullshit!” John exclaimed with a grin that Theo could not see.

“Maybe two times then,” Theo amended.

“Yeah, and the rest. What, 5, 6 times a day?” John said, deliberately overestimating to make the actual number seem less extreme.

“I guess three times a day. Some days. Not always.”

“That’s more like it. So, what; once before school in the morning, once when you get home then one more in bed, am I right?”

Even though John could not see his face, Theo blushed dark red. How did John know?

“Yeah,” he admitted quietly.

“So where do you do it in the morning?” John asked, continuing to tickle Theo’s helmet.


“Yeah, classic.”

It felt bizarre to Theo to be casually discussing his masturbation practices while a middle-aged man stroked his helmet.


John stopped jiggling the boy’s balls and instead returned to finger fucking him. It horrified Theo to admit it, but his body enjoyed the feeling of a finger slipping in and out of his hole.

John wrapped his other fist very loosely around Theo’s cock and slowly started masturbating it, using the very lightest of pressure.

Theo recognised the movement but he didn’t want to associate it with what he did to himself three times a day. He looked straight ahead, examining the furniture, the walls, the rug; anything so that he didn’t have to think about what the man was doing to his cock. He thought if he could just avoid thinking about it, John’s actions would not have an effect, but in fact the opposite was true. Like being wanked in his sleep by a friend, now Theo had no resistance to his body’s natural response to sexual stimulation.

After a minute or so, John looked at the hard rod that was almost parallel to Theo’s belly and cooed, “Ah yes, that’s better. I knew you’d like it. That’s a nice hard prick for John.”

Theo wanted to scream “It’s not for you, you fucking pervert!” but he thought better of it.

John wanked him faster now, pumping along the boy’s cock and finger-banging with his hands moving in opposition; his fist moving towards the base of the teenager’s shaft at the same time as the ass finger buried itself.

Gradually, he increased the pace and Theo felt the familiar sensation as his orgasm approached. He fought against it. He didn’t want to reward his abuse; didn’t want to make John think that a part of him liked it; didn’t want the man to win the bet.

Then his sparkling white cream was spurting, in small but enthusiastic droplets, their volume, if not their force diminished by the fact that he had masturbated just a few hours ago. They sprayed a foot towards his head in four staccato jets, like a hoodrat squirting saliva through his teeth. John looked at the small droplets. He would have liked there to be more, but the reason for their sparsity was also a turn on. He carried on lightly pumping until he was sure the boy had no more to give then he stood and walked to the front where Theo could see him.


“Looks like you’re not so straight after all.”

Theo looked at him silently.

“What, nothing to say?” John prompted.

“What do you want me to say?” Theo answered sullenly.

“That you really enjoyed being rimmed and finger fucked and wanked by a guy. That maybe you’re not so completely straight after all.”

You made me cum. I didn’t want to.”

John smiled.

“A stubborn one eh? I’ve got something that will change your mind.”


John left the room but soon returned holding a number of objects. Three of them were heavy and he placed them on the floor where Theo could see them. The fourth was a gag mask with a metal ring attached where the mouth was.

“What do you think these do?” John asked, gesturing to the heavy objects.

One was a mechanical dildo on a heavy base. Its purpose was obvious. The function of the other two was less easy to read.

“I’ve no idea.”

“Oh, come on. You can’t even guess at any of them?”

“I guess that one’s for fucking things,” Theo said.

“Well done. That one’s going to be fucking your ass.”

Theo blushed at the revelation, and stared at it with a glower as tried to assess the size of the six-inch dildo. It was a little bigger than his own dick in both length and thickness. He didn’t relish the thought of having it in his ass.


John pointed to another device. It was like a soft rubber saucer, four inches across, mounted on a telescopic arm. There was a motor at the base.

“This one goes under your balls. It vibrates.”

Theo wondered what the point of that was.

John indicated the third device. It was a short hollow tube, open on both ends, made of transparent rubber lined with soft nodules. It was also attached to a telescopic arm and a motor and was mounted on a rotating head.

“This one goes over your dick head.”

It didn’t take much imagination for Theo to work out how it would feel. His penis twitched at the thought, its head lifting like a sleeping dog looking up when it hears a food can being opened. John saw the teen’s penis respond.

“You like the sound of that huh?”

Theo simply stared at him.

“Not to worry. You’re going to love it all. A lot. In fact, I’m going to bet you love it so much, you won’t be able to stop coming.”

Theo’s penis twitched again in spite of himself.


John arranged the devices around the slender young man’s genitals, adjusting them to height, and plugged them into the mains. The boy’s erection had lost some of its hardness, and drooped in a graceful curve.

John lifted the testicle cup until Theo’s nuts rested on it, surrounded in his soft bag. He turned on the testicle cup and it immediately started vibrating like a pebble polisher trying to rattle his nuts smooth.

“Ooooooh,” Theo groaned at the pleasurable sensation.

He tried to pull his balls away from the shaker, but his groin was held immovably in place. He could feel the powerful vibration jangling his droopy nuts as he struggled, and his cock rapidly regained its former hardness, lifting it head in a dozen enthusiastic pulses.

John smiled. No boy could resist having his balls shaken.

He smeared the teenager’s swollen thickly in lube, adjusted the angle of the penis stimulator and slid it over Theo’s glans. The soft nodes pressed against the sensitive skin. When he turned it on, Theo let out a moan that was two full octaves higher in pitch than his normal talking voice. He quickly stifled it, embarrassed by his involuntary display of pleasure.

“You like that huh?”

Theo grunted in a more manly pitch, as he struggled to resist the sensations in his groin. The cock vibrator was a very different feeling from the hand that John had used earlier, or even from the warm folds of his girlfriend’s pussy. The lubricated nodules each moved in small, random shapes: circles, lines, zig zags, figure 8s – wherever the irregular motion of the vibrating head drove them. Each one slid across his skin like a tiny point of excruciating pleasure, never staying in one place long enough to become unbearable, yet the pressure against his sensitive glans, especially after his recent orgasm, was as much discomfort as ecstasy, sending bolts down to his balls, where the heavy vibration instantly turned the discomfort into a hundred hot points of irresistible euphoria again.

The glans stimulator ensured a slow build orgasm. The testicle shakers ensured that when it arrived, it would be explosive and unstoppable.


“Last but not least,” John said, moving the dildo piston into position behind the youngster.

He placed the dildo against Theo’s still-exposed hole, then pushed the rubber cock forwards, extending it on its piston arm. Theo tensed against it.

“It’ll go easier if you relax,” John offered as he watched the boy’s tight hole slowly expanding around the head of the lubed dildo.

Theo continued to resist.

“It’s going in whether you fight it or not. If you keep fighting, it’s going to tear your asshole open.”

Theo grimaced at the thought and contrary to every part of his nascent sense of manhood, he relaxed his asshole.

“Thaaat’s better,” John cooed.

He pushed the dildo slowly, allowing the young man’s sphincter muscles time to stretch and relax. Theo felt as though his relaxation made him complicit.

Then the dildo suddenly slipped past Theo’s rectal gatekeeper and it was deep inside him. John calibrated it so that it pumped five inches in before withdrawing most of the way out. He left it motionless buried deep inside and walked to the boy’s head. Theo felt horribly stretched.


“Mouth open,” John instructed.

Theo looked at him dumbly. John lightly slapped the boy on the cheek, noticing the fine vellus hair that coated it, catching the soft-white living room lights. The boy’s top lip also had the finest hairs growing on it. It was clear that he’d not needed to start shaving yet.

“Open your mouth.”

Theo complied, and as soon as he did, his captor forced the metal ring of the gag between his jaws, and secured it in place with adjustable leather straps that passed behind his head. It held his jaws wide apart, and the metal prevented him from closing his mouth. John doubted that any young man in Theo’s position would ever dare to bite his cock once he placed it in their mouth, but it wasn’t a chance he was prepared to take.

“Oh, one last thing. Almost forgot,” John said.

He collected a pair of vacuum pasties from the sideboard, then placed them to Theo’s nipples. John pulled a plunger on the end and the boy’s small, dark brown nipples were pulled through holes in the cones until they protruded from the other side. John attached a cap over the top of each pastie. The inside of each cap contained a small rubber hood that pressed against the protruding nipples. Each was connected to a small battery. John turned the hoods on, and they started vibrating against the tips of Theo’s bud-like nipples.

“That’s better. Now time for me to have some fun.”


John stood in front of Theo. The slim young man looked up at him fearfully as he unzipped his fly and withdrew his genitals. He and John shared something in common; they were both achingly hard. John’s penis was about the same size as the dildo in Theo’s asshole, but it had an old man, worn out look to the skin. The helmet was large, with a deep recess behind its angular rear edge.

He moved it towards Theo’s head. Theo tried to turn away, but John gripped his hair and turned his head back.

“Let’s not be silly.”

He fed his penis through the metal ring that held the boy’s jaws apart. Theo made a gagging noise, then for the first time in his life, he felt a penis in his mouth. The head slid across his tongue slowly as John savoured the initial contact. It didn’t taste rancid as Theo had dreaded, but the mere fact of its presence made him want to puke. John continued to push, all the way in until it stretched the back of the boy’s throat. Theo made a choking noise and John withdrew slowly, ensuring that the kid felt his glans dragging back across the full length of his tongue. Then he pushed it in again, then out.

John aimed a remote control at the dildo at Theo’s rear. It started pumping slowly and John thrust in and out in perfect time, ensuring that his dick was buried in the boy’s mouth at exactly the same time as the one in Theo’s hole was also most deeply buried.

“This is called a spit-roast,” John said. “You’re a piggy on a spike. What do you think of that? Are you enjoying it?”

Theo didn’t answer: couldn’t answer. But the analogy placed a repugnant image in his mind. He was just a piece of meat for this overweight man to have his way with. Two holes to be simultaneously penetrated for his entertainment.

But at the same time, there was his own dick. The dozens of points of pleasure-pain on its helmet; the inescapable glow of euphoria emanating from his testicles as they jangled like two marbles resting on a washing machine during the spin cycle.

To his dismay, he came hard, finding it hard to distinguish his orgasm from the background excitement in his balls.

And all the while, his holes were being filled, the sensations blending with his pleasure. He found it increasingly difficult to distinguish the emotional and physical discomfort of being orally and anally raped, from the sheer, overwhelming ecstasy of having his genitals expertly stimulated. The feelings between his legs were so overwhelmingly enjoyable that everything else became an adjunct to it.


John, continued to fuck his face, crouching to reach, unaware of the boy’s own recent second orgasm. He turned the speed on the dildo up, increasing his own pace to match. Theo’s mouth was an unwilling pussy for John’s cock. John increased the speed again, slamming his cock hard into the teenager’s face.

Then, inexplicably, John stopped. The machine at the boy’s rear continued pounding Theo’s hole relentlessly until John switched it off. Theo wondered; hoped that John was finished, but his ordeal was far from over.


John moved to the rear and pulled the mechanical dildo out of the way. He moved into its place.

“Hope you’re ready kid, because you’re about to lose your cherry.”

He placed the head of his cock against Theo’s exposed sphincter; still gaping from the dildo.

“No please, I don’t want that in me,” Theo babbled unintelligibly through the ring gag.

It was a heartfelt plea, expressing the very core of his sexuality. Being wanked off by a man was bad, but he could justify that it was not his fault that his body had responded. Even having the man’s tongue on his hole or his cock in his mouth; vile though he found them, could be rationalised. But getting fucked was the ultimate assault on his sense of masculinity. Once John had done this, Theo would forever be a guy who’d been fucked like a woman. Always less than a full man in his eyes.

John smiled. He understood all of the things that would be going through the kid’s mind. Straight teenagers and men in their early 20s were acutely sensitive about their sense of masculinity. That’s why he enjoyed taking it from them. He was taking their most precious prize. Asserting himself as an alpha wolf asserts itself on the pack.

He gripped the bars to the sides of Theo’s exposed hole, then thrust his hips forwards, driving his cock into the boy’s waiting hole. Theo let out a strangled cry as he became John’s bitch.

He could feel John’s dick inside him; filling him, radiating its heat through the walls of his rectum. Then the man started to thrust, driving in hard and deep, with a slow, steady pace, drilling the boy’s hole with the regularity of an oil well pump, in – thud, slide out; in – thud, slide out. Theo could feel the bloated glans brushing his insides. He knew his ass was John’s to take for as long as it pleased him. There was nothing he could do to close his hole or force the man’s cock out. Theo’s sphincter was held, open, like an eager whore’s hole, and he could not even move forwards a single inch to suggest denial.


John increased his pace, and still Theo could feel his balls jangling beneath him. Still his cock strained against his will. Still the vibrating sheath teased its head, titillating and paining in equal measure, never allowing his erection to diminish.

“I knew you were a fag at heart,” John said. “A pretty boy like you is made for taking the pricks of real men like me.”

“No, it’s not true, I’m straight!” Theo protested frantically through the ring.

Drool poured from his mouth, mirroring the cum that drooled from his cock.

Suddenly, almost in defiance of his own words, he came again, his dick violently spitting its pearlescent snot. John felt the boy’s perineal muscles tensing as the kid’s balls launched their eager cream from his cock.

“Are you coming again boy?” he taunted. “How many times is that?”

Theo lowered his head in shame, looking at the floor in front of the cage. To his dismay, the evidence of his previous exuberant ejaculation lay there in streaks, and worse still, new splatters appeared even as he looked. His brain seemed disconnected from his dick. It was throwing its adolescent slime but it seemed like it was coming from someone else. His brain took no satisfaction from the act but his loins were filled with joyful pleasure, eager to keep emptying his balls.


John stopped fucking him and quickly replaced his dick with the mechanical dildo again before he returned to Theo’s face. He looked at the back of the teenager’s defeated head with satisfaction taking in the long spunk puddles on the floor beyond.

He grabbed Theo by the hair with his left hand, lifting the youth’s face towards him. With his other fist, John pumped his own cock light and fast. Within moments, his dick spurted a gargantuan blast of cum, followed by another and another, squirting time after time in a fountain of middle-aged spunk that seemed to go on far longer than even his large balls seemed capable of producing. It rained down onto Theo’s face in a sticky torrent, as though John had turned on a semen hose and now sprayed the teenager’s face with it.

Theo struggled to turn away, but John held a painfully tight grip on the youngster’s hair, ensuring that he received all that John had to offer. Theo squealed and struggled, desperately, vainly trying to prevent his face from being the altar upon which John unloaded his copious offering. He knew that John was debasing him; marking him with his spunk; claiming him as his own.

When John’s fist finally slowed, Theo’s face was awash with his cream. From hairline to chin, his face was coated with dripping white goo. It coated his eyelids, dripped from his upper lip into his mouth, and formed a sticky mat on his eyebrows.

Theo groaned in disgust, squeezing his eyes tightly shut to keep John’s sickening jizz from them. John forced his still slimy cock back into the ring of the gag, wiping the end on Theo’s tongue and the back of his throat. Theo whined like a child nauseated as John piled yet more humiliations upon him.

And all the while, even as John used Theo’s face and mouth as a cum towel, the boy’s balls kept jiggling and the dildo kept fucking, ensuring that below the waist, the teenager was in a constant state of rapture that existed in sharp contrast.


John stepped away and returned his now-cleaned cock back into his trousers. He picked up a camera and took multiple photos, zooming in on Theo’s face, genitals, and the cum streaks he’d produced.

Then he put down the camera and picked up the boy’s underpants. He wiped his spunk from Theo’s eyes so that the boy could open them again. Theo cautiously opened them, looking up at John, his expression equal parts disgust and glowering anger.


“You’re a great fuck kid, but now I have other things to do. I’m gonna leave you here tonight and tomorrow, we’ll see what happens. You can keep on enjoying my toys overnight. Try not to come too many times.”

Before he left, he replaced the ring gag with a ball gag.

“Don’t need you waking me up in the middle of the night with your sex moans.”

He turned off the light and walked from the room and left the kneeling boy alone with nothing else to concentrate upon other than how incredibly horny he felt.


The next day, at 9pm, 13 hours after he’d left him, John returned. Theo looked up as John turned on the lights. The floor in front of him was drenched with a mixture of saliva and semen, and drool hung from his mouth almost to the ground. The wooden cage base was soaked dark with the young man’s reluctantly-surrendered semen. He looked like a rabid dog, dehydrated and on its last legs, his sweat-soaked hair dishevelled.

“I’ve decided to let you go. You were a great fuck and I’d love to keep you but it’s more trouble than it’s worth.”

John showed Theo a syringe but the boy was too exhausted to think straight. Without explaining, John stuck it into the boy’s flank and emptied it. Within 10 seconds, Theo lost consciousness and a week of his life.


8 hours later, Theo woke up in a field 5 miles out of town. He was naked and he had no idea how he’d gotten there. He rose to his feet with no memory of the past week, let alone the past 24 hours.

He had a weird taste in his mouth, his balls ached like he’d been kicked in them, and his asshole felt like raw meat. His penis also felt weird so he lifted it and examined it. At first there was nothing immediately obvious, then he pulled back his foreskin and was shocked to see dozens of small roughly circular bruises. They’d left their mark! He felt nauseous; sick with fear. He looked up at the skies and all around him. He’d heard about this sort of thing on TV. They took you away and experimented on you, and stuck things up your ass. Aliens!

Theo turned and walked unsteadily towards the sound of traffic.


In his home, John looked again at the remains of Theo’s underwear. He’d added a label with the boy’s name, age and the date. He lifted the cotton to his nose and inhaled deeply, before putting them in his secret cupboard along with the other 19 pairs…


    • vandyman485-
    • 8th September 2020 at 2:21 pm-
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    Holy fuckkk. I came hard twice to this.

    • Lol – no greater compliment!

    • Anonymous-
    • 16th November 2020 at 6:04 pm-
    • Reply

    “John” is my ideal villain, psychological and imaginative, not merely brutal. By my count he features in two stories, this one and Chair (as I remember). More, please.

    • Khugrok-
    • 16th November 2020 at 6:13 pm-
    • Reply

    “John” is my favorite villain. The psychological treatment here and in The Chair” is hugely erotic. More “John” please.

    • John and the Master are very much cut from the same cloth. Check out my art featuring the Master to get more ideas.

    • Anonymous-
    • 5th June 2021 at 3:50 pm-
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    A really hot story. Thankyou. Really good scenario

    • Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it!

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