A valued patron and friend asked me a whole bunch of questions about my work. I thought the questions were really insightful. He said he doesn’t mind me posting the answers here. Hope you fiind them interesting.

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You’ve got something of a library built up now and I have questions.  Which of the pieces do you think turned out the best personally?


It depends what you mean by “best” – in terms of art, I’d have to say 19’s a charm is one of my best. Complete custom modelling. Great lighting, nice expressions. In terms of popularity, Collection facility in tems of complexity, this tribute to Robert Riggs called Pool, which took literally years to complete. When it comes to stories, my idea of best changes according to what makes me horny. Any story I liked enough to create a series out of, is a favourite. The theme and milking style in Tanner’s Best of Days, and especially in the sequel that I seem not to have posted works well but basically any unwilling milking story such as Brat or Phone Call are endlessly erotic to me, and I never tire of revisiting them in my mind. Heavy ballbusting stories hold my interest for shorter periods, but the erotic value is more intense. Every single one of those stories and pieces of art held great interest for a short while.

Overall, my most popular stories has been the Conditioning series for bondage, and The unwilling sperm donors, although I think NO signs of life is a much better story. If I had to choose one it woud be Interdimensional Milking.
Which piece turns you on the most? Do you have one that especially gets you excited even now?


Any face down milking machine or chair milking machine story will work for me every single time. There’s something about having your dick held immovable, unable to pull it from the machine whilst a heterosexual hole is drilled and the victim is forced to realise that he actually loves being reamed. But of course, my favourite component is a testicle shaker, filling the groin with waves of pleasure so intense that orgasms just happen, no matter how hard you try to resist. Probably my favourite examples are Brat (wheelchair), and Phone call (great scenario) . There is one more but I’m damned if I can find it.



If you could be IN one of them as a character which story would you most like to be in? Is it the same as the previous answer?


Great question. No definitely not. Any story that I’d want to be in would have to have a romantic component, so possibly Interdimensional Milking or Bus Ride, but most likely The Photographer’s Assistant. I did some nude modelling as a teenager, and this is maybe how I wish things had unfolded.



Are there things you’d like to write about but don’t because you couldn’t share them because the audience hasn’t responded particularly well to them?


Again another really insightful question. I write about whatever takes my interest. Remember, I write primarily to record erotic ideas that interest me so that I don’t forget them. There are lots of stories that I simply never publish, but nothing I’d be afraid to write. I’m not really attracted to younger characters, but once in a while, a scenario demands it simply because their inexperience or inability to ejaculate is technically important. I never publish these stories because I don’t feel it’s appropriate. I know it’s all just fantasy, but I don’t really want to draw the wrong sort of attention. I feel and hope that my current stuff falls within the category “Coming of age” along with explicit mainstream stories such as You are not alone, A boy’s own story, Terre Haute, or any of dozens of other extremely graphic coming of age tales.

My tastes actually tend towards the moderate. I very rarely want to do anything emotionally extreme towards even the nastiest characters. I do know that one of my most valued readers strongly disapproves of castration stories, and many more are quite decidedly not interested in that category. As a result, I tend to simply post such stories on my site and send out a notification with clear tags so that readers can avoid if it’s not their bag. I try never to make a ball-busting story or art the only thing I produce in a month, so patreons know that I am trying to consider their interests.

Probably the second most common theme that I do not publish is heterosexual. I’m very much gay, but the emotions of straight characters in heterosexual situations: especially humiliation; can often be interesting.


I will just add to that answer – things that I will never write about: any kind of scat. Not my bag AT ALL.



Is there such a thing as too much audience feedback? I mean, I assume, you appreciate being told by a reader that they like your stuff, but beyond that is there a point where you think, “Well, now they’re getting in my head and getting in the way of my writing the next Chapter” to yourself?


I love and greatly value every single piece of feedback from a simple thumb up, to a page of full-on fanboy love! However, preferential feedback in a multipart story can be deadly because it dilutes my vision. “I wish this character would do this, I wish that would happen.” That said, sometimes ideas can be helpful so long as people don’t EXPECT their implementation.

If it’s a single story, people can say whatever they like, although I recently got a complaint that I found extremely unhelpful. It was in the midst of a sexual assault story, and someone objected to the way a character verbally belittled another’s genitals. I thought, “Are you kidding?   This person is being raped, and you know the kind of things I write, and you are getting quite genuinely upset about the way the CHARACTER refers to the victim’s genitals?” I didn’t respond because it was anonymous so it was pointless.

It’s great to learn THAT someone enjoys my work, but WHY is far more useful. Was it key words, a particular device, or just the general scenario? I know now that my audience tends to like one one of say four types of material: romantic, devious, ballbusting, milking. And of course the cross over for all four is strong sexual components. It’s hard to keep writing the same sexual elements: orgasms, erection, penetrations, etc, so I try to focus on making creative scenarios and devices.


I recently got some really fantastic feedback on a story I wrote called Drained. It’s far from my favourite story, but it IS the favourite of this guy, and he’s told me so on many occasions, and even went so far as to offer to pay me to write a prequel. I really like the guy so I wanted to drill down to what it was that he liked, and he gave me over a page of very valuable, very specific feedback about what it was about that particular story that worked for him. I really would like to reward that level of feedback with another story.

Probably the worst kind of feedback is simply “I don’t like that” feedback. If one person doesn’t like something, there are a dozen who do, and everyone who likes my writing deserves to be catered to. The best way of getting more of what you like, is telling me what you like and why.



Do you have any authors on nifty, amazon, fanfiction whatever, that you particularly like to read but wouldn’t try to write their stuff?


I don’t have time to read any more. I’d sooner be writing or drawing. However, in the past, there were a few readers that I read religiously:



Tim Foure – wrote two excellent novels Me and Dad (his best one) and The Summer of my fifteenth year. Both on nifty. Tender, erotic, feel-good, nostalgic.

Storytime Sam – Creative, erotic, kinky and well written although his characters were rather too young for my tastes – dunno where he’s gone, but loved the guy.


Will Aitken – Wrote a fantastic gay coming of age story called Terre Haute about a 15 year old boy’s increasingly sexual friendship with a boy his own age who is in denial, a homophobic but well meaning father, and a middle aged man. Any book store.


Edmund White – Wrote a fantastic gay coming of age autobiography that mirrored some of my own experience. Set when the boy was 15. Book is called A Boy’s Own Story.  I love the boy on the cover because he’s kind of sensitive but not wussy even though he has all these confused thoughts. I love that they’ve redesigned the cover with an even more “boy-next-door” looking kid. Any book store.


Ganymede – Superb author, wrote very believable stories that you could empathise with. Mostly younger characters though. Nifty.


Zipper – Writes devious castration and ball busting stories. – Eunuch.org


Nathan – Wrote several great series of castration stories, my favourite of which was set in an alternate version of Rome where castration was much more common place. Eunuch.org


Dale10 – Wrote some very sadistic stories. Hated his contempt for his subjects but liked his scenarios. Dunno where his work is any more.


Byzwriter – Wrote some fantastic stories set in Rome/Byzantium. Mostly castration themed, but what made his work so good was his ability to evoke the atmosphere of the Mediterranean, the time period, and what it was like to live as a slave.

He also wrote a devious one set in an SS experiment camp and another set in an alternate future.



Dave – Wrote a series of very creative alien castration stories. Really liked his work. Discovered him on a site I think was called Black Spectre, long since gone. Would love to know if an alternative was created or if he is still writing.

Of all of these, Dale 10 is the only author in whose style I would never try to write. I’m basically fond of my characters. In most cases I AM my characters, so I would never show them such hatred as he does. He seems to genuinely view males as repugnant to him.


I aspire to write as well as say Edmund White or Byzwriter. Ganymede is a much better writer than me, but not an easy read, and not well suited to porn.

I would write on Nifty, but frankly their rules on formatting and content are fucking pathetic, and site navigation is appalling.


Without tumblr how do you find new readers? Have you got another platform you’ve used with much success to reach new people?


It’s been very difficult. BDSMLR was created to be a porn clone of Scumblr and the community is growing but it doesn’t work as well or maybe, having been nuked by Scumblr 4 times, I’m just reluctant to trust any site now. By far the greatest limitation of BDSMLR is the simple fact that it doesn’t have a “Read more” tag. In the past you could use that on Scumblr  to write a story without it filling people’s entire feed. You’d write a synopsis, add the tag, then they would only see the body of the story if they clicked the “Read more” button. Now, if I post a four page story, it entirely fills viewers’ feeds and makes it LESS likely that they will follow. Also, that community seems a lot darker that Scumblr’s was.


Several other communities sprang up, but they just don’t have that “Find new stuff” vibe that tumblr had.

I do seem to be very slowly growing a small audience of dedicated followers to whom I’m immensely grateful for putting food on my table. But any signal boosting is always welcome!

If you know better communities, please let me know.


Anyway, thanks for your excellent questions. Hope I’ve answered them to your satisfaction?


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    Is there a chance? you will be doing more writing with penis shrinking. I find the written story by you are very good.

    When I was the 15 year old I had a surgery at my penis to remove a cailot. It made the erection hurt to make my crying! Surgery happened good and it was gone but scar and flesh damage make my penis permanently smaller to 6,5 cm. I was hurt my life was over to boy teenage me. I could not live my life with this.

    I looking for help many page in result of internet searching I found story the problem and sphere. I not know why the written story helped. I knew the actor? character? It was me. I think what if I was the person in story. Having the penis made smaller and the knowing every male person is bigger than them. I had to live with that.

    Merci beaucoup Damnd1 pour your story writing helped me I do not know why but you help me accept my new life.

    • I have just completed a story about penis shrinking which I will be sending to Patrons soon, and which I will be posting a little while after. It’s called Anton and is the follow up to Phone Call. I assume that you are the person who asked about penis shrinking on that story, so this follow up will hopefully make you especially happy.
      I’m sorry to hear of your surgery, but it may help you to know that many many men, myself included, love guys with small dicks. In fact, in a piece of synchronicity, I have a BDSMLR blog dedicated to guys with smaller penises open in the other tab as I type. Guys with small dicks who are happy with their bodies exactly as they are, are extremely erotic. Guys who have their dicks reduced against their will are also erotic. I never knew a guy with a small dick who was an arrogant asshole.
      I am extremely happy if my writing has helped you come to terms with your penis size. Just remember, whatever your size, there are many people who will love it!

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