The Change

Sexual hyper-stimulation, milking, embarrassment

A young man notices strange changes to his genitals

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The Change

Ethan studied himself in the mirror for over three minutes before he reluctantly took action. He looked at his naked body critically frowning as he did so. He reached between his legs and hefted his testicles in his fingers, jiggling them to feel their weight. Then he gripped his penis, swinging it back and forwards. Finally, with his hands up like a flamenco dancer, he jiggled his hips from side to side, watching his genitals flop from side to side. Then he dressed and went to his bedroom door and called to his father.


No answer.

“Daaad,” he called louder.

His father Steven shouted from the living room.

“What’s up Ethan?”

“Can you come upstairs a minute. I need to speak to you.”

His father exchanged a glance with his wife. She raised her eyebrows.

“Maybe he just found out what his dick’s for?” he said.

“Bit old for that. About four year too old judging by the state of his sports socks.”

“His sports s…”

Ethan’s father suddenly got the reference and screwed up his nose in humorous distaste.

“Awww. You mean he…” He mimed a masturbating hand. “In his socks?”

“Uh huh.”

“That’s nasty. You want me to speak to him about it?”

“Nah, kid’s gotta clean up somehow. Might as well be with his socks. At least he doesn’t give me shitty underwear to wash.”

Steven grinned and left the room. A moment later he was knocking on Ethan’s door.

“Come in.”

Steven entered and shut the door behind him.

“What’s up son?”

“Dad, can I ask you something personal?”

Steven frowned.

“Ummm, yeah, sure.”

“How big are your balls?”

Steven was taken aback.

“Excuse me?!”

“How big are your balls?” Ethan repeated.

“Why are you asking?”

“Ummm, well, because mine seem, ummm, they seem big for my age. And they’re getting bigger.”

“Well just how big are they? I think it would be easier if you just show me yours.”

Ethan shifted uncomfortably on his feet.

“I was afraid you were going to say that.”

“Easiest way to find out son. And we’re both guys. Nothing to be self-conscious about.”

Ethan undid the button on his jeans and slid both jeans and boxers down to his knees in one smooth shove. His father looked at his genitals.

“Do you mind if I…”

He reached slowly towards his son’s scrotum and Ethan didn’t object.

The teen had the genitals of a 25-year-old man; large, heavy testicles in a low sack.

“Hmmm, well you’ve certainly not got anything to be embarrassed about. You’re, definitely on the large side, but I don’t think it’s outside the range of normal for your age. But you said your balls had gotten bigger recently. How much have they grown?”

“About twice as big. And my… penis. It’s got a bit longer and twice, maybe even three times as thick.”

“Over what period of time?” Steven asked, wondering if maybe his son was going through a late puberty, or some kind of sudden second puberty where he transitioned to manhood suddenly rather than over the course of 5 or 10 years.

“About a month.”

“A month? Your penis has trebled in thickness and your balls have doubled in size in a month?!”


“Are they painful? Puffy? Have you taken a kick in the jewels? Some asshole sack tapped you too hard?”

“No, nothing like that. They just started growing really quickly.”

“And everything’s working? What about um…”

He mimed masturbation. Ethan blushed.

“Yeah, that’s fine dad. Actually, if anything, I’m errr, making more, if you know what I mean. And it seems like I’m always horny since everything started getting bigger.”

“Maybe it’s just normal. There’s no discolouration, no injuries and your libido is working just fine. Tell you what, so long as nothing drastic happens, and there’s no pain or swelling, we’ll just write it off to normal growth. But if you feel any pain at all, or your balls start changing colour, you let me know right away and I’ll book an appointment with Doctor Raymond okay?”



One month later


Office of the Principal

Rutherford Academy for Boys

2314 East Milton Street




Dear Parent,

I hope this letter finds you well. It seems that we have something of an epidemic at our academy, with at least 55 cases of boys reporting to our medical personnel with genital peculiarities. These manifest in the form of enlarged testicles and a significantly thickened penis.

It is not the policy of the medical staff to conduct genital examinations, except when specifically mandated as part of a pre-participation check-up for contact sports such as wrestling or football; or upon specific complaints of pain or injuries by the students. However, the sheer volume of these complaints has naturally raised alarm bells.

Our academy medical director reported the issue to the Massachusetts medical board who then forwarded it to the regional Centers for Disease Control office. They have despatched a team of doctors who will be examining all students and staff tomorrow in order to gather data.

Attendance by your son is mandatory, and any students who are absent will receive a home visit by the CDC and your entire family may be quarantined.

At this stage, the cause is unknown, but the purpose is to gather data on the extent of the condition, and determine its cause.

We will keep you informed on the result of the examination in due course as soon as the CDC has further information.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Wills, Principal




Steven knocked on his son’s bedroom door.

“Yes?” Ethan called.

Steven entered holding the letter.

“Ethan this letter from your school principal says that you’re all having a medical exam tomorrow.”

“Yeah, that thing with big nuts I spoke to about a couple of weeks ago.”

“I assumed that was the end of it as you didn’t mention it again.”


“What do you mean? Have they got bigger?”

“Yup. That’s why I wear sweat pants all the time now. They’re too big for jeans.”

“You’re kidding me? Why didn’t you say something?”

Ethan shrugged.

“It’s embarrassing. Then I heard some of the other guys were going through the same thing and well, I kind of assumed it was normal.”

“How much larger have they got? Show me.”

“Do I have to?”

“Of course you do. Son this is important. It could affect your future and if it’s infectious, it could affect me or Max too.”

Max was Ethan’s 8-year-old brother.

Ethan reluctantly pushed his sweat pants and underwear down to reveal himself. He was still sitting but his scrotum filled his lap.

“Stand up son.”

Ethan did as his father asked. His testicles hung heavy. Steven reached out and lifted them, gently palpating to feel their size. Each was the size of a chicken egg. His scrotum was stretched tight to accommodate them.

“Jesus Christ they’re enormous Ethan. You should have told me.”

Ethan shrugged, blushing.

“Sorry dad.”

“I understand your embarrassment but this is your health we’re talking about. You can’t let a silly thing like that stop you bringing important issues to me. That kind of shit is one of the reasons men die younger. Promise me you’ll never keep secrets like this again Ethan.”

His father was so earnest it made Ethan feel guilty for keeping it from him.

“I promise dad. I’m sorry.”

“I can understand son. I wouldn’t have wanted my dad seeing my junk either, but this is serious. They look like they’re twice as big as they were when you showed them to me before. Your penis doesn’t seem to have gotten any bigger though.”

He released his son’s testicles.

“You can pull your pants back up. The school has a medical examination planned for you all tomorrow. It’s a good thing too. Have you noticed anything else out of the ordinary?”

Ethan hesitated.

“Come on son, so you have to be honest with me.”

“Well, I feel horny all the time. Not just normal horny but super horny if you know what I mean. I umm, well, I have to, er, I have to take care of it like, four or five times a day, and when I do, lots more stuff comes out, you know, semen. It’s almost like peeing. It was kind of cool at first – you know, and the orgasm that lasts almost a minute, but there’s no way I could go with a girl like that. She’d be disgusted. And it’s messy.”

Steven looked at his son concerned.

“I think it’s just as well the doctors are coming tomorrow. The sooner we get to the bottom of this the better.”


Two weeks later


Office of the Principal

Rutherford Academy for Boys

2314 East Milton Street




Dear parent,

I hope this letter finds you well. The results of the CDC survey are in, but you may have already seen reports on the news about similar situations in other parts of the country.

It appears that we do indeed have an epidemic in our school, and in many others in the state. The CDC reports an entirely new form of condition that appears to affect young men after the age of puberty.

It results in significantly enlarged testicles, a somewhat larger penis, and a massive rise in libido. I don’t need to tell you that teenaged boys already have a high enough libido, but this is orders of magnitude higher.

This results in the necessity for regular “release”, and regardless of your moral or religious beliefs, I think it will be necessary for you to accommodate your son or sons’ new needs. They will doubtless be self-conscious enough at the need to masturbate many times a day, and it will ease their self-consciousness if you treat this condition, which the boys have nicknamed “The Horn”, just as you would any other medical condition.

The CDC is working hard on understanding the nature and cause of this condition, and they will be contacting you in due course.

At this time, I have no further information, but please be assured that the health and well-being of your son is our primary concern.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Wills, Principal



Doctor Robert R. Redfield

Director – Centers for Disease Control

1600 Clifton Rd.
Atlanta, GA


Press Briefing

This is an update explaining the medical condition that is affecting millions of young men up and down the country.

The first cases were identified four months ago, and it now appears that over 80 percent of males between the onset of puberty up to the age of 23 years, and 98 percent of teenaged males are affected.

The condition has been colloquially nicknamed “The horn” but has officially been designated the name Hyper-accelerated Gonadal Growth and Libido Syndrome or HGGLS for short.

It is characterised by a thickening of the penis (typically two to four times its previous girth) and massively enlarged testicles. Normal volume range for a male’s testicles after the onset of puberty is between 4 millilitres for a boy just starting, up to 25 millilitres for an adult male, with the adult mean being around 22 millilitres. Teens with HGGLS generally experience a four- to seven-fold increase in size, with the mean for boys in their mid-teens being approximately 95 milllilitres.

Due to the rapid growth of the testicles, this will sometimes be accompanied by pain as the scrotal skin adapts to accommodate the new size. However, in most cases, there is sufficient scrotal elasticity to accommodate the increased volume with no discomfort. Cases of testicular elephantitis (most commonly caused by filarial infestation in sub-Saharan Africa) have demonstrated that the scrotum has enormous elasticity, and in all cases of HGGLS, it is expected that the scrotum will eventually enlarge sufficiently in order to accommodate the new testicular size.

Due to the recent emergence of HGGLS, it is unknown whether the subject’s genitals will return to their former size, but given the nature of the condition, it is deemed extremely unlikely.



HGGLS appears to be caused by an infection of the hypothalamus that stimulates the overproduction of lutenizing and follicle stimulating hormones responsible for growth of the genitalia. For some reason as yet unidentified, this infection does not appear to affect females, males over the age of 23, or any person not possessed of XY chromosomes.


The hormones trigger hyper-stimulation of the sertolli cells in the testicles, leading to an increase in spermatagonial proliferation. In practical terms; this is more than a mere swelling of the testicles, as might occur due to trauma or testicular torsion; rather the very matter from which testicles are constructed increases dramatically.

In layman’s language, it is as though the subject undergoes a second, and much more dramatic puberty, resulting in what we believe to be a permanent and very significant enlargement of the testicles, and a less dramatic thickening of the penis.


There appears to be a self-limiting mechanism that stops further growth once the testicles reach somewhere between 100 and 140 millilitres for a sexually mature male. It is too early to determine whether testicle growth continues proportionally with age, or once growth has ceased, if it ceases forever. Thus, we cannot tell if a 13-year old boy with 75 millilitre testicles will continue to grow at a more normal rate until he reached the average of over 100 millilitres by the end of puberty.

The sperm and semen of infected males appears to be completely normal, just massively increased in volume.


Puberty blockers as well as sexual suppressants have been tried, and neither of these showed any efficacy in counteracting the effects.


Side effects

Puberty is typically the period when teenagers are most likely to be highly sexually active, albeit, primarily without a partner. With HGGLS, libido is increased by orders of magnitude. Tests reveal that subjects are many times more likely to become sexually aroused, and produce semen at a significantly greater rate. One might expect that a fivefold increase in testicular volume might result in a fivefold increase in sperm production, but in fact, the increase in sperm production rate jumps by 20 times or higher.

This results in the need to expel the surplus semen on a regular basis throughout the day; typically, at least ten times a day. Masturbation is the most practical means of accomplishing this.



The CDC cannot at this time identify the source of this epidemic, although it appears to be an airborne virus that affects this very specific demographic. At present there is no known cure, and it seems unlikely that there will ever be one given that it affects the subjects on a chromosomal level. Its effects appear permanent, although it has not been around long enough to say with certainty.

Infected subjects are able to function perfectly normally in every other way, notwithstanding a significant pre-occupation with sex.  Their enlarged testicles will make them more susceptible to injury, and it is recommended that patients switch to wearing more supportive underwear such as briefs or support boxers. There are already numerous scrotal support solutions targeted at older males and it is anticipated that versions of these designed with younger wearers will be rapidly developed.


Youths across the country will be trying to cope with a massive increase in libido and the need to dispel vast extra quantities of semen. Denial of healthy release leads to extremely messy nocturnal emissions with 100% certainty inside a week, and can also produce spontaneous emissions during the day in 80% of subjects.

Given that almost all school and college-age males will now be coping with the need for regular release throughout the day, there will need to be a rapid cultural shift in attitude towards normalising masturbation. The CDC is working in conjunction with the American Psychiatric Association to produce infomercials that will be screened regularly for as long as it is deemed beneficial.


Doctor Robert R. Redfield





Office of the Principal

Rutherford Academy for Boys

2314 East Milton Street





Dear Parent,

I hope this letter finds you well. You will no doubt by now have received a letter from the CDC about the condition affecting your son/s, as well as seeing their educational video on television.

We have been struggling to adapt to the presence of 857 young men who it appears, spend 25 percent of their school day, taking breaks to visit the bathroom. In keeping with new government advice, over the weekend, we will be installing state of the art masturbation stations throughout the school.

Each student will have his own station, and it can only be accessed using a biometric retina scan, which will ensure hygiene.

The units are apparently designed to provide cutting edge genital stimulation, guaranteeing thorough relief for the user.

They are self-cleaning and self-emptying. They will be positioned along the hallways. They will be available to the students to use in between classes, and according to government policy, use is mandatory. Too much time has been lost by students who are distracted as they try to resist their need for relief. With this new policy, the students will be masturbated 9 times a day (once when they arrive, and in between every class).

Masturbation stations are available for purchase at a massively subsidised rate for use in your home, and government guidance strongly suggests that you avail yourself of this option.

 I realise that this may be an extremely uncomfortable issue for many of you to consider much less discuss, but it has become the new normal and if I may be blunt, ignoring it will not make it go away, and will only cause emotional harm to your son/s.

We have trained counsellors on hand if you wish to discuss this further.

Wishing you the very best as we all come to terms with this new paradigm.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Wills, Principal



Ethan put his backpack down on the floor beside his station and leaned forwards to the camera. He pressed a button and opened his right eye wide, allowing the retinal scanner to verify his identity. The words “User – Ethan Colby – Please enter” appeared on a small screen on the wall.”

Ethan dropped his trousers and pants to his knees. All along the corridor other teens were doing the same. He stepped onto two-foot panels inside the station. It was a stomach-high booth and had already been adjusted for his dimensions.

He pressed Start on the screen before him, and the rear door closed, pressing against the small of his back, pushing him forwards until his stomach was pressed against the rim that went around the front half of the unit. The foot panels moved apart, exposing his groin. Then the thing that had taken the most getting used to: a rectal stimulator drove up into his rectum. All along the corridor, other teenagers were also being penetrated. Some of them still gasped or grimaced as the plastic dildo penetrated them, but Ethan preferred to play it cool, acting as though nothing was happening.

The metal tip of the probe started to tingle against his prostate, and in seconds Ethan’s penis was rigid and facing upwards at an angle of 45 degrees. This was one of the most import settings when the machine was calibrated for him. Inside was a hood that would encase his glans. It adjusted to the exact angle of his erection on a pivoting arm then lowered a latex hood over the head of his penis. On the inside of the hood, there were dozens of tiny warm, soft rubber nodules, each moving in small circles. They completely encased his glans, and this time, just like every other, he gave a small gasp of excitement as he felt them touching him. A latex ring wrapped around his shaft.

In the centre of the hood, precisely where the eye of his penis was, there was a small hole. A hollow stainless-steel sound pushed its way an inch into Ethan’s urethra. The first time he’d felt it, Ethan was shocked at how intimate it felt, and it made him feel as though the masturbation station was fucking his penis. He wondered if that was how it felt for a woman to be fucked by a man.

A cup shaped like half a clam shell moved into place. It was also lined with moving latex nodules, but these also had tiny metal contacts. The warm cup rose beneath his scrotum and he immediately felt the low voltage passing through his already-eager testicles. He let out a trembling breath as the final piece of equipment moved into position.

To him, it felt like 8 small fingers arranged in two opposing rows. They rose between his legs and lightly gripped his perineal raphe – the seam that passed from the base of his balls to his anus.

Then everything activated. His perineum was lightly massaged, his balls were teased and stimulated, the head of his penis was tickled whilst the ring moved up and down, wanking and teasing him batter that any hand or mouth ever could.

As always happened, his legs gave way at the intensity of the sensation. “Milk legs” the other boys called it. They all experienced it. No-one, from the toughest to the most sexually experienced could remain standing when the machine started working on him – especially when the ass reamer got work.

Ethan put his hands on the sides of the machine, struggling to support his weight against the sexual onslaught.

Some of the freshmen cried at this point; tears of ecstasy. Ethan was not that emotional, but he empathised with them. He could only imagine how boys who had only just discovered their dicks felt as they were masturbated this expertly.


None of the boys bothered with pornography, although it was permitted. There was no need. Ethan used it at home with his personal masturbation station. He could change the settings on that one, unlike the school machines. Here, no young man could last more than 3 minutes, but at home, to his father’s amusement, Ethan’s machine was set to 20 minutes.

“20 minutes? Every hour. Why don’t you just move your bed in and turn it to permanent cycle?” he’d joked whilst they had dinner.

Ethan blushed, still uncomfortable that his masturbation was now a topic for dinnertime conversation.


Ethan looked around. Next to him, a foot away, stood Ben Williams, a nerdish kid from his lit class. Ben was hunched, having even more trouble than Ethan remaining upright.

On the other side, Oli Beckman was gasping as he always did, with almost porn star exaggeration, unable to hide his arousal or disguise his dumb expression.


The only time the boys spoke was before or after masturbation. Nobody could find the mental wherewithal to speak when his head was metaphorically spinning and his eyes were fluttering.

Ben had the ugliest fuck face – even worse than Oli’s dumb expression. His mouth gaped, tongue lolling half out. Ethan never bother to tell him. After all, even the best of them looked pretty fucking dumb with a 3 minute cum face.


Ethan felt himself cumming, and cumming, and cumming. It seemed to last forever.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” he panted, his words completely beyond his control.

And then, slowly, it was over.

He sagged against the front of the station, his forehead resting on his folded arms, weak as a kitten. The internal equipment remained in place, penetrating , encasing, touching. He rested against the machine for a minute as he regained his senses, then he straightened and pressed the Stop button.

When all of the equipment had withdrawn, the door swung open to reveal its occupant’s bare ass. Ethan stepped back, his erection bouncing. He reached down to his bag and pulled out his small clean up towel. His semen was already gone, sucked away inside the machine, but his penis and testicles were still shiny with clear lubricant. He wiped them clean then tucked them back into his underwear. With his hard penis tenting his trousers, he walked on jelly legs, towards his history class.


5pm central harvesting

A technician looked at his monitor. A list of collection stations were listed. There, in the lower part of the screen was the school his son attended. Rutherford Academy. Next to it, there was a number 491. He smiled. 491 litres of semen in a single day. That was over half a litre per student. Not bad.

The semen was pumped off to a collection station along with almost 10 million litres collected from across the nation. It would be refined and distilled and processed, then fed back to the current generation of teenagers in their food, and if things went to plan, they would be the first generation to live past the age of 300. And disease free. He didn’t mind that they had all been deliberately infected for such a massive payoff…


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