A boy is milked mercilessly as part of a hazing ritual.

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“Lucas just came again. How many is that?” Jackson asked casually.

He was looking over the shoulder of a seated boy. A two inch jet of cum had just jetted from the 17 year old’s hard dick, followed by a tiny ooze of watery cream that landed back on his swollen glans.

Ryan looked across at his laptop.

“That’s 104.”

“How long since he last came?”

Ryan glanced at a continuously updating graph on the screen.

“Just under 3 minutes.”

“Jesus fucking Christ, how can he cum so many times?”

Jackson looked at the clock. Lucas had been sitting in the chair for just over five hours.

“I told you, it’s the vibrations on his nuts, they make jizz a thousand times faster.”

Lucas came again and the counter incremented by one to 105.


Lucas could not hear the conversation thanks to the headphones he was wearing. They were pumping a continuous stream of white noise with an underlying tone of gamma waves. He had long since stopped reacting to his orgasms.

The first three were embarrassing and exciting in equal measure. He had been overwhelmed by their intensity, the strangeness of his situation adding power to their potency. After that, the next ten were increasingly uncomfortable as his cock strained, unable to lose its eager rigidity, and his balls were forced to give up their seed. He was dry after seven, and he started squirming in discomfort, futilely trying to close his knees. By his 23rd orgasm, the vibrating clamp that lightly gripped his balls started to have an effect, and he could feel himself start squirting again.


Lucas was secured to a chair naked with his legs apart. His knees were strapped to the chair legs and his arms were secured behind his back. He was wearing a black mask and a tape gag. A drip, like a giant budgerigar feeder the size of a family bottle of coke was attached to a plastic nozzle in his mouth and hung from a tall stand. It continually fed him a special nutrient liquid that kept him hydrated and ensured his balls produced a constant stream of sperm.

He never dreamed when he’d agreed to be hazed that it would be something so extreme or so intimate. He had no idea how long it would go on for, only that he had been ordered to let his parents know he would be staying over at a friend’s house that night.


By his 28th orgasm he started whining, desperate to communicate that he wanted to stop, in spite of the fact that he had agreed to it. By his 42nd, he realised that either the guys were not going to free him, or they had left him on his own. He stopped squirming, stopped whining, and sat, unable to slide out of the chair, and unable to stop himself from cumming.


In addition to the soft clamp the vibrated his balls, his glans was surrounded by a transparent latex sheath. It was lined with soft rubber beads that buzzed and swayed, tickling every millimetre of his sensitive helmet. The feeling was extremely intense, but no matter how much he tried to will his boner away, it wouldn’t diminish: the sheath was forcing him to remain aroused and ultra hard!

Lucas had no idea if there was one person in the room or none. Maybe the two original pledge masters had been joined by a whole roomful of people. His sensory deprivation was part of the trial.

He came again silently, but neither Jackson nor Ryan noticed. They were watching TV now.


Lucas had no idea how many times he’d cum. All he knew was that his whole groin was a buzzing mass of sexual excitement. He’d never felt so horny. There was a deep, heavy vibrating feeling in his balls that made it difficult for him to discern any more, between when he was simply buzzing and when he was ejaculating. His orgasms came instantly with no warning. One second he was at the super horny level he’d been at constantly for the past five hours, then with a single squirt it was over, and he felt a momentary relief. Then for up to a minute afterwards, his helmet felt super sensitive as it was teased without relief. Then the discomfort diminished, and within a couple of minutes he was cumming once more and the cycle started all over again.


The TV show ended.

“You want a coke before bed?” Ryan offered.

“Nah thanks, it’ll make me want to piss.”

Ryan glanced at the laptop. The number turned over to 109.

“He just came again.”

Jackson grinned and looked over at Lucas, then he rose, walked over and stood in front of his friend. The chair rested on a plastic sheet. In front of Lucas, the sheet was drenched in cum squirts. Lucas infrequently squirted far enough to clear his own groin any more, but he had in the beginning.

Jackson looked at his friend’s dick. The helmet was purple and shiny, hard with blood but nowhere near as hard as his shaft. Thin veins corded its length like the map of a river system as it reaches its delta.

“How many times can he cum?”

“I dunno. Never went past 10 hours before.”

“How many did that guy cum?”

“One eighty four.”

“Jesus Christ! Was he okay after?”

Ryan grinned.

“Well nobody saw him much for a few weeks after, and he said he couldn’t jack off for four months, but yeah, he recovered just fine. Now let’s get some sleep…”


Nine hours later, Jackson and Ryan approached Lucas. Lucas appeared not to have moved from the previous night.

“You think he’s okay?” Jackson asked.

Before Ryan could answer, a single jet of thin cream spat from Lucas’ dick.

“I guess so,” Jackson said, answering his own question.

Ryan lifted the headphones from Lucas’ head and the boy reacted as though he’d been slapped. He’d lost all track of time. He sat bolt upright with a muffled, high pitched yelp, then started struggling wildly in the chair, his legs still held apart.

“Okay calm down Lucas, it’s over. You passed,” Ryan said in a soothing voice.

Lucas squirted again.

“Fuck me, it was only a minute since the last time!” Jackson observed.

Ryan pulled the mask off Lucas’ head. Lucas blinked after more than fifteen hours deprived of light, then looked around like he was coming out of a nightmare, wide eyed and wild. He squeaked frantically from behind the gag and started struggling like his life depended upon it.

Then he came again.

“Jesus fucking holy Christ!”

Ryan carefully pulled liquid feeder from the side of Lucas’ mouth, unhooked it from its hanger, and placed it on the table. Lucas continued to struggle.

“Calm down Lucas, I’m getting you out now,” Ryan said.

Ryan dropped and released the strapping holding Lucas’ knees apart. The boy immediately drew his knees together, but he could not close them enough to dislodge the equipment attached to his genitals.

Lucas was gesturing frantically towards his groin with his head and making desperate squealing noises.

He came again.

Ryan peeled the black tape carefully from his mouth so that he could make sense of what the boy was saying.

“Switch it off, switch it off, switch it off!!!!”

Ryan walked over to the plug to switch it off, but there was nothing Lucas could do to prevent one final orgasm.

As Ryan removed the straps that had prevented Lucas from escaping whilst his dick was remorselessly drained, Jackson lifted the lid of the laptop to look at the final tally.

“Oh my fucking god!”

Ryan looked over at him curious.

“What? How many times did he cum?”

“Four hundred and seventeen!”


    • Anonymous-
    • 24th October 2019 at 12:21 am-
    • Reply

    I’ve had to have read this over a thousand times and it never gets old. A true masterpiece

    • Wow, so happy you like it. Have you read Unwilling Sperm Donors?

        • Anonymous-
        • 26th October 2019 at 1:51 am-
        • Reply

        Yes but for some reason this gets me even more. I loved Unwilling Sperm Donors but this was just insanely good. Maybe the idea of someone’s own friends letting them suffer through 400 orgasms while they smile in front of their helpless blindfolded face. Just amazing.

        • Really glad that it flipped yur switches!
          I have another story along similar lines planned. It will be a tale of friendly revenge as a follow up to this story Body Cast – keep your eyes peeled.

    • PupOris-
    • 14th December 2019 at 2:01 am-
    • Reply

    I love how Ryan takes his time releasing poor Lucas as his overworked cock continues to be tortured by the merciless machine!!! Me next!!! I’ll break the record!

    • I have now published the prequel to this story here

    • Anonymous-
    • 4th October 2021 at 5:56 pm-
    • Reply

    I wonder how Lucas fared after . . . could he even walk?

    • Not without jelly legs!

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