A young man finds himself in a situation where he must face a sexual realisation.

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Matt stood, tied  with his underwear around his knees. He looked down as Dave expertly worked his oiled cock in his fist. What had started as a game of play wrestling at the high school senior’s house, quickly turned into something edgier, with Matt allowing the older boy to tie him up. When Dave pulled his jeans and white Y-fronts down, Matt protested alarmed. This wasn’t edgy, it was gay!

But Dave ignored his protests, expertly forced his cock to rise, and now, ten minutes later, Matt’s cock was straining so hard he thought he was going to burst a blood vessel, and it was difficult to tell where the oil stopped and his pre-cum began. Matt didn’t want this (desperately wanted this). He wasn’t gay (he wanted Dave to jack him off forever). Dave had to stop! (let me cum. Let me cum. LET ME CUM!)

Matt grimaced and snarled at Dave.

“Stop, stop, stop, stop.”

He didn’t say.

Dave released Matt’s cock. Six inches of shiny, circumcised meat with a golden, swollen head that curved seamlessly into a shaft too thick for his age and his small stature. It quivered and twitched, bouncing, eager for more attention. Matt’s brain said no, but his cock screamed yes.

“I’ll stop there then if you like,” Dave said with a cocky grin, running his finger around the slick underside of Matt’s glans then slowly moving his hand away.

Matt couldn’t help himself. He thrust his groin towards Dave, his cock chasing the retreating finger, his body crying for completion. His adolescent masculinity said this was wrong, but a deeper part of him had always lusted after Dave.

“Or I can carry on. Your choice,” Dave teased.

Matt knew that his relationship with Dave would jump to a new level if he could only force himself to take the leap and say ‘”yes”.

His balls rose, two eggs clinging to the root of a straining cock that was in no doubt what it wanted. What HE wanted.

He said…

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