English project – Creative writing Thursday May 21st 1970

Investigator notes: This recently discovered piece of writing was discovered among the personal effects of the deceased. It is unclear whether it was ever submitted.

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English project – Creative writing Thursday May 21st 1970

So you see this dog and it gets hit by a car and its head goes bang and its eye is hanging out it its crawling around with its guts out and the man comes out of the car and hits it with a shovel and its dead and he put it on the side of the road. When hes gone you look at the dog and touch its guts.  You wonder if other animals are the same inside.

Then another day you find this dead squirrel in the woods. There’s magits coming out and it stinks so you can’t check it. But later you catch a rabbit and its insides are kind of like the dogs acept it makes a weird noise when you cut it open to look inside. Soon you find out that cats look pretty much the same as the dog but they’re dangerous to cut. You have to try something to knock them out so that they won’t struggle and scratch you.

Then you go to the woods with some kids from school, and you show them your colecshun and they call you a freak and make all the other kids hate you. All except one. Hes still your friend. You like to wrestle on the grass and so does he. Its best just after swimming in the pond when your both in your shorts and it makes your tummy feel funny. Then one day when your wrestling you kiss him and hes not your friend any more and no one likes you now.

And even your mom has gone away. And your dad never talks to you.

You wonder what people look like inside.

If only there was a way to make people like you. If only there was a way to make them stay.

Jeffrey D

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