A bunch of teen friends play a traditional masturbation game

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Crackerzzz – by guest author Nathan

As an adult, looking back on that time, I remember that sex was exciting and a new adventure as my body exploded and puberty hit me full force.   But my single most intense memory wasn’t about the first time I masturbated, or even the first time I got blown by a guy, or even at my first fumbling attempts with a girl, but rather about one particular afternoon when I played a sex game with my best friends.  It all happened the summer I was sixteen, at a two-week church camp of all places, and that memory was and is imbedded in my brain and probably will stay there for the rest of my life.


There were five of us the afternoon it happened; five best friends and the truth was that we had done some “stuff” together previously, so what ultimately transpired only happened because we had worked up to the point that it could.    We would do the towel flicks in the shower, and had done some tickle games too, where someone would yell out one of our names and it was then that guy’s turn to get tickled.   On one occasion previously we had actually done the classic circle jerk, and I’m not sure whose idea it was that started it, but non-the-less we had jacked off once before in front of each other  and it had been fun.   The truth was I loved playing with my cock, as all teenage boys do, and so to do that with your friends was something that really tended to bond the friendships and it had.   Still, none of us were “gay” of course back then, at least not something any of us would have admitted, so we just talked of girls and played our games and had our fun.


I suppose I should digress here, at least long enough to tell you about my friends with which this all happened.   David was short, and at fourteen he was the runt of the group of us.   He was definitely the classic late bloomer.  I had only met him at the camp, and as a guy in spite of being fourteen he was just coming into puberty, and he didn’t even have any hair under his armpits and his baby face had never even seen a razor.    When he had his clothes on, which was the case of course most of the time, he was by all appearances just a little boy really, but I had seen him in the showers enough times to know he had a tiny wisp of brown hair just beginning to sprout above his dick.  His pole was typical I suppose of a twelve or maybe a thirteen year old, pencil thin but with some length to it.   Under his little cock he had some rather small nuts to match and they were packed inside a totally smooth scrotum.   His tiny little bit of pubic hair was there above his cock, as I said, but it was sparse as hell, and clearly his trip from boy to man was only barely started.    Even so, for the most part nobody really made fun of him.  Yet he was self-conscious non-the-less, and he would cover himself in the shower or turn away when he got undressed.   Still, we had all seen him, and you could tell he sure didn’t like the fact that we were more of a man than was he.  David’s hair was the longest of the group, and he wore it parted down the middle and over his ears.


In sharp contrast, Brian was my age, a big blond guy with ripped abs and that perfect adolescent body that every girl craved.  He was on the swim team, and was as perfectly fit as a male can be.   His hair was short, but not that short, and while it didn’t cover his ears he had bangs that he liked to flip with a toss of his head.   His hair was silky smooth, and it always seemed to lay neatly as if it was combed.   If David was the boy, Brian was the man in our group.   I loved looking at him when he was shirtless, down at the docks swimming, and his nipples were dime sized, and his stomach was flat and ripped and he had a thin line of sex hair growing up from his groin almost to his belly button.  In the showers I had learned he had a big circumcised cock to match, with a big set of balls under it.  Of the group of us, he was the deepest into manhood, and all of us I suppose wished in secret we could be more like him.   He was certainly proud of his body, and I know I for one had trouble keeping my eyes off of it.  There was something electric about it, and when I stared at him my cock would stir within my pants for reasons I couldn’t understand or control.  I really liked Brian, and he seemed to like me, and we went to the same school so I had known him for a while.


In between the two, there was Thomas, and he was fifteen, with a reddish-brown hair and a freckled face with a deep set of blue eyes to match.  Like Brian, he too was deep into puberty and well on his way to being a man.   What I remember about him especially was that he still had his foreskin, at a time when that was very rare, and I remember we would all stare at his uncut cock in the showers and wonder what was wrong with it.   It just seemed oh so different, but then, on the two times I had saw him hard, the big head of it had slid out of its secret hiding place to be seen, and after that he was just like the rest of us.   In spite of his different dick, I liked Thomas, and he was thin and tall, and was one of my best friends in all the world.  I especially liked his freckles and the way his deep blue eyes seemed to look right through you.

The last in the group, besides me, was Richard, and I suppose at every group of teenagers there is always one guy like him.   He was the fat kid, with a big belly and the fat face look we’ve all seen and that doesn’t really need to be described.    He seemed to sweat a lot too, and when he would strip in the showers I know he was embarrassed.   His cock was a knob really, sort of hidden below his belly, and while he had a normal amount of pubic hair for a fourteen year old his balls seemed round and plump like the rest of him.  He laughed a lot, and seemed to be joking around all of the time.   We liked him though, in spite of him being overweight, and nobody really kidded him all that much about it either.   At least not from my perspective.   Still, at the swimming hole he would jump off the dock like a whale, and he wasn’t very athletic.   Nobody really wanted him on their team, no matter what the game was.   But, he was smart as hell, and made straight A’s at school, and of the group of us he was the one who was always coming up with ideas, and in fact it was his idea that put the things in motion that is the tale of this story.


Lastly, there was me.  I was very confident of myself, and I was just a typical tall and thin adolescent shooting his way through puberty.   I had black hair and brown eyes, although some of my friends said they would turn greenish when I got excited or scared.   I was proud of myself, and at sixteen I can honestly say that I had a fairly well developed cock and a normal set of nuts to match.  I certainly wasn’t ashamed of my body, and while I was on the thin side of things and a little nerdish I suppose, still I was well liked and I was confident of my abilities and my place within the group.  I had medium length hair but it didn’t cover my ears.    I was trying to grow a mustache which up until now had been a wasted effort, but there was a slight darkening of the fuzz there and even though it wasn’t much, I sure didn’t want to shave it off.   At least not as long as I was at the church camp!  I was very proud of my sex hair, and I think I actually relished having pubic hair.  Sexually, I was confused, although at the time I would never have admitted that to anyone.   I knew I was supposed to like girls, and I had dated a few and even kissed one.   But when I jacked off sometimes it wasn’t the girls I was thinking about, and while I felt guilty about it I didn’t seem to be able to alter those thoughts.


The day this all happened was bright and sunny, a sort of lazy afternoon, and we had a four hour break time because the camp staff was in meetings, and the swimming hole was off  limits.   So, with nothing better to do, we five had hiked up to what was called Lookout Point, taking a box of hard crackers from the mess hall for a snack and just because it was something to do.  The regular food was all locked up, but Richard had grabbed the box of crackers which someone had forgotten to put away.

When we got to the top nobody else was up there, and so the five of us were  alone looking at the world and eventually the conversation drifted from camp to girls to sex the way it always does when you put pubescent boys together and leave them totally unsupervised.   Richard was passing the crackers around, but they tasted like cardboard and nobody liked them.  They were big round crackers, about five inches across, and if they had been covered in melted cheese or something they might have been something worth eating.  But with nothing on them, the box was soon tossed to the side, and only Richard continued to munch on them.

Somehow the conversation had come around to what true manhood was, and from there to who of us was more of a man.   We started to all kid David, as he was clearly the BOY, and he had taken offense.   Of course, he WAS a boy from my perspective, and he had a tiny dick and little balls and no pubic hair to speak of.   Even so, he argued that being a man wasn’t about prick size, or even how much pubic hair you had, and we had of course argued differently.

That’s when he said: “You guys got it all wrong.   Being  a man isn’t measured by your dick, or even by your balls stupid.   What really matters is your load.   Only a man shoots sperm, and a real man can shoot a lot and he can shoot it fast.   A boy can’t shoot anything, even if he pumps his cock for hours.   So, if you want to measure a man, it all comes down to his seed.”

Well, that was hard to argue with of course, and hearing that coming from the one guy in our group who looked the most like a boy was funny.  But, it also was a challenge.   That’s when Richard, always the one to sport an idea, said: “Guys, he might be right.   I’ve got an idea, and we can find out once and for all who the men are here, and who the real boy is.”

Brian grinned, and then he added: “Yeah, we can jerk out a wad, and the guy that has the biggest load wins.  Then we will know for certain!”

I laughed, and my prick stirred as the possibility for sex was moving forward.   That’s when Thomas said: “Well,  you can’t measure the loads guys.  That’s a stupid idea.  You’d have to weigh them or put them in some kind of measuring device, and we aren’t in a lab or anything.”

But I for one didn’t want the idea to die, so I tossed in another thought: “Just keep it simple.  First guy to shoot is the man.  We each spank the monkey, and the last guy to shoot is the obvious boy in the group!  There won’t be any doubt then.”

Everyone liked that, but my phrase about spanking the monkey drew a lot of laughs.   Richard gave me hell: “Spank the monkey?   Where the hell did you get THAT Nathan?   Shit….just say what it is man.  Jerkoff, jackoff, pounding the meat, or even call it masturbation.   Whatever.  But not ‘spanking the monkey.’ “

Everyone laughed, and I know my face went red.   That’s when Brian said: “Hey, Nathan’s got a good idea though, and spanking would add to the fun.   I mean, there should be a consequence for the loser, otherwise there won’t be a real rush to see who can cum first.   Besides, a bad little boy deserves a spanking, doesn’t he?   How about whoever the boy in the group turns out to be, he gets a spanking? A real one, just to make everyone tries his best to prove he’s a man.”

A vision of my dad, pulling out his belt, shot into my brain, and having tasted the feeling on a few occasions I looked at David and laughed.  I suddenly had the vision of smacking that kid’s smart little ass with my belt, and I figured it wouldn’t take much to bring him to tears.   So, yeah, I immediately liked the idea.   I pulled out my belt from my jeans and said: “Yeah, how about we use this?   Whoever is the boy, he gets his ass burned with the belt?  Bare.  Until he cries like the little boy he is!”

Everyone looked at me, and at my belt.  It was one of those thick leather western belts, with a tooled designed in it, and it was instantly obvious it was a serious instrument.   But, nobody backed down, and everyone still thought it was a good idea, and so that’s how we came to decide to burn the loser’s ass with a leather belt.  But, then, there was a pause, as we had to move from the concept to the reality.   That’s when Richard, still munching on the stupid crackers, suddenly popped out the idea that changed everything.

Richard held up one of the big round crackers, and then he said: “Hey guys, I’ve got another idea.   See this?  It tastes like cardboard.   But it might be good for something, and hell, we could really make this game interesting!”

The cracker wasn’t anything special, but suddenly looking at the thing being held up in Richard’s hands, I had this feeling of trepidation because he was going somewhere and I started to realize where it was.   And, I was unfortunately right on in my thoughts.

Brian’s mind wasn’t where mine had gone though, and he said: “Those crackers taste like shit man.   You want the loser to have to eat crackers?   What kind of consequence is that?   It wouldn’t prove anything.”

Richard grinned, and then he walked over to a tree stump just a few feet away. The tree had been a big one, and the stump was flat and solid where a chain saw had cut it down.   As he got to it, he placed the large round cracker right in the center of it, and as he did he started to talk.

“Brian, if you think this cracker taste like shit, how about we make sure it does.   I’m thinking that we should shoot our loads onto it, and literally cover it with the seed of real men.   Whichever one of us turns out to be a boy, he has to eat the soggy cracker and then afterwards he gets his spanking.   What do you say?    If you think it taste like shit now, wait until it’s covered with spunk.    Nobody’s gonna want to lose then!”

I was mortified, and I almost threw up just from the idea.  I was just about to protest, and say “NO FUCKING WAY,” but before I could speak up that’s when David said: “OK…I’m in.   You think I’m the boy, well, get ready, cause one of you is gonna be eating my load, and after you get your ass burned with Nathan’s belt, you’ll be the one crying like a little boy!  I say the first guy to cover the cracker, gets to swing the belt and bring the real boy to tears!”

And, so it was decided.   At the time I had never heard of the game “Soggy Biscuit” but as it turned out our little idea was anything but original.   They say the game originated in England, or possibly with Australian rugby teams.   I don’t know.  As far as I am concerned, the game originated with five teenage boys on top of Lookout Point, and it turned out to be a game none of us would ever forget.

There was one final idea that had ended up adding to the intensity of the contest that was pending.  Brian got the idea that if this was about manhood, then after the contest was over and the real boy had been discovered, then we ought to make sure that he didn’t have any more pubic hair than the least mature member.   I thought that idea was totally fucked up, and said so, but the guys didn’t agree with me, and Brian for one seemed excited with the prospect of shaving the loser.   I was against the idea, but got outvoted, and so we all agreed that whoever lost would also have to shave off his own pubic hair before the day was out.  Reluctantly, I agreed, but the very thought of losing what had taken me sixteen years to grow wasn’t very exciting to me.   But it did add to the intensity of the contest, of that there is no doubt.   We shook hands, and it was “official” then, and after that we were five teenage boys that suddenly found themselves involved in a game that had no way out.   Somebody was going to lose, and we would soon know who the real “men” were.


We surrounded the tree stump, staring at the cracker, which was just sitting there, waiting, now waiting for our loads.   Brian was the first to unsnap his jeans, and pull them down and we all followed suit.   David pulled his shirt off too, and then it was just the four of us left standing in our underpants and one without his shirt on.   Two of us were wearing the white cotton briefs, but the rest of us, me included, had on boxer shorts.

Richard clarified the rules, just to make sure I guess.   He said: “OK, nobody can touch your dick.  We all have to start at the same time.   Get your underwear off too, cause  when you shoot, make sure you shoot it onto the cracker.   Remember, the last guy to cum eats the cracker.”

Brian looked at David, and added: “And then he gets his ass spanked with the belt, until he cries like a little boy.”

David looked at him and said: “And he has to shave his pubes before ‘lights out.’”

Fuck.   I didn’t like where this game had gone, and the stakes were sure a damn lot higher than I wanted them to be.   But it was where it was now, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to go chicken, and besides, as sixteen I figured I was as much a man as any of the rest of them, and I for sure jacked off enough to know I wasn’t going to have any trouble shooting out a wad.   Next to David I was definitely a lot more of a man than was he, and I honestly felt he’d be the loser.   Still,  I had the thought that I had jacked off the previous night, in my sleeping bag, and as I looked at the guys I wondered when each of them had last done the deed.  I almost had the thought that to be really fair everyone should jack off and then we play the game later, so we were really starting from the same point, but obviously, standing there now in our underwear it was a little late for that.

Richard said: “OK….let’s get naked and then make it happen.”

I think we all looked around at each other.   Everyone seemed to hesitate.   I broke the ice, and pulled off my shirt, and then my underpants, tossing all my clothes in a pile and becoming the first to be totally naked.   David and Richard stripped as well.

Thomas swallowed, and seemed nervous, but then he too pulled off his shirt and then his shorts and after that his uncut dick was hanging there for all of us to see.

Brian dropped his shorts too then, but for some reason left his shirt on.  It was a knitted shirt, with blue horizontal stripes, and then David said: “Shirt too.”

But Brian looked at us and said: “My back’s sunburned from yesterday guys; so I’m leaving on the shirt.”    It was more of a statement than a question, and nobody seemed to care, and with his balls and penis clearly exposed to the air, it didn’t make any difference either so we let him keep it on.

And so there we were, staring at each other, on the verge of proving our manhood by shooting our wads.   Nobody moved, and yet while we stood there David’s little dick just rose upward, and within thirty seconds it was pointing straight upward, rock hard and stiff.

Brian said: “Fuck David, you’ve got a boner!  You a queer or something?”

David’s face went red, but then he looked down and his cock bounced.  As it did he looked at Brian, and said: “Well limp dick, real men get hard.   My cock’s just getting ready to win.   We’ll see who the real man is.”

I didn’t see him as a man, and I sure as hell didn’t think he was gonna have a chance.   Hell, even with his little boner jutting at the sky his cock wasn’t impressive, and while it was perhaps an inch in diameter and maybe five inches long, it looked like a boy’s dick and that’s the impression we all had.    Still, even so, he was rock hard and clearly eager for the contest to begin.

Of all of us, he was the only one with a boner.      Thomas was partially hard though, and the very tip of his cock was just visible sticking out of his foreskin, and the way it was sticking out of his reddish hair he looked anxious.     In contrast, my own dick was hanging, scared perhaps, and I was anything but hard as I stared at the cracker and contemplated how bad it would be if I had to eat it.  Fuck!

Brian wasn’t hard either, but of all of us there, his cock seemed to be the thickest, and with his big nuts there wasn’t any doubt he was a real man.    I remember thinking that his cock was big just hanging there, and I remember too that I was actually looking forward to seeing how big it would get once it was hard.

As it turned out, I didn’t have to wait very long.   Richard said: “OK….on the count of three.   First guy to shoot is the number one man, and the last guy to shoot is the little boy in the group.    ONE!”

“THREEEEEE!” he yelled, and we all grabbed our dicks simultaneously and began to masturbate with an intensity that cannot be totally described.

My only thought was “Fuck I need to cum now!” and I started grabbing my dick and working it as hard and as fast as I could.   I jerked my cock like never before, wrapping the fingers of my right hand around my soft pole and willing it to get hard.  All of my friends were jacking off too of course, and with the cracker their waiting for our loads the intensity and concentration within the group was at a fever pitch.   David had his eyes closed, and was pumping his rock hard pencil dick like a jackhammer.   Brian was staring at me as he jacked his cock, which had thickened and grown to a full nine inches, pumping his fist and looking right at me, watching me as he slid his hand up and down his big shaft, his nuts swinging beneath him as he worked his massive man-pole.   He just stared, and it made me very uncomfortable.   In contrast, Thomas had his head back, looking at nobody, and was grunting as he jacked his cock and I remember still how his red pubic hair had caught the light.   His dick had stared out rather small, but had quickly grown really big, and to my amazement seemed to be every bit as big as Brian’s nine inches of man meat.    I had seen him hard before, but not THAT HARD, and as I stared at it I felt my cock go rigid and then soon after that my own balls begin to churn.  The feeling was starting to build—thank GOD!

I continued to look around, watching my friends pump their rods like only teenage boys can do, our nuts swinging as we worked our arms and pulled on our cocks with unparalleled intensity.   Time seemed to stand still in a way I can’t describe.  I heard a bird call I otherwise would never have noticed.   You could hear the stream far below running over the rocks, and the slap-slap-slap slurping sound as the group of us pumped our poles and worked as hard as we could to bring out the seed within our balls in the shortest time possible.

Even so, nothing happened for about five minutes or so.    Brian kept staring at me, looking at my fist as I worked my dick, and all I could think about was how much I needed to cum.   I couldn’t believe the way he was looking at me, staring at me and through me as he watched me pump my dick.   Finally, I began to get the first stirrings in my nuts, but then suddenly David yelled out “IM CUMMING!” and all eyes went to him, and sure as shit he leaned over the stump, and as we all watched his thin little pencil dick shot out its load of almost boy cream.  His seed was watery, and not fully opaque, but even so it was a load, non-the-less, and he shot it out with a vengeance.   He just shot and shot, five lines of cum, and he had the end of his fourteen year old prick right next to the cracker so virtually his entire load went onto it.  FUCK!  GOD he was just a boy and yet he shot the first load of jism, and he shot a lot as he did so.   Yeah, the kid had a lot of spunk in those little nuts of his, and for a teenager just coming into puberty it turned out that he had a huge wad and I know all of us were surprised as hell.   I couldn’t believe it, but under the rules of our game, he was the real man among us!

I was about to say something, but Thomas cut me off when he yelled out: “Move over David….I’m gonna shoot too!”

And then, he did.   David barely got his spent dick away from the cracker before Thomas was pumping his own load out onto it.   He grunted out a big load too, a huge load really, and his spunk was thick and white and he just squirted it onto the cracker and all over the stump it was sitting on.   His big nuts had a lot of seed in them, and as I watched him ejaculate and laugh, I began to work my own cock even faster.  OH GOD, I HAD TO CUM SOON!

Brian was still staring at me, and I finally got up the nerve to stare right back at him.   He and I just jacked and stared, eye to eye, working our poles and watching each other doing it.    I looked right into his eyes and the two of us pumped and stared at each other almost as if there was nothing else in the world.   He grinned, and then he said “Oh YEAH…pump your cock Nathan.   That’s it.  Pump your cock.   But you had better hurry, because I’m gonna cum, right NOW!”

As he said that last word he moved to the stump and put the end of his cock right next to the cracker, and as I watched his dick erupted and then he too was adding his load of white goo onto the thing, covering the entire top and pumping out so much goop it just flowed across the face of the thing.   FUCK HE HAD A BIG LOAD!   He grunted as he shot, and then, as he finished, he looked back at me and said “Yeah, you had better hurry Nathan, or you’re gonna be eating my spunk for dinner!”

And then he burst out laughing.


My mind started racing.   Fuck, I could lose!   There were only two of us left!    I looked at Richard.  The fat kid was working his short fat little worm of a dick, and his round fat sack of balls were all drawn up tight and firm.   It was just him and me!   He had his eyes closed, and was into it, and I was looking at the cracker and starting to panic.   It was just covered with spunk, and the very idea of eating it made my stomach turn.   FUCK.  FUCK.  FUCK ME!  I HAD TO CUM!

I knew I had to concentrate then!   I closed my eyes, and forced myself to think of sex, forcing my mind to think of a girl, any girl, and of what it would be like to fuck my first pussy.   I tried to imagine her tits, bouncing, as my cock slammed in and out of her dripping hole.   But even as I tried, it didn’t seem to be working and my cock actually started to soften in my fist.  I opened my eyes in a panic, and Richard was grunting, really getting into his own fantasy as he fucked his own fist and worked his cock like a jackhammer.    I looked back at Brian then, at my best friend, and he was still jacking his spent cock, working his still stiff dick up and down with his sperm soaked fist and watching me stroking my cock as if my very life depended on it.   As I looked at him, I began to imagine that he was sucking me, sucking on my cock, and as my mind wondered in that direction my cock went instantly rock hard and then the big end began to glisten and semen began to seep from the single eye, lubing up my fist and adding to the feeling in my loins.

I was getting close then!

My thoughts of Brian seemed to work, and so I closed my eyes and let the fantasy build, and my nuts started to really churn as I imagined I was fucking his mouth.   In and out, up and down, I worked my fist over my cock and thought of Brian and his big nuts and thick pole and what it would feel like to suck him dry.    My fist was suddenly HIS MOUTH, at least in my mind, and as I had the thought he was sucking me it was then that finally my nuts started to boil, and then I increased the speed of my stroking and I worked my dick with a vengeance to reach the point of no return.    As I fantasized about Brian, and his perfect adolescent body, the feeling built fast, and finally I felt my nuts tighten up, and my prick seemed to swell in my fist.   Thank God….I was finally THERE!   Then, as all my friends watched, I opened my eyes and yelled “OH YEAH, HERE IT COMES!”

And then I began to ejaculate.   I stared at my dick as my spunk shot out across the cracker, in lines of white cream, and I shot and shot and shot the biggest load of my life.  I aimed my entire load so it spurted onto the cracker, covering the top of it with yet another load of cream.   As I did I laughed as I was shooting, feeling the feeling that defines the male experience and relishing in the thought that Richard was gonna be eating it.    For a few priceless seconds, there was nothing on this earth but my fist and my dick and my dick and my fist.   FUCK I CAME IN BUCKETS!   It felt so fucking great too!

Finally, my dick finished spurting the last of my huge load, and it was then I looked over at Richard to savor my win.   And that’s when I almost vomited.

Richard had already finished!  He was sitting there with spunk on his fist, watching me, his cock hanging down, spent and satisfied.   He was watching me lose and he was grinning!   FUCK!  NO!    And yet the proof was right there, in front of him, laying across the stump and there for everyone to see.   His cream was already covering the cracker with the others, the ropes of his spunk still stretched out from where he had spurted them, pointing from his dick to the cracker and clearly there before I had ejaculated.  OH GOD, I HAD LOST!   He had cum while I had had my eyes closed, and now,  to add to my own humiliation, I had shot my own load over the very cracker I now was destined to swallow.   OH FUCK ME!

I’m not going to go into the details of eating that cracker, but suffice it to say it was the single most grossest thing I have ever put in my mouth, before or since.  Somehow I did it, and didn’t vomit, but I gagged and I was very close to throwing up.    That moment, when I was holding it up to my mouth and just before I bit into it for the first time is a crystal memory I cannot ever forget.    I was holding the thing in my left hand, staring at it, and the guys were all staring at me, and what I was about to eat.    David was looking at me in disbelief, with a look of disgust on his face.  I think he almost threw up just watching, and you could see the look in his eyes as he watched me do what had to be done.

Behind him Thomas seemed to be grinning, perhaps glad it wasn’t him that was doing the eating.   His bangs were parted, and he just stared, with his arms crossed in front of him as he watched me holding that cracker.    Brian had a different look, a look of keen interest, and you could see him eagerly watching and savoring doing so.   He just couldn’t take his eyes off of that cracker, and I think he grinned when I was swallowing his load.    Richard was staring too, grinning, and he was no doubt relieved he had beaten me.   He was covered with sweat, and you could see he had worked hard to shoot his wad.

Yeah, my friends enjoyed watching every single detail as I ate that thing and literally swallowed the very essence of their manhood.   I found a few things out though.   For one, you can do anything if you really have to.  The other thing I found out, as gross as it was, is that a guy’s cream doesn’t really taste all that bad, and the weird part is that as I took the second bite and looked at Brian when he laughed, my cock stirred and started to bone.    I’m not sure why, but there was something electric about eating Brian’s sperm and it wasn’t something I could control.   Still, I’ll never forget the look on my friends’ faces as they watched me eat their spunk.

As I said, I got it down, somehow, and as soon as I did Brian said: “OK Nathan, before you get any harder, I think it’s time for your spanking.”

Fuck!  I looked down, and sure as shit my dick was three quarters up, and that was embarrassing as hell.  Everyone else’s dick was soft and spent, with David’s and Brian’s dripping strings of slime from the ends.   Well, there wasn’t much I could do, not about anything at that point, and so I didn’t argue.  For one thing, my mouth was still gagging from eating the soggy cracker, and so I didn’t struggle or really protest when he took my right hand and held my wrist.  I had lost, and one of the unwritten rules of being a teenage boy out with his friends, is that you gotta live up to your bets and don’t chicken out from what you promised.   And, so, I didn’t really argue, and then Richard took my left wrist and together they pulled me towards the stump.   David tossed my clothes over the stump, to act as a cushion perhaps, and I had the thought that they were going to get spunk on them from the stump and as it turned out they did.   But he didn’t seem to care, and before I could protest Brian and Richard pulled me over the stump so that my naked ass was up in the air and I was laying on my pile of clothes.    Richard straddled my back then, like a horse, putting his full weight on my back, so that I was pushed down onto the stump, and my legs were barely on the ground, and just my tiptoes were touching.   It was not a good position to be in and after that I was pretty much totally helpless.

David laid my belt across my ass, resting it there, and then he said: “You lost, fair and square Nathan.   You know you’ve been a very bad little boy, and bad boys get spanked, and now it’s time to get your spanking.   That was the deal.    You ready?”

I stared straight ahead, and I nodded.


I hadn’t expected David to swing the belt that hard, and as soon as that thing burned across my bare ass bottom I know I tossed my head back and yelled.   The guys laughed, and I tried to jerk my hands free, to cover my ass but it wasn’t possible.  That’s when I realized my idea of the spanking was a very bad idea indeed.  Of course, it was far too late to change the game, or the consequences, and so there was nothing really I could do but just live through the experience.



“YEOWWWWWW!” I yelled, the burn soon turning into a nuclear fire.


But for an answer, David said: “You lost dude.    You deserve your spanking, and you know it.  You’re not a real man!  Take it like a boy!  Let’s see some tears dude!”

Then he burned that belt into my ass, and with a vengeance.



He was flipping it just so, and the tip of my belt curved down into the crack of my ass.  As my legs flailed, he got a couple of shots right into my hole, and those struck my sole as he gave me my spanking.   It was something I’ll never forget, not as long as I live.

I think he hit me about a two dozen times, possibly more, before I finally felt the tears flush to my eyes.   I didn’t really control them; what I found out is that if you get your bottom burned hard enough and long enough then they just come, even if you are sixteen and all your friends are watching.    And so as I begged and jerked and struggled and my friends held me down for my spanking, I learned that even at sixteen you can cry like a ten year old.   And at some point that’s exactly what I did.

It was only when the tears came in a flood and I begged them to stop like a blubbering well-spanked little boy that they finally did.   As David dropped the belt across my ass, and Richard and Brian let me go, I just reached back and felt my cherry red ass and boy was it on fire!    The guys just fell on the ground laughing.

“DAMN YOUR ASS IS RED!” someone said.

“FUCK—Nathan, your bottom looks like it’s on fire!” another voice rang out.

Shit.  I was whimpering then, blubbering like a well-spanked boy, and it was embarrassing as hell.   And yeah, they laughed of course, and kidded me, and yet I just laugh there feeling the sting.   That’s when David smacked his hand across my already red bottom and when he did that I yelled out in surprise, and immediately afterwards I jerked myself upward and stoop up and got away from that stump.  Boy I had a hot ass!   I hopped up and down like a jackrabbit, my spent dick swinging up and down and hitting my belly, and it was embarrassing as hell.   My previous erection was totally gone, spanked away with my own belt like a bad little boy.   Luckily, the tears stopped pretty quickly, and I even eventually got it together enough that I somehow laughed with them.   I had lost, fair and square, and after that David was never teased again about his late rush through puberty.

That night, after dinner and the evening’s camp activities, I went to the shower room to shave off my pubes.  I knew I had to do it, and I had grabbed a razor and was planning to just get it done without anyone watching.    But, as it turned out they had no intention of just letting me take care of it, at least not without an audience.    Instead, I ended up doing it in front of about fifteen guys, some of which I hardly knew.   Somehow the word had gotten out, and so they were all there in the shower room watching, and while they all didn’t know exactly what had happened they had heard that I had made a bet and lost, and so they had come to watch and they did.    It was one of the more humiliating things I did when I was a teenager, but even though I hated doing it, I didn’t really see it as an option.  I did try and beg my way out of it, but Brian made it clear to me that the debt needed to be paid, and it was fairly obvious that if I didn’t do it then they would probably hold me down and do it for me.   There was no way in hell I was gonna let anyone get near my nuts with a razor, and so I did it myself.   There really wasn’t any other choice as I saw it.  Yeah, it’s 100% true that I shaved off my entire mound of pubic hair until I was as smooth as a ten year old.      David watched me do it with a gleam in his eyes, and made sure that I “got it all” and I even shaved my balls because he said they were “part of the deal.”  FUCK.

The worse part of shaving off my pubes though wasn’t losing the hair, as bad as that was.   The worst part of the memory is that as I was doing that, and soaping up my groin with shaving cream, I got hard, with half of the boys in camp watching it happen.   I wanted to hide, but my dick had a mind of its own, and there was nowhere to go and none of the guys were going to leave until the hair had been shaved away, boner or no boner.   And so, they all watched as my dick grew harder and harder.   I was totally humiliated, and they certainly laughed at my erection.    In the end I ignored what my dick decided to do on its own and just did what I had to do, in spite of having a full boner and jutting upward at the sky.   In front of them all I shaved off my sex hair, even as my cock jutted upward and everyone laughed.   Afterwards, after I had shaved myself smooth, a couple of guys starting working their poles, and soon I joined them.   Within minutes virtually all of the guys in the shower room were masturbating, but this time the circle jerk had no purpose, and no consequences.   We just were friends, pubescent teenage boys pumping our cocks side by side, staring at each other as we stroked our poles and worked the sperm from our balls.    This time, with my sixteen year old cock jutting upward out of a hairless body, I came first, and shot a huge load down the drain as we all explored the feeling of being an adolescent boy in our own individual way.

In the days to come they gave me the nickname “Boner Boy” and “Baldy” but those names didn’t last, and soon the friendships prevailed, and the kidding stopped.  By the time camp was over seven days later it was all just a memory, except that I itched like hell as the hair started to grow in.   But the memory was intense, and it stuck with me over the years.   Yeah, I’ll never forget being sixteen at summer camp, and even today I still can’t bring myself to eat any kind of cracker.



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