Chinese recruitment

A young Chinese military recruit discovers himself being sexually humiliated

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Before you read this, I strongly recommend that you watch at least a few minutes of  this excellent video which inspired it, and which acts as the prequel to it. It shows young Chinese soldiers at their recruitment day, completely naked and being intimately examined for 26 minutes! If you don’t like Asian guys and their tiny dicks, this story will not interest you.


Chinese recruitment

Zhenhui Shen was getting sick of this humiliating assessment and if he didn’t adore his older brother so much he would have walked out long ago.

Each year, the Republic of China Military Academy opened its books for aspiring soldiers and they were always flooded with applications. Zhenhui’s brother Binli was 19, and unlike many of the applicants, he wasn’t joining as a means to escape poverty. Serving his country was all he had ever wanted to do. As soon as Binli announced that he was going to apply, Zhenhui informed his parents that he was going to go with him. It was easy enough to forge his birth certificate and Binli was happy to have his younger brother with him. It would be the Shen brothers side by side, fighting for justice and China!


As soon as Zhenhui met the recruiting sergeant at the RCMA centre, the man was suspicious. Zhenhui looked young for his age. He had a soft, baby face, round, dark innocent eyes, long eyelashes, and just the merest hint of peach fuzz on his cheeks. But his papers checked out, and China was a nation full of men who looked much younger than their years. The sergeant accepted the boy’s credentials.


When Zhenhui dropped his pants at the physical his age was called into question again. All around him were men in their late teens with penises measuring barely more than three inches in their flaccid state but Zhenhui was small, even by that low bar. The teenager stood naked as the doctor examined him. After the examination, the doctor looked him in the face and Zhenhui felt sure that the man was looking for traces of a lie.

“How old did you say you were again?”

“18 sir.”

“What’s your birth date?”

“1996, 9, 20.”

The date meant that he was 18 by just one month.

The doctor compared the date to the one on the paperwork. It matched. He walked away and had a conversation with the head doctor. They looked at Zhenhui and the doctor gestured his way repeatedly, including at least one gesture that was clearly aimed at his genitals, then the original doctor walked over to a desk and took out a set of rubber beads on a thick cord. He returned to the boy and probed the kid’s scrotum with his fingers. He gripped one of the boy’s testicles and compared it to the multi-sized beads he was holding. Zhenhui looked down at it. His testicle matched the middle bead. He wasn’t sure if that was good or bad. The doctor compared the other testicle – it was one bead smaller.

The doctor leaned forwards and whispered to Zhenhui.

“Son, I know you’re almost certainly younger than 18. I respect your courage and your desire to serve your country. Things will get very tough after this. It’s not training for a boy. Now is your last chance to leave.”

Zhenhui stood stoically and looking straight ahead.

“Thank you sir, but I AM 18. I’ll stay sir.”

The doctor gave him a sad half smile and a small nod of respect.

“All right, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


Now, two hours later after every kind of test and exercise all inscrutably performed whilst naked, Zhenhui had had enough. But he was determined not to disgrace his brother by quitting.


The Zhōngjiàng, a mid-ranking general who was overseeing the day’s events, addressed the boys.

“Young men of China, you have brought honour to your families and your country by applying, and passing the tests so far. You’ll be glad to hear that there is just one final stage left, and it’s an exercise more than a test.”

He nodded to a sub-ordinate and the man slid back a concertina partition that divided the massive room. The candidates looked with interest to see what was behind.

There were four rows of devices. Each was shaped like a human standing with his arms out at the sides to an angle of 45 degrees. They were made from thin metal bars with various motors and mechanical parts attached.

Behind the devices, was a busy control room that bore a striking resemblance to a NASA launch centre, with dozens of technicians operating computers.


The general said, “Please go and stand in a frame, facing outwards.”

Zhenhui walked over with the 39 other candidates.

“What do you think this is?” he whispered to his brother.

“I don’t know, but best to just be quiet and do what you’re told. You don’t want to make the Zhōngjiàng angry.”

Zhenhui nodded and walked over to one of the frames. There were metal footplates at the bottom. He backed in and stood in it facing in the direction he’d just come from. All around him the other recruits were doing the same thing.

A gaggle of technicians worked their way down the lines, making adjustments. One approached Zhenhui and pressed some buttons on the side of the frame. It adjusted to his height. Then the tech pressed a button on a hand-held control pad and straps extended around Zhenhui’s ankles, knees, hips, chest, elbows, wrist, and shoulders. They tightened pulling him firmly into the frame. He could barely move any part of his body except his head. He frowned at the technician bewildered.

The man extended a head piece up from behind. Sponge covered steel neck supports extended from it. The man pulled a padded head cap down onto the top of Zhenhui’s head and locked it in place. The youth was now utterly immobile from head to toe.

The teenager could hear the other candidates around him starting to get rowdy. He couldn’t pick out specific phrases, but it was clear from the general tone that they were unhappy about something.

The technician stood in front of him and dropped to his knees. Zhenhui could feel him adjusting some part of the frame. Then the technician arose and entered some commands on the pad again,  and he felt cool spray on his pubis and genitals.

“Binli, what are they doing? Why are they touching our privates?” Zhenhui called to his brother in the adjacent frame.

“Be quiet Zhenhui. You wanted to come here, now just do what you’re told and I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.”

Zhenhui was hurt by the rebuke but he knew that his brother was correct. And in any case, why would Binli  know any more about this than he did? It was a first for both of them.

After a few minutes, warm water sprayed across Zhenhui’s groin.

“There you are. Smooth as baby!” the technician informed him cheerily.

Zhenhui was annoyed. Why would they remove his pubes? They were the only thing that showed that he was not still a young boy.

The technician disappeared behind Zhenhui, and the teen could feel a curved pad being placed against each of his butt cheeks. They moved apart, pulling his cheeks open and exposing his anus. Then he felt something cool and slimy touching his hole. There was pressure than something slender slid inside him.

“Oiyahhh,” Zhenhui exclaimed in shock.


The technician departed, but was immediately replaced by the original doctor. Without asking, he injected a full syringe of clear liquid into Zhenhui’s arm.

“What was that?” the boy asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough. You had the chance to leave. Soon you’ll wish you had.”

It was an ominous statement and Zhenhui frowned, a feeling of dread building in his stomach. Whatever was in the syringe was making him feel very odd. It wasn’t affecting his senses or his ability to think clearly, but his muscles felt extremely relaxed. In fact, if it was not for the frame, he doubted he would have the strength to support his own weight.

“I think there’s something wrong,” Zhenhui went to say but nothing came out. In fact his mouth didn’t move at all. He tried to attract the doctor’s attention with his hand but he couldn’t move a muscle – he was completely paralysed.


After a while, the raised voices of protest and surprise quieted as the recruits were paralysed by the injections. The cluster of technicians and doctors moved away from the young men as they completed their tasks. The general stood before the boys.

“Young men, you have done so well and you have all passed the tests required to be soldiers. But there is one more attribute that is required of a soldier in the glorious Chinese Armed Forces – emotional fortitude. What use is a soldier who is fit, intelligent and can aim a weapon, but who flees at the first sign of danger? What use is a soldier who immediately betrays his unit when captured? There is no place for mental weaklings or cowards in the RCAF, and this last test will either make you or break you. You will soon be tested to the limits of your endurance. Remember, it is all for the greater good of our beloved country!”

He turned and nodded to a technician sitting at the head of the control room, and the man entered some commands on a keyboard. As one, all 40 of the robotic frames turned towards the hanger door and marched through it. Zhenhui felt his body being moved as though he was no more than a puppet. Outside was a large area of concrete and standing in the middle was a low bed truck with a bed just one foot off the ground. The recruits were marched onto the low loader where they stood in two rows facing outwards. The loader started moving, no faster than a walking pace, and drove towards the centre of the city of Kaohsiung followed by a flotilla of army cars and flanked on both sides by motorcycle outriders.

The city centre was just two miles away and it took 30 minutes to reach it. As they drove, Zhenhui was only too aware of his nudity, especially as they encountered pedestrians or were passed by other vehicles.

The low loader slowly pulled to the side of the road at the junction of Sanduo and third, right in the heart of Sanduo shopping district. Although he could not move his body, Zhenhui was able to move his eyes. He looked around and was horrified to see the street thronging with shoppers. He found himself and the candidates on his side of the truck stepping forwards and off the truck. They all moved across the road and stood on the opposite sidewalk. Passersby looked with bemusement at the naked young men.

Zhenhui was used to nudity around his friends, and was not particularly uncomfortable being naked around male peers, but now to find himself naked in the street was whole different matter. He felt humiliated, and as youngest of the candidates, Zhenhui felt certain that everyone who passed was looking specifically at him. Things were about to get worse and then there would be absolutely no doubt who was the centre of attention.


Each recruit was monitored back in the control room, and controlled by a technician standing nearby. One by one, each young soldier started to peel away from the group, walking to places unknown in what had become personal cages. Then it was Zhenhui’s turn. His cage turned and walked slowly down the street with robotically mechanical steps. He could only observe, trapped inside his own body and the frame that controlled it. As he walked, people looked at him with curiosity and inevitably, without exception, they all looked down at his genitals. At the best of times, Zhenhui was not particularly impressive down there, but the air was cool and his skin was goose-bumped. He knew from experience that when he was cold, his privates shrivelled a lot smaller. In fact, his brown wrinkled scrotum was now smaller than a ping pong ball, and his dick was no larger or thicker than the average man’s thumb, and that included the tight, puckered foreskin! It jutted perkily from his body, sticking out at right angles to his groin. He could literally feel it bouncing each time his cage put its foot down. He felt as though his dick was deliberately drawing attention to itself.

“Mummy, why hasn’t that boy got any clothes on?” one little girl asked.

“I don’t know darling. I think he’s playing some sort of joke,” the mother responded as the child scrutinised Zhenhui’s nudity.


He continued to walk at a steady pace along the street and the pedestrian density increased as he was walked towards the very heart of the shopping district. He arrived at a paved circle, 100 feet across, with stores and concessions and retail barrows all around. There were trees and dozens of benches all facing inwards towards a clear central area. This was the sort of place found in most big towns and cities, where performers and shows would be put on to provide a respite from shopping. There were hundreds of people milling around, and sitting on the benches. Zhenhui saw it with dread, and as he came to a stop right in the middle of the circle, people gradually became aware of his presence. At first they merely glanced at him, but the combination of the mechanised frame and his nudity piqued their curiosity.

His controller ran a command sequence, and Zhenhui’s cage forced him to stand in a ridiculous pose with legs bent, knees wide apart, and his arms facing down at an angle of 45 degrees. He looked like a He Man figure, and it made him feel horribly exposed.

More and more people approached, milling around, paying Zhenhui close attention. He could hear snatches of dozens of conversations.

“What’s he doing?”

“I don’t know. Some kind of act.”

“Why’s he naked?”

“Maybe he’s trying to make some kind of point, like that naked bike day.”

“Why isn’t he moving?”

“He’s probably doing that robot thing.”

“Maybe he IS a robot?”

“No, I can see his chest moving.”

“Maybe that did that on purpose?”

“Then why did they make him naked?”

“I don’t know – to show off how realistic his skin is?”

“Then why did they give him such a small willy?”

“Well he’s only supposed to be a kid. Kids don’t have big dicks do they?”

“I suppose not. I thought he was older than that.”

“Nah look, his balls haven’t even dropped.”


A woman in her late teens stepped forwards from the group and timidly gave Zhenhui’s shoulder a gentle poke. Zhenhui didn’t react. Couldn’t react.

“His skin’s cold,” she informed her friends, giggling. Another one of her group walked up and poked him, and another. Then it was open season, and everyone was moving close and poking and prodding at him.

“Amazing, it’s so lifelike.”

“His hair feels perfect.”

“Look at his eyes, the way they’re moving is so real!”


Of course, it didn’t take long for one joker amongst the girls to grip his penis.

“Xiǎo niǎo!”

The phrase translated literally as “small bird”. It was a baby phrase, equivalent to the English expression “pee pee” and was used to denote a small or child-like penis.

The others giggled and other people in the crowd laughed.

“So tiny, but it feels real!”

Zhenhui was screaming inside but his expression remained calm.

Another girl reached out and gripped it, giving it a tug.

“It IS real. He’s not a robot.”

She looked Zhenhui closely in the face.

“Why are you doing this? You’re a real boy aren’t you?”

He looked at her, but despite his shame, his breathing remained perfectly calm and even and of course, he could say nothing.

“He looked at me. He IS real!”

“Then why doesn’t he say anything?”

The crowd was fascinated. Nobody was quite certain if Zhenhui was an actual human or synthetic, and that uncertainty was part of what made him so intriguing. The penis stretcher was still not even positive of her own diagnosis. She reached beneath his penis and felt his scrotum.

“Look, there’s even balls. Why would someone go to all that trouble?”

Even as she spoke, she wasn’t convinced by what she was saying.

“Why are you touching his privates then?” one of her friends asked.

Her original friend probed Zhenhui’s testicles.

“They’re soft too.”

“I know a way to find out if he’s real,” a boy in his late teens said, “Squeeze his dàns. He’ll soon stop pretending then!”

The original toucher stepped in the way, oddly protective against the boy’s threat to hurt the robot’s balls.

“Don’t do that! Why would you want to hurt a little boy?”

“Well you’ll find out right away if he’s real!” the teenager said, grinning unpleasantly, performing for his friends.


Standing a discreet distance away, the plain clothed technician entered a command onto the pad and the probe in Zhenhui’s rectum came to life. A current so gentle that even Zhenhui was uncertain if it was the probe or simply blood tingling in his behind, started to stimulate the boy’s prostate. His penis twitched and started to rise slowly. As it very gradually inflated, the foreskin unfurled.

“Oh look, he’s getting a boner!” another spectator said.

All eyes moved to Zhenhui’s penis. It continued to grow and the foreskin retracted fully revealing a pale glans. Zhenhui was mortified. He blushed a deep crimson.

“He’s blushing. He must be real!”

Zhenhui’s penis stood out from his body straight as a staff; four inches of rock-hard erection. Veins strained along his sides. He could feel how hard he was. He felt mortified and stared straight ahead, deliberately not meeting anyone’s eye.

The controller adjusted Zhenhui’s position. The teenager thrust his pelvis forwards.

“Ha ha – nice boner kid,” the teenager taunted and his friends laughed along with him.

They got their phones out and started snapping him, interested more in posting the photos on Renren, China’s equivalent of Facebook, than in any sentimental interest. “The robot with a boner.”

Zhenhui stood as completely static as he had since he had arrived, utterly unable to move, or to ask for rescue.

“Why are you doing this kid?” the penis puller asked.

Zhenhui gave no indication that he had heard her.

As long as the spectators thought that he might be just a robot, it was kind of comforting. He was just a work of performance art. Although it was embarrassing, Zhenhui got into a the headspace of being  a robot – dispassionate, disinterested, unshameable. It was a way of disconnecting himself from his emotions to make the situation more bearable. True the discussion about the size of his genitals was humiliating, but by thinking of himself as a rubber dummy, his prick was simply whatever size his creators chose to make it – no more important than the size of his nose or the colour of his hair.

Now his body was betraying itself and the illusion was broken.

The teenage girl persisted, genuinely concerned for him.

“I can see you’re embarrassed. You don’t have to do this. You can put some clothes on and stop.”

But of course, Zhenhui couldn’t stop. He had absolutely no control over his body. All he could do was stare straight ahead, and pretend that he was a robot. He stood, immobilised in his cage, breathing calmly in and out, his facial expression relaxed, but his stomach churning as he forced himself to think of somewhere else happier. He tried to block out the voices around him; not to pay attention to them.

Eventually the teenage boys and girls lost interest, and drifted away, only to be replaced by other people; young and old, male and female.

At one point a young woman brought a policeman over to rescue Zhenhui. Zhenhui was delighted – finally an end to his torment. But all the police in Kaohsiung City knew about the army’s humiliation training. It was repeated dozens of times across the city. Right this minute, 39 other boys were undergoing exactly the same treatment. Admittedly this boy looked younger than the ones the military usually considered but that wasn’t the policeman’s call to make. He reassured the woman that this was a licensed performance and that she could relax. Everything was above board. The woman muttered something about exploiting children, but she knew it was more than her freedom was worth to make a bigger fuss and she moved on unhappily. Zhenhui’s heart sank as his only hope of rescue disappeared into the crowd.


An hour after they had drifted away, the girls passed by again. They were on their way elsewhere, when penis puller steered them past Zhenhui, unwilling to ignore him.

“See, it is a dummy. No boy can stay hard for that long,” one of the girls argued.

“Hmmm, I guess not,” penis puller agreed.

Then the technician changed her mind. He pressed a control on his pad, and a current jolted Zhenhui’s prostate. He had been on simmer for the past hour, definitely aroused, but in no danger of ejaculating. Suddenly he ejaculated without warning. A girl who was with her friend was examining Zhenhui’s genitals closely when it happened. A dozen small droplets of watery semen, sput, sput, sputted from the boy’s penis. He didn’t twitch first, or gasp, or show any other outward sign that he was close. One second he was standing still as statue with an erection, and the next little droplets of spunk were being squirted onto the paving slabs.

The girl jumped back, squealing at Zhenhui’s orgasm, in equal measures grossed out and delighted. She gave a girlish scream, followed by embarrassed titters. A ripple of emotion passed through the watching crowd. Some were disgusted, some amused, and some were angered that the “robot” was programmed with x-rated behaviour in public. The erection was bad enough, but it appeared to be making some obscure point. But an orgasm from a boy apparently too young to have pubic hair crossed the line for some people. They huffed off muttering in disgust, and a few days later the local council and police received its usual collection of letters protesting the “performance piece”. The letters were politely answered then filed.


Zhenhui had masturbated twice the evening before so his semen was on the thin side now, and not as copious as it might have been if he had gone without touching himself for a few days; not that that ever happened. Nevertheless, he was devastated to feel himself orgasm, especially as it appeared out of nowhere.

His watery juice quickly dried into the pale concrete slab, leaving just the faintest watermarks to show that they had ever been there, but the emotional aftermath did not evaporate so quickly.


After 90 minutes of public nudity; an hour of it spent with an erection, Zhenhui’s mind adapted to his situation. The sharp pang of humiliation gradually dulled, and his sense of values adjusted to accommodate his new paradigm. But an orgasm was a different matter. Sure, he’d spent the past few years trying to hide any sign of erections from the people around him, but an orgasm was the very most private of his private things. No-one had ever seen his naked erection before today, although his family had occasionally seen the bulges in his clothing where he tried to hide them, but no-one – NO-ONE had ever seen so much as a hint of his orgasms. He meticulously flushed every clean up tissue down the lavatory, and on the few occasions when he’d soiled his underwear or pyjamas during a wet dream, he’d secretly rinsed the evidence from his clothing before putting it in the laundry. He always masturbated behind a locked door, and was very careful to control his breathing and the sounds he made when he masturbated and climaxed. He even went so far as to wait a few minutes afterwards before emerging, just to ensure that his face wasn’t flushed, betraying his activities.

Some kids are prudish as a result of uptight family, but that wasn’t true in Zhenhui’s case. His parents were very down to earth, and his brother was downright bawdy at times. Zhenhui’s self-consciousness was entirely down to him. His small penis didn’t help. He wasn’t spectacularly tiny – he certainly had no micro-penis, but even amongst a race known for its diminutive genitals, he was at the lower end of the bell curve. The simple fact was, he was just a private person.


He became aware of his impending orgasm less than a second before the spectators. One minute he was standing there feeling vaguely horny, with a pleasant if unwanted tingling in his balls, and the next he felt the familiar rush of an orgasm. No! Not here. Not in front of all these people. But there wasn’t a thing he could do to prevent it. Even if he had had control of his muscles, the probe in his rectum would have been impossible to resist. Yet again, he glowed red with humiliation, and many of the crowd sympathised with him – and some even tried to communicate with him, but he remained totally unresponsive.

The technician typed a few commands and Zhenhui adopted a new pose, crouched on all fours like a football centre waiting to snap the ball back between his legs to the quarterback. The boy felt ridiculous, crouched there, his dick pointing forwards. He felt like a rutting gorilla. After 30 minutes in this pose, the technician made Zhenhui fertilise the pavement a second time.

After that, the controller made Zhenhui adopt a low, wide legged stance that fans of Sumo wrestling would instantly recognise. The stance seemed designed for maximum penis exposure.

The public continued to vacillate between outrage and bemusement, their emotions as uncertain as their belief that Zhenhui was an actual human.


As the shopping day drew to a close and the number of spectators dwindled, the technician returned Zhenhui to a more natural stance and finally allowed him to lose his erection. The cage started moving again and Zhenhui hoped against hope that he was finally being returned to the RCAF base, but he found himself walking in the opposite direction from the low loader that had delivered him and his 39 fellow candidates to the shopping district.

He arrived outside a brightly lit amusement arcade bustling with teens and young adults, and came to a stop, standing just to the side of the main entrance like some kind of doorman. Zhenhui cringed. It felt as though he was being deliberately positioned in the locations that would cause maximum humiliation, and of course, that suspicion was exactly right.

The technician sent a command to Zhenhui’s cage, and a small touch-screen panel opened to the side, facing forwards. On it, were the words “Press a button”, and beneath that were three buttons: green, red and blue. There was a glow around the green button to show that it was selectable.

As before, people quickly noticed and started to take an interest, and it wasn’t long before a teenager about Zhenhui’s age stepped up to press a button. He went for the first button – green for go. The probe sent a powerful signal to Zhenhui’s prostate and his penis was hard within seconds. The crowd laughed and the button pusher turned to his friends grinning.

A girl stepped forwards and twanged Zhenhui’s bulging-veined penis with her open hand. It barely moved. A ripple of appreciative laughter passed through the spectators.

“Ying!” she informed the audience, using a colloquial expression that meant “hard”.

Yet more laughter.

If he could have shuddered in dread over his continuing abuse, Zhenhui would done so. Just when he’d gotten used to having an erection in public, his controller found a way to make it degrading all over again. These people were peers – kids his age. It was like a dream he once had about being naked in class. Only this surpassed his wildest nightmares.


The glow disappeared from the green button, but now appeared around the red and blue ones instead. The teenager pressed the red button, and Zhenhui felt a nasty jolt to his prostate. The glow disappeared from all three lights. To the audience it appeared that nothing had happened at first, and the teenager stabbed at the button again impatiently, then tried the others.

“Wait Shi,” one of the boy’s companions said, “he’s losing his boner”.

The process was not anywhere near as fast as his erection, but over the next 30 seconds, Zhenhui’s raging erection thinned, and then drooped its head. He had a tight foreskin, and the glans could not retreat back inside without manual assistance. Instead, it stayed exposed; purple from the long hours of hardness, and still sticky from his repeated orgasms. It was bent down in relation to the line of his penis, and it looked as though his foreskin was trying to throttle it.

“Awww,” a girl in her late teens who was dressed like she was 12 said. “It’s so cute.”

A round of laughter, but Zhenhui was not laughing inside. His body had been reduced to entertainment for evening revellers and he abhorred it with every fibre of his being.


After a minute, the green light lit up again, and the boy pressed it immediately. Zhenhui was hard and straining again within 5 seconds.

“Press the blue one Shi,” one of his friends urged him, “Go on.”

“I was going to,” the boy said, not liking to be told what to do, and turning to his friend with a frown.

None of the audience had any particular expectation of what would happen when the teenager pressed the button, but Zhenhui’s ejaculation still came as a surprise to most. Even in a culture that could be amazingly sexual sometimes, an ejaculating boy right in the main street was way beyond the bounds of normal social parameters.

The audience was delighted as Zhenhui delivered 8 sputters of semen onto the sidewalk. Shi laughed uproariously, delighted by the unexpected response, and there was a generally ribald reaction from the crowd. The younger audience was less uptight than some of the daytime spectators had been, but they were equally uncertain about whether Zhenhui was a robot or an actual human. A ripple of discussion had been passing amongst the audience ever since Zhenhui had first arrived.

“Press it again,” a deep voiced boy in his early 20s said.

Shi turned to see who had spoken. The speaker was heavily tattooed and looked like he might be a member of a gang. Shi turned back to the touch screen, no trace of irritation at being ordered by THIS boy. He knew that he was in the presence of someone a lot more dangerous than he was, and he was smart enough to obey without question.

“I can’t, the light’s gone out,” he said.

“Try it anyway,” the young man urged.

Shi stabbed at the panel repeatedly.

“Nothing’s happening,” he informed the older boy.

The only option was to press the red button. Shi pressed it and Zhenhui lost his erection slowly.

“See, told you it was a real person,” the tattooed man informed his friends and the people surrounding him. “Why would they stop you making him cum if it was just a robot?”

After a few minutes, the spectators drifted off. A naked kid with a hard on, or not, could only hold their attention for a short time before their interest waned, and they returned to their plans for the evening.

They were replaced by a steady stream of new spectators, and after 15 minutes, the blue light started to glow again on one of the occasions when Zhenhui was hard. Someone pressed it and he came.

And that established the pattern for the next three hours. Alternating periods of flaccidity and hardness, punctuated at rough intervals of fifteen minutes by increasingly feeble ejaculations.


Finally, at 9pm, during one of his erections, Zhenhui found himself walking again. He was physically and sexually exhausted, and emotionally frazzled. With each step, his hard penis bounced and wobbled ridiculously, drawing attention to itself. The technician marched the boy around the downtown district on a final lap of honour, before finally, guiding him back to the low-loader. Already in place were 36 other young recruits, each standing with an erection. Although their faces were as impassive as his own, Zhenhui could see that many of them were red faced and even sweating. He was walked into position, where he stood, his own prick still throbbing, whilst they waited for the stragglers.

Zhenhui though that nothing more could surprise him, but when he felt something touch his scrotum, he realised he was wrong. It was a five fingered gripper claw, with rubber arms and soft poly-foam tips and it rose between Zhenhui’s legs. It closed at the top of his tight scrotum, sliding his testicles down between the claws, and trapping them. The teenager could feel his testicles being pulled downwards as the  gripper retracted, tugging Zhenhui’s balls as low as they could possibly go, and pointing his still throbbing penis 45 degrees to the floor. The resistance sensor in the arm ensured that it stopped pulling when the resistance indicated that the subject’s scrotum was stretched to its absolute limit. Zhenhui was simply relieved that it hadn’t ripped his nuts clean off!

He felt as though he was somehow being sexually merged to the cage. As if his paralysis was not enough, even if were free to move, he would still be held in place by his balls.

For the life of him, Zhenhui could not conceive of any possible medical or military application for what was being done to him, but now to add to his woes, his balls were aching badly. He started to sweat from the pain.


An hour later, the young men stood, still caged and immobile, still erect and clamped, back in the RCAF hanger where they had started their day. The general stood before them.

“Gentlemen, you are now soldiers. Today was hopefully, the most stressful day you will ever endure in your entire lives. After today, nothing else will come close. You will never again have to go through such public humiliation. In a moment you will be injected with drugs that release your paralysis and your erections will be nullified. However, you will spend the next six months in your frames, training in readiness for the latest top secret bio-mechanical combat suits. You are pioneers, and you will ensure that China remains the dominant military and social power on the planet. Heroes of the New China, I am proud of each and every one of you. That was day one.”


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    Love the story! The only thing that slightly “bothers” me is that Zhenhui is supposed to be “small, even by that low bar” but growing to 4 inches seems almost too close to average. 2 or 3 inches would be more fitting for this and most other stories where the character is supposed to be small/tiny in my opinion. But one can easily imagine a different size while reading, so it’s not toooo bad 😀
    And I do appreciate that you put actual numbers in your stories instead of just saying it’s “small”.

    All in all, great story and I’m looking forward to reading more humiliation/ sph stories of yours ^_^

    • K-
    • 20th February 2020 at 9:36 pm-
    • Reply

    Love the story! The only thing that slightly “bothers” me is that Zhenhui is supposed to be “small, even by that low bar” but growing to 4 inches seems almost too close to average. 2 or 3 inches would be more fitting for this and most other stories where the character is supposed to be small/tiny in my opinion. But one can easily imagine a different size while reading, so it’s not toooo bad 😀
    And I do appreciate that you put actual numbers in your stories instead of just saying it’s “small”.

    All in all, great story and I’m looking forward to reading more humiliation/ sph stories of yours ^_^

    • 🙂 thanks. Sometimes I like to leave the specifics to people’s imaginations, and others I like to be very specific. TBH, I often write wilth slightly younger characters in mind, but I don’t want to cross any legal thresholds, so imagining the characters to your preference is a good solution!

    • Anonymous-
    • 23rd July 2022 at 9:48 am-
    • Reply

    A really cool story. I love the humiliation of the opposite sex young too touching and observing g him along with the funny positions

    • Thank you. Glad you liked it. If you like the hetero angle, check out Volunteers.

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