A teenager in Thailand is given a birthday surprise that will change him forever

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“So what’s going to happen?”

Kob Sook had asked the same question in different ways half a dozen times since his 26 year old brother Pricha had told him about the birthday surprise.

“I told you. It’s a special massage.”

Kob Sook was old enough to have some idea what a “special massage” might entail.

“You mean a wank?” he asked hopefully, as they walked through the glass doors of the surprisingly modern massage parlour.

Pricha simply grinned at him, neither confirming nor denying.

Kob Sook was horny enough and down to earth enough to accept a hand-job from a stranger, even though he had not yet had any sexual experiences with another person. Maybe he was even going to lose his virginity today! The thought excited him tremendously, so he stood in frustrated but willing silence, trying not to get a boner as his brother stood at the front desk paying for their massages.

Once the transaction was completed, Pricha lead Kob Sook to an elevator, from where they emerged in the basement. A white walled, brightly lit corridor stretched away from them with doors on one side of its length. Pricha started to walk, reading the small number plates on each door.

“12, 13, ah here we are, 14 and 15.”

They were the last two doors in the dead-end corridor. Pricha tapped on number 15 and it was immediately opened by a young man in his late 20s. The man smiled pleasantly, and he and Pricha engaged in a brief conversation, occasionally looking at Kob Sook as they spoke.

Kob Sook and his brother lived in a small village in northern Thailand, but Pricha occasionally came to Phrae to do business. Kob Sook looked at the masseuse, disappointed, his hopes for a happy ending gone.

Pricha turned to his brother and said, “This is Chaloem, go with him, do WHATEVER he says and enjoy it. I’m going to be next door. See you in an hour or two.”

He indicated that he was going into door number 14. Kob Sook hid his disappointment, gave his brother a half smile, and walked into the small room. Chaloem shut the door behind him, and Kob Sook felt the momentary panic of a trapped animal.

In the centre of the pleasantly heated room was a vinyl covered massage bed. On the far wall were several floor standing cupboards. There was a strong scent in the air. Even in a country that was noted for the constant smell of tropical blooms and exotic incense, this was a heady aroma.

Chaloem was wearing white cotton trousers and a white smock shirt, like a nurse.

He said, “Please to take off clothes young sir.”

Kob Sook unbuttoned his short-sleeved floral patterned cotton shirt and removed it. His dusky chest was small, with darker dime sized nipples. In contrast to his small chest, he had a lean stomach and visible abs; the result of long hours working the fields. He was wearing loose three quarter length shorts – standard garb in such a humid country. He kicked off his sandals, lowered his shorts, and stood in loose white cotton boxers. In Thailand, anything tight was a recipe for excessive sweating and uncomfortable chafing.

Chaloem nodded towards his boxers.

“Please to take them off as well so I can give you good massage.”

Kob Sook swallowed and made for the door. He opened it and knocked on number 14. Another masseuse looked through a peephole, then his brother opened it.

“He wants me to take my boxers off!” Kob Sook whispered urgently.

“Of course he does,” Pricha replied, smiling, “I told you that this is going to be a VERY special massage. Now get back in there, take your boxers off and don’t bother me again. And like I said, let him do ANYTHING he wants to. If you do, I swear to you, today will be the best day of your life.”

Kob Sook looked at him with wide, innocent eyes. He thought he was fairly worldly wise, but now he felt like a little child again. His brother had paid a lot of money for this experience, the least he could do was trust him. Kob Sook returned to his room to find Chaloem waiting for him still smiling patiently. A lot of the first timers panicked when they were asked to take off their underwear, even in a liberal country like Thailand.

Kob Sook walked timidly over to the chair where had piled the rest of his clothes. Then, as though deciding to man up, he dropped his shorts and quickly put them on top of the pile. He dropped his hands to his sides, as though defying Chaloem to criticise his teenaged genitals.

Chaloem looked at the boy’s slender cock, and its long puckered foreskin, hiding a teardrop scrotum. He smiled encouragingly.

“Your first time?”

Kob Sook nodded looking at Chaloem with big, brown doe eyes. Chaloem looked at the boy’s wispy top lip – not enough hair to call a moustache yet. The boy was probably proud of it.

“Very good. You will like it very much.”

Kob Sook smiled nervously.

“Are you a man yet?”

Kob Sook was unsure how to answer. Clearly he was not yet legally a man. He looked at Chaloem bewildered. Chaloem raised a loosely clenched fist, and simulated fucking it with the index finger of his other hand.

For Kob Sook, the penny dropped, and he blushed looking at his bare feet.

“Mmm no,” he said curtly.

“You like girls or boys?”

Wasn’t it obvious? Kob thought?

“Girls. Only girls.”

“But you have not yet fucked any?” Chaloem persisted.

Kob Sook suddenly felt ridiculous standing there naked. A boy pretending to be a man. He shook his head, feeling increasingly self conscious.

“No problem. This massage is for everyone; men and boys,” Chaloem reassured him.

The masseuse made an open palmed gesture towards the bed.

“Please get onto the bed. Lay on your tummy with your face in the hole.”

He knew better than to start with the client on their back.

Kob Sook climbed onto the bed, happy to move on from questions about his sexual experience, or lack thereof.

“Hands by your sides please,” Chaloem said, and Kob complied.

The teenager lay with his legs closed, more shy than ever now that he had admitted his virginity. It felt like his slender cock would attest to his inexperience.

He placed his face into a hole that was missing at the head of the bed. Underneath, he could see a vapouriser, very slowly turning a small pot of liquid into vapour directly under his face.

“Please breathe slowly. Enjoy the nice perfume,” Chaloem advised him.

Kob Sook was not keen on inhaling the vapour directly but he didn’t have much choice.

Then he felt Chaloem’s warm hands on his body, applying oil slowly. Rubbing it into his back, his neck, his feet, his calves, and his legs. As the man worked over Kob Sook’s wiry body, he slowly kneaded the oil into Kob Sook’s muscles. Kob Sook groaned softly at the amount of pressure the man was using. As Chaloem moved up Kob Sook’s legs, he moved the boy’s knees apart exposing his hole. The man slowly rubbed oil onto the insides of Kob Sook’s thighs, allowing his fingertips to brush against the back of the boy’s well defined testicles. Kob Sook took a shivering breath as he felt the touch. He’d never been touched there before. Chaloem continued upwards, rubbing the oil deeply into Kob Sook’s buttocks. It was a strange experience for Kob Sook to have a man rubbing his buttocks so intimately but the vapour was already having an effect. Making him relaxed. Things that mattered a lot just five minutes ago seemed less important now. The hands on his body were all that mattered.

Chaloem moved on and started the massage in earnest, kneading, twisting and pulling. Kob Sook gasped repeatedly as the man pushed his knuckles deep into his muscles. To someone listening, you could be mistaken for thinking that the youngster was groaning in the throes of ecstasy rather than discomfort.

Chaloem rotated Kob Sook’s arms, ran his knuckles down the muscles of the boy’s spine, bent his legs and buried his fingers into the boy’s buttocks. Then, pushing the boy’s shoulder to the bed, Chaloem lifted Kob Sook’s hip until the boy’s spine was almost twisted 90 degrees. Kob Sook was aware that his flaccid, drooping  genitals must be on full display now, but he was too relaxed to cover himself. Chaloem looked at Kob Sook’s soft brown cock. The boy was ready.

Chaloem rolled Kob Sook onto his back and placed a small chequered silk towel over the boy’s genitals, then he repeated the oiling and massage that he had delivered to the boy’s back. Kob Sook lay, breathing slowly, his eyes half closed, in a mild stupor as Chaloem worked on him. As the man worked up the inside of Kob Sook’s legs, he casually moved the towel a little higher, exposing the boy’s testicles fully.

Again, Chaloem allowed his fingers to brush against Kob Sook’s balls, this time lingering for over ten seconds as pretended to perform a finger tip massage of the inside of Kob Sook’s thigh. He smiled as he saw the shape under the towel slowly growing.

Chaloem took a pair of wand massagers and started to massage the boy’s stomach with them. The boy’s brown cock, resting on his belly continued to grow longer and harder. Chaloem turned the top edge of the towel down, allowing Kob Sook’s glans to peek out, then he positioned one of the wands so that its vibrating tip rested next to the shiny head. He placed the other wand between the boy’s legs, with the base on the bed, and the head leaning against the boy’s scrotum. Kob Sook let out a soft sigh of pleasure.

Now Chaloem lifted the boy’s feet up towards his bottom, placing the soles of Kob Sook’s feet against each other. Then the man climbed up onto the bench between Kob Sook’s legs and started to simultaneously massage the inside of both thighs.

With no warning, Kob Sook ejaculated, squirting his cream in a straight line four or five inches up from his swollen glans onto his stomach. He exhaled in a series of soft, high tenor gasps, squirming slightly as he came.

Kob Sook continued his massage, ignoring the boy’s orgasm, and leaving the vertical streaks of cum on his belly, until the boy’s breathing returned to normal.

“You like to cum? You’re a very horny boy, yes?”

Kob Sook was too stoned to answer. Whatever was in that vapour made his head feel like it was wrapped in warm smog. He was aware that he was somewhere strange with his legs apart and his cock out, but he couldn’t focus on the specifics. He knew he’d just cum, and he could feel the vibrating on his helmet and his nuts, keeping him hard and horny. Even if he could have roused the willpower to move, Kob Sook’s limbs felt far too heavy. He was Chaloem’s puppet, to do with as he wished.

Still kneeling between the boy’s legs, Chaloem pulled the towel off and threw it to the floor, exposing Kob Sook completely now. He cupped the boy’s genitals between both hands, with Kob Sook’s balls in his palms.

“Nice arrow,” he said, referring to the shape made between Kob Sook’s glans, his shaft and his balls.

“Thick bone for a boy your age. You’re very lucky. I bet you can squirt a lot of sperm.”

Kob Sook could hear the man talking, but it was of no interest to him. All that mattered was his hard cock. The aphrodisiac was making his nuts churn.

Chaloem gripped Kob Sook’s thick erection in his palm and slowly started to masturbate it. At first, Kob Sook lay motionless as the man wanked his brown cock, but when Chaloem changed to a fist grip and started using his oiled second hand to twist at the top of his glans, Kob Sook started to twist and groan in time. He was getting close again. Chaloem twisted at the boy’s glans faster and faster, as though trying to remove the lid from a bottle whose thread has been sheared.

Kob Sook lifted his pelvis off the bench, thrusting his cock towards Chaloem, unconsciously demanding more attention. Chaloem was happy to oblige, twisting the boy’s bloated and glistening glans even faster.

“Ah ah, ahhhhhh,” Kob Sook moaned, his voice almost back to its pre-pubertal pitch in the height of his elation.

A massive gusher of cum rose from his cock, landing back on his own glans. Then it was followed by five small squirts in rapid succession, none of them powerful enough to clear Chaloem’s fist, but each accompanied by an involuntary thrust of his hips as he attempted to seed a non-existent vagina.

Kob Sook collapsed back to the bed breathing heavily now, his body exhausted from Chaloem’s expert hand job. But with each panting deep breath, he drew in ever more of the intoxicating vapour. If he’d still been able to think at all rationally, he might have marvelled at the fact that his penis was still growing, getting ever harder. His glans was so full of bloat that its colour was slowly changing from tan to a dark plum colour, which was ironic, because that was exactly how it looked now: a straining oval of purple flesh, so swollen that it was almost mirror-shiny, supported on a lumpy 6 inch golden brown rod of meat so hard that veins bulged along its length like those of a body builder who has done too many reps.

Chaloem released his grip and instead took the boy’s man-sized testicles in his hand. They were massively swollen due to his arousal. He felt their irregular surface beneath his fingers. This man-boy was quite the specimen.

Chaloem tugged the boy’s balls downwards so that the boy’s thick cock pointed towards ceiling, and Kob Sook groaned quietly as his tender post-ejaculation orbs were manhandled. Chaloem dropped his head and started expertly blowing the horny boy. Kob Sook squirmed again. He didn’t want to be milked any more but on the other hand he never wanted it to stop. His glans was so sensitive. He tried to withdraw it from Chaloem’s mouth, but the man had him by the balls, and he gripped tighter, preventing Kob Sook from escaping.

Like a snake, Chaloem’s tongue darted in and out of his mouth, flickering across Kob Sook’s glans forcing him to writhe at the attention his hyper-sensitive helmet was receiving. The man skilfully used his lips on the rim of the boy’s glans, freeing his tongue to poke and tease the eye of the boy’s penis.

Kob Sook started to tremble, his body elevated to yet new heights by techniques that had taken Chaloem a decade to master. But he was still to experience the greatest of them.

Chaloem’s pulled the boy’s balls lower; as low as they could go in his scrotum. Then he separated them, holding one in each fist. He pulled them apart from each other, squeezing them uncomfortably, but not painfully hard. Then he loosened the pressure and repeated, pulling apart and squeezing, whilst his mouth continued to work on Kob Sook’s cock head.

Chaloem could feel the boy’s nuts slowly responding, firming as they also filled with blood. Kob Sook didn’t even know that there was such a THING as a testicle massage, let alone the fact that his body would respond to it in such a way.

Kob Sook’s eyes were closed and his mind was drifting freely on the currents of euphoria that Chaloem was steering him along. He was nothing but a disembodied cock and a pair of huge balls being teased and titillated.

Chaloem could feel the boy’s cock quivering. He was close again. Chaloem formed a ring between the thumb and index finger of his right hand, encircling the neck of the trembling boy’s scrotum. He repeated using his left hand, continuing all the while to suckle the boy’s glans with his mouth. With his left hand, he waited for the subtle testicular contraction that warned him that the boy was about to cum for the third time, then he yanked the boy’s balls downwards with his left hand, raising his right hand towards the root of Kob Sook’s straining cock in opposition. As he did so, he tightly closed the finger rings encircling the boy’s scrotum and twisted both hands in opposite direction in a wringing motion, as though trying to throttle the boy’s scrotum. Completing the technique, he closed his left fist at just the right time, squeezing Kob Sook’s enlarged nuts hard but not hard enough to cause serious pain.

The effect was an explosive chain reaction. Kob Sook screamed as his brain was fried with the neural equivalent of an EMP pulse. The yanking motion accentuated the orgasm as it started, and having the tubes of his testicles squeezed like a pianist playing a glissando along his sack amplified the power of the pumping sensation. Just as his orgasm was too far along to stop, squeezing his testicles added an element of pain that unexpectedly amplified the increased the overall pleasure to stellar proportions.

Chaloem moved his mouth off the boy’s cock just as the boy fired a single, massive blast of cum into the air. Although his cock was almost vertical, it flew six feet up, propelled by the testicle squeezing, travelled in a gentle arc and landed with a splat right on the left side of Kob Sook’s nose. Although it was his third orgasm of the afternoon, it was by far the biggest. The epic fountain of cum splattered all over Kob Sook’s face, in his open mouth, in his eye, up into his hairline, and down his chin. Not that Kob Sook cared. His mind had been wiped by a white surge of orgasmic activity as his balls, his cock, and his prostate all fired off simultaneously sending a tsunami along his nerve endings that utterly prevented conscious awareness of anything except his orgasm.

The teenager writhed on the padded bed, as though his life depended upon it. He was a beached fish straining to return to the water; a crocodile twisting as it brings down its prey; a cobra in the jaws of a mongoose. There was nothing he could do to deny his body’s violent reaction.

Chaloem continued gripping the boy’s balls as Kob Sook was washed away on the wave.


Eventually, Kob Sook started to come down from the orgasm, and his squirming diminished.  When his movement had reduced to little more than slow motion gyrations, Chaloem released him and got off the bench, leaving the boy still groaning in the afterglow, his mind still utterly blank.

The man quickly undressed, and in a few tugs, his semi hard penis was fully erect. He took some lube out of the cupboard and smeared it on his cock, then he climbed back onto the bench, kneeling  with his knees apart. He lifted Kob Sook’s legs, pushing them back to expose his virgin hole, then he slowly pushed his cock into the boy, taking his time so that he wouldn’t damage him.

Chaloem gripped Kob Sook’s hips and drew the boy down onto him, sitting back on his knees as he did so. Kob Sook could feel the man’s cock in his hole, but his mind was still in an altered state of consciousness, and it simply felt like another of the continuing series of sexual stimuli that his body was being subjected to.

Chaloem rocked slowly back and forwards, his cock sliding deep back and forth inside the boy’s hot insides, its thickness forcing the kid’s hole to stretch. Each time Chaloem thrust forwards, Kob Sook could feel the end touching something sensitive inside him, something exciting in a place he’d never been touched before. He couldn’t even begin to get his thoughts together enough to analyse it. The aphrodisiac vapour continued to muffle his mind, and his cock remained persistently hard.

“Let’s clean you up. Make you nice smooth boy,” Chaloem said.

He reached over and picked up a pot that he’d taken from the cupboard when he got the lube. It had a small spatula in it. Chaloem picked up the spatula, and looked down at the boy’s groin. Kob Sooks jet black pubic hair was surprisingly orderly, almost straight. Chaloem carefully smeared the paste from the pot over every single inch of Kob Sook’s penis, testicles, and pubis. He even smeared it down the inside of the boy’s thighs. All the while, he continued to rock back and forth, pleasuring himself and Kob Sook.

Chaloem put the pot down and gripped Kob Sook’s penis in his left fist, then with his right index finger, he scooped up a little of the now clear semen off Kob Sook’s belly from his first orgasm. He slowly made circles over the boy’s shiny glans with his spunk-lubed finger. Kob Sook was too exhausted to respond, but as Chaloem expected, the boy’s sphincter twitched and fluttered in time with his stroking.

Two large beads of globby semen slowly oozed from Kob Sook’s urethra, and dribbled in slow motion down his glans. Chaloem smiled.

“Veeery horny young boy. Four times. You must not have squirted in a looong time.”

He got off the bench and stood by Kob Sook’s head, rapidly tugging at his own meat now. He reached down and turned Kob Sook’s head to the side. The boy was still stupefied, his eyes only half open. Chaloem opened his mouth.

“Here take my cum. It will make you even stronger.”

He pulled the boy’s face onto his cock just as he came, giving Kob Sook a huge donation of sticky jizz. When he had finished cumming, Chaloem wiped his cock on the right side of Kob Sook’s face. He picked up a small brass spoon and carefully scooped up the deposit that Kob Sook had made to his own face, and poured that into the boy’s mouth. When Kob’s face was mostly clear, Chaloem added the last of the semen from the boy’s belly, then he closed the boy’s mouth, and gently stroked his throat to induce a swallowing reaction. He continued stroking until Kob Sook had swallowed half a dozen times, then he put down the spoon and picked up the towel and wiped the paste from the boy’s genitals thoroughly. Every last trace of hair was gone.

Chaloem returned to the cupboard where he took out several pieces of equipment. He held a cloth over Kob Sook’s mouth. The boy was still too wasted to struggle. His eyes slowly closed. Then Chaloem performed the final part of the ritual.



One hour later, Kob Sook slowly started to rouse. He was sitting in a wicker chair in an unfamiliar room and his brother was standing over him. Chaloem was nearby, fully clothed. Kob Sook blinked as he regained his ability to think.

“Are you ok?” his brother asked.

“Ummm, yes, I guess so,” Kob Sook said confused. “What happened?”

“You had a good time. A veeery good time. Enjoyed it lots,” Chaloem said grinning.

Pricha grinned as well.

“That’s good to hear, I knew you’d enjoy it.”

Kob Sook frowned, then leaned forwards and whispered to his brother.

“He fucked me Pricha.”

Pricha smiled.

“I know, and you enjoyed it. I was watching on the camera.”

“You saw?” Kob Sook said shocked. “How much?”

“Everything,” Pricha said, with a leer. “You’re a dirty fucker. I can’t believe you came four times!”

Kob Sook frowned.

“You knew this was going to happen?”

“Of course, that’s why I brought you here – ‘special massage’ remember?”

Kob Sook swallowed, stunned by the enormity of his brother’s admission.

“But I’m not a fag. I like girls!”

“So what? It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cock in your hole.”

Kob Sook opened and closed his mouth like a goldfish as he tried to think of a response. Whilst he was thinking, he became aware of an uncomfortable pressure in the front of his underwear. He reached down and pressed the top of his cock, and he was surprised to discover two lumps there.

He looked inside, then dropped his shorts and boxers to the floor.

“What has he done to me Pricha?!” he demanded.

Kob Sook turned to show his brother what he was talking about. His penis was pulled tightly back between his legs and his testicles had been pulled, one on either side, to the front of his stretched cock. Something was wrapped around each half of his scrotum, holding his balls in place like two loops of a bow, adorning a slender snake gift. He bent over and examined himself closely. His testicles were held in place with a metal plate in the shape of a flower.

Pricha looked at him and grinned.

“I told you it was a special massage.”

Kob Sook tugged at his very mildly aching nuts. They were tightly constrained. He tried pushing them through the hole in the metal flower, but they were too large. Then he tried twisting the flower in case there was a lock, or he could escape more easily if it was oriented differently. Nothing loosened the metal circle in the slightest.

“What’s this Pricha? How do I get it off? And what has he done to my dick?”

“You can’t get it off.”

Kob Sook looked angry. Then he realised that he had no pubic hair either. He was smooth as a newborn.

“What do you mean ‘I can’t get it off’? And where’s my hair gone?”

Chaloem smiled.

“It’s all gone. You’re smooth as a baby’s bottom now!”

“Why did you do that? How long will it take to grow back?”

“It won’t grow back. Magic paste. You’ll always be smooth now.”

Kob Sook turned to his brother.

“Is he serious? Why would he do that?!”

Without waiting for an answer, he leaned forwards and started to explore what had been done to his penis. He bent his legs, parted his knees and looked up at his groin. To his dismay, three brass rings were suspended from his perineum. The first two were an inch in diameter, and his penis, slender now that it was soft and tightly stretched, passed through each of them. The last ring was half an inch in diameter, and pierced him just beneath his anus. Dangling from each ring was a small silver charm, and hanging from that was a small round bell.

Kob Sook bent as low as he could, but he couldn’t see how his penis was attached to the last ring, but his foreskin was stretched to its limit and passed through the ring. He reached between his legs and felt the last ring. There was a metal disc attached to it, and the last half finger-length of his dark brown foreskin was trapped between the disc and the ring, forming a tiny skin collar and holding his slender meat in place. He wondered how the disc was held in place, so he tugged it. It was then that he discovered it was attached to a curved pipe that passed up the inside of his urethra. When he tugged the disc, he felt something tugging high inside his dick. He tried pulling harder, but was quickly stopped by the pain as a brass bud inside him tried to fill a urethra that was less than a quarter of its diameter. Inserting it was one of the secrets passed down through many generations. It was attached to a special wire that was inserted along the pipe, used to expand the bud, and then removed, leaving the wearer literally no way of removing the pipe short of gouging it along his own urethra, with the damage that would cause.

Kob Sook looked at Chaloem.

“What the hell have you done to me?”

“Tidied you up. Your cock is not for pulling anymore. Now you are a ‘leaking one’ you can only squirt by having a cock in your hole. If you want pleasure, you must give pleasure.”

Kob Sook turned to his brother furious now, his usual deference evaporated.

“What’s going on Pricha? Wait till father hears about this. He’ll whip you till you bleed!”

“Father already knows. He was the one who arranged it. He said you needed to learn a trade so that you can bring money into the family.”

“What sort of trade?!” Kob Sook demanded, already suspecting with dread what the answer was going to be.

“You will be Chèā dĕk,” Chaloem informed him. “Your body will be used to pleasure our guests. Your lips will be used to please them. Your hole will be a home for their cocks. And if you perform your duties well, you will also get to spill your sperm.”

Kob Sook’s eyes widened and his mouth gaped in amazement at the revelation.

“That is why I drained you earlier. Chèā dĕk must start his new life with empty balls. They will quickly fill again, and now that your slug cannot get hard anymore, you will need to learn to perform your duties well if you are not going to become very frustrated.”

Kob Sook’s emotions were swirling. Not only he was being told that he would not get to masturbate any more, but to make it worse, the only way that he would be able to cum would be if he let a stranger fuck him. He was outraged. He pulled up his shorts boxers as one and stormed towards the door.

“I’m not doing anything. You can’t make me!”

He yanked the door open, and a huge man stepped across filling the space. Kob Sook’s eyes travelled up the man’s chest and met his eyes, which were a good nine inches above his own eye line. The man stared at him unsmiling. Kob Sook looked past the man to see if he had a chance, but there was a short corridor with another door leading who-knew-where. The man placed his hands on his hips, further filling the doorway, then he slowly shook his head, looking down at Kob Sook like a wolf looks at a rabbit. Kob Sook stepped away from the door and closed it.

“Am I a prisoner?” he asked.

“Think of yourself more as a very loyal guest,” Chaloem said.

“How long must I work for you?”

“Until your cock grows too wide for the rings. Then you will be a man and you may leave, or stay and work oil hands like I do. ”

Kob Sook bent over and looked between his legs again. His penis was barely three quarters as wide as the rings.

“That might take years.”

“Yes, a few years maybe. And meanwhile, your salary will be sent each week to help your family.”

“What if I run away?”

“Then we will take your younger brother in payment.”

Kob Sook’s younger brother was 6. He stared at Chaloem to see if he was serious.

“You mean…”

Chaloem thrust his hips back and forth in the air and mimed holding a child’s hair.

Although the Thai people in Kob Sook’s village had a bawdy attitude towards sex and sexuality, 6 was still just a child. The idea was monstrous.

He knew he was defeated and trapped. Kob Sook walked back into the room and the bells jingled as he walked.

“What are these stupid bells for?” he asked, his voice surly.

Chaloem explained.

“They are to let people know that you are a Chèā dĕk. Each hangs from a different charm. The first, the Frangipani, tells people which business you work for. The second, the full moon, tells people that you are available to be fucked. The final, a teardrop, tells people that you are a leaking one, and your pleasure is theirs to command. You will also get a tattoo of the same symbols on your arm so that people will know that you are available and will be able to book your services when you are walking around the city.”

Kob Sook glowered at his brother as he considered the fate that was laid out for him. He was to be Chèā dĕk, something that only the poorest boys stooped to, but worse still, everywhere he went, people would know what he was and how low he had fallen.

“Why Pricha, why?” he asked.

“Because you were the right age,” his brother replied, “and father is desperate.”

Kob Sook couldn’t believe the depths of the betrayal, and on his birthday. He’d hoped that today he would become a man, but instead he’d been fucked by one, and then turned into a sex toy for others to enjoy. He looked at the floor.

Pricha walked to the door.

“I’ll see you in a few months Kob Sook. Try to do the best you can.”

Kob Sook didn’t even look at him as he left.


7 weeks later

Kob Sook sat on the middle-aged foreigner’s groin riding his fat cock. Kob Sook’s walnut coloured skin contrasting with the pasty whiteness of a tourist in Thailand only for the sex. Kob Sook bounced up and down rapidly, the man nearing his climax. For his own part, Kob Sook was leaking a constant dribble of precum from the metal opening just in front of his asshole. The man looked at the cum dribbles trickling down his own cock, bouncing off the boy and landing on his own pubic hair. It was considered a sign of fucking prowess to make a leaking boy that excited.

“Do you want to cum?” the man asked.

Kob looked at him with a wan smile. He thought about the question. The customers rarely cared about his pleasure.

“Yes, yes sir very much.”

The man smiled and reached for the boy’s nuts squeezed together and presented in a lump at the front of his body.

“There’s a reason your balls are here.”

Kob frowned. Since being locked into the flower his balls had grown much larger and they got larger still when he was being fucked. And he noticed that they had become much more sensitive.

The man hooked the first and second fingers of each hand behind the edges of the metal flower, tugging it gently towards him, stretching Kob Sook’s nuts still further. Then using his thumbs, he massaged the boy’s testicles with slow deliberate strokes.

Kob Sook went wild. The pain, the pleasure, the FUCKING ECSTASY that filled his groin. He squirmed like an eel on the man’s cock and his cream tumbled from his soft cock, coating the front of the foreigner’s hard rod.

The man grinned as the boy’s bouncing took on a squelching sound, and he continued massaging the boy’s cum-swollen nuts, digging his thumbs in between them, circling, rubbing every exposed part of the delicate orbs. They were firm, bloated with unreleased cum. With his cock confined, Kob didn’t even experience the release of wet dreams. And now this man was expertly touching him in a way he didn’t even know his body could respond to.

The kid’s writhing and bouncing was increasing the man’s pleasure immensely.  He grinned and filled Kob Sook’s hole with his own load of cum, allowing the kid’s gymnastics to do the work for him.

A minute later, they were both utterly spent, and Kob leaned forwards, hugging the man with the man’s cock still filling his hole. They were both sheathed in sweat. The man ran his fingers through the boy’s thick, dark hair, and for the first time since becoming Chèā dĕk, he felt at one with a customer.

“Only people who care about the boy’s pleasure get the best ride. Your balls are there so that you can both enjoy the experience.”

Kob sat up and looked at the man as he imparted this vital information.

“You can’t do that to yourself, so I suggest you train your customers in how to do it for you. But careful, some may take pleasure in doing it just for the pain.”

Kob Sook looked down at him. As virile as he was, he didn’t think he would be able to go through that more than once every few days. Maybe once a day. Or twice.

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