Dusting for a busting

I teach my college room mate a lesson when I walk in on him jacking off.

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Dusting for a busting

I came home early and opened the door to see my dorm mate jacking off. He scrambled to cover himself, flushing bright red and looking thoroughly embarrassed. I grinned and silently took a long, hard look at his groin. Slowly a smirk crossed his face, the grin of a naughty schoolboy who has been busted. Then lowered his hands and opened his legs wide, inviting me to look as long I liked. I guess he thought I was admiring his thick cock but he was mistaken.

I grinned back at him and dived at him. He laughed and made a half assed effort to fend me off, his cock getting even harder and bouncing between us.


I knelt between his legs and pinned his arms to the floor. He was breathless, excited, curious to know what was coming next. He never suspected the knee that I drove up into his huge nuts. The look of shock on his face was comical. He froze for a moment, then went crazy trying to escape, but I had him pinned too strongly. He couldn’t even close his legs with me kneeling between them. With no way to protect himself, his dick softened with surprising speed, becoming stumpy and unthreatening. As the sickly wave of pain rapidly filled his groin, he rapidly weakened, until he was only able to offer half-hearted resistance.

He looked up at me pathetically, and I gently brushed my knee up and down against his sack. A glistening bead of precum appeared at the eye of his stumpy circumcised cock. It looked so much less impressive soft. I nudged his sack a little harder with my knee. He was no longer trying to escape. He looked at me confused by his own feelings. I grinned at him and bounced my knee into his aching nuts firmly. His cock hardened rapidly. He was breathing deeply – mostly from the pain, but I could tell that he was excited. He lay submissively, his legs spread, and waited to see what I would do next…

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