Elephant – Inspired by art by Makato Kai

A man discovers that he has been placed into a horrific sexual situation

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The first thing Stephen became aware of when he came around was the strange sight in front of him. He was on his back but his neck was arched back painfully. All he could see was grey; dark, wrinkled grey. His next realisation was that there was something in his mouth stretching his jaws painfully wide. It was leathery, slimy. He tried to turn his head but his mouth was attached to the thing inside it. His gums hurt horribly. He tried to identify the thing in his mouth with his tongue. It had little room to move but enough to discover that his teeth were missing.

He was confused. Had he been in an accident? But how? The last thing he remembered was going to bed.

His arms and legs felt strange. His wrists and ankles hurt. He tried again to identify where he was. The grey didn’t make sense. It looked like elephant hide. But how could that be the case? His mind made surreal jumps of logic. Maybe he’d been in an accident with an elephant and it was now on top of him? But there wasn’t enough pain, and what about his teeth?

But the more he looked, the more certain he was that he was indeed looking at elephant skin. But in that case, where was he in relation to the beast?

He strained and looked up further. Light, and two tree trunk legs intersecting a few feet away from his head. Then that would mean that he was indeed underneath it. Now he understood the droopy pouch he was seeing. That would be its scrotum. And that would mean that the slimy thing attached to his face was… was its penis!

Now he understood the feeling in his arms and legs. He was suspended beneath it, arms and legs wrapped around it. His eyes opened in horror. Then he went crazy, struggling for all he was worth to escape. He screamed but the sound was muffled by the leathery cock in his mouth.

Then he felt a new sensation. It was between his legs. Something was squeezing his balls, pulling on them in their loose sack, manhandling them.

He resumed his pointless struggles, all the more frantic to free himself from his nightmare predicament.

“Ahhh you’re awake,” a voice to his right said. “When he squeezes your balls like that it means he wants you to give him a blowjob. Just chew on his cock. Don’t worry, you can’t hurt him. Not without teeth. I suggest you don’t keep him waiting or he can get quite… unpleasant on your balls.”

Stephen tried to turn, to see who was speaking but he couldn’t see the speaker. The elephant was tugging at his nuts vigorously now, squeezing hard enough to cause a severe ache. Stephen ignored it.

Stephen tried to say, “What the fuck is happening. What am I doing here?” but all that came out was “Mmm uh uh ee haunnng uh ah ai oooing uh?”

“You’re probably wondering how you got here. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is you were chosen. You’ve been terrorising your local neighbourhood for a long time. Now it’s time for payback. For the next year, the only food you will eat is what comes out of that elephant’s cock. The only water you will drink will be what it pisses into you.”

Stephen screamed muffled obscenities at the speaker and struggled as though his life depended upon it. The elephant, feeling his mouth movements, ceased its tugging, and almost immediately Stephen could feel warm slime start to dribble into his mouth.

He screamed even more frantically, unaware that his unintelligible gibbering was in fact pleasuring the animal.

“That’s the way,” the voice said. “I can see that Kandula is already enjoying himself.”

Stephen suddenly realised what the voice was referring to. Now he was in a dilemma. Did he stop trying to make himself understood whilst the animal face fucked him, or did he continue, knowing that he was helping it to cum?

He continued screaming, pleading. He reasoned that with an elephant cock in his mouth, his chances were better if he could persuade his captor to free him. Or intimidate him into doing so.

He felt the tip of the animal’s trunk between his legs, this time massaging the soft lump of his genitals. He thought it was going to start squeezing his nuts again. He screamed more urgently. That it wasn’t fair. He was already sucking it off. Then to his utmost disgust, he felt himself getting hard. The elephant wasn’t trying to hurt him, it was returning the favour. Stephen felt light headed with disgust. Disgust at what he was being forced to do. Disgust at the growing mouthful of slime. Disgust at his cock’s reaction. His mouth was so full that he had to swallow. He resumed shouting obscenities at the voice,  shouting until he was hoarse.

His cock gave up two loads before it softened and the elephant stopped massaging it. For his part, Kandula oozed three pints of semen directly down Stephen’s throat before it was finally finished.

Then, like most human males after sex, it relieved its bladder. It was a torrent that went straight to Stephen’s stomach.

When the voice had told Stephen that his only water would be what the elephant pissed, the vision of a gentle trickle of water flowing into his mouth was the image that came to Stephen’s mind. But this was nothing like that. It was like someone aiming a high pressure jet straight down his throat. His stomach instantly bloated like that of a pregnant woman, and the jet forced its way around his intestines, tearing his kidneys and filling his bladder before exiting his dick at such a high speed that his soft dick flapped like the end of a fire hose that has gotten loose of its operator; like a waving arm inflatable tube man, his urethara stretched as wide as his thumb as 14 pints of urine and three pints of cum left his body fast enough to reach the floor 15 feet away.

Eventually it stopped and the voice said, “You’ll be glad to know that Kandula usually only likes to be sucked once a day…”


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