Two former enemies get more intimate than they would ever possibly have imagined.

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We are standing face to face and I feel him pressed tightly against me, wrapped in my embrace. He pulls me to him as strongly as I pull him, and I feel his palms pressed tightly against the cheeks of my naked bottom.

I’ve seen him at school for two years but I never imagined that we might end up like this. Our lips are pressed tightly together, mouths open but neither of us would dream of slipping a tongue into the other’s mouth. I can feel the warm breath from his nostrils against my cheek. He lets out a soft moan. I know exactly how he feels. We’ve never been this close before. In fact, until very recently, all I wanted to do was punch him in the face.

I feel his hard cock between us, pressing against my belly. My cock also stands like a flagpole, pointing skywards as well. Our cocks rest side by side. My erection is bigger than his by almost three inches. I was lucky, nature gave me almost eight inches and he clearly has less than five. I wonder if it makes him feel immature; like the boy in our coupling? I’ll give him this though, Don is certainly hard. I’ve never been as hard as I am right now, but I can feel his hardness pressing into the side of my cock.

He’s already cum three times. Horny fucker. He’s grinding and squirming. I know that he’s probably trying to avoid a fourth orgasm but it’s hard to tell. Maybe he’s just more into this that I am. If I could, perhaps I might smile at his reaction.

Of course, it doesn’t help that there are small vibrating lozenges of vibrating plastic attached to the sides our penises, right at the head, buzzing, buzzing, constantly buzzing, keeping us both painfully hard.

Our balls are connected to each other with strong elastic bands and another lozenge is tucked away between our bulging sacks. I’d never even thought about the feel of another boy’s balls before, but now that I can feel each of Don’s nuts pressing against my own, I have to admit, it’s strangely erotic, as though I am feeling the very essence of his maleness.

But what has really surprised me is how arousing the dildos are, pressed deep into our assholes, exciting me in ways and places that I had never imagined a boy could be excited. Who would have thought that a piece of vibrating plastic could make my toes curl and make me want to blow my load on the spot?


I hear sniggers and look past Don’s face. There are dozens of students watching us, as there has been for the past hour, a never-ending stream of gawkers and passers-by. It’s always busy in the dining hall during lunch. They can come and go as they like, but we are tied into position. Don’s squirming intensifies and suddenly I feel wetness between us; his fourth orgasm in an hour. I don’t know why, but the feeling of him ejaculating excites me, and out of nowhere I am cumming too. I shut my eyes momentarily.

Our combined cum hits our bellies then drips past our shaved cocks to the tiled floor between us, raising a cheer from the watching crowd. I feel the heat glowing from Don’s face as he burns purple with humiliation. I can feel my own face prickling with shame as well. I wish I could at least remove my hands from his butt cheeks but they are Duck-taped in place.

We have one more hour left of our sentence. We are the first to receive this punishment for fighting, and although I can imagine there might be one or two boys who might enjoy this, I for one will never say a harsh word to another student for the rest of my school life.



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