The Light – part 3

Abduction, forced milking, mystery

A father and son have an alien encounter

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The Light – Part 3

Six days after Steven and Harry’s reappearance, at 7pm, the doorbell rang. Steven rose and answered it. Two men stood there in grey suits and ties.

“Mr Steven Wallace?” one of the men asked.

“Who’s asking?” Steven replied, cocking his head.

The man offered an identity card. It read “Phillip Reyes.” Above the name was a red and white logo and the words “Public Safety Canada.”

The man gestured to his colleague.

“This is Doctor Raymond Lam.”

Steven frowned.

“Yes, I’m Steven Wallace. How can I help you?”

“May we come in please. It’s regarding your recent disappearance.”

“My family are all here. What’s this about?”

Reyes smiled genuinely.

“That’s fine. We need to talk to you and your son. We’ve been investigating similar incidents. We’re hoping that you can help us.”

“What kind of doctor are you?” Steven asked Lam.

“Medical. And psychiatric.”

“We’re not crazy,” Steven said defensively.

“No, I’m quite certain you’re not. But people often have um, complicated responses to situations such as yours. Sometimes I can be of help.”

“So, we’re not the first?” Steven asked Reyes.

“No, not by a long way. But we can’t discuss it out here. Mr Wallace, may we come in please?”

Steven looked past them. A black car stood on the kerb. Inside, a man in dark glasses sat watching the exchange.

“What would happen if I said no?”

Reyes smiled.

“Then I’d give you a business card with my contact details, and we’ll leave you to your evening. But then you’d lose an opportunity to better understand what happened to you, and we’d lose a critical opportunity to add your experiences to our database.”

Steven pondered for just a second then stepped back and gestured to the men to enter the house.

When they were in, he looked once more to the man in the car. He tipped an invisible hat to the man, and the man gave a barely perceptible nod in response.

Steven closed the door, then led the waiting men to the living room. Penny looked up.

“Penny, these men are from Public Safety Canada. They say that they have information about what happened to us.”

“Public Safety, what’s that?” she asked.

“We have many roles Ma’am, but we ensure public emergency preparedness, and we investigate threats on Canadian soils.”

“Threats? Do you know what happened to my son and husband?”

“We have an idea, but we still cannot prove it. Do you have a table we can put a laptop on?”

Steven gestured towards the dining room table at the other end of the open-plan room.

“Would you like something to drink – tea, coffee?” Penny offered.

“White coffee would be great please Ma’am,” Lam said.

“Tea for me please Ma’am. A splash of milk,” Reyes said.

Penny chuckled.

“Ma’am?” Reyes queried.

“Sorry, it’s just that you don’t look like the tea type. I thought you always wore black, sunglasses, and drank coffee.”

“There’s a guy like that sitting out in the car,” Reyes said, “but we’re not the Men in Black. We’re here to keep you and the country safe.”

“That’s… surprisingly reassuring,” she said, smiling.


Steven turned to his daughter.

“Darling, could you give us some privacy please?”

She glanced at the men.

“Sure dad. I was going to Amilia’s house anyway.”

“Be back by 9:30,” Emma called as she disappeared into the kitchen to get the drinks.

A minute later she returned to find Steven, Harry, and the two visitors seated around the table and Reyes opening the laptop. She placed a hot drink in front of each of them to a round of thanks.

“Is it alright if I stay?” she asked.

“Of course it is Mrs Wallace,” Reyes said, “But before I go any further, I must warn you, everything from this point on is considered a matter of national security. You are not permitted to discuss it with anyone. If you do so, it could cause irreparable damage to Canada’s national interests and safety, and could expose you to the most severe legal repercussions, do you understand?”

She looked at her husband and Steven looked back.

“It sounds very serious,” she said.

“Not like we have any choice though, is it?” Steven added.

“No, I guess not,” she agreed, then all eyes returned to Reyes.

He smiled.

“I know that’s heavy, but we’re all going in the same direction here. You want to know what happened to you, and we want to ensure the nation’s security. I assume that you are Harry?” he asked addressing Harry.

Harry nodded.

“Good. So before I go any further, let me just ask you both a candid question: you’re not fabricating this for some reason.”

“Making it up? No of course not,” Steven said.

Harry looked positively offended.

“No way.”

Reyes looked to Lam and the man shook his head.

“Very good. I didn’t think so, but we needed to hear you say it. See your reactions.”

“Nobody believes us. It’s starting to piss me off now,” Harry said. “Sorry for the cursing.”

Reyes’ mouth cracked into a small grin.

“That’s perfectly okay. We need you to be completely candid with us. We’ve heard a LOT worse. If you can believe it, some people even use the S word.”

Harry looked at him to check if he was being serious. Reyes winked.

“I can understand how frustrating it is not be believed,” Lam said. “Unfortunately, it comes with the territory.”

“What territory is that exactly?” Penny asked.

“Territory like yours,” Lam said cryptically.

“If you want our cooperation, it’s not going to encourage us if you play games,” Steven said.

“I’m sorry, but you’ll soon understand our caution. I just have one more question, then I promise, I’ll start telling you what WE know okay?”

Steven looked at him with an expression that did not bespeak humour. He sighed then nodded.

“Thank you. Now, have either of you noticed any, um, physical changes to your bodies, or any embarrassing or possibly frustrating things that you didn’t experience before?”

Harry and Steven looked at each other, then Harry answered Reyes.

“You mean the boners?”

Reyes smiled and nodded.

“Anything else?”

“Well, our privates are a LOT bigger, and our pubic hair has gone. We’re smooth as bowling balls down there,” Steven said.

Lam nodded and addressed Reyes.

“Classic symptoms.”

“Yes, Raymond,” Reyes agreed.

“Symptoms of what Mr Reyes?” Steven asked.

“You can call us by our first names Mr Wallace. I’m Phillip, my colleague, is Doctor Raymond Lam. Symptoms of abduction sir.”

“Surely you can’t mean alien abduction?” Penny asked.

“We don’t know Mrs Wallace. Possibly. Or terrestrial inhabitants with technology far beyond our own. There are lots of indicators that seem to place these abductions beyond the means of even the most advanced human technology.”

“Such as?” Steven asked.

“Well, for starters, neither Canada nor its allies have, or are aware of any technology that can both render people unconscious instantly, or remove your vehicle mid-journey, then place it back again, all without the occupants being aware of the process. Also, there are traces of an unusual type of radiation at the abduction sights.”

Penny noticed that Harry’s hand was trembling and he looked horrified. She put a hand on his.

It’s okay Harry, these men are here to help us. Aren’t you Phillip?” she asked pointedly.

“You can be absolutely certain of it.”

Lam saw Harry’s expression.

“I know that this is extremely unsettling information Harry, but for what it’s worth, we have no record of an abductee ever being taken a second time, or even receiving another visitation.”

“But… but why would they take us in the first place?”

Phillip interjected.

“That’s a good question, and it’s one that leads us to believe that the perpetrators are not merely unknown terrestrial actors, but beings from somewhere beyond our planet.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let me ask you a question first. Why are you and your father wearing loose sweatshirts?”

He hesitated just second.

“I’ll save you the embarrassment and answer for you. It’s because you both have frequent uncontrollable, and large erections, and you also have frequent unwanted orgasms, correct?”

Harry looked down and nodded.

“Yes, that’s true,” Steven admitted. “But what does that have to do with anything?”

“We believe they are collecting human semen. Terrestrial entities, be they human or something else, already have an ample supply at hand. They would have no need to abduct people, and hold them for years on end.”

“So aliens took us?” Harry asked, his voice husky and trembling.

His mother squeezed his arm.

“That’s one possibility,” Reyes answered.

“Any others?” Steven asked.

“None that make sense.”

With her hand still on his forearm, Penny affectionately stroked her son’s bare skin with her thumb to calm him. He looked at her and gave a tight, half-hearted smile. She smiled back warmly.


“We’d like to go over the details of your abduction if we can,” Raymond said, “But first can I ask when you had your last, um, arousal events?”

“Arousal events?” Steven said, laughing out loud. “Is that what you call them?”

“Dad, I don’t get it,” Harry said.

“Boners. Mr Lam… Raymond is asking when we last had a boner.”

“Oh, that.”

“I know that they can be rather distracting. We’d like to conduct our interview before that happens. So, if you don’t mind me asking, do you recall when the last one was?”

“Actually, we can tell you EXACTLY when they were. We have to organise our lives around them now. Impossible to act like nothing is happening when you’re coming every two minutes.”

“Or trying to,” Harry added.

“Hmmm,” Lam nodded sympathetically.

He noticed that Harry’s skin colour was starting to turn rosy.

“Err, Harry, have you already started?”

Harry nodded.

“Yeah,” he grunted tersely.

“What type is it?” the doctor enquired.

“Type?” Penny said.

“Yes,” Raymond responded. “So far as we are aware, there are only three types of events. 10 minutes of gentle edging followed by a powerful one-minute orgasm, cycles of extremely intense edging followed by denial, or frequent orgasms.”

“Yeah, that one,” Harry interjected. “I get those far more often.”

“That’s true,” his father said. “He seems to get that type a lot more often than I do.”

“Yes, that’s a pattern that we’ve noticed with all younger males. It’s almost as though their sexual stamina is being developed.”

“I don’t think you’re going to want to sit here with us while you go through that,” Reyes said.

Harry’s expression had already started to take on the half snarl of denied lust. He shook his head tersely.

“When are you due Mr Wallace?”

“A few minutes after Harry.”

Harry rose to his feet, the bottom of his sweatshirt clearly tented.

“’Scuse me,” he said. “I’ve gotta go.”

He left with the same urgency as a diarrhetic man in sight of a desperately needed lavatory.

Reyes said, “Okay, well we’re clearly not going to be able to achieve much more here this evening.”

He placed a business card on the table.

“Why don’t you give me a call and we can arrange for you to come down to the office. We have a medical centre there. We have a lot more to discuss.”


Five minutes later, Steven was in his bedroom, his dick out and a bowl in front of him.

On his own bed, Harry lay naked on his back, raised knees wide, his pole pointing at the ceiling, as he squirmed and moaned like a bad porn actress.


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