The Light – Part 4

Abduction, forced milking, mystery

A father and son have an alien encounter

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The Light – Part 4

Three days later, Steven and his son sat in the back of a van he’d borrowed for the day. They were both naked and hard. 30 orgasms each had left them exhausted, but they hurriedly cleaned up and dressed, their erections slow to dissipate. They entered the government building that Reyes had directed them to on the phone, and he met them in the lobby smiling. He offered Steven a hand to shake.

“Better not, we just cleaned up in the van and I don’t know how good the hand sanitiser is.”

Reyes’ smile remained but he lowered his hand.

“I appreciate the honesty. So how long have you got?”

“About 97 minutes for me, maybe five minutes less for Harry.”

Reyes looked at his watch.

“So, let’s say 10:22 for Harry. I’ve arranged a private room with beds, a lavatory, and a wash basin for when the next cycle comes around. I take it, you’re okay sharing?”

Harry looked squeamish.

“Not really” he said. “Once was embarrassing enough.”

“Son, I’ve spent the last week seeing your boner under your sweatshirt, and I’ve seen you climbing the walls of your room naked at least half a dozen times. Maybe we could just live with the embarrassment for today?”

Harry looked at his father, feeling anxious and obligated. He unconsciously pulled a face; a mixture between extreme reluctance and a desire to please his father.

“I guess if I really HAVE to.”

“That’s the spirit.”

Steven placed an arm around his son’s shoulder and gave him a reassuring hug.

Agent Reyes led them to a large medical room where Doctor Lam was already waiting. He extended a hand. Again Steven declined.

“Better not.”

The doctor looked momentarily put out, and then Reyes mimed a masturbating hand, and comprehension blossomed on his face.

“Ah, I appreciate your consideration. I’ll be honest, in this job, I’ve more than my share on my hands from hundreds of men and teenagers. You get used to it after a while. It’s mostly just protein in any case.”

Reyes said, “Unless you choose to leave, I guarantee that you’ll both be with us for at least two cycles. We have a lot to discuss and lots of tests to run. I expect you’ll have a lot of questions for us too. First off, let’s get some preliminaries out of the way. Can you tell me precisely where you were when you were taken?”

Steven frowned.

“We have no memory of BEING taken. We drove straight home from the sport centre in Nanaimo on Trans 1, and when we got home, we’d skipped two years of our lives.”

“Ahh of course. My apologies. I wasn’t trying to catch you out but some people have a memory of the event. Well, not the actual abduction, but a glitch in the timeline if you like. Perhaps you could show us on Google maps, the precise route you took?”


For the next hour, Steven and Harry detailed the events of that evening, from the moment they left the club, until the events when they arrived home. Phillip entered the details into a case report on the same laptop he had brought to their home.

“So how many people has this happened to?” Harry asked.

“It’s difficult to say for certain. Tens of thousands. Much more than that maybe. It’s a global phenomenon, and many, many cases have doubtless never been reported. It’s also been happening a long time. Hundreds of years, possibly back to ancient history. But the nature of the events has changed. The after-effects are more extreme. We think that in the past, males were taken, semen was manually collected, and they were returned within a few days. Nowadays, as you’ve discovered, there are significant changes to your genitals, and the stimulation continues long after you’ve been returned.”

“At least we were returned,” Harry commented.

“Quite so, and it is possible that some people are not. Each year between America and Canada alone, over ten thousand people go missing and are never seen again. They are assumed to be runaways, adults looking to start new lives elsewhere, and even a small number of kidnap victims, but we have no way of saying for certain that some are not still on an alien craft somewhere, or perhaps they had the misfortune of passing away during collection.”

It was a sobering thought, and for a moment Steven and his son were silent, then Steven spoke.

“You’re speaking now as though alien abduction is a certainty. Is there something you’re not telling us sir?”

“Phillip,” agent Reyes said. “Yes, of course there are many things I cannot share with you, but I will just say this, we have never caught nor seen a little green man in the act, nor do we have their bodies in cold storage somewhere. Or if we do, it’s above my pay grade. But there are additional things that I can tell you that lend very high credence to the theory. But first…”

He looked at his watch.

“There’s just ten minutes until Harry’s next cycle. Better to give you extra time, rather than risk getting caught out. I know that it can be very embarrassing at the best of times.”

He opened a door to an adjacent room. Inside were two beds with vinyl mattress protectors and cotton sheets. There was a metal wash basin and liquid soap in one corner, with a shower adjacent to it, and a lavatory in the other. Reyes indicated a dividing curtain on a stand.

“It’s not much, but it can give you a bit of privacy from each other. Unless, you’re both on an orgasm cycle. Most people prefer to do that straight into the lavatory or the shower, but there are two bowls there if you prefer to use them to catch your emissions. Don’t worry about soiling the sheets – there are many changes of linen on that shelf, and lots of towels. If you need more, let us know afterwards. The room is sound proofed, in case that matters to you.”

Harry looked incredibly uncomfortable as Reyes spoke. Reyes turned to him.

“I know that this is uncomfortable son, but we’re professionals. There really is no reason for embarrassment.”

“That’s easy for you to say.”

Reyes nodded slowly, empathetically.

“Yes. We’ll leave you to it. Come out when you’re both done.”


Harry was the first to trigger. The second he felt it start, he stripped down to his underwear. He wanted to spend no longer naked around his old man than necessary. His underwear bulged with the terry-cloth diaper and waterproof cover he wore underneath. Learning to apply them both was one skill that he’d never dreamed he would have to acquire, but the consequences of getting caught away from his room or the bathroom when a cycle started were just too gross and humiliating.

He realised almost immediately, that he was going to be cumming again. Even with his enlarged testicles, and two years of conditioning his body had undergone, 30 orgasms in an hour was exhausting.

He removed the final layers of clothing and pulled the curtain between the two beds, giving his father a self-conscious grin that only affected his mouth, and flashed off again as fast as it appeared.

“See you in an hour.”

Harry was already hard by the time he picked the bowl up. He sat on the bed and gripped his penis with his right hand. He knew that undirected, his ejaculations could be energetic and unruly. The last thing he wanted was having to clear up half a pint of cum from the floor.

He felt the excitement, but resisted the urge to pump his fist. It wouldn’t help. He’d cum when he came, and he had no mental or physical control over the matter. But if he handled his penis, he would experience the additional discomfort of refractory hypersensitivity. All he could do, was endeavour to prevent the orgasms becoming messy. Sometimes he succeeded; sometimes he didn’t.

The first orgasm was powerful. He hunched over and aimed at the bowl, groaning at the intensity of it, but soon he was lying on his back, in an orgasm black out, as the cum continued to squirt.


Outside, Doctor Lam and Agent Reyes watched a computer screen showing a hidden camera feed, as Harry lost control with his first orgasm.

“Hmmm, that looks like an intensity 8 at least. No keeping control of that,” the doctor said.

“Nope. I think this is going to be messy.”

“The younger guys always are.”

Reyes grinned widely.

“True enough, true enough. Looks like his father is also on an orgasm cycle. Didn’t he say they both had one last cycle? They’re going to be tired.”


75 minutes later, Steven and his son emerged, freshly showered from the room. They were both walking gingerly, and both looked considerably more tired than when they had entered. Reyes looked from one to the other.

“You both look exhausted. Repeated orgasm cycle?”

Steven nodded.

“Fourth time today for me,” Harry added. “My nuts feel like someone used them as a punchbag.”

Doctor Lam winced.

“Wheww,” he said, sucking air through his teeth. “You’re not in pain are you?”

“Nah, but my nuts are totally worn out.”

“I can only imagine. Look, we need to conduct a thorough medical, and I think we’d better do it while you guys can still stand.”

“My legs already feel like rubber,” Harry said, slumping into a chair.

“Well how about we start with you first then Steven, are you okay with that?”

Steven nodded wearily. He had expected this request.

“Great, well why don’t you strip down to your underwear, and I can get started.”

“I’ll leave you to it gentlemen,” Reyes said, and he left the room.

Steven complied with the Doctor’s request, and over the next half an hour he was poked, prodded, squeezed, measured, his blood pressure and heart rate were recorded, and his blood was drawn.

“We’ll need a urine sample before you leave, and ideally, a semen sample.”

“A semen sample?” Steven asked.

“Yes, you can collect it during one of your cycles or we can use electro-ejaculation.”

“What’s that?” Steven asked.

“We’ll insert a probe into your rectum. It will emit a small electric current. It can induce an ejaculation even without an erection.”

“I’ll try to catch some on the next cycle,” Steven said, not liking the sound of the alternative.

“Very good.”

Lam offered Steven and his son a pair of plastic 100ml plastic beakers.

“Okay, I just need to examine your genitals. Could you take your underwear off please.”

Steven removed his underwear and the diaper. He looked sheepishly at the doctor.

“Just in case,” he said.

“I understand perfectly. Almost every abductee is wearing something similar when they visit us. Disposables get expensive, and it’s just too big a risk not to.”

“You got that right,” Harry said, remembering a couple of very messy incidents soon after he had been returned.

For the next five minutes, Doctor Lam carefully measured every aspect of Steven’s genitalia, writing it on a piece of paper on a clip board. Harry watched, intently curious. Steven glanced over and caught his son staring at his oversized genitals. Harry blushed but his dad grinned, and flashed him a wink that told him it was okay. Harry returned with an awkward grin.

Steven returned his attention to the doctor.

“Paper? I expected the spooks to be a bit more high tech,” Steven said wryly.

Lam grinned at the observation.

“Oh, we are. But if we get a power outage, I don’t need to go through it all again. I’ll transfer all this to our AI quantum neural hypernet on Mars later, but it’s quicker to just write it down for now.”

They locked eyes and for a second Steven considered whether there was an element of truth to the doctor’s response. Then it was the white-coated man’s turn to wink, and Steven burst out laughing, providing a sorely needed moment of levity.

“Almost had me there Doc.”

“I really shouldn’t joke like that, considering the reason you’re here, but I couldn’t help myself.”

“No harm, no foul. It was a good one! So, what have you discovered?”

“Nothing unexpected. You’re in fair physical condition for your age. And you have genitals the size of a bull.”

“That’s what mom said,” Harry added.

“Excuse me?” Lam asked.

“She said we had balls like a bull. And dicks like stallions.”

“Well honestly, I’ve never seen a bull to compare to, but your father’s testicles have a volume of 118 cubic millimetres. That’s um…” he did the mental arithmetic. “…about 6 standard deviations above the normal maximum. Of course, all of the returning males have MUCH larger genitals than average. One man in India who was gone for five years, returned with 950cl. That’s almost the size of a volleyball. On each side. They thought he had scrotal elephantitis at first, but his testicles were completely healthy, just enormous. His orgasms are… spectacular. He lives in a rural village. I believe they worship him as some kind of personification of fertility. He sits on a pillow all day, and they collect and use his semen to water their crops.”

“The size of two volleyballs?” Harry said. “Daaamn!”

“Five years,” Steven noted. “Thank the lord we weren’t gone that long. What’s the longest anyone was gone who returned?”

“It’s impossible to say. There have been claims that people were returned after centuries but that seems unlikely as everyone we encountered has continued to age. I’d say that Mr Chakyar was probably the longest verified case.”

“How do you verify a case?”

“Well, there is one undeniable indicator.”

Steven frowned.

“And what’s that?”

“I think it’s easier if I show you. It’s the final part of your examination anyway. Can I get you to stand on this plate please.”

He indicated a metal foot plate in the centre of a large machine. The machine had what looked like sunbed tanning elements behind it.

“What is it?” Steven asked.

“It’s an advanced magnetic resonance scanner. You’ve probably heard them called MRI scanners. It will perform a detailed internal scan of your body.”

Steven walked over and stood on the footplates with his feet about a foot and a half apart, and the doctor activated the scanner. The scanning elements started to move around Steven in a circle.

“Try not to move,” Lam said.

30 seconds later the scan was complete.

“All done.”

Steven let out the breath he was holding and Lam laughed.

“I’m sorry, it’s okay to breathe. You don’t have to stay THAT still. That’s it. You’re done. You can get dressed.”

Steven dressed quickly, and the doctor walked over to a 70-inch monitor mounted on the wall in portrait orientation. The scan of Steven’s body appeared. It looked like an x-ray, but it showed tissue as well as bone.

“Wow, that’s some machine you have there,” Steven said from across the room.

“Yes, and it’s revealed exactly what I expected. The confirmation I mentioned. There is no doubt now that you were taken. I’m sure that I will see exactly the same when we look at Harry’s scan.”

“What are you talking about doctor?” Steven asked.

The doctor gestured them both over then he pointed to the rear of the brain on the scan. He moved his hand across the touch sensitive screen to move through the scan layers.

“See that small object?”

Steven and Harry made out a spherical object 3 millimetres across. The doctor touched the screen with his finger and thumb and made a mobile phone zoom gesture, repeating it until the object was fifty times larger. There were microscopic wires exiting it in all directions.

“It’s interfacing with your brain,” the doctor said.

“What is it?” Harry asked.

“We can’t tell for certain. We think it’s a nanoscale computer. That’s what is controlling your arousal.”

“No wonder we kept getting boners all the time,” Harry said. “It always seemed too regular to be random.”

Doctor Lam zoomed out to full screen.

“There’s another one here.”

He pointed to the scanned prostate.

“More, here, here, here, and here.”

He indicated the scanned Steven’s spine, testicles and glans.

“They’re in my balls?” Steven asked incredulously. “What are they doing?”

“Best as we can tell, they’re all working to control your libido. They were doubtless implanted when you were their… guest.”

“Can you take them out?”

Doctor Lam sighed deeply.

“Sadly not. They appear to have some kind of anti-tamper mechanism.”

“What does THAT mean?”

“It means if we try to remove them, they implode.”

“Implode,” Harry said. “Like the opposite of an explosion?”

“Exactly. Only in slow motion.”

“How bad is it?”

“The first person that they tried to remove one from, a surgeon operated on his testicle. The testicle was a little smaller than your father’s. After the implosion, no trace of the testicle remained. Or the base of his penis.”

“Oh shit,” Steven said, uncharacteristically cursing. Do you know what triggered the implosion?”

“Yes, touching or severing any of the wires. They tried again. This time, the testicle was extended far from the body and the operation was conducted by laser.”

“What happened,” Harry asked.

“They never found any trace of the testicle after the event. The testicle just crumpled in on itself over the course of 10 seconds. Then it was gone.”

“So, we just have to live with them inside of us?” Harry asked.

“For the time being. Apart from the arousal and orgasms, they do not appear to produce any negative effects.”

“Then why leave them in there?” Harry said.

“Our best guess is that they simply didn’t deem them worth the effort of removing. Some of my colleagues have suggested that they are continuing to gather data, although we can discern no known transmissions emanating from them.”

“Maybe it’s their idea of a joke,” Harry said, without humour.

“I’d never even considered that, but who knows how an alien being thinks?”

Agent Reyes, knocked on the door then entered.

“So, we’re stuck with these effects for the rest of our lives?” Steven said.

“No, not indefinitely. They appear to use an internal power source. It runs down eventually.”

“How long?”

Lam paused before delivering the bad news.

“Ten to twenty years.”

“Twenty years of that!” Harry said, his eyes widening in dismay. “I can’t deal with that for twenty years! How am I suppose to date when my dick won’t behave? How about school? What about my life?!”

Lam gave him an empathetic half-smile.

“We have counsellors and experts who can help you deal with the situation, but there’s no doubt it will affect your life for a while.”

“That’s an understatement,” Steven said.

“To say the least,” Harry added.


The Doctor turned to Reyes.

“I’ve examined Steven, but I won’t have time to examine Harry before his next cycle.”

“That’s fine, now’s a good time to tell them about the trackers.”

“Trackers?” Steven asked.

“Yes. We have a tracker for each of you. They go under the skin at the base of your skull. They let us know where you are at all times.”

Steven frowned.

“I don’t like the idea of the government knowing exactly where I am at all times.”

“Given your abduction, wouldn’t you prefer that we have that information.”

“Hmmm, good point.”

“You carry a cell phone?”


“Then someone already knows where you are at all times.”

“Has anyone ever been taken who had a tracker?” Harry asked.

“Nobody has ever been taken a second time at all so far as we know.”

“So, what’s the point?”

“Most abductees are anxious after returning. This is just extra reassurance. And if anyone ever DOES get taken again, we may learn more about where they being taken.”

Harry thought about it.

“Makes sense I guess.”

“Truth is, the alien implants may be used to prevent you get taken again, or the abduction scenario may be very unusual, but even if not, the sheer probability of an abductee being randomly selected a second time is fantastically low.”

“You said that 10,000 people had been taken In Canada. That’s less than 1 in 500 people,” Steven said, doing some back of the hand math.

“That’s in Canada and the USA, and it’s over the past hundred years or so. I’d be willing to bet that you were less than 1 in a million. I could do the math for you if it makes you feel any better?” Reyes offered.

“No, no need. We can do it when we get home. Whiz kid here is good at math aren’t you son?”

“Not bad,” Harry said modestly.

The doctor continued, “Anyway, the trackers are completely optional but we recommend them as they also record your heart rate, respiration, and brain activity. It enables us to build a personal profile of your cycles, and before you ask, no, it does not read your thoughts. There’s no known technology that can do that yet. So, what do you say?”

Steven grinned.

“But you would say that, wouldn’t you?”

Lam grinned back.

“Yes, I would, but we’ve already shared so much top-secret information with you, I was hoping I’d earned a little trust.”

“I can’t speak for Harry – it’s his choice, but that’s okay with me. Harry?”

He turned to his son. Harry shrugged.

“I guess so. I’ll do whatever you’re doing dad.”

“Very good,” Lam said.

He showed them two trackers on a glass petri dish. They were flat discs, about 5mm across.

“How do they work?” Steven queried.

“Think of them like Apple Airtags, except they also have include a rare element that can also be tracked. Each one is uniquely coded.”

“How long do the batteries last?” Harry asked.

“About a year and a half, but we’ll replace them every year.”

“Do they hurt?”

“Some mild discomfort at the entry point, but that will heal quickly, then apart from the bump under your skin, you won’t even know they’re there.”

“Okay, do me first,” Harry said.

“Okie doke,” Lam agreed.

He picked up a medical instrument that looked like a Star Trek phaser, and inserted one of the tags into the end. Then he sprayed a numbing agent on the skin at the base of Harry’s neck. Within seconds the skin was numb. He pressed the instrument against the skin and it pinched and pulled a small fold of skin away from Harry’s neck.

“Can you feel this?” he asked.

“Not really. Maybe some light pressure.”

Without waiting, the doctor pressed a button on the instrument. A blade made a small incision, and a tiny ram pushed the tag in through the slit. The doctor put the instrument down, dabbed away a few drops of blood, and sealed the wound with medical adhesive.


“That was quick. Hardly felt a thing.”

“Yes, it’s very easy. You might feel some soreness over the next few days. Please try to resist the urge to touch it. If you have any problems, you can give me a call. We also have an emergency number, but nobody ever needs to call it for the tracker.”

“Emergencies like exploding nuts?” Harry said, sardonically.

“Actually, that’s never happened in the wild. It’s only when we try to remove them that that happens.”

“What if you remove the testicles entirely?” Steven asked.

“Then those implants would be gone. But the others still work. At least two people have tried it. All it accomplishes is the absence of sperm in the semen, but the arousal still remains. Unfortunately, none of the other implants can be so easily removed.”

“Feels weird knowing they’re in me. Makes me wonder if my thoughts and feelings are really my own anymore.”

“That brings me to another matter,” Lam said, reloading the tracker insertion tool.

“It’s rather delicate and most males find it embarrassing to discuss, but I guarantee you it’s better to be honest now.”

He numbed Steven’s neck and inserted the other tracker.

“Have you noticed a change in the things that arouse you?”

Harry looked to his father and their eyes locked.

“Erm, what do you mean?”

“Well, a lot of guys no longer think of the same things when they’re aro… horny as they used to.”

“The only time I get horny is when I don’t want to,” Harry said. “The last thing I want to do is jerk off, when I already came 200 times in a week.”

“I can only imagine,” Lam said. “But when you ARE being stimulated, do you still have sexual thoughts like you used to?”

Harry looked at the doctor and blushed. He felt as though his thoughts were completely transparent for the man to read.

“I don’t get it,” he lied.

The doctor smiled reassuringly. They all had trouble with this part.

“I’ll be honest, 92 percent of abductees who were formerly heterosexual, report that they no longer find the thought of females arousing any more, instead fantasising about males while they are being stimulated. We think it highly probable that the other 8 percent experienced the same, but were simply unwilling to admit it.”

Harry looked to his father again. Their eyes locked for long seconds. Finally, Steven spoke.

“I have to admit, I have noticed a change.”

“You think about men now, instead of women?”

Steven nodded. Lam turned to Harry.

“And you Harry?”

Harry’s face scrunched with shame.


“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about gentlemen. You don’t strike me as the homophobic sort, and this was not within your control.”

“Will I go back?” Harry asked.

“It’s hard to tell without knowing how the change was effectuated.”


All three men laughed together at the young man’s made-up word.

“Effectuated,” Lam repeated, smiling warmly. “It means “achieved.” Was your preference for males achieved with brainwashing, or are you what some people refer to as “prison gay”?”

“What’s that?”

“It’s when prisoners, in the absence of women, will start to sexually interact with each other. However there is a third possibility…”

“It sounds ominous,” Steven said. “What is it?”

“Well, it could be that the implant in your brain is feeding you same sex imagery, and it’s being reinforced by the other implants. That would be… problematic.”

“So, it would last as long as the batteries?” Harry asked.

The doctor gave a terse little Commander Data-esque, diagonal head twist, couple with the briefest wince.

“Possibly way beyond. We have no way of knowing, but it’s hard to imagine that a sexual preference fortified over 10-20 years, with tens of thousands of orgasms and long periods of arousal would simply be undone when the source ceases.”

“So, I’m gay now?!” Harry asked.

“You could say that.”

“What other way is there to say it?” Steven asked.

“Well, there will be a strong physical and mental correlation for the foreseeable future, but emotionally, you may continue to feel warmth towards females.”

Harry addressed his father.

“Is that how you feel towards mom?”

Steven nodded.

“Absolutely. I love her with all my heart. I love her presence, and the feel and smell of her. I’m just… not excited by her at the moment.”

“I guess it doesn’t matter anyway.”

“Why not son?”

“Well, it’s not like you get to enjoy sex anymore. You can’t cum when you’re horny. You can’t make yourself MORE horny. Our boners are just great big poles that stick out and embarrass us.”

The doctor spoke up.

“As I said, we have expert counsellors available for you to talk to. They’re available 24/7. I’ll give you their contact details. They will already be expecting to hear from you. They have a lot of experience with the thoughts you’ll be going through. Now I wonder if we have…”

“I think we’d better let them get some privacy Raymond. It’s past time for Harry’s cycle.”

Lam instinctively glanced towards Harry’s groin. The front of his sweatshirt protruded above his belly button. His eyes rose to meet Harry’s and Harry pulled his lips back in an embarrassed and unwitting parody of a grin.

“I realise that you’ll find this embarrassing, but do you mind if I measure the size of your erect penis before you go?”

Harry glanced at his father then back to the doctor.

“I guess. If you have to.”

“Why are you collecting this data doctor?” Steven asked.

Reyes answered.

“The more that we know about your condition, the better our chance of understanding and maybe undoing it. For example, were your testicles enlarged using alien technology, or was it simply a physical process that we are not familiar with? We know that they will slowly get a little smaller, although nobody’s have returned to what they considered normal pre-abduction. What if we gave you hormones? And if we did return them, would that affect the arousal cycles, and if not, would that make it better or worse for you. There are so many unanswered questions, but the more we know, the smarter our actions will be.”

Harry pondered the answer, then addressed his father.

“That sounds like a good thing dad.”

Steven nodded.

“Agreed. I’m just starting to get hard too. Why don’t you start with Harry?”

Now Raymond nodded.

“Can you drop your trousers please Harry.”

Harry lowered his trousers and underwear. His penis swung into view like the boom of yacht. The doctor picked up a tape measure and pressed it against Harry’s pubis, stretching it along the top of the young man’s hard penis.

“9 and one quarter inches.”

“Ahhh, ahhhhh!” Harry exclaimed, and suddenly a streamer of spunk erupted from his urethra.

He staggered, and the doctor nimbly sidestepped the gusher, offering Harry a hand to support himself. Harry instinctually accepted it, using the hand to stop his knees from buckling beneath him.

He stood, trembling as his cock spat spurt after spurt. When it finally stopped, he looked at the doctor sheepishly.

“Sorry. Looks like it’s going to be three cum cycles in a row.”

“Nothing to be sorry about. We can clean that up in a minute.”

He looked at the splatters of milky cum that adorned the industrial linoleum floor.

“In fact, we’re quite used to it. But you won’t have much energy left after three consecutive orgasm cycles. Let me just measure your girth.”

He wrapped the tape around Harry’s penis midway along the shaft.

“11.5 inches.”

“What’s the normal size?” Harry asked.

“Well, there’s a broad range, but probably around 5.5 inches long, and a similar circumference. Yours in in the third percentile of length, and the first percentile of thickness.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means only 3 percent of adult males are longer than you.”

“Oh. I wouldn’t mind being more average.”

“You’d be surprised how many people say that.”


The doctor went on to measure Steven.

“Percentiles are not generally cited any higher than 99, but suffice it to say that less than one in 10,000 men are as big as you.”

“Great, finally I’m a winner at something, and it’s something I don’t want.”

Raymond gave him a sympathetic smile.

“You’d better go,” the doctor said. “Don’t forget the beakers.”


A little more than 70 minutes later, Steven and Harry returned. Harry’s eyelids were drooping like a heroin user. His head was nodding and it looked as though he was struggling to keep awake. His father held both beakers. Both were filled to the brim.

“This is Harry’s,” he said, placing the beaker on the metal tray. The outsides were caked with congealed cum where his son had missed.

“And this is mine.”

“Excellent, thank you,” the doctor said. “I can see that you’re exhausted Harry. If I can just quickly run through your medical, you can both get off home.”

“Shu… sure,” Harry said, slurring his words from tiredness. “I try.”

The doctor started going through the medical, moving quickly, knowing that his patient was struggling to remain awake, let alone standing upright. On two occasions, Harry literally fell asleep on his feet, and his father had to catch him. In the end, Steven supported his naked son while the doctor completed his examination.

“Just the scan to do,” Lam announced after a while. “Do you think you can keep your eyes open long enough?” he asked Harry.

Harry’s head lolled to his chest. Reyes walk up behind him, and held up a finger to indicate to Steven that he was about to do something. Then at the top of his lungs, and only a foot from Harry’s ear, he shouted the young man’s name. Harry’s eyes snapped open and he looked around in a panic.

“Wu… what? What’s happening?!” Harry said startled and wide-eyed.

“Sorry to do that Harry. I shouted. The doctor needs to take a final scan, and the adrenaline will keep your eyes open for a few minutes.”

“Oh,” Harry said, still confused. “I get it.”

Agent Reyes smiled warmly at him, and the doctor gestured to the scanner. Harry stood where his father had stood earlier, and the scan was quickly completed. Lam pulled up the scan on the screen, and as expected, the same implants were visible.

“Well, that confirms it slugger,” Steven said. “Looks like you’re a member of the club.”

When Harry didn’t respond, Steven turned to find his son fast asleep standing up.

“I think I’d better get him home,” he said.

Reyes nodded.

“Of course. I’ll be in touch in a couple of days okay?”

Steven nodded as he started to dress his son.

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