The Light – part 2

Abduction, forced milking, mystery

A father and son have an alien encounter

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The Light – Part 2


It happened exactly how every cheesy 90s movie portrayed it; a lonely road at night, a light in the sky, then a sense of floating, followed by unconsciousness. But what happened afterwards was not typical…

Harry and his father passed out before their car was drawn into the craft above. As a matter of note, it was NOT saucer shaped; it was an aerodynamically smoothed rectangle as large as a city block. Not that anyone could look past its electromagnetic cloaking shield to actually see it.


Steven regained consciousness first. He found himself in a large metal-walled room. Six bunks lined one wall, with their long edges affixed to the wall. These doubled as couches. To the side, was a seating area, with six heavy, plastic-looking chairs surrounding a large circular table.

Hovering in space midway across the room was a large holographic display projecting into mid-air. It showed a guy being fucked by one man, while he sucked the penis of a second.

There were three adult men in the room already, and they were all naked. One was watching the holo-video, and idly playing with his large, erect penis.

The second was laying on one of the bunks adjacent to Steven. Steven blinked his eyes and sat up. He immediately looked for his son, and found him lying on the bunk on the other side to him. He walked over to the bunk and put his ear to Harry’s mouth to check if the teenager was breathing.

“He’s just passed out,” the man next to Steven said.

The man looked like a hobo who had spent the past year sleeping on the streets. His hair was straggly, and he had unkempt stubble on his face.

“Where are we?” Steven asked, touching Harry’s forehead to check for warmth.

“They got you man,” the other man said. “Aliens dude. They’re totally real.”

“Are you serious?” Steven asked.

“Serious as a heart-attack dude. Greys. Straight outta science fiction. I was driving home from my girlfriend’s house when they snatched me. What were you doing?”

Steven frowned, trying to remember.

“We were driving home from Harry’s soccer practice. We were on Trans 1, south of Nanaimo. Then… Then there was a light and…”

“Classic man. Bet it was an empty road far from a town right?”


Harry roused and blinked a few times.

“Dad, what happened? Where are we?”

“I don’t know son; I’m just trying to find out. This man…”

“Richard,” the other man interjected. “You can call me Rich.”

He sounded like a Californian surfer.

“Rich said that we…” Steven hesitated to repeat Richard’s words. “that we were abducted by aliens.”

Harry sat up sharply, his face instantly fearful. He took room in, in a single glance, and what he saw was enough to convince him.

“Why are you all naked? What do they want from us?”

“I don’t know,” his father answered.

He turned to Richard.

“Your sperm,” the man said pre-emptively, “or your semen. They don’t speak, so we can’t be certain, but given the fact that they drain our balls for half of the day, it seems pretty obvious.”

“D… drain your balls?” Harry queried, unconsciously putting both hands over his groin.

“Yeah dude, every couple of hours.”

He gestured to the third man in the room. He was laying face down on a short, padded bench with his arms and legs dangling limply towards to ground, secured to legs on the bench. He was naked, like the other two men, and he had a huge erection. It faced towards the ground. Its glans was encased in a soft transparent hood, which connected via a short pipe to a collection bottle below. Semen dripped stickily from the eye of his urethra. The man squirmed in slow motion, groaning.

“What’s happening to him?” Harry asked.

“Milking my guy. We all get milked about eight times a day for an hour every time.”

“M… miked?”

“Yeah, the ol’ nut custard. They got a thing for it. Dunno why. Prob’ly making a clone army or something. Maybe they use it in an alien cocktail.”

“How long have you been here Rich?” Steven asked.

“Me? I dunno. Long time. You lose track of time. What date is it now?”

“June 7th.”

“What year?”

“What YEAR?!” Steven repeated, dismayed. “It’s 2024.”

“Oh, that’s good. I’ve been heeeere…”

He did a quick calculation on his fingers.

“Fourteen months.”

“What about you?”

Steven called to the man who was watching porn.

“How long have you been here?”

The man turned away from the show, his hand never leaving his cock.

“I got here on New Year’s eve ’23. On my way to a party. Guess I got my wish.”

He snickered and returned his attention to the screen.

“What about him?” Steven said, gesturing towards the man being milked.

“Frank? I don’t know. He was the last one in.”

“Have you tried to escape?” Harry asked.

Richard gave a wan smile.

“There’s nothing to escape through. The aliens walk up to the wall and it just disappears in front of them, then seals up after them.”

“What about attacking them?” Steven asked.

“Uh yeah, not a good idea. That’s what Frank did. He was like, a cop or a marine; something tough like that. He jumped one of them. They look spindly, but they didn’t move an inch as he barged the guy. Then they pointed this thing at his head, and Frank hasn’t said a word since. It’s like they wiped his mind. They milk him all day long now. I mean, he’s still moaning, so at least that part of his brain is still working, but it’s like the rest of him left the building, if you know what I mean?”

Harry and Steven looked at Frank. The hairy, barrel-chested man looked powerful; muscular, but now he was no more than a constantly squirming animal.

“Looks like milking a cow,” Harry mused.

“Yeah, a cum cow. When it’s your turn kid, do yourself a favour – just go along with them.”

Harry blanched at the thought.

“My turn? I don’t wanna be milked.”

“Nah, none of us did. But it could be worse. At least they’re not dissecting us.”

“So, no-one has ever escaped?” Steven asked.

“Not that I know of. There was another guy. College kid.”

He looked at Harry.

“Bit older than you maybe. They took him away. Not seen him again since. Who knows what happened to him?”

“What’s with the video?” Steven asked gesturing towards the holographic porn.

“What that? Gayvision?”

“Gayvision?” Harry queried.

“Yeah, all day every day. Only thing they show us. Hardcore gay porn. It’s the only thing to do except sleep, eat, exercise, or talk.”

“So, they do feed you?” Steven asked.

“Yeah, twice a day. Some kind of sweet oats. Not very tasty, but at least it keeps us alive. And there’s a water dispenser over there. You can use it any time you like. Bathroom in the corner. It’s weird. Sucks the crap right out of you.”

“Gay porn?” Harry asked, “Is that all?”

“Yeah, all day every day. I hope you like the sight of cock my man. You’re gonna be seeing a lot of it if you don’t want to die of boredom.”

“But why gay porn?” Harry pressed.

Rich shrugged.

“I dunno, maybe that’s what they think guys like. Or maybe they’re trying to make us gay.”

“Has it worked?” Steven asked.

“Yup, pretty much. Don’t think about my girlfriend any more, and I can pop a boner for a guy any time.”

Harry looked sickly.

“Dad, what are we gonna do?”

Richard looked at him sympathetically.

“I don’t think there’s much you CAN do to be honest. And there is one advantage.”

“Oh yeah, what’s that?” Steven asked.

In answer, Richard shook his genitals at them with his hand. Even flaccid, they were substantial. Steven frowned.

“I don’t follow.”

“Your dick man – it makes your dick much bigger. I was hung like a chipmunk before, now I got a porn star dick. And my nuts, look.”

He lifted his testicles like a waiter presenting a bottle of wine. They were impressive. He addressed Harry.

“If you ever get outta here, you’re gonna put all other guys in the locker room to shame kid. The girls are gonna be all over you.”

It was not a thought Harry took comfort from.

“Yeah, but from what you said, I’m not gonna be interested in the girls any more…”



Fifteen minutes later, three aliens entered. They were about six and half feet tall, with slender bodies and spindly long fingers. They had large, hairless heads, and small, lipless mouths. But it was their large black, almond-shaped eyes, angled upwards steeply from the inside to the outside, that sent a chill down Harry’s spine. They were not angry or evil, but without whites, they were utterly unreadable, showing no emotion whatsoever. Two of them approached him and each of them gripped an arm, and started pulling him towards the middle of the room.

“What, me? No, I don’t want to go first. Why me?”

Steven jumped to his son’s defence, but Richard put out an arm to block his path.

“Dude, you’ll only make things worse for both of you. So, your kid gets his pecker pulled for an hour. Is that so awful?”

Steven looked at Rich, his inner turmoil clear. Then the logic sank in and he stopped trying to aid his son.

Harry continued struggling and the third alien pointed what looked like a ray gun at him. Harry froze terrified, then a ray shone from the device and Harry’s clothes rapidly turned to dust, leaving him naked as a jaybird.

“Don’t fight Harry,” his dad called. “Just go along with whatever they want.”

“But I’m naked dad!” Harry said.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s not worth losing your mind over.”

Harry ceased struggling and the alien pointed the ray gun at his groin. His pubes disappeared in a puff of dust.

Despite his fear, Harry’s genitals hung loose; a good-sized pair of testicles hanging beneath his soft fawn-coloured cock. It protruded 45 degrees downwards from his groin, and curved softly downwards from the root towards its foreskin-capped end.

The aliens guided him towards one of the two empty benches and bent him forwards so that he lay on it with his chest and stomach. The position was not uncomfortable. He felt his wrists being dragged down along its legs, then clamps closed around them, trapping them in place. His legs were parted and were soon similarly secured, this time with clamps at his wide-spread knees. To his dismay, Harry felt something cool being pressed into his rectum.

“Daaad!” he called in alarm.

“It’s okay dude. It won’t hurt you,” Richard assured him.

“What is it?!”

“I dunno – some kind of massager. They take it out when you’re done.”

Harry felt his sphincter snap shut around a narrow part of the object. Now his own body held it in place. The head pressed against a sensitive part inside of him. He felt his penis growing hard. It was bad enough being naked in from of these strangers, but it was downright humiliating to pop a boner!

Harry looked straight ahead, trying to disassociate himself from the way his adolescent body was betraying itself.

Now he felt slender fingers on the head of his penis. They drew backwards, exposing his swollen, rhubarb-red glans to the temperature-controlled air. It felt cool for a moment. Then he felt something soft and rubbery being wrapped around the head. Its inner surface rippled, enclosing him like an octopus ensnaring its prey.

“Daaaad!” Harry said in a tremulous voice.

A strange chittering, bubbling sound came from the alien mouths, and Harry correctly surmised that they were laughing at his nervousness.

“It’s okay son,” his father reassured, “they’re putting that cup on your helmet.”

“But it’s moving!”

“Oh yeah, it does that. Drives you nuts,” Richard said.

One of the aliens pointed a new device in Harry’s direction. Instantly, Harry felt horny. Not “flash of tit in class” horny. Not, “That was a good porn” horny. Not even, “Girlfriend, “accidentally” brushing your cock horny.” Horny in a way that made him almost breathless with the strain of trying to hide it from his dad.

His face turned red, he started moaning in small, half-stifled grunts, and despite his best efforts, he started grinding his groin in small, slow circles.

Rich watched, grinning.

“Yeah, it’s intense isn’t it my man?”

Harry was overwhelmed. All he could say in response was a small, “Unnnnng.”

His face took on an ugly snarl of arousal.

“Is he going to be alright?” his father asked.

“Oh yeah dude. Totally fine. So long as he goes along with them. We all go through it. Sometimes they keep us on edge like that for the whole time, and sometimes they make us blow every couple of minutes. I dunno what’s the hardest, wanting to cum and not being able, or not wanting to, and having to keep on blowing your load. I don’t know how they do it, but your nuts feel, well, I don’t really now how to describe it; like they’re warm; vibrating; growing. Well, that bit is accurate I guess; I mean they do swell up maybe two times as big if they do the edging thing, then they go back to normal after. But I think that’s why we all have such big nuts now. Maybe they don’t ever quite go back to their old size, know what I mean?”

Steven glanced down at Richard’s large flaccid genitals resting on the bunk between his legs.


Harry felt humiliated to be naked in front of his dad, but he was positively mortified to be so horny around these men who were all at least twice his age. Although he was no longer a child, he felt like a little kid again accidentally exposing his pee pee at a family gathering. His cousin had done that to him when he was 12; yanked his shorts down exposing him to the whole family. He yanked them back up immediately, but he saw their eyes all go immediately to his then-stumpy penis and tight nuts. He glowed brightly at the humiliation as they laughed, and he knew that no matter how quickly he’d pulled his shorts back up, they would forever have the image of his pre-adolescent genitals in their minds.

And now, for the second time, his junk was on full display to the adults, and he was just an object of scrutiny and amusement. And to make it worse, his balls felt amazing; bursting with cum and horniness.

But it was more than Harry’s testicles driving him crazy. The incredibly soft thing on his glans was gently rippling, undulating, stroking him, keeping him excited. He could literally feel his glans straining. It never normally got as hard as his shaft, but now it felt as though it was swollen to its absolute limit, bloated like a small balloon stretched to near-bursting point. And there was nothing he could do to prevent it. As he moved his pelvis, the squishy cap moved with him, maintaining its perfect stimulation.

In any normal situation; in his bedroom at home, or in his girlfriend’s hand, Harry would be ecstatic to be so hard, safe in the knowledge that orgasmic relief was soon at hand. But here, he felt as though he had quickly been taken to the very pinnacle of arousal, but something was preventing his body from crossing the threshold, forcing him to teeter on the very brink of an already-desperately-needed explosion, and a brief period of lust mindwipe. Distractedly, he felt certain that he would lose his mind if he didn’t nut soon.  He couldn’t possibly stay like this for long, but it had only been a few minutes. Five at most.

“Daaad, I can’t. It’s too much. Too horny!” he whimpered.

“You can Harry. You have to. Try not to think about it. Concentrate on breathing.”

Harry started panting through his teeth like a woman giving birth.

“It’s exhausting the first few times,” Rich explained. “He’ll be tired for a few weeks until he gets used to it.”

Harry had never produced it before, but now precum drooled freely from the head of his cock.


Then the aliens came for his father. In just a minute, Steven was restrained naked, in the same position behind his son. Five minutes after that, he realised just how ineffective his breathing advice was in alleviating his arousal. His prostate, his sphincter, his testicles, his glans, even his nipples all felt as though they were being simultaneously teased and excited with an expertise that no human could ever hope to master. It felt like a warm, wet tongue, stroking lips, a sucking mouth, and more, all at once.

Steven stared ahead, panting along with his son. Harry’s bench was directly in front of his own, barely two feet away. He could see every detail of his son’s steel-hard pole, dragged downwards by the glans massager, a tracery of fine veins purple along the underside of the shaft, his balls pulled high, in a lump to the base of his cock.

He knew that his sone undoubtedly felt at least as horny as he did. Maybe worse. Teens got hornier didn’t they? In their sexual prime. And Harry didn’t have the experience to cope with such things.

Steven turned his head to the side. He didn’t want to spend the time starting at his kids’ junk.

Six feet away, the third man sat, watching Harry intently, and stroking himself.

“Hey!” Steven shouted sharply. “Mind your own business. Eyes off my kid.”

The man gave him a slow, dirty grin, then returned his attention to Steven’s son as he continued pleasuring himself. Steven knew he was powerless to stop him, but he scowled at the man, before turning back to his son. His son’s testicles were pulsing in their scrotum. Steven assumed it was in time with Harry’s heartbeat, but then he wondered if maybe something else was causing the movement.

Harry knew what was causing it. His body was trying to cum. His testicles were throbbing with growing ferocity as all of the triggers for an orgasm were firing, but something was blocking that final summit. He could feel his sphincter clenching and unclenching, and the muscles at the root of his cock tensing and relaxing repeatedly. He let out a series of frustrated gurgling grunts, as though the vocalisation might push him over the edge. The sounds became increasingly desperate and pathetic as his orgasm was denied for two minutes, three, four minutes. Four minutes with his body responding on autopilot to a desperate imperative to cum! But a stronger force was stopping him; short circuiting that part of his genitals and his brain that would grant him the relief he was so desperate for.

When he masturbated in his bedroom, sometimes Harry would stop pumping close to the edge to make the session last longer. Not too close, or he could easily lose control, and then his orgasm would be unsatisfying. But with determination, he could pause or reduce his pumping to the lightest, shortest strokes, half a dozen times before the need to orgasm became overwhelming. But this was a hundred times worse. This was not control; it was denial. He felt as though he was literally mid-orgasm, yet he could not add that satisfying and all-important dimension of ejaculation that would provide the joy and the relief.

Eventually, his grunts of urgency changed to pitiful desperation, and then his testicles drooped in his sack, as his desire moved back from the precipice, leaving him frustrated and tired.

Rich smirked and spoke to the other man.

“Guess his first go was a no-show. Poor kid. And he has a whole hour that yet.”

“Yeah,” the other guy said smirking back and continuing to stroke himself. “Or a month. Who can tell?”

As he heard the men talking about his ruined orgasm, Harry’s eyes widened at the horror of even a whole hour of denial. He was so horny it was painful. He felt as though his genitals were bulging, straining, throbbing with lust. There was no way he thought he could endure 60 minutes of that!

Ahead of him, Frank squirmed and moaned, like a horny zombie, his mind elsewhere, but his body still responding to a different torment – endless orgasms; never-ending stimulation and euphoric pleasure without surcease.

Harry noticed that the man’s genitals were enormous. His ovoid testicles were each larger than grapefruits, each one clearly visible in a tight, shiny scrotum. Harry had seen pigs at his grandfather’s farm, and Frank’s scrotum had the same over-full, over-tight appearance. Like a pregnant woman, it was mottled red with stretchmarks caused by expansion of its contents faster than the skin could adapt. The crimson-coloured tracery of blood vessels across its surface were inflamed, and some had even ruptured.

And pulled down beneath, an erect penis that looked ridiculously large; thick as a large bottle of coke, and just as long, with a giant, shiny purple mushroom head encased inside the milking cap. It was a gross, cartoonish, schoolboy drawing version of a human penis. The sort of thing that ancient Greek worshippers drew on Priapus, their fertility god. It would be comical if it was not attached to an actual human.

Harry noticed, but he was not interested in deep musings at that time. All he knew was that the excitement was building again, from his already elevated state, towards what would surely this time, give him release.

He felt his circular squirming morphing into a slow, linear thrusting movement, which became more powerful, more insistent. He tried to still his loins; he didn’t want to put on a show for the two watching men. But within 15 seconds, the urge to fuck was greater than his ability to control it, and he was soon pounding the air, trying to drill an absent vagina.

“Here it comes!” he thought, his need to orgasm greater than his embarrassment at doing so in front of two strangers and his dad. “Here it comes, here it comes here it comes!”

His body stayed at the peak, his unvoiced sentiments urging his body to deliver what it promised. But as before, he remained closer to the edge than he would have believed possible, without providing that final satisfaction.

His inner voice changed from urging to pleas, to begging.

“No please!” he whimpered out loud, his desperation driving him to vocalise his need.

But his request went unanswered, and then, slowly, he felt his libido retreat once again.

“Sorry kid, that sucks,” Rich said, with genuine empathy.

Despite his deep paternal love, Harry’s father was less than sympathetic in that moment. He’d been strapped down for 10 minutes, and he was already in the throes of his third powerful orgasm. His hips powerfully thrusted as his son’s had, but his motions were rewarded. He growled, his eyes squinting in ecstasy as he provided the aliens with another semen load for whatever purposes they had planned for it.



50 minutes later, the aliens returned and released Harry. He was exhausted, his face and chest flushed maroon, and he was drenched in sweat. He rose slowly, and immediately covered his groin with his hands. His cock was still twitching, and his testicles were visibly swollen, but he’d never been given relief. He looked shell-shocked as he walked towards the bunk he’d awoken on.

“Not much point covering up kid,” the third man said. “No privacy or modesty here.”

“I’m not a kid,” Harry said dismissively, as he lay on the bunk, waiting for his father to be released. The man replaced him on the bench.

Steven growled and thrust, light-headed as he experienced his 30th orgasm in an hour. It was dry, but over time, every single one would yield an increasing amount of semen.

When he was released, he walked on trembling legs, over to join his son, not bothering to cover his swinging erection. Harry watched it as his father walked over.

“My face is up here,” Steven said.

Harry looked up.

“Never seen you with a boner,” he said, slurring with exhaustion.

“I get the feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot more of each other’s boners.”

He sat next to his son and tousled his hair.

“How you doing Harry?”

Harry looked sickly. He swallowed hard.

“Horny. I don’t think I can take much more of this.”


26 months, and 105,000 orgasms later, their captivity finally came to an end…


    • Haz-
    • 20th January 2024 at 5:35 pm-
    • Reply

    Amazing story as per usual, the forced milking never gets old!

    • I agree. Forced milking is definitely my main jam. Thanks for your comments Haz!

    • WildOne-
    • 18th February 2024 at 4:28 pm-
    • Reply

    This was great again. But I think Harry now needs an extremely intense, embarrassing orgasm in front of all these men. An orgasm that is so strong that the boy cannot keep himself from moaning.
    Maybe the aliens milk him to orgasm. Or maybe he feels so horny he can’t help but just has to masturbate, and the aliens have made sure he can only do it where everybody can watch him.

    Would you agree? 😉

    • Hmmm, I like that.

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