The cure – part 2

humiliation, forced arousal, punishment

A teenage arsonist is sentenced to a stay at an unusual reformatory. In this part, he arrives and spends his first day.

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The cure – Part 2

Two guards entered the bus, and one by one they unfastened each boy from the testicle restraints and allowed them to stand. When it was Aaron’s turn, he stood with relief and there was a slurping sound as the dildo withdrew from his rectum. Two-and-a-half hours secured in a low crouching position was bad enough, but it was the constant anal stimulation that had really exhausted him. He felt cool air inside his hole; it was a sensation he had not experienced before. His balls were aching too. In spite of his natural desire to protect them, from time to time, he had been unable to resist rising away from the testicle cuffs that had pulled him down onto the dildo. Like that of all the other boys, the dildo upon which Aaron was impaled was connected to the bus’s suspension, and any time the bus passed over a particularly large bump in the road, it impaled him deeply, forcing him to rise, yanking on his nuts.

Aaron looked down at his nuts. They were red from their constant yanking. He allowed his focus to move past them to the floor where he had been squatting. There was a large puddle of cum there. He’d lost track of how many times he’d squirted; once every five or ten minutes for two and a half hours, maybe twenty or thirty times. The root of his cock was aching from the continuous boner. He glanced to his right. There was an even larger puddle in front of his surly companion.

As each naked boy was released from the bus, his ankles were chained together and he was secured to the boy in front. Eventually, they were all chained into a long caterpillar of naked teenagers. The caterpillar started to shuffle forwards, each boy with his hands cuffed behind his back.


They made their way inside a building ahead, led by one of the guards. More guards joined them to ensure that they remained under control. Inside, Aaron found himself in a long corridor. To his amazement, the walls on both sides of the corridor were lined by thousands of smooth plaster penises. The penises were all shapes and sizes, ranging from just a couple of inches long, to over ten. Aaron noticed that many were erect. Above each one was a photograph of its bashful owner along with his full name.

The chain of boys shuffled along the corridor until they were all inside then they stopped moving as one of the guards addressed them.

“This is the wall of shame. When you leave here, casts of your dicks will join these other criminals to serve as a reminder to future boys that your dicks are no longer your own, and to remind YOU that your crimes have permanent consequences.”

The boys scowled at the news, and a few of them resolved that casts of their dicks would never be added to the wall. Aaron couldn’t help but notice that some of the penises appeared pre-pubertal in size and above, fresh faced boys stared back confirming his suspicion. He wondered what their owners could possibly have done to merit this sentence.


The line of boys was led through to a shower area and one by one unchained from the others.

A guard said, “Now that you are here, let me warn you, there is absolutely no way out of this building without permission, and even if you somehow got outside, we’re 50 miles from the nearest town, so unless you have survival training, you’d certainly be caught or die in the wilderness long before you reached safety.”

There was a subtle change in the mood. It was already sombre, but the news deflated the captives’ spirits still further. It felt to Aaron like a gentle sigh of resignation.


When the boys were all disconnected from each other, two guards made their way down the line removing the boys’ cuffs whilst four burly guards watched. When all of the boys were uncuffed, one of the guards said, “Hands on heads, and don’t take them down again unless I tell you to.”

The boys reluctantly raised their hands, and two guards passed along the line. The guards carried long-handled spray guns connected via rubber hoses to liquid reservoirs carried on their backs. They reminded Aaron of photos he’d seen of world war two soldiers with flame throwers.

“Don’t want you infecting each other with crabs or any of your filthy boy diseases,” the guard explained.

The hose carriers sprayed each boy’s pubic region, then beneath each of his armpits. If any boy had a treasure trail or hairy chest, they were also sprayed. The hose squirted clear liquid but upon contact with the air it instantly turned into white foam that bubbled painlessly on the boys’ skin. The boys looked down at themselves, concerned by the foam that was coating them. A Latino boy aged about 17 took his hands from his head and reached down to brush the foam from his groin.

“Hands on your head!” the largest guard barked.

The boy looked at the man unimpressed and rubbed at his pubic region. The guard walked over, withdrawing a baton from its holster on his hip. Without pause, the man hit the boy hard on the buttock, and the boy grunted and fell to the ground.

“Up!” the guard ordered.

The boy struggled to his feet, a red welt immediately growing on his left buttock cheek. He looked at the guard with a mixture of disgust, contempt, and rebellion.

“Hands on your HEAD!” the guard ordered.

The teenager glowered at him and paused just long enough to show defiance, but he was no fool. This was the guard’s playground. He lifted his hands to his head, and his groin was promptly re-sprayed. The boy glowered at the guard with an expression of deepest hatred. The guard stared back, then slowly tapped his baton into the palm of his hand until the boy eventually broke his gaze and looked at the floor.

“That’s what I thought.”

The guard laughed and walked away.

The two guards with the cans on their backs slowly worked their way through the boys, methodically spraying each inmate, in no rush. Aaron noticed from the corner of his eyes that a few boys were spared and he wondered why. He would know soon enough.


The four guards who had been standing watching turned to the wall and picked up what appeared to be four fire hoses. They turned them on the boys, running them left and right, aiming at the boy’s genitals and pits. The boys instinctively moved to cover themselves before quickly returning their hands to their heads to avoid the fate of the Latino. The guards seemed to linger far longer than necessary on each boy’s genitals, taking perverse pleasure in watching the youngsters’ flapping cocks chased by the cold water. When it was his turn, Aaron squirmed just as his neighbours had. The water pressure was not high enough to cause injury, but high enough to be uncomfortable, especially when trained on his nuts. He squirmed side to side like a flamenco dancer showing off his pelvic twist.


Eventually, the guards turned off their hoses and the young inmates stood shivering and vulnerable.

“That’s better,” the guard said. “Hair is for men. You’re just little boys and while you’re here, you’d better remember it.”

Aaron was momentarily confused, then he glanced down at himself. His pubes were gone. The foam had even removed his hair follicles. He was smooth as a newborn, and with his dick shrivelled and his nuts cooched up against the cold he looked like a little kid. Pathetic! He wished he had the darkened nut sack that some of the boys had. At least it would show that even without hair, he was sexually mature, but his sack was as pale and white as his dick, and that was exactly the same colour as the skin of his belly.

He looked beneath his raised arms at his pits – he didn’t have much before but now even that was gone. He glanced at the boys near him and they were similarly bald now. A murmuring of resentment passed among the teenaged inmates, but none was willing to incur the wrath of the guards by openly objecting.

The guard said, “Now get under those showers and scrub.”

The boys turned to the showers that lined the wall behind them. The water had just turned on. There were only a quarter as many showers as there were boys. Some of the boys watched as others stepped under the shower heads.

“Now now you little homos, don’t be shy. All together. Don’t keep us waiting,” the guard said, grinning at his own weak insult.

The boys looked at him sceptically then shuffled into the showers to join those who had already begun. The water was as cold as the hose, and Aaron’s first instinct was to draw his arms in to his body to keep warm.

The shower heads didn’t have a very wide spray radius, but the naked teens were naturally reluctant to get too close together.

“You’re going to have to get closer than that. Come on you little faggots, turn inwards, get close, we don’t have all day!”

It seemed odd to Aaron that the guard was accusing them of being faggots because they were unwilling to press their nude bodies together with other naked boys, but like the other boys, he just scowled at the guards and huddled shoulder-to=shoulder with the three boys sharing his shower head. He noticed that one of the boys was a good foot shorter than him and his penis was little more than a scrap of skin protruding from his belly, with almost non-existent nuts forming little more than a bump in his tiny sack. The boy looked no older than twelve years old. Now Aaron understood why some of the boys had gotten a pass on the foam spray – they had no hair to remove in the first place!


There was soap in recesses along the wall. Aaron picked up a piece and washed himself as best as he could given his close proximity to the others. As he showered, the guards stood, passing loud comments ridiculing the inmates.

“Jeez call that a prick? You couldn’t fuck a gopher with that little thing!”

“Fucking hell look how skinny this one is. You could play those ribs like a xylophone.”

“Look at the way these four cunts are looking at each other. They’re queers for sure.”

In spite of the fact that the cold water was encouraging the blood to drain from their skin, many of the inmates were glowing red with shame.


Eventually, the water was turned off.

“Dry yourselves quickly, then line up outside in the corridor.”

The boys obeyed, equally glad to avoid further ridicule as they were to get out of the cold water. Their body language had already changed. The bus ride was the first stage in breaking down their sense of masculinity. Two and a half hours of anal fucking and unwanted orgasms was a powerful assault on their self-image as males, and now the depilation and ridicule was a further part of the process designed to reduce them from normal teenagers – in many cases, aggressive alphas – into simpering sissies who would not dare to transgress society’s rules.


“Hands on heads,” the guard commanded the boys lined up in the corridor.

The smooth, naked teens raised their hands.

“Follow me.”

The boys followed the guard at the head of the line as he led them into the main residential area. On the way, they encountered work details of other boys on their hands and knees buffing the floors. The boys looked up at the new intake with curiosity. The workers were also naked and smooth but for some reason Aaron was embarrassed to be seen by them.

They continued marching, and they were led through an office area that was used for the reformatory’s administration. There were glass walls to prevent the boys from trying anything, but on either side of the glass-walled corridor, there were dozens of women of all ages working at desks.

“Stop,” the leading guard ordered.

The line of boys came to a halt and the guard wandered into the office and started chatting casually with one of the women. The boys stood, hands on heads, their freshly shaved groins and cold shrunken genitals making them look much younger.

The guard occasionally pointed at one boy or the other through the glass walls, and although their conversation was muffled, Aaron felt certain that they were ridiculing him and the other boys.

Several of the boys started shuffling uncomfortably, and many of the women in the offices on either side started to pay more than a little interest in them. Aaron noticed a woman in her early twenties looking at him. He looked back at her defiantly, then she looked down at his groin staring for over ten seconds. She looked back at him and a smirk spread over her face. Aaron’s resolve to brazen it out dissolved and he turned to the front blushing with embarrassment, looking straight ahead to avoid her scorn. Up and down along the line, similar scenes were being played out as this deliberately staged set up ran its course. After five minutes, the guard stopped chatting and rejoined the boys.

“Well boys, I hope you didn’t get too excited showing your pathetic junk off to the ladies. I’ve heard that a lot of you get off sending photos of yourself to girls. Still, you faggots probably send them to other boys huh?”

With that, he started walking again and the line of boys followed quietly behind him.


After a journey that was designed to walk the naked boys past every possible clothed person in the building, they came to residential corridor J. One by one, the boys were deposited into rooms whilst one of the guards ticked them off on sheet attached to a clipboard that he was holding. When it was Aaron’s turn, the guard opened a heavy iron door and ushered him in. The room contained a bed, a table, and a chair. Everything was bolted to the ground.

“You’ll eat at six. Until then, occupy yourself anyway you like.”

The guard smirked and Aaron wondered why. He assumed the man was just enjoying a power trip or being sarcastic about the fact that there was nothing at all to do in the room.

The door shut behind the guard, and Aaron sat on the bed, still naked as the door was bolted from the outside. He wondered when he would be given clothes to wear. Then he remembered the naked boys he’d seen scrubbing the floors. His already-bruised heart sank even lower.


The bed comprised a thin mattress, top and bottom sheets and a single thick blanket. Aaron picked the blanket up and wrapped it around himself, then he sat down and started to examine his surroundings. There was a single window, high, fitted with reinforced glass. On the desk was a magazine. Aaron rose and walked the two feet to the table. The cover of the magazine showed a young man only a few years older than he was, smiling seductively. It was called Colt. Aaron picked up the magazine, fearing the worst. He flipped a few pages and his fears were confirmed. It was gay porn. The pages were filled with young men engaged in various solo, couple and group sex acts. Aaron snorted in disgust and threw the magazine back onto the table.

There was nothing else in the room to occupy his attention so he curled up on the bed and tried to sleep until dinner time.


At 5.45, the heavy bolt on the outside of Aaron’s door slid back noisily. He had been drowsing, but now he was instantly alert. He sat up with the blanket wrapped around his shoulders, and draped in his lap to protect his modesty. The door opened.

“Outside, leave the blanket,” the guard said without entering the room, then he turned and moved onto the next room.

Aaron stood and shuffled towards the door. He had no way of telling time, but he hoped against hope that they were going to be taken to the stores to be issued clothes.

He looked down the corridor as two guards made their way along it opening doors and ordering the inmates outside. The boy two rooms down only looked about 13 and his face was red. He’d clearly been crying. Aaron felt sorry for him.


When all the boys had exited their rooms, they were lead from the corridor to the dining area. There were already hundreds of boys seated. They were all naked. Aaron’s group was lead to the food dispensary where they were directed to take a plastic tray, then work their way down the line receiving the components of their evening meal.

Aaron received his meal – beans, peas, sausages, fried bread, and chocolate dessert. He was starving hungry and pleasantly surprised that the food looked reasonably edible. At the end of the line, he picked up plastic utensils and was directed by a guard to his table.

Each place along the table had its own screwed down plastic chair.


But before Aaron could set off for the table, there was a commotion.

“I’m not fucking sitting on that!”

It was a muscular boy of about 19. He didn’t look like someone Aaron would like to tangle with.

“Sit DOWN!” a nearby guard commanded.

“Fuck you, I’m not sitting on that!”

The boy backed away from his table and out of nowhere another guard appeared with a taser. He pressed it to the boy’s side at waist level. The boy flinched with a choking yelp and dropped like a buck felled by a perfectly aimed hunter’s bullet. He lay on the floor making gurgling noises and jerking spastically as his central nervous system short circuited.

Aaron heard one of the seated boys say, “There’s always one.”

The guard approached the boy on the floor. He kicked the boy’s legs apart and pressed the taser against the boy’s fat nuts for a full 30 seconds. The choking noise increased in volume, taking on a more urgent, strident tone. The boy’s hands curled into claws, but he lacked the muscle control to protect himself from the assault.

Eventually the guard stepped away and to Aaron’s surprise, the boy had a straining erection.

The two guards lifted the boy beneath his armpits, carried him to his chair, and with more care than seemed logical after the tasing, slowly lowered him into the seat.


Aaron watched the scene with horror. He was dismayed at the way the guards were permitted to casually torture the inmates. He walked over to his table. As he arrived, he saw the reason for the boy’s objections. The seats were shorter front to back than a normal chair, and protruding right from the middle of each one was a hard plastic dildo, carefully sculpted to look like a human penis.

Aaron looked at it with disgust. He looked at some of the boys who had gotten their meals before him. They were already seated, presumably impaled by dildos of their own. The boy next to him looked a little younger than him. He was lowering himself onto the dildo, as was the older boy beside him, and the boy beside him. All three were cautiously allowing themselves to be impaled.

Aaron put his tray on the table. A hand arrived on his shoulder and he glanced backwards to see a guard.

“Sit fag.”

Aaron looked down at the dildo, then across the table at the last boy to disobey. He was still trembling as he gradually regained control of his body. One way or another Aaron was going to sit. He reasoned it might as well be without the shocked balls.

He gripped the arms of the chair and lowered himself until he felt the head of the dildo between the cheeks of his bottom, then he paused and wiggled, guiding it to his hole. When it was positioned, he slowly lowered himself. The end of the dildo was oily, but his hole did not spread willingly. He timidly allowed himself to lower as his hole gradually opened to admit the six inch plastic cock. It took almost a minute, and the guard allowed him and the other new inmates the time to sit slowly. It was the second time in 24 hours that Aaron’s formerly virgin hole had been impaled.

Eventually, his hole spread wide enough and he felt the dildo’s glans slip past his sphincter. Aaron was unsettled by the tiny thrill of pleasure that his sphincter relayed to his brain as it was rubbed, but he correctly intuited that getting the head of the dildo past his opening was the hardest part. He slowly lowered himself, unsure whether the dildo might meet any further resistance.

The dildo had a large soft pair of rubber testicles, and as he sat all the way down Aaron could feel the nuts pressing against the underside of his own scrotum and perineum, lifting his nuts upwards. There was a micro-switch inside them and when they detected that Aaron was fully seated, they activated an ultrasound emitter that sent a very subtle tingling sensation from the prosthetic testicles to the root of Aaron’s cock, and from its glans to his prostate.

He could feel the glans pressing against his insides. Again, he experienced the disquieting sensation of pleasure. Aaron was no homophobe, but he’d always assumed that when they had sex it was only pleasurable for the fucker, not the one on the receiving end, and that any appearance of pleasure was simply the recipient play-acting for the pleasure of the fucker. Now he had discovered two ways in which his asshole was more than simply a place that faeces exited. The pressure inside him was constant, giving him a sensation of fullness, as though he was midway through a particularly satisfying bowel movement.

He pushed the thoughts from his head, although he found it hard to ignore the feeling of being filled, nor the even-less pleasant stretching of his sphincter.


Aaron had not eaten for nearly 20 hours. He’d been too nervous to eat before his trial, and had not had the opportunity since then. He looked at his food then started eating with gusto, doing his futile best to ignore the dildo that filled his hole.

But within a minute, he became aware of yet another disturbing sensation; his cock was straining between his legs, achingly hard.

“Oh no not now,” he thought to himself.

Aaron knew that getting a boner around all these naked guys would be suicide. He’d never live it down. He continued eating, hoping that his erection would disappear if he ignored it, but it was impossible to ignore five inches of throbbing meat sticking up from his lap. He furtively glanced at the groin of the boy next to him, and he too was hard. He looked down the table and there was a line of erections, all standing to attention. Some of their owners were red faced, and others were also furtively looking at their table mates. Aaron looked at the other tables where the previous intakes of boys sat. Every single boy from youngest to oldest sported a flag pole standing at full mast. Aaron correctly assumed that it was the dildos, although he had no way of knowing that it was not their mere presence that was causing the boners, but the carefully targeted ultrasound. Aaron returned to his meal and ate until the tray was clean.


After the meal, the boys had one hour of association before lock down. Most did not lose their erections for 15-30 minutes after eating, and Aaron found it impossible to act casual in a hall full of naked boys with boners.


At 8pm, the guards came and escorted the boys back to their dorm area. Before delivering them to their rooms for the night, they were taken to the lavatories to perform their ablutions. Aaron was issued a toothbrush and a small bar of soap. He gratefully brushed his teeth, and was led to the communal lavatories. He was bewildered by what he saw. On one wall there was a row of twenty holes in the stainless steel floor. At many of the holes, boys squatted, relieving their bowels. On the opposite wall there was a long metal pissoir, much like a communal urinal at school, with a long gutter and a metal backplate. But the plate only rose two feet from the floor, and above it curved towards the wall forming a ledge. Aaron could see a dozen boys on their knees, turned sideways to the wall. The legs nearest to the wall were raised and rested on the ledge, and they urinated without holding their penises like dogs pissing up a tree.

Aaron looked at the guard confused. The man looked back at him stone faced.

“Act like animals, and we’ll treat you that way. Now piss and get out of here. You won’t get another chance in the night.”

Aaron waited until a space became available, then he dropped to the floor, cocked a leg, and pissed like a dog.


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    Amazing setup with endless possibilities. Hoping the porn magazine is foreshadowing a Clockwork Orange-style “cure” where Aaron is forced to watch hours of gay sex in a state of extreme arousal. Love that element of some of your stories and would be glad to see it return..

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