The cure – Part 1

humiliation, forced arousal, punishment

A young arsonist is sent to a an unusual prison.


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The cure – part 1

Aaron thought back to the moment when things started to get out of control. His rising sense of panic. Like watching the water in a clogged toilet rising towards the rim after a flush. A sense of powerlessness as events beyond his control took over.

He’d always loved fire, since the first time when he was eight years old, and his father had lit a bonfire to burn leaves in the garden. Its colour; its warmth; the way the flames flickered and danced. He found the combination mesmerising and he had been starting small fires ever since.

When he’d lit the fire in the dumpster, it was just one more of dozens of small fires he’d lit, just for the joy of watching them burn. He thought it would be safe; that the dumpster’s metal shell would be enough to contain the flames. He wasn’t to know that the restaurant had been illegally dumping cooking oil, or how much hotter that would make the flames.

When the first flickers jumped from the dumpster to the wooden lean-to roof that overhung it, Aaron stared with dumb surprise. As the fire quickly grew, his surprise turned into wide-eyed paralysis. And as the flames spread from the small add-on roof, to the roof of the building proper, he finally realised that he needed to get away from the scene of the crime.

He ran, unaware that he had been caught on multiple security cameras. When he was a safe distance, he took out his mobile, dialled the prefix that he thought prevented the receiver from seeing his number, and called the emergency services to report the fire.


“The fact that you reported the fire once you realised it had got out of control, weighs heavily in your favour,” the Judge said, “that, and the fact that no-one was injured in the fire, are the only reasons that I’m not sending you to prison for 10 years. Nevertheless, your actions have caused serious damage. Over a million dollars for the building, plus all of those people who depended upon it for their income. Psychological evaluations have shown you to be an intelligent young man, and in order to prevent you from continuing into a life of destruction or crime, you need to be stopped in your tracks. For that reason, I’m sentencing you to six months at High Lake Reformatory.”


Aaron was stunned. He’d been found guilty two weeks ago, and his lawyer had warned him to expect five to ten years of incarceration at the sentencing hearing. He looked down from the witness stand at his counsel and gave the slightest of raised eyebrows. Then he looked across at his parents. His mother had her hands to her mouth and she was crying. Aaron couldn’t tell if it was from relief or sadness. His father stared at him with a non-committal expression.

Aaron looked back at the judge, uncertain of what to say. “Thank you” seemed inappropriate, and he’d already apologised many times. He decided that discretion was the better part of valour and said nothing.

“You may feel that you have gotten off lightly, but High Lake has a unique program designed to stop boys like you from going any further down the wrong course. Most boys do NOT find the program to their liking. After a few weeks there, you may wish that I had simply sentenced you to ten years in a regular prison.”

Now Aaron was really confused. He stood in the dock, blonde hair already cropped short, in his orange prison jump suit and beige plastic Croc slip sandals, uncertain what to do or feel. The Judge’s warning disturbed him deeply.

The Judge nodded to two court guards who stood behind Aaron. One was an older black man, and the other a fresh faced young white guy.

“Turn around son,” the older one said.

Aaron turned towards the guard.

“Mouth open.”

Aaron opened his mouth, and the man lifted a gag. It consisted of a soft rubber plug the size of a pool ball, attached to a leather harness. Aaron stared at it bewildered.

The guard pushed the plug into the boy’s mouth. It pressed his tongue flat against the bottom, and filled his mouth, keeping his jaws open slightly. The guard secured the straps behind Aaron’s head.

Aaron was standing with his back to the front of the witness stand. The two guards reached up and grabbed the two shoulders of the boy’s jumpsuit. Confusion crossed his face, then he realised what they were about to do. He twisted to prevent it and shouted in alarm.


His exclamation was unintelligible, but the guards were in no doubt as to its meaning. They ignored him and pulled down on the jumpsuit. It came apart at the sides, along Velcro seams. Aaron had wondered about their purpose when he had dressed. He had also wondered why he was not allowed to wear underwear beneath. He had assumed that it was part of a process of humiliation designed to punish him.

His suit came away in a single piece, and now he stood naked with his back to the courtroom. He twisted to the side away from the Judge and jury and raised a leg in an effort to protect his modesty from the guards.

The older guard leaned forwards, and in a low, not unkind voice said, “Son, there’s no point struggling. Best you can do is go along with it, so it’s over quicker.”

Aaron looked at him, horrified, but he knew the man was speaking the truth. Whatever humiliations they had planned for him, there was not the slightest thing that he could do to prevent it. He was tall, and rangy, but he was no fighter, and even without his arms cuffed behind his back, he would have no chance against even one of these powerful guards, lets alone both.

Aaron looked at the man, his features screwed up in shame, but he didn’t struggle any further.

The younger guard wheeled over a strange device. Aaron had noticed it when he had walked into the stand, but he had assumed it was for moving furniture around. It was a 300 pound block of iron, on two low, twelve inch wide rubber wheels. The trolley was low to the ground. There was a pivoted handle attached to one end, but what was attracting Aaron’s attention, was the thing in the middle of it. It consisted of two small loops of thin metal cable attached via a connector to a short piece of straight cable disappeared into the metal base.

The guard wheeled the heavy trolley between Aaron’s legs and the teenager watched, utterly mystified. The older guard dropped to a knee and picked up the cable loops. He pulled it towards Aaron’s groin and the centre cable extended from a spindle hidden inside the metal base.

As soon as Aaron realised where the man was pulling the cable towards, he recoiled back in alarm. His back pressed against the front of the witness stand. The guard reached towards Aaron’s scrotum and the boy rose up onto his tiptoes.

“Son, you got nowhere to go. Just stand still and let me get you hooked up.”

Aaron did not comply. He leaned backwards, cringing against the man’s imminent touch, whilst the jury and everyone else in the courtroom watched. The viewers could not see the boy’s groin, but it was clear to them that he was at least partially naked.

Aaron’s penis was thin and tight with fear, and his scrotum formed a tight sphere behind it. The guard grasped the kid’s firm sack and dug his fingers in, searching for his right testicle. His fingers closed on it, and he tugged it downwards to isolate it, then he wrapped one of the two loops of cable around it. There was a tightening system that enabled him to close the loop one-handed, trapping the testicle away from its twin. Once it was lightly contained, the guard was able to use two hands to tighten the cable fully, so that Aaron’s testicle could not escape without seriously damaging it. Aaron watched, perplexed as to the motivation behind securing his testicle in this manner. Thoughts of castration crossed his mind, but, he reasoned correctly, the guards wouldn’t just rip his balls off there in front of everybody.

The guard secured Aaron’s second testicle with the other loop. Aaron felt incredibly strange with his two balls isolated in their tightly coiled loops. Momentarily, the image of a Mickey Mouse silhouette flashed across his mind, but it came with no mirth.

The younger guard moved to the trolley handle and flipped a switch. The cable slowly retracted back into the base. Aaron felt it pulling, and looked down in panic. He tried to resist, remaining upright, but the winding motor was powerful, and there was no way that his testicles were strong enough to support the weight of the base. He started grunting in alarm and belligerence as he was slowly pulled down into a low squat. When his naked bottom was just a foot off the floor, the guard flipped the switch and the cable stopped retracting. The boy’s testicles were stretched, and his thin penis pointed straight down at the floor.

The two guards started pulling the trolley. Initially Aaron tried to fight yet again, but there was no way that he could resist two grown men dragging him by the testicles, so he was compelled to follow along where they took him.

He was so low to the ground that he was forced to open his legs wide in order to maintain his balance. He was lead straight across the middle of the court room, between the court officials’ area, and counsels’ desks. The jury to the side could see him perfectly as he waddled towards them in nothing but his ridiculous Croc shoes, with his legs spread as though deliberately displaying himself. To make matters worse, for a tall guy, being forced to shuffle in such a low position gave him an undignified wobble as he moved.

Aaron’s face was burning with humiliation, and he was quickly learning that there are things far worse than incarceration. His nuts were already aching, but it wasn’t the pain that was the worst, it was the bemused stares of the audience. He wasn’t particularly well built down there, especially for his height, and he knew that his embarrassment made what he had shrivel even more.

Aaron refused to look any of the watchers in the eye as he was led towards a side door where the cells were waiting, but just before he passed through the door, he glanced towards his parents. They both looked as horrified as he felt.


The guards lead him to a cell.

“Back up,” the older man said, and pushed the trolley backwards into the cell.

Aaron found it even harder to waddle backwards than forwards.

“We’ll be back to collect you for your transfer to High Lake later.”

Aaron looked at the guard with an expression of consternation. They couldn’t leave him like this!

“Mmmm mmmm nnnn,” Aaron said unintelligibly through his gag.

“We’re not gonna set you free. Best thing you can do is sit down and wait.”

“UNNN! Uhhh  MMMM!”

The guard ignored him as he closed and locked the barred door then walked away.

Aaron looked to his left, and he could see three more cells. In each of them, there was a young, gagged male watching him. Each of them was also seated on a metal trolley. He looked across the way, and he could see more youths and trolleys. One of the boys looked a couple of years younger than him. The boy’s head was down and he appeared to be crying quietly. Aaron realised that he had no choice but to sit quietly, as the others were doing, and await his fate.


Throughout the day, more youths were lead into the holding cells each immobilised and gagged. Finally, just before 4pm, the last one was lead into the cells area, but rather than being locked inside a cell, he was taken all the way through, and out of a door at the far end of the building. For the next 30 minutes, the other youths were gradually taken from their cells and out of the same door. Then it was Aaron’s turn. He waddled along the walkway between the cells and through the door where he was lead. On the other side was a courtyard with dark blue prison bus. On the side was written in white letters “Inmate Transport.”


The guard said, “Okay, I’m going to release that cable from your nuts. Don’t do anything stupid okay?”

Aaron stared at him.

“Okay?! Nod if you understand,” the man repeated more forcefully.

Aaron nodded.

The guard dropped to a knee and unclipped the retractor cable from the connector between Aaron’s legs. The boy felt the downwards pressure release and he immediately stood up, happy to be free. He stood, patiently waiting for the guard to remove the two wire loops from his testicles. The guard stood, and gave the boy’s shoulder a gentle shove in the direction of the bus. The slender youth looked over his shoulder at the guard as if to say “you forgot something”.

“No, that’s staying on,” the black man said, understanding Aaron’s look.

With his hand on the naked youth’s shoulder, the man guided Aaron to the bus. Aaron climbed the steps inside and what he saw there made him panic. There were no seats, just rows of boys squatting, and it was clear that each was tethered once more by the testicles. Aaron turned to flee, but the guard was behind him.

“Take it easy. You’re not going anywhere.”

Aaron pushed against the man, instinctive panic driving him to act against his common sense. The guard firmly pushed back, guiding the boy along the walkway in the bus. As they progressed, Aaron looked down at the other captives. Most looked back at him with serious faces. A number of others looked straight ahead, unwilling to meet anyone’s gaze, and a few looked pained.

Near the back of the bus, another guard was waiting. Incomprehensibly to Aaron, the man was wearing thick rubber gloves. When Aaron arrived before him, the man indicated a space next to another youth who was already squatting.

“Stand there.”

Aaron did as he was told, and the man reached to the floor and picked up a cable like the one that had tethered him to the trolley. He attached it to the testicle connector between Aaron’s legs.

“Face the front,” the guard said.

There was none of the kindness in his voice that the courtroom guard had used. Aaron did as he was instructed. The friendly guard turned a dial on the wall of the bus beside the other youth, and the cable started to tighten, pulling Aaron reluctantly downwards. He crouched, until his rear was one foot above the floor, then the guard turned the dial to stop the cable tightening.

Behind him, Aaron could hear the other guard doing something. He turned to see what.

“Eyes front!” the guard barked.

Aaron obeyed instantly.

The guard lifted a metal pole from a hole in the diamond-pattern stainless steel plating that formed the entire floor of the bus. The end of the pole was bulbous, like the swollen glans of a fat penis. The next eight inches were covered with outwards facing dimples each the size of a small pea.

The guard raised the head of the pole between Aaron’s buttocks. The boy flinched and tried immediately to pull away from it, but his range was limited by the cable around each of his testicles. He inadvertently gave them both a savage yank, and the pain instantly reminded him that he was not free to escape. Nevertheless, he continued to squirm and grunt as the surly guard forced the pole a couple of inches into his hole. The end was slimy so that it could enter without damage or resistance.

Once it was in place, the guard pulled a lever that locked the pole at its current height. He nodded to his colleague, and the black guard turned the dial once more, pulling Aaron’s testicles downwards, and forcing the boy to impale himself further if he didn’t want to get his nuts ripped off.

The original guard left to collect another inmate, whilst the bus guard moved back to another vacant spot to wait.


For Aaron, it was the first time he’d ever had anything going IN to his hole. Apart from the considerable discomfort, his sense of sexual invasion was enormous. He groaned and grimaced against the intrusion and the powerful ache in his testicles.

He tried to support his weight on his legs but it became immediately obvious to Aaron that he would not be able to support himself in such a low crouch for long. He tried to kneel down, but he was too low to tuck his knees under himself. Eventually, after much fidgeting, he reluctantly sat back on the pole, allowing it to support his weight. It slid seven inches inside him, until it was touching his prostate. To his surprise and relief, there was a broad metal plate at that point, stopping the pole from penetrating any further and damaging his internal organs. Aaron settled uncomfortably onto the impaling seat.

He looked to the boy beside him, wondering if he was also suffering. The kid looked as though he was in his late teens or early twenties. The guy glared back at him and Aaron couldn’t work out if the other boy was angry at him, or his situation. He looked away. He had enough to worry about without pissing people off as well.


Between them, the two guards quickly filled the remaining spaces with young criminals. Then yet another guard boarded the bus and sat in the driver’s seat. The gruff guard sat in the only other seat, right at the back of the bus where he could monitor the captives.

“See ya next week Bob,” the black man said as he exited the bus.

“Catch ya later Earl,” the driver said, pulling the handle to close the doors.


The driver started the bus and carefully navigated out of the yard and onto the main road.

Immediately, it became obvious that the poles were in some way connected to the vehicle’s suspension. Every bump and rumble in the road was transferred directly into movement along the poles impaling all 36 convicts. Aaron was disturbed to feel the pole twisting and bouncing inside him. Even just a small motion was enough for the dimples on the pole to rub against his sphincter muscles, whilst larger bumps pounded the bulbous head against his prostate repeatedly. He quickly developed the uncomfortable sensation that he was being fucked by the pole. He twisted and turned, tried to raise himself off the pole, leaned to one side, clenched his sphincter: anything that would mitigate the fucking motion. But he could only support his weight with his legs bent beyond 90 degrees for a minute or two, before collapsing with aching thighs back onto the pole.

All around him, Aaron could see other boys going through the same contortions as him. The bus was filled with a constant mixture of groaning and angry grunting.

The driver grinned to himself, giving the boys time to get used to the experience, then he turned a dial on the steering wheel. A very low current started to pass along the poles and cables. Not enough to be noticeable, but enough to create a circuit that stimulated both prostate and testicles.

As one, 36 penises started to harden. Many of the younger guys were rigid in seconds. As soon as they felt themselves growing hard, in spite of themselves, the excitement quickly took over.

Aaron felt his dick hardening with deepest revulsion and terror. The last thing he needed, in the company of all these naked guys, all of them being fucked up the ass, was to get a boner as though he was enjoying the experience! Nevertheless, in spite of his reluctance, his dick slowly lifted its head, one twitch at a time. He could feel the foreskin peeling far back ready for action, as his rod rose implacably towards his belly. He lowered his head to avoid eye contact with anyone, and hoping to avoid drawing attention to himself.

Without turning his head, he looked askance at the surly boy next to him to see if he was also hard. A meaty cock  jutted from the youth’s lap at right angles. Aaron tilted his head just a little to the left, and he could see that the two guys on the other side of the aisle were both hard as steel. One of them was even leaking precum.

Feeling a fraction better, Aaron lifted his head, and looked around the bus. All around him, boys were squirming and groaning, and it was clear from their faces, that many were now unbearably horny.

The bus continued on its 150 mile journey, and with each passing mile, the boys felt more and more aroused as they were anally fucked and electrically stimulated at the same time. Aaron loved to masturbate, and he considered it a matter of pride how many times he could take himself right to the edge of orgasm then stop, and then continue masturbating. But even on his most disciplined days he had he ever felt as horny as he was feeling now. His dick was twitching in time with his heartbeat, and with each jolt of the pole. He was no longer certain if he was squirming to avoid the pole, or because it felt so good.

The surly boy next to him suddenly let out a throaty growl. Aaron turned to see what was wrong, and the boy started jerking, doing his best to hump the air with what tiny amount of mobility the testicle cuffs allowed. Aaron saw thick ropes of jizz flying from the boy’s hefty cock and hit the boy in front. Aaron’s neighbour was oblivious. All he cared about was completing his immense orgasm. After launching 9 massive wads of cum, more than half of which were now running down the back of a much younger-looking boy in front, the young man stopped humping. He looked Aaron in the face, and this time he didn’t show anger. He was sweaty and his mouth was still stoppered with a ball gag, just like the other prisoners, but he raised his eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders in an “Oh well” gesture. Aaron raised his eyebrows in reciprocation.

All around, other young males were writing in ecstasy. Aaron felt himself getting more and more heated. If he was jacking off, he would have taken his hand off his cock at this point so that he didn’t go over the edge.

Suddenly he felt something warm on his back, then something else, and again. He turned to see the guy behind him, perhaps 15 or 16 years old with a teenager’s body and a nearly man-sized cock, ejaculate his final squirt. The liquid hit Aaron on the side. It was too much for him, and he started to cum too. Unlike his neighbour and the boy behind, his cock faced straight upwards, and to his shock, the first jet whizzed up over his shoulder. To make things worse, the next two hit him in the face: one at the hairline, and the other just above his left eye. He flinched backwards to avoid more self facials, but his face was already dripping. He was all done within just ten seconds.

He slowly turned and looked sheepishly to his neighbour expecting repugnance, but instead the boy’s eyes were creased with humour and he was clearly sniggering. Aaron tried unsuccessfully to shake the cum from his face, but in the end he simply had to wait for it to dribble off.


The bus journey lasted two and a half hours, and the scene within was like a Roman orgy, with all of the inmates hard for the entire trip. After half an hour, the driver turned the stimulation level up. Without exception, every single boy writhed and groaned as his body was forced to the soaring threshold of elation. Every few minutes one or more of them would have a powerful orgasm, decorating the floor, the boy in front, or his own body with semen. The scent of sex sweat and semen was thick in the air, and the bus stank like a monkey cage.


By the time they arrived at the iron gates of High Lake Reformatory, Aaron had ejaculated seven times and he was still horny.

The driver passed between the gates and pulled up outside the main building. He stood up, and addressed the boys.

“Welcome to Camp Faggot. If you weren’t one before today, you will be by the time you leave…”


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