A teenage convict is subjected to a bizarre form of milking that has long term consequences.

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Day 3

“Hey man, you’re in red 6 aren’t you?”

Sam turned to the boy who had addressed him.

“Yeah, I got here on Wednesday.”

“Yeah, I saw you arrive. How old are you?”


“Right. Well I’m in blue 6 across the hall. Name’s Thiago. You and me are gonna be getting to know each other real well. What are you in for?”

There was something about the way that the Latino stressed the word “real” that disturbed Sam, but the other guy looked like he was about 19 and had been lifting weights so Sam he let it slide for now.

“Public affray.”

“What did you do?”

“Dumb stuff. Underage drinking, and I got caught having sex in the park.”

Thiago grinned.

“That’s harsh. You were having sex with your girlfriend?”

“Not exactly. Just a girl I know.”

“Man that sucks. I guess you won’t be doing that any more once you get out.”

“Nah,” Sam said, misconstruing the meaning of Thiago’s comment. “It’s fucking crazy though. Six months in prison just for a few beers and having sex in a park.”

Thiago commiserated.

“Yeah. Well you know, since the judges are all perverts, and the prisons are businesses now, you get jail for the smallest little thing.”

Sam nodded in morose agreement.

“So what’s your name?”


“Have you made milkshake yet Sam?” Thiago asked.

“Have I what?” Sam said, confused by the seemingly random question.

“Made milkshake. You know, with the doc.”

Sam wrinkled his brow utterly confused.

“Dude, I have NO idea what you’re talking about right now.”

“Oh you will do soon enough. It’s how they turn you into a faggot.”

“What?! No-one’s turning me into a fag. If any fags even come close to me, I’m breaking their fucking face!”

Sam was putting on a show of bravado. He was no tough guy but he had been warned that it was the only way to keep the prison homos away from his asshole.

“Dude, you have no idea do you?” Thiago asked.

“About what?”

“You guys on the red side are all gonna be faggots by the time you get out of here. Reds are fags, blues fuck the fags.”

Sam swallowed deeply and his eyes widened.

“Are you fucking threatening me?”

Thiago gave a friendly smile. Sam detected a hint of bitter-sweetness to it.

“Naw man, I wouldn’t do nothing to you that you didn’t ask me to do, but they do something to you. It makes you queer. They hook you up to a machine. It fucks with your brain. Before you know it, you’ll be begging me to fuck you or to let you suck my dick. I’ve seen it four times before. That’s just the way it is. Reds get turned, blues are like a final test or something.”

“NOBODY is turning me into a fag!” Sam protested fiercely. “I’d sooner die before that happens.”

“I know man. But that’s what they all say. Then before you know it, they’re on their hands and knees begging for it. I’m really sorry blood, but you’re screwed.”

“My folks are allowed their first visit in three months. If anyone tries to turn me queer, I’ll tell my dad. That’s not part of my sentence. He’ll get it stopped.”

Tiago looked at him sadly.

“Sam, three months will be too late. Wayyy too late…”



Day 4

The following morning after breakfast the inmates were returned to their rooms. At 9.15, Sam heard many of the doors opening as the inmates were taken to their work, school and exercise details. At 9.25 his room door opened and a guard was waiting for him.

“Follow me,” the man said and Sam did as he was told.

The guard lead him through a series of security doors, upstairs to what looked like an infirmary.  Inside, a doctor and a second guard were waiting. Sam noticed with a sinking feeling, that there was a large padded bench with restraints for a person’s arms and legs.

“Please take your clothes off,” the doctor said.

Sam stripped down to his baggy white prison-issue underpants.

“Those as well,” the doc said, indicating his pants.

Sam dropped his pants and immediately covered himself, feeling self conscious.

“Turn your head to the side please,” the doctor said.

Sam did as he was told and the doctor lightly gripped his testicles.


Sam coughed.

“Good no problems there,” the doctor said, confirming the absence of a hernia or other testicular abnormalities.

He took out an orchidometer; a string of rubber beads of varying sizes used for measuring testicular volume, then one at a time, he compared each of Sam’s testicles until he had assessed their size.

“9 and 13 mils,” he said to himself.

Next he lifted Sam’s penis in his palm, and pressed a ruler against the boy’s pubis.

“3.25 inches”.

He gripped Sam’s glans and pulled it, stretching the boy’s penis as far as it would go. Sam grunted at the rough handling.

“5 inches.”

The doctor walked over to the computer and entered the figures.


When he returned, he indicated the bench.

“Please get up onto the bench on your hands and knees.”

Sam looked at the bench with trepidation.


“Because the doctor asked you to,” his escort growled.

Sam remained where he was. The escort stepped forwards menacingly. Acting more bravely than he felt, Sam stood his ground. The escort grabbed him by his bicep and the second guard grabbed his other arm.

“No,” Sam screamed. “I don’t want to be gay. I won’t let you!”

“You should have thought about that before you broke the law kid,” his escort snarled, his voice dripping with contempt.

Sam twisted and turned as though his life depended upon it, but he was nothing compared to the strength of two fully grown male guards, and soon they had him up on the bench and bent at the waist over a horizontal metal bar that kept his buttocks raised. The doctor opened the hinged neck restraint, and the guards forced Sam’s head down until his neck was in place, then the doctor closed the restraint and locked it in place.

With his head held in place, Sam was much easier to manage. Each of the guards held one of the boy’s arms whilst the doctor secured them to the padded bench he was kneeling on using leather wrist cuffs attached to the bench with short chains. All that remained was to restrain his legs. Leather cuffs were wrapped around his knees and they were pulled wide apart.

As they pulled him into place, Sam squirmed and fought and screamed every step of the way.

“Please! Please don’t turn me into a fag. I’ll never break the law again. Please, I’m begging you!”

Any sense of dignity or macho pride was utterly discarded as he imagined himself being turned into a mincing, cock-hungry faggot.

The doctor spoke not unkindly to him.

“I’m sorry son but it’s too late. The government has decided that will be too much of a risk if you carry on as you are. Homosexual boys are far more law abiding. I know it seems unsettling now, but once you’ve been turned, it’ll seem as natural to you as being heterosexual is now. In fact, you’ll enjoy sex more and there will never be any risk of getting a girl pregnant.”

The doctor nodded to the two guards, and they forced Sam’s mouth wide then inserted a metal ring that prevented him closing it. The steel ring was attached to a harness that wrapped around his head, and that was in turn attached to a post that rose beneath his chin, holding his head relatively immobile, mouth wide open. Sam continued to protest, but with the ring in his mouth, his words were unintelligible.

“You okay now Doc?” Sam’s escort asked, and the doctor nodded.

The guards left the room to collect another victim.


The doctor lifted a device on an articulated arm from beneath Sam’s line of sight. As it came into sight, Sam realised with disgust that it was an incredibly lifelike prosthetic penis. It was erect, 8 inches long and much thicker than his own penis. Sam started screaming and babbling, desperately trying to make himself understood; to persuade the doctor not to continue, but the doctor had seen it all before. It wasn’t that he was not a compassionate man, but he had managed to convince himself that what he was doing was in the best interests of the inmates.

The doctor moved the prosthesis forwards, pushing it through the ring and three inches into Sam’s mouth. Sam tried to push it away with his tongue, but his tongue was no match for the doctor’s arm. The rubber penis was warmed to body temperature and was even coated with a NuSkin layer that slid over the underlying rubber just like genuine penile skin. Although he’d never thought about sucking a dick, the prosthesis felt exactly how Sam expected a real hard dick to feel. He was nauseated at the sensation. The doctor locked off the arm and there was nothing Sam could do to withdraw it from his mouth. Now all he could do was make a series of muffled squeals and grunts as he tried in equal measure to communicate his displeasure and his desperation to avoid the procedure.

“This is going to get you used to the feeling of a penis in your mouth. When you are aroused your brain will start to associate your pleasure with satisfying another male.”

Sam whined, dismayed at the way that the system was designed to mess with his mind.


The doctor moved to the side and placed a large metal tray on the bench under Sam, then he reached beneath the boy. Sam felt exposed and vulnerable. It was bad enough to be naked in front of the doctor and the guards, especially when he was so afraid, but his position was so undignified, like a farm animal waiting to be mounted by a stud male.

The doctor raised a device between Sam’s legs. From the side it looked like a rabbit ear TV aerial, with two thin metal rods each six inches long emerging vertically from it at an angle of 25 degrees apart from each other. From the front, it became apparent that the device actually consisted of two pairs of rods, each of which was topped by a loop of metal turned towards its partner. In fact, the entire set up looked more like two pairs of cooking tongs mounted in an iron base.

The doctor gripped Sam’s furthest testicle and the boy flinched in surprise. Holding the skin of the boy’s scrotum, the doctor pulled the boy’s testicle as low as it would go, turning it on its side. Then he closed one pair of tongs so that the two metal loops gripped the boy’s testicle by its two ends.

Sam had no idea what the doctor was doing, but he had an instinctive fear of anything touching his nuts.

The doctor gripped the second testicle and clamped it lightly but firmly between the remaining tongs.


With Sam’s testicles secured, the doctor moved behind the boy.

The doctor spread Sam’s buttocks with one gloved hand and started to apply a very generous amount of lubricant on Sam’s smooth hole. The second he felt the doctor’s hands on his hole, Sam started to squirm and groan against the fat penis that completely filled his mouth, but no matter how much he squirmed, he couldn’t avoid the doctor’s finger as it repeatedly penetrated him. Sam had never felt so violated, but it was about to get much worse.


The doctor reached under the bench where another prosthetic penis was hidden. He knew from past experience that first timers became extremely agitated and aggressive if they saw two dildos waiting to spit-roast them.

The rear prosthesis was a little thinner than the one at the front and not as realistic. It was still warm and well made, but was designed for action and durability rather than realism.  The doc lifted it on its motorised arm behind Sam’s bottom, then pushed it against Sam’s hole. Like most of the inmates when they first felt a dildo against their assholes, Sam literally screamed as he felt the hard rubber touching his sphincter.

The doctor pushed firmly and slowly, knowing that as much as Sam was trying to resist it, the dildo would soon enough slide into the boy’s hole. It took 90 seconds before Sam was no longer able to clench against the dildo, and once its head had slipped into him, he was unable to prevent it from sliding in deeper. The doctor pushed the dildo five inches into the boy before locking it off.

Sam went wild, wriggling and bending, arching his back, pushing forwards off his knees, squirming; anything to try to dis-impale himself. But he had been expertly restrained. He had no more than an inch of movement forwards, and his wide-spread legs gave him no sidewards movement at all, nor the ability to twist his hips laterally. Sam felt like a pig skewered ready for a barbecue, and there was not a thing he could do about it. Tears of impotent humiliation welled up in his eyes.

As the doctor returned to the front, as a last resort,  Sam tried to shit the dildo out but it was too deep and of course, held in place on a steel piston arm in any case. It was lodged in him until the doctor chose to remove it.

The man lifted a piece of electronic equipment three feet in front of Sam’s face.

“Look straight ahead,” the doctor instructed.

In a moment of petty defiance Sam shut his eyes. Only the most submissive of inmates complied with this instruction. Violated at both ends, expecting to be turned into homosexuals, it was hardly surprising. The doctor clicked an icon on the screen of the computer on an adjacent desk, and Sam felt like he had been suddenly kicked in the nuts hard as a current jolted along the tongs. He opened his eyes in shock, and was surprised to see the doctor sitting at the desk in front of him.

“That was level one. It goes up to five and there’s no limit to the number of times I’m willing to do that to you if you do not do as you are told. I don’t enjoy inflicting pain, but if you disobey me, I will have no other choice. Now look straight ahead please.”

Sam complied with the doctor’s command immediately, both nuts aching with sickening intensity.

“Good. That pain in your testicles will quickly subside. It’s designed to hurt, not to damage you.”

The doctor typed a command and a very weak pair of pinprick sized lasers tracked across Sam’s face until they detected his eyes, then they scanned for his irises.

“This system uses lasers to track your eye movement. In a minute, I will place a large television screen in front of you which you will watch. If you close your eyes for more than three seconds, or more than 10 seconds in a single minute, or if you look away from the screen for more than three seconds, you will feel a strong tingling sensation in your testicles and if you don’t immediately look back at the screen you will automatically receive a level two shock. If you continue to resist, the shock will increase until you resume looking at the screen. Do you understand?”

Sam looked straight ahead, uncertain if the system was already active and unwilling to take the chance.

“Uhhh,” he affirmed, the large cock in his mouth preventing him from expressing himself more clearly.

“Good. I haven’t activated it yet. Let me tell you what’s about to happen.”

Sam looked towards the doctor with sad, apprehensive eyes, defeated and utterly at the man’s mercy.

Although he was no sadist, for some reason the doctor preferred it when the inmates were aggressive, macho animals. Normal boys like this one always looked so fearful and cowed, whereas the hatred in the eyes of some inmates left the doctor in no doubt that he was doing society a favour by converting them. This kid was a normal boy who had simply done a few stupid things.


“In a moment I’ll put a large screen in front of you. It will show nothing but gay porn. You’ll see an inset in the bottom left that show’s a live feed of yourself, so that you can see what it happening to you. We have to record the full conversion of each boy for government records and medical assessment in any case.

Whilst the porn plays, you will be stimulated in a way that you have never experienced before. I can absolutely guarantee that it will be the most…” the doctor hunted for a word that the boy would understand. “… the most turned on you have ever been in your life. However, you will not ejaculate. At least not in the normal sense of the word. You will however, feel a unique sensation that you will come to like even more.”

The doctor always gave the same monologue. When he was talking to the genuine thugs, it gave him a kind of mild satisfaction to explain how utterly they would be bent to his will. With the normal boys like Sam, the doctor felt that his explanation at least served to alleviate part of their apprehension. He never stopped to reason how the same speech could have a contradictory effect according to the listener.

“The procedure will continue today for three hours, after which you will have the rest of the day to yourself. You will undergo the same procedure every day until it is clear that you have become fully homosexual. The duration will gradually increase until the objective is achieved.

I realise you think that you can probably resist enjoying the video, or turning gay, but I can assure you, this procedure has a 100 percent success record. Thousands of young men like you; many much more aggressive and masculine, have ALL been turned. If you are smart, you will try to enjoy the videos and allow it to happen as quickly as possible.”

Sam listened with dread. He understood the end goal from what Thiago had already told him, but as the doctor explained its certainty, he was almost overwhelmed with fear and sadness. He LOVED fucking girls. He loved everything about them: their tits, their softness, their smell, the feeling as he slid his cock into a willing pussy. He didn’t want that to stop. He wasn’t particularly homophobic. The sight of a cock didn’t make him aggressive or defensive, but the thought of having to watch hours of porn, much less learning to love cock sickened him to the pit of his stomach.

“I’m just going to calibrate the system,” the doctor said.

“Why are you bothering to tell me?!” Sam’s mind screamed. “It’s not like I have any choice!”


The doctor activated the calibration mode, then he returned to the dildo at Sam’s mouth. He pulled the dildo backwards until the curve of its phallus was just inside the ring in the boy’s mouth to then he pushed it back inside until he felt it touch the back of the boy’s throat. He withdrew it an inch so that it would not be choking the boy and pressed the set button to calibrate its range of travel.

The doctor moved behind Sam and pulled the dildo out of his hole until the back edge of its glans was just starting to show.

He returned to the computer and pressed “test” and both dildos started pumping slowly into the boy. Sam’s eyes widened as he felt both dildos slowly double-teaming him, filling him at both ends. He let out a strangled yell of surprise, then to his immense relief they were withdrawing. His relief was short lived. Once they reached their calibrated limits, they slid smoothly back into him. In his rear, the limit was just far enough for his sphincter to be teased by the rim of the rubber phallus at one extreme, and for it to massage his prostate at the other. It alarmed him how his body reacted to the alternating and undeniably sensuous stimuli at his rear, and he got his first inkling why gays liked butt sex so much…


The doctor walked to either end of the kneeling boy, watching to ensure that the dildos performed within expectations, and travelled within their calibrated range of motion. When he was satisfied that they were, he stopped the dildo calibration mode and both dildos ceased their motion after just half a dozen strokes, each embedded in Sam. The boy was more tentative about his relief this time, knowing that this was just the calm before the storm. And even what little relief he did experience was tempered by the fact that he could feel his sphincter stretched almost to its limit around the dildo that was embedded balls-deep in his virgin hole.

The doctor turned on the 60 inch screen in front of Sam, then he activated a camera. It was positioned on the wall parallel to Sam’s shoulder, facing back along his body. The doctor adjusted the zoom until the view encompassed the boy’s entire body, then he tweaked the focus to ensure that the image was razor sharp. The main screen was blank for now, but Sam could see himself in the inset of the screen. He was disgusted by what he saw; a compliant faggot on his hands and knees waiting to be reamed by his master. He felt cowardly, dirty simply for having allowed himself to be placed in such a position, even though there was almost nothing he could have done to prevent it.

Sam had visited a farm a couple of years ago and he felt like a cow he had seen, standing docile, waiting for the bull to come and mount it. He’d never felt so humiliated.

“Just the testicle calibration left to do,” the doctor said. “This one is a little uncomfortable, but it will soon be over.”

Beneath Sam, the two pairs of tongs closed slowly on his testicles, squeezing them end to end. Pressure gauges in the arms measured the amount of resistance. The doctor watched a close up on his monitor, ready to hit the stop button if the tongs looked in danger of damaging the boy. Sam could feel his nuts being squashed. He tensed his stomach against the pain as they measured the extent of each testicle. Just when he felt as though he was on the verge of crying out, the pressure stopped and the tongs loosened. The doctor noted with mild amusement, that the boy’s penis had shrivelled a further inch. In a few months that would be his normal size.

He played a game for his own amusement called “How small will the dick shrink”. He guessed that Sam’s would get down to one and a half inches.


The tong arms tugged downwards and strain gauges measured the downwards limits of each testicle within Sam’s sack. The doctor watched the calibration on the screen in front of him. The final stage was to measure the horizontal range of each testicle’s movement within his soft scrotum. Using the same strain gauge, the arms pulled each testicle forwards and back in opposite directions, then apart as far as they could go.

Even though the crushing pain was rapidly diminishing, it still felt incredibly strange to Sam as his testicles were tugged in every direction, as though being groped by a horny robot.


“Good, all done. We’re just about ready. Let’s get you hard shall we?”

Sam cringed inwardly. All of this stuff was embarrassing enough: the nudity, the penetration, but his boners were private, just for him and any girl he was fucking. He felt a tingling in his nuts and his dick instantly started to respond. He tried to will his growing erection away by forcing himself to think about his friends. Swimming at the lake, swinging on the old rope swing, chilling with… His boner kept growing. It wasn’t working.

“There we are!” the doctor said, as though he’d done something clever.

Sam could feel his boner, but he couldn’t resist glancing at the screen to confirm. His dick was indeed hard. He had a very curved boner. He’d read on the internet that it was a result of too much masturbation, but he was too embarrassed to tell his father to check if it was harmful. Especially as he had no intention of reducing his multiple daily jack off sessions.

“All ready to go. Remember, don’t look away from the screen!”

It begins

If looks could kill, Sam would have dropped the doctor without a moment’s hesitation. It wasn’t that the man was about to take his masculinity and turn him into a cock-sucking queer – that was just his job. It was the fact that the motherfucker was so goddamned cheerful about it. Sam glared at the man with genuine hatred in his eyes.

The doctor had seen it all a hundred times before and it didn’t bother him. In a few months, once the boy was converted, and he was so much calmer, and he wouldn’t have to worry about his crazy impulses, he’d appreciate the gift that they were giving him. They were helping him to avoid a lifetime in and out of penal institutions.

The doctor placed headphones over Sam’s head, then wheeled the TV screen closer to Sam until it filled the boy’s entire field of view. Finally, he lowered a large black hood around Sam’s head and the screen that isolated the boy from the rest of the room. Sam felt a rush of claustrophobia. What if he started choking or the machine malfunctioned. How would he attract the doctor’s attention?

“Eyes front.”

Sam heard the doctor’s voice through the headphones. He looked at the screen.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be monitoring you constantly, and there are a dozen fail-safes. The only way that you can get hurt is if you try to look away.”

The screen flickered to life. It showed a scene at a frat house party. Two cute boys were fucking on a couch whilst the rest of the party continued around them. The sound of the party played over the headphones.

The TV was state of the art; 8K, and nothing was hidden. Every tiny detail of the scene was revealed in perfect clarity.

Although the scene didn’t interest him at all, Sam was not particularly concerned about watching it. He was secure enough about his masculinity not to be repulsed by the sight of gay sex. Or at least, no more repulsed than he was he would be by the sight of flabby old women having sex with fit young guys for instance.

Then something happened that did sicken him. The rear dildo started pumping, and that was no more than Sam expected. But he suddenly noticed that it was pumping in perfect time with the pumping of the top in the video. Sam started to breath heavily. He wanted out NOW. He started to struggle, desperate to move his ass away from the dildo, but he was too well secured. He tried to clench his wide spread buttocks, but he could not move his knees together in the slightest. And all the while, as he struggled to protect his manhood and his virginity, the dildo kept pumping slowly, thud, thud, thud, implacably drilling his hole, and conditioning his body to enjoy the pleasures of anal reaming.

Eventually, Sam stopped struggling, as he came to accept that he was powerless to prevent his hole from being bored by the dildo behind him. He looked at the live feed of himself, nauseated by the hardness of his boner. He could see the dildo at his rear, dispassionately ramming home.

Then the testicle tongs sprang into life. Each pair started vibrating; moving in quarter inch wobbles front to back. His testicles, loosely held now, vibrated like beads in a baby’s rattle between the two loops of each tong. Sam gasped, stunned by how erotic the sensation was. He had never conceived that he could feel as turned on as he was right now.

He could see the tongs shaking his balls in their loose, wrinkled bag. For more than three full minutes, the sensation was so intense that Sam couldn’t even catch his breath. Instead, he inhaled in a series of staccato pants: short gasp in, smooth breath out. Then he finally managed to force himself to slow his breathing as the testicular shaking continued. The feeling was still no less erotic – his balls fell as though they were glowing, swelling, bursting on the verge of cumming, but by strength of will, Sam forced himself to breath with some semblance of normality. The root of his cock was repeatedly contracting, as though he was already cumming, but he had not yet reached an orgasm.

His eyes wandered from the inset picture to the main action and he watched in an effort to disconnect himself from the ecstasy his own body was experiencing. But in doing so, he was hastening his own conversion, for now, his unconscious mind was associating the action on the screen with his own sensations. As long as he concentrated on his own genitals, his subconscious brain was able to maintain the distinction between the action on the screen and what he was feeling.

The boys at the party switched from a cowgirl to reverse missionary position, and the top started pounding in earnest. As he did so, Sam could feel his own hole being drilled faster and faster, until the top clearly achieved an orgasm and started slowing down. Sam half expected to cum at the same time. He was certainly more than horny enough. He glanced at the inset picture. Copious amounts of pre-cum were drooling from his shiny cockhead. That had never happened before. But he didn’t cum.


The video changed to show three teenage friends having sex. One was seated and bouncing on the cock of a reclining figure and sucking the cock of the third boy who was standing. The standing boy was slowly face fucking the sucker, and now the dildo in Sam’s mouth started pumping in and out in time as well.

Sam’s senses were overwhelmed as his unconscious tried to correlate what it was seeing with what his body was experiencing. And all the while, the testicle shakers were driving him wild. The action on screen accelerated in intensity, with the three boys changing positions several times, until the original cocksucker was on his knees. The boy who had been sucked now stood behind the former sucker, gripping the boy’s hips and pounded the boy’s hole with his thick cock. And each time the boy on the screen drove his hefty meat home, the anal dildo slammed into Sam with equal vigour. Sam was being nailed so hard that his entire body rocked forwards with every increasingly rapid and urgent stroke. At the same time, the boy who had been reclining was now fucking the bottom’s face with almost as much enthusiasm, matching his strokes to that of his friend.

Sam’s thoughts were running wild. On one hand, he was trying to steel himself against the emotional assault of being raped at both ends. Although it was a machine that was doing it, already his mind  was blurring the lines between the dildos and the two onscreen friends that he was willingly servicing. No NOT him. That was a porn actor not him! He was just playing a role. No. NO. NO! It was not a role. It was someone else entirely. He was not a willing participant. But his cock was bouncing in time with the reaming his ass was receiving. His hard, hard cock. Hard like the actor on the screen. He wondered who was harder.

Beneath him, the tongs were vibrating his nuts at the speed of a centrifuge, moving each testicle in a figure 8 out of rhythm with its partner. The syncopated timing made it impossible for him to concentrate on the sensation in either testicle individually. Instead, his entire sack and most of his cock was just one amorphous mass of vibrating ecstasy.

“Ahh, congratulations, now you’re making milkshake I see,” the doctor’s voice said through the headphones.

Sam glanced again at the inset screen and he was surprised to see white froth oozing from his cock. Not the creamy syrup of an orgasm, but the foamy lather of post-ejaculation semen whipped up into a lather by continued masturbation. This was exactly what the equipment was designed to do. His nuts were violently shaken, forcing his body’s seminal fluid production into overdrive. The vibration caused the liquid in his testicles’, cowper’s gland and prostate to turn to froth, and as it did so, it expanded until it was forced from his penis. Every inch of his genitals felt orgasmic, but with none of the pumping sensation that always signalled the inevitable end of an orgasm within 10 or 20 seconds.

Sam returned his vision to the main screen, wondering when the two tops would get to cum, and hoping that he too might get to cum with them and experience some relief. But the actors came and a new video started but Sam was not granted relief. The dildos stopped and the vibration diminished, but his dick continued to ooze white seminal foam. Then, as a new scene played out, the dildos sprang to life all over again.


Three hours after it had first begun, the program ended and the screen went dark. Sam blinked, surprised at the sudden silence and stillness. He’d lost all track of time. His balls felt as though they were still vibrating. The doctor lifted the hood, removed the two dildos, and unclamped the boy’s testicles. Sam’s balls felt cold where the tongs had been holding him.


The guard was back and he unfastened Sam’s legs and arms. Last of all the doctor lifted the clamp that had held Sam’s neck.

“You can get up now. I suggest you sit on the edge of the bench while you regain your strength.”

Sam sat up. He was feeling dizzy, mentally shell-shocked, still horny. His dick was standing up rigid in his lap. At first he seemed unaware, but then when the guard gave him a dirty leer, he looked down at himself then cupped his hands to protect his modesty.

The doctor picked up the metal bowl that had sat on the bench between Sam’s legs. Sam glanced down at it, and was disgusted to see that it had a layer of foamy semen almost an inch thick. It reminded him of whipped egg white.

“Your erection may last for up to two more hours. If it’s not gone by the end of evening meal let a guard know or it could become dangerous.”

The doctor handed him a paper towel.

“Your penis will continue foaming for anything up to six more hours”

Sam accepted the paper silently and wiped the head of his penis.

Without asking the doctor walked behind and started to wrap an adult diaper around the boy.

Sam jumped away from the doctor.

“What are you doing?!” he demanded in alarm.

“Unless you want to spend the rest of the day drenched in your own semen with the front of your workpants soaking wet for all the other inmates to see, this is the only alternative I’m afraid.”

Sam looked at the doctor with immense resentment but yet again, he knew it was the lesser of two evils. He moved close and allowed the man to wrap the plastic diaper around him. He looked down at himself in disgust. He looked like one of those weirdos who liked to dress up as adult babies.

“You won’t need underpants for a while. Pull your trousers on.”

Sam pulled up his work pants over the diaper. They were insufficient to disguise the bulge of the padded diaper. The other inmates would all know he was wearing it.

“How long does the buzzing feeling last?” he asked in a surly tone.

“In your testicles? That may continue until our session again tomorrow. You may well experience very erotic dreams tonight. Some boys have nightmares. The lights in your room will be left on half power for the next week or so just in case.”

“Isn’t there anything at all I can do to not have to do this again. I’ll do anything.”

Sam was disgusted by how submissive, how wheedling his voice sounded, but at this point, any dignity he had was long since gone.

“Short of going downstairs and enthusiastically sucking the penis of half the boys on your block, whilst allowing the other half to sodomise you? No, I’m afraid not. This a government mandated program. You are scheduled for sexuality reassignment and there’s nothing either of us can do to prevent it I’m afraid.”

Sam was on the verge of tears, no longer a brave teenager, but a little boy having to take painful medicine.

“You’re scheduled for a half hour appointment with Mrs Waylan, our psychologist this evening. She can help you to work out any erm, confused feelings that you might be experiencing.”

Sam looked at the doctor morosely, too exhausted and too defeated to hate him anymore. A teardrop rolled down the side of his nose.

“Get dressed. Mr Jones will take you back to your room…”



Week 3

Three weeks later, Sam found himself seated next to Thiago again.

“Hey man, how you doing,” Thiago asked.

Sam shrugged, without meeting Thiago’s eyes.

“You okay?” Thiago pressed.

“You know,” Sam replied with another small shrug, looking down at his food.

“You started making milkshake huh?” Thiago said sympathetically, glancing down at Sam’s Huggy padded groin.

Sam gave the smallest of nods.

Thiago squeezed Sam’s shoulder.

“It’s not your fault dude.”

Sam looked at Thiago sidewards. The guy seemed sincere. Sam turned towards him.

“It’s totally sick that they can do that to you. It’s not right!”

“I know dude. Have you started to feel the change yet?”

Thiago didn’t need to clarify which change. It was the only one that mattered. Sam’s face burned red and he gave a forlorn shrug.

“I guess.”

Thiago looked at Sam sadly.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Sam said.

“Like what?”

“Like I’m a dead man walking.”

“Sorry dude, but, you know, you kind of are, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.”

Sam stared at his food morosely, pushing it aimlessly around the plastic tray.

“Have your balls started to change yet?” Thiago asked.

Sam frowned.

“What do you mean ‘change’?”

“Get smaller. Didn’t anyone tell you? By the time they’re done your junk will be a lot smaller.”

Sam stared at Thiago, trying to assess if the other boy was ribbing him.

“Get the fuck out of here!”

“Truth Sam. It’s part of the process. It resets you back to before puberty. It’s supposed to calm you down. Stops you making hormones.”

Sam was horrified.

“You’re fucking kidding?! What next, are these fuckers gonna cut my dick off too?”

“Nah, but I think it’s gonna be a lot smaller when you leave than when you got here.”

Sam’s dick was not all that impressive when he arrived, but he wasn’t about to admit that to Thiago. He clenched his jaw, angry and sickened in equal measure. He put down the plastic fork. He didn’t feel hungry any more.


Week 9

Sam was strapped in and waiting for the usual calibration process to begin. He had long since stopped the pointless struggling as he was brought to the table. He had been making milkshake 8 hours a day for 3 weeks now. He knelt patiently waiting for the doctor to do his stuff.

The doctor looked at Sam on the monitor. The boy was already hard without any stimulation. That was an important landmark. It meant that the boy had become aroused in anticipation of watching of gay pornography.

The doctor completed the calibration and began the program. The testicle shakers were turned up to maximum in order to capitalise on the boy’s second stage conversion.


Week 17 – 9pm

Sam walked into the double room that Thiago occupied and placed his clothing and toiletries in the locker by the second bed. The door locked behind him.

“Hey Thiago.”

“Hey Sam,” Thiago answered. “So they got you huh?”

Sam smiled shyly and gave a little shrug.

“I suppose so.”

“Dude you wouldn’t be here if they weren’t sure.”

Sam frowned.

“What do you mean?”

“Let me put it this way,” Thiago said coyly, “if I got my cock out now, you wouldn’t beg me to put it away would you?”

“I guess not,” Sam admitted.

He thought about the proposition for a while.

“Why, are you going to?”

He couldn’t help himself. He’d tried with all his will to resist the process. Tried to turn his mind into a gay-proof fortress, but from the very first day, hour upon hour of fever-pitch sexual excitement, coupled with gay porn tailored unerringly to his specific developing tastes had transformed revulsion into tolerance, tolerance into interest, interest into desire, and finally, desire into burning lust.

Sam looked at Thiago with hope.

“It’s why you’re here dude, and it’s why I’m here. If we don’t get it on, they’ll just keep milking you till you want to.”

The camera mounted in the upper corner of the room watched as Sam grinned.


“So DO you wanna see my dick?”


Week 24

Sam looked over his shoulder at Thiago.

“Harder Thiago, you can go harder.”

Thiago was holding Sam by the hips, already slamming his cock into the kid like he was driving nails into a board. He pumped faster, harder, his balls high, close to cumming. The kid’s hole clenched eagerly around his cock. Sam was pushing back against him, sensing that he was close, his own thin cock bouncing beneath him. It had lost half its size since he’d started making milkshake. There was already a small watery puddle on the floor beneath Sam. He’d already cum once. He always came first.

Thiago seeded the kid’s colon, as he had every night since the boy had started rooming with him. He grunted as he came and Sam writhed beneath him, panting and moaning. He was clearly enjoying a vigorous second orgasm.

Thiago pulled his cock slowly out of Sam’s hole. It was followed by a dribble of cum. He didn’t need to look to know what was on the floor beneath Sam’s belly. A puddle of perfectly clear fluid. Sam’s balls no longer contributed anything to his ejaculations. Thiago looked down at the boy’s sack. It drooped, not so much low as very soft. He could clearly see the outline of both of Sam’s balls. Ironically, they were no larger than a pair of seedless grapes. Small ones.

It would be a year or two before his balls would even start recover from the process, and started producing testosterone again, and then he’d have to go through puberty all over again. It would be anything from five to seven years before his body returned to the level of sexual maturity it was at when Sam was first incarcerated. The lack of testosterone would kill his aggression and his risk taking, whilst his greatly reduced genitals would further eliminate any swagger that might have remained.

Since Sam had started bunking with him, Thiago had never mentioned the kid’s loss, and Sam seemed too preoccupied with pleasing him to care.

Sam rose from his knees and turned to face Thiago.

“Thanks Tiago,” he said, then climbed into bed, leaving their mutual deposits to air dry on the industrial linoleum.

He closed his eyes, and started to imagine how good Thiago’s cock would taste tomorrow when he sucked him off for the last time before he was released. Then there was an entire world of cocks just waiting for his hungry mouth. Sam smiled to himself.


  • I wonder if they will “catch” sam in the park sucking dick in the same spot he was found fucking his girlfriend?

    • Great thought!

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