Milked in space

The crew of the Jupiter 2 discovers that the traitor Dr Smith has a nefarious plan for them, and they’re not going to like it.

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Milked in space

Will Robinson blinked as the hood of his hypersleep suit folded down to reveal the inside of the Jupiter 2. The last thing he remembered seeing was his sister and ship’s doctor Judy, as she activated the hypersleep program.

Now Judy was gone and in her place stood Doctor Zachary Smith. What was he doing here? He wasn’t even supposed to be coming along. The Robinson family was on an interstellar trip to install a jump gate near planet Alpha Prime. They were supposed to spend the entire ten year journey in stasis. Will surmised that something must have gone wrong and they had returned to Earth.

He waited for the rest of his splinter suit to unfold. It opened and closed like the shell of a pangolin, with rows of overlapping plasteel strips that covered his body from head to toe like the wrappings of a mummy, securing him before the chamber filled with veegel, a special liquid that turned to a thick material like green silly putty when exposed to ultra violet light. Now the gel was gone but the suit had only folded down as far as his neck, so Will was almost completely immobilised.


“Ah Will, nice of you to join us,” Doctor Smith said. “As you can see, your father and Major West are already awake. The ladies are still asleep.”

Will couldn’t turn to look at his father or West. His head was immobilised and he was wearing a mask that fed him air.

“I’m afraid I have some bad news for you. Your mission has changed. The Sedition has employed my services to take the Jupiter 2 to another destination; Maxis b. It has half a dozen Earth-like planets and you’ll be helping to colonise them.”

Will frowned, horrified by the news that Smith was working for the Sedition, a terroristic rival faction to the Earth government.

“When I say helping, what I mean is your sperm will be helping,” Smith clarified.

He typed some commands on the computer and Will felt a probe entering his anus. He was powerless to resist. A few seconds later he felt a tingling inside and his penis instantly started to stiffen. Will could hear grunting to his left. He couldn’t be sure, but he thought that it was Major West, the 35 year old top gun who had come along to pilot the Jupiter 2.

Will was only momentarily distracted though. A second later he felt something soft and warm encasing the head of his penis. He wriggled against the intimate contact. It was bad enough that they had to travel naked inside the splinter suits, and twice as bad that they had permanently had all but the hair on their heads removed, but he had never imagined that the suits could be used in this way.

Will had not been masturbating long, but none of his crude pumpings had felt as good as the sensations he was now experiencing on the head of his glans and in his hole. Whatever had surrounded his penis was rippling and teasing, and it felt like his dick was inside a sea anemone as dozens of tiny nodules gently teased his glans. He felt his balls rising tight under the root of his hard cock.

Smith turned and addressed the adults.

“The computer will be taking care of you for the rest of our journey. I’m afraid you won’t be in hypersleep. We’ll be needing as much sperm as possible so you’re going to be milked continuously for the entire journey. I think once you get up to speed, each of you will be able to ejaculate 100 times a day.”

West roared impotently into his mask again, joined this time by Professor Robinson.

Will felt himself aroused beyond endurance, then suddenly he was ejaculating. He squeaked into the mouthpiece, surprised by how quickly he had been forced to give up his watery seed. He tried to lift and thrust his pelvis in ecstasy as he powerfully squirted thin semen into the milking tube.

Doctor Smith looked over at him then glanced down at the computer.

“It seems that young Will has just given his first sample.”

Smith smiled in a way that made Will’s skin crawl. The 54 year old doctor turned back to the men.

“I’m afraid I won’t be joining you for the journey. Or at least, I won’t be available for conversation, but feel free to grunt at each other. The trip will last a little longer than the original itinerary.”

Smith programmed his own hypersleep pod. Professor Robinson and Major West both roared at him, but could not form any articulate words. Smith looked at the computer monitor then back at them with a grin.

“Nice erections gentlemen. Looks like you’re both about ready to pop. First of VERY many. Have fun. I’ll see you all in fifteen years.”

He stepped into his own pod, and less than a minute later, his body was suspended in stasis, leaving Major West, Professor John Robinson and his son Will, exactly as they would remain for many years to come: hard and horny.

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