Milked for Jesus

A choir boy  discovers his new church has a fantastic way of keeping him pure.

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Milked for Jesus

Frank knew to expect it but it was still a surprise the first time it happened. They had just finished choir practice and he stood with the other choir boys at the front of the church.

Father Malloy turned to Frank and the other boys and said, “And now it’s time for you to be drained so that you can remain pure for Jesus. Remember, touching yourself is doing the devil’s work.”

Malloy nodded to his assistant, and the man activated the milking program with the push of a button.


Frank felt the rubber-coated arms sliding up the inside of his naked legs. He’d been ordered never to wear anything under his cassock, and now he was discovering why. A soft claw hand gripped his scrotum. Its finger tips dug into the sphere of flesh until they had isolated his balls, then the soft fingers closed around them and tugged lightly downwards on his nuts until his knees buckled. The ball grab was always first – it was a good way to control the boys.

Next, a warm, lube-coated mechanical Slurper as the boys called it, slipped over his penis. To his surprise, he was hard in an instant. He looked around, and the other boys were giggling and making noises of pleasure. The older ones, near to manhood, were standing stoicly. Frank could see the front of their surplices tenting out.

Frank allowed the slurper to work on his hard penis, not that he had any choice. His parents and signed him up for this choir knowing about the milking program, and even though he was almost 17, he knew that he was duty bound to comply with whatever was demanded of him.

The slurper felt much better than his hand. It touched every part of his helmet at once, teasing, massaging, stroking, and making Frank excited in ways he’d never considered possible before.

His legs felt weak and wobbly from the pleasure he was experiencing, and it had only been two minutes! The other boys were not giggling any more, they were groaning, squirming, panting, gasping, and filling the chancery with the sounds of teenage lust. Frank could smell a muskiness in the air from the sweating, horny boys surrounding him. It was unexpectedly intoxicating.


Frank felt his balls being tugged downwards even lower, forcing him to open his legs just as another arm started sliding up the inside of his leg, then something touched his hole. To his surprise, a slender articulated finger slipped up inside him.

He let out a trembling moan of surprise. He couldn’t help himself.


His moan was joined by 40 other boys all making exactly the same sound as the milk station penetrated all of them simultaneously. The entire chancery was just one mass of squirming boys of all ages now. They never got used to being penetrated, but it was also the final act before they climaxed.

The finger started tweaking some place deep inside him. Frank lit up like the night sky on the fourth of July, and he immediately started to cum – his first time in the company of others. His initial orgasm was so powerful that his legs gave way completely and he staggered, saving himself by reaching out and supporting his weight on the rail in front of him. Father Malloy smiled. The new boys were always overwhelmed the first time.

Frank wondered how many thousands of other boys had used the rail to save themselves. It was polished smooth by decades of hands. He held his weight up as he and his fellow choristers were expertly drained.

To his surprise, when he had finished ejaculating the program continued milking him.

“How long does this go on for?” he asked the boy next to him, who appeared much older than he was.

“Two more cycles,” the boy replied with a grin.


Fifteen minutes and three milking cycles later, the milking arms withdrew. Frank was drained and dripping with sweat. He was so exhausted that he could barely stand.

Malloy said, “May your bodies stay pure and your hearts filled only with thoughts of God. I’ll see you boys for service and evening milking at six.”

Frank shuffled out of the chancery on trembling legs. His cock utterly flaccid now. He noted with mild interest, the various sized puddles left behind on the floor by the still-drooling cocks of his fellow choristers.

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  • Interesting story about ” mandatory masturbation Therapy ” The idea is to prevent unwanted sexual activity by sexually exhausting males in a safe & controlled environment , so that they have no cum & energy for sexual mischief elsewhere..
    And this is not a fantasy,
    This therapy is often done on young sex offenders, so they cannot offend ….

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