A teenager discovers that he must pay for the sins of his father, and finds his body modified in a most horrific way.

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The sound of screaming stirred Riley from his drug-induced unconsciousness. His eyes twitched as the sound prematurely drew him from his slumber. He felt as though he was swimming to the surface from somewhere deep, as the throaty yelling forced him to push away the fog that still tried to smother his mind. The plaintive howling refused to allow him to sink back into the comfortable blackness.

His eyelids flickered and opened, and then his senses were battered from multiple sources. He was in a room, fifty feet long by twenty wide. At one end was medical equipment and operating tables, but the end where Riley and his father were was bare. Both the floor and walls were tiled in white. Fluorescent strip lights were embedded into the ceiling. It was dazzling on eyes that had been closed for months. But it wasn’t the brightness that most shocked Riley. Nor even the fact that the person screaming was his father, although in 16 years of life, he’d never heard his father even cry, much less scream. What really shocked Riley, was his father’s condition. The image slammed into his mind in an instant, and for a few moments, he had to force himself to concentrate, just to make sure that his senses were not betraying him.

Five feet in front of him, Riley’s father was completely nude. Riley had not seen his father’s genitals since he was a five or six year old child showering with him. But it was not the nudity that blew Riley’s mind. His father was less of a person than when Riley had last seen him. To be precise, his arms had been removed at the shoulder joint. There was not so much as a stump left. Similarly, his legs had been removed at the hip, leaving nothing but a V of surgically repaired flesh that led down to his groin.

Stranger still, his father appeared to be supported four feet off the floor on a shiny metal pole mounted on a heavy three foot circular base that rose between his legs. Although Riley was unfamiliar with what he was looking at, his father also wore a complicated cock and ball ring on his flaccid genitals.

But most surreal of all was his face. His mouth was forced open into a wide gape with a thick metal ring that was held in place inside by a leather strap that passed behind his neck. His taut lips had been coloured bright red in a parody of lipstick, and exaggerated Clockwork Orange Droog eye lashes had been tattooed above and below his wide eyes, giving him a cartoonish expression of alarm.

Riley took all of this in within less than three seconds… Then he felt the pole that was inserted into his own rectum. His hole was stretched wide to accommodate the chrome plated tube. It was as thick as scaffold, and Riley felt monstrously full. The end of the pole had been fused to his pelvis inside him and it supported his entire weight.

He looked down at himself only to find that he was also naked and missing his limbs. He looked at his father in shock. Then started to scream along with him.


Three hours later Duchess Gillian Stahl entered the room. Riley and his father had long since screamed themselves hoarse. She walked up and stood beside Riley’s father Don, angling herself so that she could also see the boy.

“I expect you’re wondering how you got here, when the last thing you remember was going to bed in your own home?”

Don’s eyes widened and he nodded, making incomprehensible noises.

The woman smiled with no mirth in her expression.

“A better question would be WHY you are here.”

More incomprehensible noises from Don.

The woman said, “You need to be quiet when I’m talking or I’ll remove your vocal chords as well as your limbs. Or these.”

She slapped his testicles hard with an open palm. There were dark and bulging from weeks of confinement in a ball ring. They were also exceptionally tender. Don yelped at the assault and his brain automatically attempted to protect him with thighs that no longer existed. An expression of new horror appeared on his face. The woman saw it with every single new male – the terrifying realisation that there was absolutely NOTHING that they could do to protect their genitals.

She raised finger to her lips and spoke as though she was addressing a young child.

“Shhh shh shhhhhh.”

Don’s eyes were big as saucers, but he knew complete compliance was the only way to avoid further pain – or worse. He stared at her silently, too bewildered and afraid of his bizarre situation to be angry.

“That’s better. Now as I was saying, the real question is WHY you are here, not HOW you got here. You may recall a job you were on in Decatur. A young woman passed by your site and you made a crude remark to a friend about how you’d like to show her your salami. Unfortunately for you, your remark was overheard by a member of the Sisterhood, and we don’t take kindly to men saying things like that. You ex-military types are the worst. You think just because you fought in Iraq or Afghanistan that it allows you to be ignorant pigs. I’m afraid you are mistaken, as thousands of other men have also discovered.”

Don looked at her stunned. He remembered the incident, and his comment, but he meant nothing by it. It was just guy talk. He tried to protest.

“Ohee. Ih oz ush an um eahk.”

The woman gripped his testicles.

“What have I told you about speaking?”

She squeezed his plump nuts slowly.

“Ngooh,” he groaned in protest, his ability to articulate consonants all but robbed by the mouth ring.

Duchess Gillian continued squeezing. And squeezing. Don made a series of strangled, choking sounds. She squeezed the fat bag harder, feeling each individual testicle compressing in her hand. His groaning increased. A jet of urine left his penis at high pressure as he tensed his abdomen against the pain. The woman looked down at the urine, satisfied and released him.

“Perhaps now you’ll learn to stay quiet when you are told. Anyway, you offered to show that young woman your ‘salami’, so now you’ll have the opportunity to show it to lots of women. I hope that makes you happy.”

She looked down at his six inch softie. It was quite impressive, especially as he was in pain. Her gallery patrons would doubtless find it entertaining.

She walked over to Riley. He had watched the exchange with horror.

“And as for you young man, I’m afraid you are paying for your father’s sins. We cannot allow such bad behaviour to continue, and it is highly likely that he has passed his disgusting attitude on to you. Therefore you must also be removed from the breeding pool.”

She reached down and gripped his nuts. They were substantially smaller than his father’s, but no less plump thanks to their ball-ring confinement.

“No doubt you are already thinking of breeding at every opportunity. That will not be allowed.”

She fondled his nuts. In spite of his predicament, he felt the beginnings of interest in his cock. It was over five inches flaccid, and now was thickening almost imperceptibly as the blood flow increased.

“It seems that large penises run in your family Riley.”

She released his testicles, and turned so that she could address Don again.

“The thing is Don, if you are going to act like a clown, you may as well look like one. So from now on, you and the boy are going to be exhibits in my gallery. You can show off your salami there to as many women as you like, all day, every day, and your son can show off his too. I think it’s time to see what you’ve got.”

She pulled out a small remote and tapped in a few commands. An electrical probe at the end of the support pole started vibrating against Don’s prostate, delivering a carefully tuned and continuous series of electrical pulses designed to arouse him. His penis rapidly inflated, swelling to its full nine inch length, and swaying before him, twitching with each pulse of his heartbeat.

Don looked at Duchess Gillian in dismay. He was usually happy to be horny, and being seen naked by a woman didn’t bother him, but it dismayed him that even in this dire situation, his libido could simply be turned on and off like a light switch.


“Hmm, that’s not bad,” Duchess Gillian said, approaching and running her palm up the underside of Don’s rigid member, “but I know you can do better.”

She entered more commands and tiny magneto-lozenges that had been implanted in his scrotum, and attached directly to his testicles started to buzz silently, creating a reverberation deep in the core of each testicle. At the same time, a current activated in the cock ring. The ring had two small electrical contacts on the inside of its upper surface at eleven and one on a clock face, with two more at five and seven. Invisible filaments had been embedded along the length of his penis. The system was perfectly calibrated so that each contact sent a low wattage A/C current along the length of his penis, across the head of his glans, returning along the underside to the base. The sensation was like a fine tingling along the length of Don’s cock. It felt to him as though his own cock had turned into a vibrator, and the sensation was arousing beyond belief. His penis swelled more and more as it was stimulated in ways that no normal sexual activity could come close to. It felt simultaneously hot and cold inside, and his glans kept getting larger are larger. That part of his genitals did not normally get particularly hard, but now it was so hard that it was shiny. Veins bulged and expanded along the shaft, as hard as the veins in a weightlifter’s arms who has been pumping iron for an hour.

Don groaned. He’d never felt so horny, but the system was designed to deny him release. He arched his back with the powerful stimulation in his genitals.

“That’s quite an impressive penis you have there Don. Not quite a ‘salami’, but close. Let’s see how your boy measures up.”

Duchess Gillian walked over to Riley. He was already hard. She looked down at his straining cock.

“In spite of everything, simply watching your father with an erection gets you hard? What a horny young mutt. I can see that we did the right thing in bringing you in as well.”

Riley blushed bright red, humiliated by his youthful libido. The woman activated the prostate stimulator. Riley started to squirm. He hunched and gasped, a pained expression on his face at the unaccustomed pleasure in his anus. Within seconds, a bead of sparkling precum appeared at the eye of his penis, rapidly growing in size before drooling from the end in a slowly swaying strand that glistened in the bright lights. The woman reached down and cupped his testicles in her palm, squeezing very lightly.

“My, my, we ARE an excitable young man aren’t we?”

Riley squeaked at her touch, disgusted at his body’s arousal, yet eager for her to do more.

She activated his implants, and his six inch erection grew another inch. It pointed up at 45 degrees like a flagpole and the urethra stood out along its underside, thicker than a pencil.

Duchess Gillian stood back and watched as father and teenaged son squirmed in ecstasy. This time her smile was genuine. It always amused her to see males in this state. They were so happy to objectify women, but with just the smallest bit of prompting, they could easily be reduced to drooling sex objects. She knew from prior testing, that even if the males had not had their limbs removed, if she released them right now, their only thought would be to achieve release, not to escape.

“Very good. It seems as though everything is working perfectly.”

She pressed a kill switch, and all of the stimulation stopped. Don sagged. Riley’s response was more complicated. Even though he’d only been stimulated for a couple of minutes, he wanted to cum so badly. His expression was mixture of disappointment and relief.

“Boys are just walking hormones,” Gillian thought to herself. “The kid is a goddamned liability.”


An hour later, the latest exhibits were positioned along a wall in the main gallery hall. A sign between them read, “Don and Riley Masterson – father and son”. A large marble bowl had been attached to each of their poles beneath their groins, and waste removal pipe was connected to the posts that they were impaled on.

All around them other males were also arranged as exhibits. Many were in a similar pose to Riley and his father, skewered atop metal poles, but there were also all manner of additional creative poses. Directly opposite, a man was halfway down a huge conical dildo. Although Riley couldn’t be certain, it seemed from the part he could see, that the bit entering the man’s anus must be over a foot in diameter. Further down, Riley could see a boy with a chain through his glans fixed to his nose, pulling his cock vertical. Brody was particularly disturbed to see that some of the exhibits were missing testicles or penises entirely.

Duchess Gillian stood between Riley and his father. They both wore the ridiculous comical expressions that they had been given and looked at her. She cupped Don’s firm and swollen scrotum.

“I still haven’t decided whether or not to remove these.”

Don’s eyes widened. He knew that he was powerless to prevent whatever she decided to do.

She continued.

“I think we’ll give you a few months and see how it goes, then if I do have to remove them, you’ll be only too aware what you’re losing.”

His fear decreased just a fraction, but his predicament was hardly conducive to relaxation.

She turned to Riley and sensuously caressed his testicles.

“As you were not the one who committed the offence, you get to keep these. You know, amateurs think that denial is the best form of sexual frustration. They lock their males up in cages so that they can never get properly aroused. But they’re wrong. Constant arousal without release is a MUCH greater torment, both mentally and physically!”

She gently squeezed Riley’s nuts.

“These should grow big and firm after six months of constant unsated arousal. You’ll have blue balls in a week, and nuts the size of swan eggs by the end of the year.”

Riley listened with dismay. He loved jacking off, and even though his plight was appalling, a part of him was alarmed to hear that he would not be ejaculating for the foreseeable future.

Duchess Gillian said, “Anyway, time to open. Try not to have too much fun gentlemen.”

She pressed a master control and the exhibition came to life.

The man sitting on the conical dildo was lifted a few inches, and then the dildo thudded upwards as he was dropped. The man grimaced as it continued to widen his hole.

In an alcove, a limbless man was lifted by a chain around his testicles until he was suspended upside down. His scrotum was well on its way to being a foot long. Brody wondered how long he had been here and whether or not it still hurt. Then he noticed the man grimacing, and his question was answered.

Riley felt a familiar sensation in his own genitals as he was stimulated again. His dick rapidly rose in spite of himself, and soon both he and his father were rigid. It only took a few minutes before they were both squirming, just like all the other exhibits. Although Riley and Don were not of a mind to appreciate it, they were far better off than many of the males. Over 50 percent of them were squirming in pain not pleasure.

Don noticed that a few exhibits down were three youths who appeared to be triplets, perhaps not even as old as his own son. All three were impaled on poles much as he and Riley were. Don fleetingly wondered what they had done to deserve becoming part of the exhibition.


Don leaned forwards, partly at the intensity of the pleasure in his dick, and partly because he wanted to test the limits of his confinement. He managed to bend his torso to almost 90 degrees, but there was no sign that he could unsteady the base. He tried to launch his body upwards in the hope of disimpaling himself, but he didn’t feel so much as a millimetre of vertical play.

Riley was watching his father’s attempts. Don looked at his son, who had his own ridiculous startled half clown, half whore makeup on, and shook his head. Riley’s head fell, knowing that they were never going to be able to free themselves. Looking at the number of other exhibits, rescue also seemed extremely unlikely.

But in spite of his dilemma, Riley’s hard dick and quivering balls were drawing his attention. He was leaking again, and he realised why the marble bowls had been placed beneath him. It was not to catch urine, as he had at first assumed, but to catch his precum. He wondered if there was a limit to the amount that his body could produce. His first streamer of sticky fluid reached the bowl.

Before long, Riley and his father were soon desperate for orgasms that they would never achieve. Both were squirming and wriggling on their poles like caterpillars impaled on toothpicks. Riley couldn’t help himself: he started to groan, his body automatically pleading to no-one in particular to be allowed to cum. Don was just as vocal beside him, and the entire hall was filled with moans of unfulfilled ecstasy and uneased pain. Then the doors opened and the first visitors entered.


Normally, Riley would sooner be dead than be seen naked in public, but now he barely even cared as the visitors moved through the gallery towards him.

The first to reach him was a party of three girls of college age.

“Hey, they got another new one. It says here ‘father and son’.”

“Oh that’s so cute. I wonder what they did to come here?”

Riley was red faced and sweating, but it wasn’t embarrassment that caused it; it was lust. He looked at the girls, but he was too preoccupied to try to communicate. Instead his mind was filled with images of one of them wrapped around his cock.

“Hey, I think he likes you Sharni. I bet he wouldn’t complain if you jacked him off right now.”

Riley’s eyes widened hopefully.

“Don’t be cruel Sarah. You know they can’t cum, no matter what you do to them.”

“Oh look how disappointed he looks.”

The speaker leaned forwards.

“Don’t worry boy, you’ll get used to it.”

“Don’t lie to him Sam. You know that’s not true.”

The young woman smiled unpleasantly at Riley.

“She’s right. You’ll never get used to it. You’re gonna be squirming and horny here for the rest of your life.”

Riley groaned, partly from disappointment, and once again as his body forced his vocal chords to express his heightened ecstasy.

The girls moved on to the next exhibit, and hundreds more visitors approached in a slow motion tidal wave of bodies. All Riley wanted, was to cum…

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    I like your stories, they are written with a simple style and with imagination and a satisfying degree of sadism. In this story I identify with Riley; I want to be dismembered and impaled, but I would have liked one of the teenage college girls to torture my cock and balls, maybe tear them off with her teeth! Francis

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