Life raft

A young man meets someone who can save him.

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Life raft

Nathan looked at Roy’s naked body and tears rolled down his cheeks. Roy looked at him in the light of the camp fire and tilted his head bewildered. He furrowed his brows.

“Why are you crying Nathan?”

Nathan looked so small and pitiful, standing there, naked, lit by the glow of the flames, with tears rolling down his cheeks. His arms hanging limply by his sides, making no effort to hide the tears. Roy watched the slender boy’s sensitive face, waiting for an answer. Nathan simply gazed back silently.

Roy was a B+ student but he didn’t have the vocabulary to articulate the expression on Nathan’s face. ‘Sad’ would be the best he could do, but even Nathan would have trouble describing his feelings. Forlorn, joyful, expectant, loving, and fearful – all were emotions that played through his mind at that moment.


Since moving to the remote rural community six months ago, Nathan’s shyness had made it hard for him to make friends with many people but he only needed one friend, and that person was standing in front of him right now.

He thought back to the time that his family decided to move here: to somewhere remote with no eyes to see how they lived their lives. He overheard his parents discussing it in the kitchen. His father was indignant. In retrospect, it amazed him that his father managed to muster up righteous indignation.

“We’re moving out in the country where folks don’t have their noses in everyone’s business all the time. I think some of them actually think I’m some kind of child molester. With my own son!”

Nathan had never considered his father to be a child molester. For a start he was fifteen – hardly a child, but however he thought about it, his father’s night-time visits – always when his mother was working late or visiting with relatives – were unhealthy and unwanted.

Nathan knew from an early age that he preferred boys, but it was a secret that he shared with nobody. Yet the fact that his father seemed to have picked up on it made him mortally fearful that he was giving off some kind of signs. Worse still, it turned his own desires into something sickly, to be ashamed of.

At first his father would come at night and help Nathan to “learn about his body”, then the man soon started to want reciprocal treatment in return. By his fifteenth birthday, Nathan’s father had ceased the pretence of giving anything to the boy, and instead he simply treated his son as he would use a hooker; just a body to be used and abandoned. And with each late night visit, Nathan shrank inside himself a little further, giving up the hope of ever becoming more than a hole to be used.

And now here was Roy, a boy two years older, standing naked in front of him, looking at him with more than just lust.


Nathan couldn’t find the right words. He shrugged, his expression forlorn, looking Roy up and down, returning to his face.

“I’m sorry. It’s just… it’s just that you’re so beautiful.”

He knew that it sounded lame and faggy, but he trusted Roy to understand that he was not simply talking about the boy’s physical appearance. Roy smiled at him and stepped closer. He reached out and wiped a tear away with his finger then he leaned forwards and gave Nathan a light kiss on the lips. He smiled again. Nathan wanted to jump up and down like an excited puppy at the sight of that smile that was just for him. He restrained himself, but instead dropped his head and returned with a shy, tight-lipped smile of his own, afraid to let his joy and passion out lest it overwhelm Roy and scare him off. He felt like XMen’s Cyclops, having to hide behind glasses to protect the world.

Nathan stood gangly and awkward, and looked Roy’s body up and down once again, this time taking more time, lingering on the boy’s groin. He reached out and ran his fingers down Roy’s nascent abs with something approaching reverence, forcing himself to breathe calmly. Roy stood patiently, allowing Nathan to ease into things. Then he noticed the younger boy’s penis rising.

Roy gave Nathan a gentle smile that told Nathan that he was no longer alone. Then he reached down slowly slid his fingers up Nathan’s straining cock from balls to circumcised glans. Nathan’s eyes opened comically wide, as though suddenly realising that he was hard and naked in front of another boy.

Cupping Nathan’s tight balls and the root of his cock, Roy moved closer still, until they were touching chest to chest. He leaned forwards and whispered in Nathan’s ear.

“It’s okay Nathan we’ve found each other now.”

Nathan hugged him tightly, embracing his new future just as fiercely.

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