Leaving present

A young man gives his brother an erotic gift

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Leaving present

Vince opened the bottom drawer and moved the piles of underwear haphazardly stuffed inside. He reached into the drawer and pulled out the Fleshlight in its nondescript grey plastic holder, which was designed to appear to the casual glance like a flashlight. He unscrewed the lid. The scent of rubber hit his nose, along with a faint musk of cum. He smiled and replaced the lid. It had been well used.

There was also a bottle of lube. He picked it up. It had a one pint capacity but was now three quarters empty. He turned it to watch the remaining quarter pint ooze against the transparent bottle. Three quarters of a pint in half a semester. He’d have to buy some more.

“What are you doing?!”

Vince looked up. His younger brother Dan stood in the door, his expression mortified. Vince grinned broadly at him.

“Just checking if you’ve been using it.”

Dan blushed deep red.

“You horny little fucker, you must have been at it like a rabbit since I left for college!”

Dan looked at the floor unable to deny the witness of the nearly empty lube bottle.

“Vince, stay out of my stuff dude, come on man, that’s not cool,” he muttered.

“Of course bro, but I was just checking if you needed more lube before I go back to college seeing as you can’t buy it yourself.”

Dan was in an impossible situation. To say “yes” was to admit that he would continue jerking himself silly as soon as his brother returned to college. He already felt like he’d been busted, and he supposed that it would be silly to act like he wasn’t spanking his monkey every day when it was clear that he did. He remembered when his brother had first given him the Fleshlight. It was the night before he left for college.


“Hey Dan, guess you’re going to have all this space to yourself now.”

“Yeah, it’s gonna be weird,” Dan replied.

He was feeling emotional. He’d never spent more than a week away from his older brother, and now he was leaving home for at least three years, probably for good. He hugged his brother, overcome.

“I’m gonna miss you,” he said, his voice cracking.

Vince was momentarily surprised, then he returned the hug fulsomely.

“I’m gonna miss you too Dan. But it’s not like I’m dying and I’ll only be a phone call away.”

Dan continued hugging him until he was sure he could talk again without squeaking then he pulled away, looking at the floor.


“I got you a gift,” Vince said, holding out a small box.

Dan accepted the box, and opened it. Inside was the Fleshlight. He furrowed his brow, bewildered by the strange gift, then he unscrewed the top, and looked at the flesh coloured latex contents even more confused.

“What is it?” he asked.

Vince smiled.

“Your boner goes in the hole.”

Dan’s face flared red and he looked up at his brother in shock, his mouth ajar.

“What, you didn’t think I heard you rustling the sheets all these years, or notice all the long showers you started taking?” Vince said.

Dan’s blush deepened. He couldn’t find any words. He wasn’t the sort of guy who was comfortable acknowledging such things.

“You’ll need this too.”

Vince handed him the bottle of lube. Dan accepted it, then immediately panicked over whether Vince took that to mean he was admitting jacking off.

“Dude, it’s perfectly natural. Everyone does it.”

Dan couldn’t think of anything to say that did not either admit guilt, or risk his brother taking the gift back. He looked at the hole and the image of him fucking it leapt into his mind. He popped a full-on woody on the spot. It tented his worn towelling pajama bottoms. Now he was totally mortified. He turned away from his brother under the pretence of putting the gift away in his underwear drawer.

“Danny, it’s only a boner. We all get them. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” Vince assured him.

“Thanks very much for the um, gift, Vince,” Danny said, acting as though he hadn’t heard.

“You’d better use it, it was expensive.”

“Ummmm, I don’t know Vince,” Dan answered, being vague so that his brother would not realise how eager he was. “I guess I might, you know, look at it some time.”

“You do that,” Vince said, recognising that this was his little brother’s way of avoiding having to admit that he jacked off. He was still at that age, and unlike Vince, he’d always been shy about his body.


That night, at 10.45pm, they were both lying in their single beds when Dan’s voice drifted out of the darkness.

“Um Vince, how do you er, use that thing?”

Vince explained.


“Are you still shy about spanking it?” Vince asked.

Dan wouldn’t meet his eye.

“Um, yeah, kinda.”

“Crazy. Well at least you’ve been enjoying it. You must have been using it once or twice every day.”

Dan didn’t say a word. Vince looked at him, and Dan blushed brighter. It felt like Vince’s eyes were burning into him, laying his secrets bare.

“More than twice a day?”

Dan didn’t answer. Vince looked him in the eye. Dan looked down. Vince moved closer, bent his legs so that he was below Dan’s head level, and looked up at his brother.


Dan smirked, embarrassed but tickled by his brother’s antics.

“How many times a day Danny you horny little mutt?”

“mnm fur,” Dan mumbled.

“Speak up Danny, you’re mumbling. That sounded like ‘three or four’?”

Dan smirked like a naughty schoolboy and nodded tightly.

“Well way to fucking go stud!” Vince said enthusiastically, shaking Dan’s shoulder like he’d just admitted to getting a date with the hottest girl in school.

Dan smiled at him, lifting his gaze just a little.

“Sounds like that little pecker of yours is getting plenty of exercise. So do you want me to buy another bottle of lube for you before I go back to college? Or two?”

Dan hesitated for the longest time before answering. It was all out in the open now. In for a cent, in for a dollar.

“Two please,” he said timidly, adding apologetically, “If it isn’t too expensive.”

Vince hugged him roughly, and Dan accepted the hug, returning with a less robust one of his own.

“Nothing’s too much trouble for you bro. I’ll go get it tomorrow.”
Dan adored his brother and he wished with all his heart that he had his brother’s confidence, especially when it came to sexual  matters.

They parted, and Dan stood awkwardly, hands dangling by his side.

“Something else you want to say bro?”

Dan was clearly struggling with a decision.

“Come on Danny, out with it. No need for secrets.”

In the quietest of voices Danny said, “Well, I looked it up on the internet,” he gestured towards the Fleshlight, “and there’s all different ones; different pussies, and mouths and stuff…”

“Yeah bro, I know.”

“So, um, why d’you get me one that looks like a butthole?”

Vince cracked a massive grin.

“So you could practice of course. In case you ever work up the balls to ask Clark out!”

Dan swallowed and stared at his brother terrified to speak. The colour drained from his face completely. He was certain if he tried to deny his sexuality his voice would crack and betray him, but the implications of admitting his feelings for his best friend Clark were overwhelming.

Vince looked at him, then broke into his massive grin again. He took Dan’s head in both hands, planted a big, unnecessarily noisy wet kiss on his cheek and said, “You’re just gay, that’s all little bro. Ain’t no big thing.”

Then he dropped the lube back into the drawer, kicked the drawer shut with his foot, and walked off to see what their father was up to.

Dan stared into space, his mind raging at a thousand thoughts a second. Then a small smile spread across his face.

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