I think I might be gay

A teenager confides a secret to his older best friend

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I think I might be gay

“Can I tell you something secret?”

Ben looked at his younger friend. It sounded serious.

“Course you can Mitchell. Anything.”

“Promise never to tell anyone?”

Ben frowned. Very serious.

“Dude of course. I promise.”

Mitchell took a deep breath.

“I think I might be gay.”

Ben smiled and paused before answering. Mitchell had been sneaking surreptitious glances at his bare torso and his short’s clad bulge ever since they had started working out together an hour ago. He played it cool though, allowing Mitchell to draw his own conclusions.

“What makes you think that?”

Mitchell shrugged, embarrassed about articulating his reasons.

“I dunno. I just, well, I just seem to think about boys a lot and never girls.”

“Well we all think about boys. That’s who we hang out with most of the time,” Ben offered, giving Mitchell an out.

“Yeah I know, but not like that. Like, I dunno; like different thoughts, like how it would be to hug them, or touch their skin. And stuff.”

“Is that how you feel about me?”

Mitchell glowed red and looked away.

“Yeah,” he said quietly.

“Hey dude, Mitch, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Mitchell looked shyly back at him.

“Do you um, do you get other thoughts?” Ben prodded gently.

“What do you mean?” Mitchell said.

“Thoughts that give you a boner.”

Mitchell looked mystified.

“I don’t get you.”

Ben smiled. Surely Mitchell was having erections already? Jeez, he’d been jacking off for three years by Mitchell’s age. He stood up.

“Take your shorts off and lay on the carpet.”

Mitchell frowned.


“We’re gonna find out. I’ve got a test I’m pretty sure will work.”

Mitchell stood and hesitantly dropped his shorts. He was wearing soft brushed cotton briefs with a striped pattern. His genitals filled the pouch.

“These too?” Mitchell asked, hoping against hope that his older friend would not say yes.

“No, no need. Just lay down with your hands by your sides.”

Mitchell did as he was told. He lay on the floor looking stiff and uncomfortable.

Ben kicked off his sneakers and dropped his shorts. He was wearing boxers, but like his friend, his torso was sweaty from their weights work out in the summer heat. Mitchell looked up at him, and without thinking, his eyes slid down to the bulge of his friend’s boxers. Ben grinned when he saw it, and Mitchell flushed again, like a kid caught looking at porn.

Ben kneeled, placing his knees either side of Mitchell’s then he leaned forwards over his friend and lifted his body, supporting it in push up position. He face hovered above Mitchell’s. Mitchell had no idea what was to come but his heart was beating fast. He looked up into the sweat-beaded face of his closest friend. Even the way Ben’s hair darkened and stuck to his forehead was appealing to Mitch.

Mitch lowered himself until the bulge of his boxers just touched the considerably smaller soft bulge at the front of Mitchell’s briefs. He ground his hips forwards so that the weight of his hanging penis brushed past the place that Mitchell’s cock nestled. Mitchell’s eyes widened as he started to suspect what his friend was up to. Then Ben pushed his arms straight, lifting his groin away from Mitchell’s. Mitchell suppressed a little gasp of disappointment.

“One,” Ben counted.

He lowered himself again. This time as he touched he moved his hips in a small circle before lifting. Mitchell gazed into his eyes, trusting. His emotions were a complicated mix of bromance, anticipation and hero worship, with something else. A feeling he didn’t recognise.

Ben lifted again.


He lowered. He could feel stirring beneath the soft cotton. A response within. He pressed his bulge closer and waited whilst his friend’s penis felt his dick’s weight and heat. He moved his mouth to Mitchell’s ear.

“Can you feel my dick?” he asked.

“Yes,” Mitchell whispered with a trembling voice.

Ben slowly air humped, allowing the weight of his flaccid penis to bump back and forth across Mitchell’s bulge.

“One day yours will probably be as big as mine.”

Mitchell swallowed hard.

Ben lifted again.


He looked down at Mitchell’s face. The boy’s lips were parted and his expression asked for more, so Ben lowered again. Before he was halfway, something stiff poked his dangling cock. He lowered a little way onto it, then ground his hips forwards and backwards so that the heft of his own cock nudged against his friend’s eager boner. Mitchell’s whole body was rigid, like a Buckingham Palace guard at attention, lying stiffly as he felt the surges of pleasure radiating from the head of his penis.

Ben straightened his arms.


Mitchell’s eyes took on a puppy dog look, comically eager now. Ben smiled down at him and lowered again. Mitchell’s cock was standing up proud in his briefs. Ben started with his body a little further down so that his lower abdomen was aligned with the boy’s groin. As his belly touched the boy’s stiffness, he slid upwards, trapping it between them so that it pressed against both of their bellies. Then he slowly ground against Mitchell.

Mitchell started whimpering at the unaccustomed pleasure.

Ben leaned forwards and gently opened his mouth, pressing his lips against Mitchell’s. Mitchell allowed Ben to take control, but when the older boy pushed his tongue into his mouth, Mitchell reciprocated, sliding his tongue against the wetness. Ben kissed him slowly, tenderly for a minute then rose again. Ben’s cock sprang up as it was given space.

Ben looked down at it. The front of Mitchell’s pants had a dollar size wet patch. Ben rose to his knees and lifted the front of Mitchell’s pants from his cock revealing it. Five and a half inches of slender meat sprang eagerly free. Stiff, white, and sheathed with a long wrinkled foreskin. A mess of pre-cum slimed the inside of Mitchell’s briefs, forming sticky connections to his dickhead like the sparkling mucous on an egg in the movie Alien.

Ben reached down and lifted some of the slime on a finger. Mitchell rose and supported himself on his elbows watching. Ben pulled down on the root of Mitchell’s cock and the long soft foreskin revealed a centimetre of shiny pink glans. Ben reached down with the index finger of his other hand and slowly rubbed the stickiness on his friend’s glans in small circles. Mitchell whimpered and squirmed at the new sensations that were almost overwhelming him.

Ben wriggled out of his own boxers. Seven inches of hardness bounced free. He parted Mitchell’s legs and sat between them then took both of their penises in his fist.

“Do you want me to carry on?” he asked.

Mitchell nodded.

“Yes, yes please.”

Ben nodded at his friend’s polite enthusiasm. He slid his fist slowly upwards. Both cocks made a sticky slurping noise. He slid his fist back down revealing their helmets. Mitchell’s tongue was curled at his open lips. Ben smiled at Mitchell.

“I think that in all probability, you ARE gay. Now let’s do something about it…”

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