Hooray for Hollywood

A young singer receives a special treatment to keep his great voice

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Hooray for Hollywood

Bryce looked back at the hordes of screaming teens as he climbed into the limo and shot them a final, broad grin. He was on cloud nine. This was his third concert, and each one had been more successful than the last.

His agent was already in the car.

“That went well. Enjoy it?”

Bryce smiled and nodded enthusiastically. He smiled easily, naturally. It was one of the reasons the fans adored him. That, his stunning good looks, and his remarkably pure boyish voice, laced with just a trace of huskiness. All the benefits of a choirboy, with the hint of manhood on its way. Just what the screaming 13 year olds wanted.

“Are you tired?” Michael asked.

“Little bit. Nothing major.”

“Good ‘cause we’re going to a party with the promoter and a film director. They can do your career a lot of good. Make this concert look like small fry. How’d you like the thought of performing to 20,000 or 50?”

“20,000 people? Wow, that would be scary. Awesome but scary.”

“And what about a movie. The next X Men sound good to you?”

Bryce’s eyes lit up at the possibility.

“Yeah, that sounds VERY good!”

“Well it’s all yours for the taking. Just play it cool tonight and you’ll be on the fast track okay?”

“Sure thing Michael.”


30 minutes later the limo pulled up at a large house in Hollywood Hills. Bryce climbed out of the car and followed Michael into the house. The party was already in full swing, and there were over 100 guests scattered throughout the large house and the grounds.

After following Michael around for a while, Bryce said, “Hey Michael, why are there so many kids here?”

“Oh they’re all performers like you. Some in movies, some on TV, some in advertising, and others are singers. Not as good as you but pretty good.”

“They’re all boys.”

Michael stopped and looked around as though seeing the place for the first time.

“Well now you mention it, I guess they are. I guess the girls are not allowed out on their own.”

“Oh, yeah, guess not.”


Bryce had moved to Hollywood from Illinois to live at The Ranch with Michael and three other boys. It was the only way that he could afford to try to make his dream of a career in music and the movies come true. He and his parents had been reluctant about the idea, but they’d known Michael for two years and he was like a member of the family now.


“Wait here for a minute, I’m going to see if I can find Jonathan and Bryan. I’ll be right back.”

Bryce looked around. The place was buzzing with activity. He felt a momentary surge of panic, then he realised he had his phone on him. He was hardly going to be in any danger.



Five minutes later Michael returned.


The teenager turned towards the man and smiled, happy that Michael had returned so quickly.

“I found them. They’re in the hot tub out back. Come with me.”

Bryce followed Michael through the building and along a quiet corridor. As they reached the end, Michael put his hand on Bryce’s chest to stop him. He leaned forwards.

In a low voice he said, “These are VERY powerful men. Do whatever they tell you to do. Don’t embarrass me okay?”

Bryce nodded, unsettled by Michael’s sudden solemnity.

“Of course Michael. I’d never show you up.”

Michael smiled and the sombre moment passed. He ruffled Bryce’s blonde hair.

“I know that Bryce. But I just thought it was better to warn you now. These are great guys but they hate time wasters.”

“Got it. I’ll do whatever they say.”


They passed through a door at the end and found themselves on a patio. It was quiet. There were three men and two boys sitting in a hot tub. The two boys sat between the men, who had their arms draped around the boys’ shoulders.

One of the men looked up.

“Ah Bryce, my rising star. Good to meet you at last, come and join us in the tub!”

“This is Mr Arcano,” Michael explained. “He’s the promoter for the three concerts you’ve enjoyed so much.”

Bryce smiled broadly and stepped forwards offering his hand.

“It’s good to meet you sir. Thank you so much for giving me the chance.”

Arcano gave a mock frown.

“So polite but so serious. You can call me Jonathan. Come on, jump into the tub with us and we can talk about your career.”

“Umm, I don’t have a bathing costume sir, er Jonathan.”

“Bathing costume?!”

Jonathan laughed and hugged one of the boys. The boy laughed with him. He looked as though he was about 15 or 16.

“Nobody wears anything in my tub. It’s a rule.”

Bryce’s eyes widened comically and he looked to Michael to see if it was true. Michael smiled.

“It’s true. It’s a rule.”

Bryce looked back at the tub, and for the first time, he realised that all five people sitting in it were naked, even the boys. He didn’t know how he’d missed it before.

He turned to Jonathan.

“Umm I’m sorry sir but I’d rather not.”

Jonathan smiled at him.

“Come on Bryce, don’t be shy. We’re all guys here. Nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Bryce looked at the man for three uncomfortable seconds.

“I’m kind of shy about my body sir.”

“You have nothing to be shy about son. We’re all friends here.”

Bryce could feel the eyes of the other four looking at him. Burrowing into him. He leaned in and whispered in Michael’s ear.

“Do I have to? I’ve got a smalI…” he considered which word to use. “Penis.”

Jonathan watched the whispered exchange waiting patiently. Michael turned to him.

“Bryce is concerned about the size of his junk.”

Jonathan smiled.

“With a voice like yours Bryce, I wouldn’t expect you to have anything down there yet. How old are you?”

“Fifteen,” Bryce responded nervously.

“You’re a very lucky boy that your voice hasn’t broken yet. So anyway, enough with this silliness. No-one expected you to have much. Just strip off and come on in.”

Bryce looked at Michael. The man was half undressed. He gently patted the boy on the toosh and gave him a reassuring wink.

Moving like a boy on his way to the headmaster’s office to be caned, Bryce kicked off his deck shoes, stripped off his white linen jacket and matching trousers, and removed his floral patterned Hawaiian shirt, folding each with exaggerated care before adding them to a pile out of range of the tub water.

He stood in just his sports boxers. Everyone was watching him. He wanted to run, but Jonathan’s words about not shaming him rang in his ears. He pushed his boxers down in a swift movement and kicked them towards the pile. The men and teens in the pool didn’t even go to the pretence of not looking. All five pairs of eyes looked straight at Bryce’s groin. He felt himself glowing with embarrassment, but he walked the three steps to the tub defiantly.

“Did you shave that or…” Jonathan left the question hanging.

Bryce looked down at the floor.

“I haven’t got any hair yet.”

He had a little under two inches of pale flesh with a puckered little boy foreskin at the end, and beneath a tight round scrotum smaller than a ping pong ball. His scrotum had just started to darken from the alabaster paleness of pre-puberty but he was so early into the transformation that it appeared more like a dirty smudge across his bag.

“Ah a smoothie,” Jonathan said. “You’re a lucky boy. That means you probably have a few more years before your voice breaks.”

Bryce had never considered his late development as an advantage. It was always something he’d hidden – the 15 year old with the genitals of an 11 year old. It was humiliating.

“Come here,” Jonathan commanded, and Bryce obeyed, shuffling close.

“Get in.”

Bryce clambered down into the tub and without asking, Jonathan reached between his legs and gripped his testicles. Bryce was shocked, but afraid to push the man’s hand away for fear of offending him and ruining his career. Jonathan groped his balls for ten slow seconds.

“Good, your balls are still small.”

He turned to the other two men in the tub.

“Tanner stage two.”

He turned back to Bryce.

“The longer they stay like that the better.”

Bryce had no idea what Jonathan was talking about, but he seemed pleased that Bryce had small balls.

“I don’t suppose you’ve had sex yet?”Jonathan asked.

Bryce was very aware of the other two boys in the tub. He shook his head.

“No,” he replied softly.

“Do you jack off yet?”

“No sir.”

Bryce could see the other boys hanging on his every word.

“How often do you get a boner?”

Bryce stopped and thought about it. He gave the smallest of shrugs.

“Not all that often.”

He couldn’t tell if that was a good answer or bad. Jonathan pressed him.

“When was the last time?”

“I don’t know. Three weeks ago – longer probably.”

Jonathan smiled.

“Excellent. Exactly what I was hoping to hear. I think we’re still in time to save you.”

“Save me?”

“Your voice. Save your voice.”

Jonathan climbed out of the pool. Bryce couldn’t help but give just the briefest glance at the man’s genitals. Old man junk: long wrinkled dick, heavy nuts, grey pubes. Bryce forced himself not to wrinkle his nose. Jonathan noticed the boy’s glance and suppressed a smile. They all did it. It was an irresistible urge. He wrapped a towel around his waist.

“Come with me.”

Bryce looked to Michael for approval and reassurance. Michael smiled and nodded.

“You’ll be okay Bryce. Go with him.”

Bryce looked back sceptically, then reached down for his underwear.

“No need for that,” Jonathan said, “Nobody’s going to see you and you won’t need it where we’re going.”

The comment was ominous. Bryce glanced nervously at Michael, then he followed Jonathan in silence.

The man lead him back into the house, along the corridor, through a door, down into the basement, and then through yet another door into a large room. In the room was a large table, curved upwards at one end and flat and padded at the other. In the middle was a hole. Above the table was a complicated-looking machine.

“Lie down and put your willy through the hole.”

“Excuse me?!”

“Lie on the table face down. Put your dick through the hole.”

“You do WANT a career in music and acting don’t you?”

Jonathan was used to resistance. He used a terse tone to make it clear that he was not negotiating.

“Y… yes sir.”

Bryce was taken aback by the man’s tone.

“Then do as I say and let’s have no more nonsense.”


Bryce timidly climbed onto the large table and put his penis through the hole. It was 4 inches deep and 6 inches across, lined with soft, warm rubber but his penis was too thin to touch the sides and too short to protrude through to the other side.

Jonathan wrapped a restraint around each of the boy’s wrists and pulled them to the upper corners of the table. Then he wrapped restraints around each of Bryce’s knees and pulled them up and apart, wrapping his lower body around the curved part of the table.

Bryce was afraid to ask questions lest he provoke the man’s anger, but as Jonathan pulled his knees apart he couldn’t help himself.

“Sir, what are you doing?”

“I’m securing you for milking.”

“Milking. What do you mean?”

“Your balls are your enemy. They make testosterone and testosterone will make your voice break. If we milk them dry so that there’s no sperm inside, they won’t make any testosterone for a while, and your voice will be safe.”

It was nonsense, and Jonathan knew it, but it sounded scientific enough that a biologically illiterate 15 year old would be fooled.

“How do you milk them?”

Bryce was feeling queasy.

“This machine will make you horny. You’ll cum… have an orgasm. You know what that is right?”


“But you’ve never had one right?”


“Well it’s going to feel amazing. You might feel like you suddenly have to piss. Then you’ll get a rushing feeling in your balls and your dick. Afterwards you’ll be sensitive for a short while.”

Bryce listened as Jonathan detailed the way that his body was about to be stimulated. He’d heard plenty of boys at school talking about coming, and jacking off, and having sex, and it all sounded extremely interesting, but he had not the slightest frame of reference for how it was going to feel. All he knew was that he didn’t want his first time to be in basement room with this man.

“Do we really have to sir?” he asked, continuing to address the man deferentially.

“Yes we most certainly do if you want a career as a singer.”

“But can’t I just keep singing when my voice breaks?”

“Maybe, but some boys lose their tone when their voices break and never get it back. We need to make sure that you are so famous by the time your voice goes, that you’ll be a household name, just like Troye Sivian. He was a choirboy. We kept his voice till he was nearly 18.”

“But what about people like Justin Bieber. They do okay without this.”

“Justin? He was being milked from the age of 11, even before he broke big on youtube! His producer milked him for six years. That’s why he makes ten million dollars per tour now.”

“But surely there must be plenty of boy singers who make it without being milked?”

Bryce was desperate to find an out; some fact that proved that most singers did just fine without this procedure.

“No, very few. All the big names that made it past puberty. All of them were; or still are being milked.”


This was earth shattering news.

“Then why don’t we ever hear about it?”

Jonathan laughed.

“Why do you think Bryce? How many people will you be telling? In fact, I STRONGLY suggest that you don’t tell anyone, not even your parents. They won’t understand the sacrifices that you have to be willing to reach your dreams and things could get very nasty. It would certainly mean the end of your career.”

Bryce’s mind was whirling at the information he was receiving. The nude hot tub was bad enough but this was staggering. But he’d already committed to it.

Jonathan pressed his advantage.

“And how would you want all of your friends to know? Between us, this is just a private guy thing, but how would you live this down if it got out in public. And it WOULD get out, I assure you.”

Bryce swallowed. He’d only known Jonathan for thirty minutes and already he was ensnared totally in his web.


Jonathan lowered the machinery that hung over Bryce’s waist. It opened into a wide padded claw. The man pressed the claw into place over the small of Bryce’s back, then locked it off holding the boy against the table. Bryce ‘s sense of confinement was already bad enough, but now he couldn’t even move his pelvis away from the table.

Jonathan pulled out an articulated arm. There was a plastic dildo tipped with chrome on the end.

“This is going to feel weird,” he cautioned.

Bryce tried to look over his shoulder to see but he was too constrained by the restraints and the claw pressing down against his lower back.

Jonathan spread the cheeks of Bryce’s bottom with the fingers of his left hand. A tight pink puckered hole winked back at him. He lowered the pre-lubricated dildo until the tip was touching the boy’s starfish. Then, applying firm but gradual pressure, he pushed the dildo into the boy’s hole. Bryce cringed and squirmed as he felt his virgin hole being forced to spread for the invading device. But no matter how much he wriggled, he could not move his hole away from it. The sense of invasion was enormous. Even though he’d taken craps as large, feeling the hard plastic passing through his sphincter in the opposite direction was beyond disturbing.

“Ahhh ah ah,” he groaned. “What’s that for?”

“It will get you hard and keep you there,” Jonathan explained.

“It feels bad.”

“You won’t be saying that soon, but I warned you it would feel strange at first.”

Strange is not the word, Bryce thought to himself.

Now he could feel Jonathan touching his balls, pulling them around in his sack. Then they were clamped lightly in something. Although Bryce could not see it, each small testicle was held on the end of a short metal arm, gripped between slender wire tongs.

“Okay, I’m going to turn you on now. It’s going to feel intense, maybe a little scary at first. If you just relax, it’ll soon start to feel extremely good.”

“What do you mean ‘intense’?” Bryce asked in a panic.

“I think it’s easier to demonstrate than to explain.”

“No, I don’t like th… owww ahhhhh ooooh…”

Jonathan turned the machine on mid-protest, and immediately the two pairs of tongs started vibrating, shaking each of Bryce’s testicles up and down in opposition to one another, so that when one was at its upper extreme of movement, the other was half an inch away on the lower extreme.

The sensation sent an immediate glow of intense pleasure, the like of which Bryce’s body had never previously experienced, radiating outwards from his balls.

At the same time, a current started pulsing from the head of the dildo directly into the teenager’s prostate, making him feel weak in the bladder and good queasy and light-headed all at once.


Jonathan crouched down and looked beneath the table. A pale pink glans rapidly appeared, creeping into view like a timid dormouse. Within 20 seconds, a slender inch of pale penis expanded into view. Jonathan smiled. A four incher. That wouldn’t satisfy any girl Bryce’s age, but he knew plenty of men and boys who would happily do things to it that would make the boy’s eyes roll back in his skull.

Just 30 seconds after the machine had been activated, Bryce felt a feeling rapidly growing in his balls.

“Turn it off, turn it off. I’m gonna piss myself!” he said with the urgency of a boy about to piss in his pants in front of class.

“No you’re not,” Jonathan said, smiling. “I warned you about that.”

“Yes I am. I’m going to…”

A thin spray of watery cum was fired from Bryce’s finger-like boy dick. He coughed and huffed hoarsely as it left him, unaccustomed to such overwhelming pleasure.

Jonathan watched Bryce’s first ever orgasm with satisfaction as the thin juice hit the floor like a cool kid spitting between his teeth.  He knew that the kid’s mind was being blown at that moment. He could hear Bryce’s hoarse vocal chords. It was a strange huffing cough sound halfway between a moan of pleasure and crying. Then orgasm was over and Bryce was crying for real.

“Why are you crying? It didn’t hurt.”

Bryce could barely think. He sniffled. There was an unbelievable afterglow of pleasure still surrounding his groin.

“I don’t know,” he admitted, sniffling.


Jonathan smiled. The virgins often reacted like that. He rose and walked to the door.

Before he walked through, he said, “I’ll be back in an hour. That should be more than enough to empty your little nuts.”

The words just penetrated the fog of Bryce’s thoughts. He forced himself to focus.

“Wait what, an hour?! I can’t take an hour of this!”

His balls were glowing with delight and the shakers were not giving him a moment to recover. His stiff little boner was throbbing with pleasure. He turned to the door but it was already closed.


One hour later the door opened and Michael entered, but Bryce didn’t notice. He was squirming like an octopus chasing a starfish across the seafloor. His eyes were squeezed tightly shut and he was lost in the ecstasy that his body was being forced to experience. He was letting out short gasping whimpers, panting uncontrollably as his body was wracked with surge after surge of unstoppable orgasmic pleasure.

“How ya doing kiddo?” Michael asked.

Bryce’s eyes snapped open immediately and he turned towards the voice. It took him a moment to focus, but as soon as he had, there was just one thought in his rapture-scrambled brain.

“Turn it off. T… t… turn it OFF!” he screamed, his short imperative broken by the sensations emanating from his groin.

Michael frowned at him, playing dumb.

“The machine? You want me to turn it off? That’s what I’ve come here for.”

His speech was painfully slow to Bryce, his movements towards the table even slower.

“Have you had a good time?” Michael asked casually.

“Too much, too much!” Bryce screamed at him urgently.

“What is?” Michael asked, deliberately prolonging the virgin boy’s sweet torture.

He dropped to a knee and looked beneath the table. Bryce’s penis still protruded an inch. It was the first time Michael had seen it hard. It had small veins bulging out of the short length that Michael could see. It was incredibly hard, but then they always were once the table was activated.

Michael looked to the floor beneath. It was spattered with droplets, almost clear. He guessed how many times the boy had ejaculated. There were two or three good orgasms worth for an older boy or a man, but this was so watery and it was sprayed in a two foot circle in tiny droplets. Michael guessed at maybe five orgasms.

“Michael!” Bryce howled. “Make it stop quick!”

A dewdrop appeared at the end of Bryce’s slender cock and Michael realised he was coming again. A camera beneath the table recorded the almost non-existent ejaculation and adjusted the digital tally.

Michael reached out and ran his index finger across the slit of the boy’s penis, collecting the dewdrop as he did so. He lifted the finger to his lips and licked the liquid away. It was slightly sweet, like melon or citrus. Michael smiled. The taste matched the kid’s personality, and it pleased him to know that he was the first to taste the boy.

“Ahhh, what are you doing?!” Bryce shouted at the touch. His over-sensitive glans was firing off post-orgasmic discomfort signals that made him flinch. He tried desperately to pull his cock away from the touch, but he was held immobile in place.

Michael saw Bryce both above and below the table, like one of those photos with the lens half under and half above the ocean. The boy’s squirms redouble in intensity, but beneath the table his pre-pubescent penis was stationary.

“Sorry,” Michael lied, “I was just checking that you’re alright. How many times have you cum?”


Bryce was in no mood for idle chatter.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

The sensation was not a part of his body’s experience and so the word was not a part of his lexicon. He’d heard it a few times, but it didn’t associate with an experience. Or at least, it hadn’t until today.

“Squirt. How many times have you squirted?”

Bryce was confused. Without seeing his dick he had no way of correlating the feeling of his orgasms with ejaculation, an experience he had never witnessed his own body undergoing.

He gasped in exasperation.

“I don’t know what you mean! Michael turn it off quick, before it comes again.”

“Before what comes again?” Michael asked innocently.

“The rush. The piss feeling. Michael stop fucking around and just switch it off!”

Michael had spent two years fostering a “lads together” relationship with Bryce where swearing was acceptable, but this was the first time the boy had ever sworn at him in anger. Michael feigned offence. He walked away from the table.

“There’s no need to be like that Bryce. If you’re going to be rude, I’ll leave you and Jonathan can unhook you.”

“NO!” Bryce screamed, “Please! I’m s… s… s…”

The feeling was building again.

“Michael pleeeeease!”

Bryce’s squirming took on a more purposeful motion. Michael walked where he could see the rear of the overhead unit and was just in time to see the “Total” counter switch from 18 to 19.

Michael waited 20 seconds until Bryce’s wriggling had dropped back down to its former level then he turned the machine off.

He carefully removed the shakers from the boy’s testicles. They immediately withdrew towards his body. Next, he lifted the dildo arm and it withdrew from the boy’s anus with a slurp. The end was streaked with small flecks of brown. Michael lifted the restrain clamp from the small of the boy’s sweat-sheathed back. He could almost sense the boy’s urgency to be free.

Finally, Michael removed the restraints from the boy’s knees, leaving his hands till last so that he could enjoy the view just a little longer.

The second Bryce’s arms were free, he rolled from the table. Michael noticed that the boy’s penis was still stiff and bounced up. It put him in mind of a showboating baseball batter pointing out the shot he planned to knock out of the park. Bryce immediately covered it behind both hands. Michael laughed.

“I’ve already seen it. I don’t know why you’re hiding it now.”

Bryce stared at him feeling silly, but unwilling to remove his hands.

Michael picked up a towel and dropped to his knees.

“Hey you’re nearly a man now. Look at how much you squirted.”

In spite of the fierce ache that was now emanating from the base of his cock, Bryce leaned over to look at the spattering of fluid that he had sprayed on the parquet floor. Each droplet shone against the dark oak. He felt a mixture of pride and curiosity but he was sulking and didn’t want to validate what had happened to him with casual questions.

Michael wiped the boy’s jizz away with a few circular swipes and they both stood up. Michael tossed the soiled towel onto a bureau top and led the teenager back towards the hot tub.

Just before they passed through the final door to the deck, Michael said, “I’d take your hands away from your dick if I was you. Jonathan will want to see, and if he sees you covering up, he might decide you need another hour.”

Bryce looked at Michael in horror. Another hour? He couldn’t take another second! Being horny was a whole new experience for him, but being that horny for more than a few seconds was unbearable. He lowered his hands self consciously and they walked through the door.

As they approached Jonathan looked up.

“Ahh our newest star. Balls nicely drained?”

Bryce didn’t know how to answer. He didn’t know if he was drained or not, but he had certainly had enough of the machine. He shrugged.

“I guess so.”

“Awww, why so sulky, didn’t you have a good time?” Jonathan teased gently.

The other two boys and the movie director laughed at Bryce. Bryce blushed.

“It was… very intense. It was frustrating.”

“Yes, you found it rather frustrating at first didn’t you Ronan?”

The boy giggled, still as shy as his first TV audition.

“Yes Jonathan. It drove me crazy.”

“And it was your first time coming wasn’t it?”

Ronan flicked long wet bangs away from his eyes.

“Yes it was.”


Jonathan returned his attention to Bryce.

“Your balls are lovely and rosy, that’s a good sign.”

Bryce looked down at himself. His penis was larger than before. His penis hung, thicker than its normal state, near to its four inch erect state but jutting slightly from his smooth pubis. His foreskin was a quarter retracted, revealing a little of his cream coloured glans. He lifted his penis, and his scrotum was pink beneath. His balls were tucked up so tight that his scrotum was little more than a bump between his legs.

“Balls are nice and high too. That’s excellent. That will keep them under control.”

“He’s still got a semi!” the other boy said lewdly.

Greyson looked like he’d just come home from prep school but he had a filthy mind thanks to his time around Bryan.

Bryce didn’t understand the words but he understood the tone.

Jonathan said, “Yes Greyson, that’s quite obvious. No need to be crude.”

Jonathan turned to Michael.

“How many times?”


Jonathan pressed his lips together and nodded approvingly.

“19. That’s very good. How many of them wet?”

“9 according to the computer. Plus a dewdrop just after I arrived.”

Jonathan laughed raucously.

“They’re my favourite kind.”

He tousled Greyson’s head.

“I remember you kept cumming dewdrops after the first five. It was like your nuts just didn’t want to give up.”

Greyson grinned.

“Yeah, those bitches were hurting too. Hurting so good. That damned machine just wouldn’t let me stop cumming.”

Jonathan pulled the boy close with an arm around his shoulder and kissed him on the cheek.

“But that’s what made you so adorable Greyson!”

The boy grinned, and suddenly Bryce realised where he’d seen him before. He was a Youtube sensation; some school talent show, then a career. And now older, his face leaner, square jawed, but still that smile. Bryce couldn’t resist a glance at the older boy’s groin, but nothing was clear beneath the bubbling water.

Jonathan noticed the glance.

“I think Bryce has got an interest in what’s between your legs Greyson.”

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