A boy experiments with his body.

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Jake knew this was wrong, but he just had to find out what the fuss was all about. He sat on his bedroom floor facing the mirror, naked from the waist down. He caught a glimpse of his face and felt shame so he looked away quickly. If his friends ever saw him doing this he’d be the joke of the school but he just had to know.

His slender cock was straining at the thought of it. It was always eager for a sexual experience.

Jake picked up the cigar tube and smeared it in butter. He raised his knees and spread his legs so that he could see his hole in the mirror. It was white, completely devoid of hair.

He carefully positioned the round tip of the metal cigar tube against his hole, and holding the end tightly (the LAST thing he needed was to lose the whole thing inside him!) he pushed it cautiously inside.

He was shocked at how good it felt as the first inch slid inside and he discovered one of his body’s most potent erogenous zones. He carried on pushing, curious to see if the feeling changed as he moved it deeper. It slid smoothly into him, and his penis fluttered and jiggled in excitement. He resisted grasping it, sensing that he would not last long if he gave its sleek arrow head the slightest attention.

The tip of the cigar tube reached something deep inside. Something Jake had never touched before. It made his balls clench at the touch. Jake stopped pressing, and instead wiggled the tube around, trying to determine the nature of the place he had found. To his surprise, cum started to dribble slowly from his cock head. Not an ejaculation, but more like the gentle ooze of liquid soap from a pump dispenser. He watched it fascinated by this new way of coaxing his body to give up his juices.

The more he massaged his prostate, the hornier he got, but this wasn’t how he wanted his experiment to end; with a dribble, no matter how exciting. And he was undeniably excited! He looked in the mirror. His balls had risen so high that they were no longer in his sack – instead they clung to either side of his cock, just one more clench away from climbing back into his body, leaving his now empty bag flat and wrinkly along the underside of his curved penis.

He pulled the cigar tube out of his hole, transfixed at the sensation as it slid out of his sphincter and his pale starfish puckered shut. Then he immediately pushed it back in again. Just an inch. Just enough to feel the really good bit. Then he withdrew it, pushed it in again, withdrew, and repeated, getting faster each time.

The feeling was amazing and he wasn’t even touching his cock. He’d never been so excited. His balls slipped back into his inguinal canals, now just two small lumps in his abdomen just above and to either side of the base of his cock. His sack was gone entirely now. He watched in the mirror fascinated. A teenaged scientist discovering how his body worked.

And then, with no warning he was squirting. Not just squirting; exploding. The first gusher of cum rose up past his shoulder and landed on the quilt somewhere behind him. He jammed the tube into his hole. The next two squirts hit him full in the face. He shouted with ecstasy, overwhelmed by the force of the experience, as his own cum clung to his mouth and the side of his nose. His cock delivered a fourth, fifth and sixth squirt of cum onto his hairless chest, sculpted slightly by years of sports.

The bedroom door behind him opened and his mother stood. Jake was still staring wide eyed in the mirror as his cock squirted the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth squirts onto his nascent abs, his mouth gaping.

“Jake?” his mother called, not seeing him as she entered.

Her voice snapped his attention away from his orgasm, and he scrambled to cover himself as his bouncing cock continued pumping, dousing his pubic hair.

The flurry of movement drew her attention to the mirror, and she saw her son, his legs still spread, his stiff cock still pumping. She turned away immediately, eager to respect his privacy.

“Sorry Jake,” she blurted as she quickly retreated and shut the door behind her.

But the one thing she couldn’t get out of her mind was the image of the cigar tube, still buried in her son’s virgin hole. She grinned to herself as she returned to the lounge.

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