American men learn that US exceptionalism is not forever

If you are Trump supporter with no sense of humour do not read this story

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You’d think that women would make the most popular holes. Hell, even young teens for those that preferred their holes on the tighter side – not that any hole remained tight after being fucked thousands of times.

But no, it was the men that were the most popular. Maybe it was a way of asserting dominance over a vanquished foe. That was a concept as old as war itself.

Hundreds of men stood, bent over the fucking poles, their legs spread, their ankles and wrists cuffed to the ground.

Chen and Li stood next to each other, chatting as they fucked the men bent in front of them. Beneath them, Earl and Joe-Bob grimaced, not out of pain, but humiliation. Earl was relieved in fact. This was his fifth Chinese in a row and they were a much easier fuck. And they didn’t have the attitude that the South Americans had.

Next to them, Juan was pulling his hole’s head back by the hair and hissing instructions as he drove his thick 8-inch cock into the man’s ass.

“Go on Travis, keep saying it!”

With tears rolling down his face, in a timid, hoarse voice, Travis chanted, “USA, USA, USA!”

Juan looked at the pile of red MAGA caps that lay on the ground nearby and laughed heartily as he plowed the man’s hole roughly.

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