Gay coming of age

A young man accidentally turns himself on

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Brett grinned at his brother across the dinner table. Beau had been off-colour throughout the meal.

His mother and grandmother had repeatedly asked if he was okay, and he had repeatedly reassured them that he simply had a mild stomach ache.

“Yes, you’re sitting very stiffly, maybe you’ve got a tummy bug. Have you eaten anything the rest of us haven’t?” his mother asked.

“All that candy!” His grandmother chipped in.

“Mom it’s not candy. He’s hardly had any have you darling? He’s not going to get a bug off that.”

“I’m okay mom, can you please stop fussing!” Beau snapped.

“Okay darling. We’re only concerned about you.”

“I’ll be fine once… I’ll be fine.”

“You’re not constipated are you?” his grandma asked.

His brother cracked a wide grin.

“No grandma. Now can you please stop talking me having a poop. I just want to have Christmas dinner!”


They ate their dinner and Beau did his best to act as though he was having a good time. After dinner he stood and walked towards the bathroom. His brother followed him. He leaned in and whispered into Beau’s ear with a grin.

“You tried it didn’t you?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You know what, don’t play dumb with me.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Beau insisted.

“Bullshit you don’t!”

Beau stopped and looked at his brother annoyed. He thought back to their conversation the day before.


“Hey Beau, you’ll never guess what Olivia did last night?”

“No, what?”

“We were getting down to it, and she shoved her finger up my ass.”

Brett constantly boasted to his teenaged brother about his sexual exploits. He knew that Brett was desperate to lose his virginity, and he got horny at the slightest mention of sex. Brett frequently tormented his brother by telling him something erotic just as he was about to leave for the bus. It amused him to know his brother would spend the next half hour hiding a boner!


“No way!”


“What did you do?”

“Well, naturally, I went to pull it out right away. But she said it would feel amazing, so I let her keep in there. She starts giving me a blow job and pumping her finger in and out of my ass. I was pretty freaked out by it, but I have to admit, it felt fucking amazing, and when I came…”


Beau hung on his 22-year-old brother’s every word.

“Well, let’s just say, she’s not going to need to drink for a few days.”

Beau grinned widely. It was gross in the extreme but he idolised his older brother.

“Why do you think it felt so good?”

“I dunno, but it got me thinking. I could do the same thing with a candle. You know, when she’s not there. If that’s how good it feels, maybe it might work on my own.”

“A candle?”

“Yeah, you’d have to lube it up so it was slippery, but I bet it would work.”

“Are you gonna try it?”

“Yeah probably,” he lied.


Beau couldn’t stop thinking about what Brett had told him. He sneaked a 6-inch candle out of the living room drawer and hid it in his bedside cabinet just in case. That morning, he cut the wick off the candle, smeared it with soap and tried it. The pleasure in his asshole was immediate, and as he pumped, he got his first anally-induced boner. He gripped his boner in his fist and pumped, working both sides at once, his excitement growing rapidly. He pumped the candle deeper and deeper, he was close to cumming then suddenly the worst happened. As his fingers got closer to his hole, the candle slipped from his slippery grip and his hole sucked it inside. He tried for 10 minutes to fish it out. He even tried to crap it out in the bathroom. In the end, his mother called him down to dinner and he had to go. He put on his baggiest Christmas sweater to hide his boner and went downstairs.


“Alright, if you must know, I did try it. And now it’s stuck up there!” he hissed. “Happy now? If you ever tell anyone, I swear to god I’ll… I’ll.”

He realised there was nothing he could do. He looked miserable.

“Just don’t ever tell anyone pleeeease. I’d kill myself if it got out!” he whispered.

“Don’t worry Beau. It’ll be our secret I promise,” Brett said grinning

He lifted the front of his brother’s sweater. There was a five-inch ridge along the front of his pajamas.

Brett’s grin grew even broader.

“Still up there?”

Beau nodded.

“No wonder you sat weird all through dinner! I was only kidding when I said about sticking it in my ass!”

Beau looked at Brett wide-eyed, horrified.

“But it gave me a boner!” he said. “And it won’t go down. I even… During dinner…”


Beau looked at the floor and blushed.

“I came.”

Brett grinned.

“You came in the middle of Christmas dinner? With Grandma there? Priceless!

“Twice,” Beau admitted.

Brett shook his head laughing.

“Oh, that’s really fucking priceless. Priceless!!

He walked away laughing.

“Well, good luck getting it out Beau. Don’t ask me for help!”

Beau’s face grew red with humiliation and he watched Brett go, then he headed to the bathroom to try for a second time to shit the small candle out.

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