Forced milking

A young man fiinds himself on the painful end of a stranger’s calculations

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The man stood with his hands on his hips.

“It’s up to you Martin, you can stay awake all night, in which case it’s just…”

He tapped the numbers into the calculator.

“One orgasm every 25.7 minutes. Or, you can get them all over in 4 hours, in which case, it’ll be once every…”

He entered the new figures.

“Once every 8.57 minutes.”

Martin looked at the man with hollow, frightened eyes.

“Why are you doing this to me? Please, just let me go.”

“Don’t start that again. I’ve already explained why. Now you have a simple choice. When this is over, I’ll drop you back outside town and you’ll be free to go.”

“But why 50 times?” Martin asked. “You said the record was 26 in one day.”

“Yes, but I want to make sure nobody ever manages to break it.”

“Please, my dick’s aching so much. I’ll never manage 28 more!”

The man looked at the young man’s surprisingly thin but long dick. It looked like a bumpy twig sprouting from his crotch. And his nuts, so tight they were barely distinguishable from the root of his penis. The two electrical pads were stuck to his shaved sack, firing off on command in conjunction with the probe in his ass.

The man smiled.

“Kid, you’ll manage as many as I want. As long as that thing’s up your ass you’ll stay hard, and as long as those wires are on your nuts, you’ll cum whenever I want you to. You’re coming 28 more times no matter what.”

Martin would have given anything to shake the pads from his scrotum, but hanging from the wall with his legs tied apart, there was nothing he could do. He felt horny, but the root of his dick was hurting like a bitch after being achingly hard for 12 hours. The man joked that it was Martin’s flag pole.

Martin contemplated the proposition. The man promised to release him once he’d had 50 orgasms. He’d stopped squirting by third one, and he didn’t even dribble after the 6th. His dick ached from remaining hard for so long.

“Alright,” he said resentfully, “4 hours. Then you’ll let me go?”

“Yes, I promise. Might as well get the first one over with now.”

The man slowly turned the dial, and the current in Martin’s prostate rose. He wriggled on the ropes that hung him against the wall.

Then the man flipped a switch and a massive jolt zapped Martin’s testicles. Involuntarily he tensed his pelvis making his penis jump, and thrusting his pelvis forwards from the wall, arching in pain. This was not the orgasmic ecstasy he enjoyed at his own hand. This was a brutal electro-ejaculation, designed to force him to give up his sperm against his will.

He gritted his teeth, pulling his lips back and baring his teeth, and squirmed his whole body in slow motion. His tight testicles tightened to their very limits and there was a hot feeling in his asshole that seemed to travel through his perineum to his nuts, connecting them in a triangle of orgasmic muscular contractions.

The man looked at the readout from the wires connected to the teenager’s skull, satisfying himself that Martin was indeed undergoing an orgasm. He watched the kid’s narrow cock vibrating as it strained at the root as though fucking a woman.

“G…g..nnng!” Martin repeatedly groaned, his voice more of a whine.

The man allowed him to strain for a full 15 seconds before turning the current back down to maintenance level…

“27 more,” the man said.

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