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A homeless person receives an unexpected Christmas gift.

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Randy looked down at the pile of garbage laying on the ground. Most of it was paper and old clothes. He dropped to his knees and lifted some of it out of the way until he reached the rancid human being passed out beneath it. The man looked like he was in his thirties or forties and had clearly not shaved or washed in months.

The man was out cold with discarded beer cans lying around him. He spent more time passed out than conscious these days. It helped him not to think about his life.

But Randy didn’t care about any of that. He shook the man hard to make sure he was fully passed out. The man didn’t stir. Randy cleared more of the trash that the man had carelessly pulled over himself for warmth until he reached the man’s groin. The man was wearing black nylon trousers, badly worn, with a broken fly held closed with a twist of wire, and covered with muck from the streets, and years of being used to dry or clean the man’s hands

Randy reached down and unbuttoned the waist, then he pulled the front apart.

“He’s not even wearing underwear,” Randy hissed to his watching friends.

Inside the gaping cloth, the man’s penis lay tiny, curled in a mat of hair on top of his testicles.

“Awww, he’s not even circumcised,” Randy reported to his friends wrinkling his nose. “It looks like fucking anteater!”

He moved aside so that they could all see, and they looked and sniggered.

Randy gripped the bum’s shrivelled dick in his fist and pushed the skin down to expose the head.

“It stinks of piss!” he reported to yet more sniggers.

He lowered his head and started sucking. The rancid mixture of urine, dirt and body odour almost made him throw up on the spot, but it was not the first time he had tasted piss. He forced his gag reaction down and started sucking. The vagrant’s cock was slow to respond. Alcohol was suppressing it, but Randy kept sucking. The man’s penis slowly grew until it reached its full 5-and-half-inch size. Randy moved his head away to show his friends.

“It’s massive,” he said.

“Yeah,” two of the watchers agreed.

Will said nothing but smiled to himself smugly.


Randy continued sucking patiently, doing his best not to inhale the odour rising from the man’s disgusting crotch. After ten minutes, the man’s nuts rose to the base of his cock and then Randy felt fluid spurting into his mouth. It was bland, but far less disgusting than the man’s stink and the taste of his filthy unwashed cock. He kept sucking till there was no more, then he stood and turned to his friends. He opened his mouth to show the large pool of semen on his tongue. His friends inspected it to make sure it wasn’t just saliva, and when they were satisfied, he swallowed it, grimacing whilst they laughed.

Behind them, the vagrant lay on the ground, with his ragged trousers wide open and his still-hard cock sticking out of the hole. They all took photos on their phones.

As Randy took his, he said, ”These bets are getting out of hand!”

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    • Anonymous-
    • 29th December 2019 at 4:14 am-
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    I’d prefer if you were more sensitive to the fact that hundreds of thousands of people around the world have trauma surrounding their forced circumcisions and not make content that inappropriately and carelessly mocks the intact penis and those traumatized by circumcision.

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