The cling film game – The follow up to Body Cast

Forced arousal, gay coming of age

Jack gets milked again.

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The cling film game – The follow up to Body Cast

Jack put down the controller.

“I hate this game since they filled it with micro-transactions. It’s more like a casino than a fucking basketball game now.”

“Yeah,” Joshua agreed, “It’s the last one in the series I’ll be buying. EA ruins everything.”

“That’s the truth. They’re so fucking greedy.”

Joshua logged out of the game.

“You wanna play something else or watch a movie?”

“You got Little Women?”

Josh looked at his friend with barely disguised disgust.

“You’re kidding right?”

Jack laughed out loud.

“Yeah of course I am. But I don’t suppose you’ve got that new De Niro movie The Irishman. That looks pretty good.”

“That’s only just out in movie theatres. I don’t do torrenting. If my dad caught me, he’d beat the shit out of me.”


“Naw, but if I got us cut off our broadband he’d be seriously pissed. He needs it for work.”

“Fair enough. So, what do you wanna do?”

“I dunno. We could do youtube challenges?” Joshua offered.

“What kind of challenges?”

“You know like the cinnamon challenge, the soap pod challenge, the ice bucket challenge, the chicken wing challenge, the cling film challenge, that kind of thing.”

“Dude, I’m not eating soap pods!”

“No problem. You wanna try the others? We can look up more of them later.”

“Yeah okay I guess. Have you got any cinnamon?”

“I’ll check.”


Jack followed his friend down to the kitchen and Joshua rummaged through his mother’s spice shelf until he found a pot of cinnamon powder.

“Okay,” Jack said, “I want a jug of water on standby.

“No problem.”

Joshua filled a jug with cold water, then put two glasses on the counter. Jack filled his glass at the tap, and as he did so, his friend went and got two teaspoons from a drawer. He handed one to Jack and they both took a level spoon of cinnamon powder from the jar.

“You gotta eat it all for it to count okay?” Joshua cautioned.

“Of course. Ready? On 3… 2… 1… Go!”

Both teenagers poured the spoons of cinnamon into their mouths. Immediately they discovered why the challenge was so difficult. The powder instantly dried all the saliva from their mouths, replacing it with a burning sensation from the spice.

They both tried to eat the cinnamon, struggling to force it down their throats. Jack coughed and small puff of powder flew from his mouth. That set Josh off and he half laughed half-coughed, sending brown powder from his nose. Jack grinned at him and continued trying to swallow.

“Oh fucker, don’t make me laugh!” Joshua protested. “It’s all up my nose. It stings like a bitch!”

Jack grinned wider, but managed to persist with the cinnamon until a minute later he had swallow it all.

“Done!” he said and opened his mouth to prove it.

“Bitch!” Josh said without rancour. “I give up. My nose is killing me.”

He spat the remainder out. They swallowed the glasses of water. Joshua even leaned over the sink and snorted it through his nose in an effort to clear the stinging powder.

“MotherFUCKER!” he said as the brown-stained water spurted from his nose.

They continued drinking, and he continued snorting and grousing for a few minutes until the burning taste was finally cleared from their mouths.


“Okay, what next?” Jack asked.

“Let’s do the ice bucket challenge?”

“Okay, where we gonna do it, your shower?”

“Nah, I haven’t got any ice, but we can use cold water and do it outside.”

“Dude, it’s 15 below zero out. We’re gonna freeze to death!”

“Not if we do it quick. People in Norway swim in ice holes all the time.”

Jack looked sceptical.

“I HATE the cold.”

“Wouldn’t be a challenge if it was warm. I’ll go get some towels. There’s some buckets in the kitchen cupboard. Fill them up with cold water.”


A minute later, Joshua walked into the kitchen just as Jack finished filling the second bucket. Jack looked at his friend who had stripped down to his sports boxers.

“Boxers?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m not gonna do it in my clothes am I?”

“Nah, guess not. Have you got spare boxers I can borrow? I don’t wanna spend the rest of the night in wet shorts.”


Joshua ran upstairs to his bedroom and returned a few moments later carrying a pair of crisp cotton boxers. Jack had stripped down to his boxers, and accepted them from his friend’s hand. He turned away and changed underwear.

“Dude, what are you doing? You could have just borrowed them and given them back next time you’re over.”

“I’m more comfortable in my own boxers.”

“And I can’t believe you’re still shy. Dude, I wanked you off when you had your accident!”

Jack shrugged.

“Man, if I had a dick as big as yours, I’d be walking around the streets naked.”

Jack grinned wryly.

“Yeah, you said that before.”

“Must be true then!” Josh said, returning the grin.


Joshua stepped past his friend and opened the door onto the garden. There was 30 inches of undisturbed snow on the ground – a typical Grand Forks winter. The cold hit them like a sledgehammer and they both shivered and tensed against the biting wind.

“Let’s get this over with. I’ll go first,” Joshua said.

He stepped 6 feet out into the snow and Jack followed carrying a bucket of water.

“Ready?” Jack asked.

“DO IT!” Josh screamed.

Jack dumped the bucket of water over Josh’s head.

“Hoooo!” Josh shouted his voice elevated two whole octaves by the cold shock.

“Quick, pass me the other bucket. I’ll do you. Let’s get it over with before we turn into ice statues.”

Jack passed him the bucket, and he dumped it over Jack’s head, eager to get back inside. Jack reacted exactly as he had, with a falsetto howl at the cold. Then Jack turned and ran for the door. He was through and turned the key in the lock before Joshua realised what he was up to. He ran up to the door and pulled the handle.

“Dude, not funny. Let me in. It’s seriously cold out here. I’m gonna freeze to death.”

Jack stood in the kitchen grinning.

“Run ‘round to the front door,” he suggested.

“I haven’t got the key. Come on dude.”

Josh looked down at the front of his boxers.

“Come on dude. My dick’s shrinking. If it gets any smaller it’s gonna disappear completely.”

Jack grinned and unlocked the door. Joshua rushed in. His skin was almost blue and completely covered in goosebumps.

“You asshole,” he said good-naturedly, and punched Jack on the arm before walking past him and grabbing a large bath towel. He started to dry himself, wrapping the still-warm towel around his shoulders.

“Ahhh, that’s better.”

“Where’s my towel?”

Josh handed him a 6-inch square wash cloth, and Jack gave him a “what the fuck” look in return.

“What? That’s big enough isn’t it?”

Joshua looked pointedly down at Jack’s penis which was curved and tight in his now transparent boxers. Even cold-shrivelled it was over five inches long. Jack looked at Josh’s penis in return. A two inch cut turtle hiding in his shorts, too short to curve at all.

“Ahem, teapot calling the kettle black I think.”

“I think it’s the other way ‘round Jack.”

“Whatever stumpy. Are you gonna give me a proper towel or am I gonna take that one off you?”

“You can try it!”

Jack took a step forwards and Joshua took a laughing leap backwards. With a huge grin, he gave Jack a towel he had hidden out of sight. Jack accepted it and quickly dried and changed back into his own dry boxers. As he went to reach for his joggers, Joshua interrupted him.

“Don’t put them on yet.”

“What? Why not?”

“Cling film game. It’s better if you play it without too may clothes on.”

Jack frowned at him.

“What is the cling film game? I haven’t heard of it.”

“It’s where you get wrapped up in cling film and you have to escape.”

“That sounds pretty lame.”

“I’ve seen loads on Youtube. It’s harder than you might think. But let’s do the chicken wing game first.”

“What’s that?”

“Here I’ll show you. I’ll go first.”

They moved into the living room. The house was empty apart from them. Joshua’s parents had gone away for the weekend.

He picked up his Tshirt and pulled it over his head.

“First you put your shirt on but don’t put your hands through the arm holes…”

Jack stood in front of his friend watching.

“Okay. Now what?”

“Now you gotta help me. You gotta put your elbows through the arm holes like chicken wings. Hold the arm holes.”

Jack did as Josh requested and held the Tshirt’s arm holes whilst Josh carefully poked his elbows all the way through the holes. When he was done, he looked like a deformed Thalidomide child. Jack stood back and looked at his friend. Joshua flapped his “wings.”

“Buck buuuck!” he said, pretending to make chicken noises.

Jack grinned then dropped to his knees, pulling Joshua’s boxers to the floor in one smooth movement. Josh, drew his knees together like a shy Geisha, trying desperately to remove his arms from the sleeve holes.

“Hey you prick!” he yelled, flapping his arms as he tried pointlessly to get them free.

The entire point of the game was to trick people into putting their arms in a position where they could not easily get them free, before yanking their underwear down, exposing them.

Jack stood back and watched Joshua flapping his arms around, struggling to get them free. He looked down at his friend’s groin. Josh’s penis was still tiny.

“Ha ha. Your dick is minute. Guess you must still be cold huh?”

He laughed as he spoke.

Josh frantically tried to turn so that his privates were hidden, but instead he fell onto his back, legs akimbo. Jack roared with laughter at his friend’s antics as Josh continued struggling in vain to pull his arms free, a task made surprisingly even harder now that he was laying on the floor and was not free to twist his torso. Eventually Josh stopped struggling and sheepishly grinned at Jack.

“Okay, you got me good. Now can you help me please?”

“Hold on, I just gotta take some photos first,” Jack said, and made as if to get his phone from his clothes.

“You better not motherfucker!” Josh cautioned with a grin.

Still laughing, Jack dropped to his knees and tugged at the Tshirt to allow his friend to free his left arm. Once it was freed, Joshua was able to free the other. He rose to his feet and pulled his boxers up.

“You must think I was born yesterday if you think I’d fall for that,” Jack said with a beaming smile.

“Okay, fair enough. You got me.”

Josh took the reversal of his plan in good humour.

“You got me good!”

“You looked hilarious rolling around with your ass in the air.”

Joshua laughed along with his friend.

“Yeah I guess I must have.”

He pondered for a few seconds, then gave Jack a wry look.

“I guess you won’t be having a go then?”

“Nah, don’t think so bud!”

“Okay, wanna try the cling film challenge?”

“Okay but you go first.”

“No problem.”

Joshua left and a minute later, he returned with a pair of scissors and the biggest roll of cling film Jack had ever seen. It was two feet tall, and looked like it weighed 30 pounds.

“Jeez, how much cling film does your family use?”

“It’s for packing,” Joshua explained. “My dad uses it for his online business when he needs to get palettes of boxes ready for shipping. It keeps it all stable I think.”


“Okay, so I’m gonna lay on the floor. Start from my feet and I’ll roll in circles, and you wrap me up. In case of any problems, the scissors are on the table okay?”

“No problem.”


Two minutes later, Joshua was laying on his back wrapped from his ankles to his neck in cling film. His feet were pulled together and his hands were tight to his sides.

“How’s it feel?”

“Tight. A bit claustrophobic.”

“Okay now what?”

“Now I have to escape.”


Joshua wriggled around on the floor like a butterfly trying to escape from a chrysalis. His efforts were accompanied by grunts and groans as he tried to brute force his way out of the cling film. Even with ordinary domestic cling film, that approach would have been impossible but it was doubly so with stronger commercial packing film.

He tried bending his knees in the hope of forcing the cling film to stretch and rip but it was so confining, he could barely bend his knees at all.

Next he tried to poke his elbows through the film in the hopes of creating a hole that he could tear, but the stickiness of the cling film prevented him from moving his arms far enough.

Finally, he turned to his emergency option. Unnoticed by Jack, Joshua had cupped his hands as he was being wrapped. It created a little bit of movement space around his hands now that all his other options had been exhausted. He wiggled his right hand and managed to push his thumb through the cling film. Once he’d created a hole, he was able to slowly enlarge it.

It became obvious to Jack that Joshua was eventually going to work his way free.

He said, “Ahhh, so tired. Think I’ll just have a sit down.”

He sat on Josh’s stomach.

“Uuurgg! Jack get off, get off! I can hardly breathe as it is,” Josh groaned.

Jack rose to his feet and stood over his friend. He put his left foot lightly on Josh’s chest.

“I’m the champion!” he declared.

“Yeah, king of the butt munchers!” Joshua said.

“I’ll give you something to munch!”

Jack squatted until his cotton-clad balls were hanging over his friend’s face.

“Here, munch this!”

Josh sat up quickly, attempting to bite the large bulge that rested on his face, but Jack rose out of the way.

“Too slow!”


Joshua continued struggling, and eventually, with exhausting slowness, he was able to free first his right arm, and then his entire body from the clingfilm. After 5 minutes with no further harassment from his best friend, he stood up triumphant.

“Jesus H Christ that was fucking tiring!” he declared. “Right, your turn.”

“Josh, I’m not letting you wrap me in that stuff. You’ll probably put dog shit in my mouth or something.”

“Duuude! For fuck sake, that’s gross. I’d never do anything disgusting or dangerous.”

“Yeah, that didn’t look much fun. Think I’ll skip it.”

“Jack, you fucking pussy. Can’t believe I went through all that and now you’re not man enough to give it a try.”

Jack mulled the proposition over.

“Okay, I’ll try it but if you fuck with me, I’m gonna beat you to a pulp. I mean it!”

“Dude, you got nothing to worry about. It’s just fun. No shit in your mouth I promise.”

Jack looked at him sceptically, then lay on the floor. Moments later he was wrapped snugly.

“Fuck this is hard to move in.”

“Yeah. Come on then get out.”

For a couple of minutes, Jack went through all the same actions as Joshua had to escape in the hope that he could prove that he was physically stronger. Eventually, he gave up and tried his hands, following the example that Josh had set. Immediately he realised that it was not going to work. He had been wrapped with his palms flat against the outside of his legs. Without having retained a movement space as he was wrapped, he could not wiggle his thumbs or fingers far enough to poke through the film. He frowned.

“Damn, I can’t move an inch. Totally stuck here dude.”

Joshua grinned.

“Want me to cut you free?”

“Yeah Josh. No way I’m getting out of this. Dunno how you managed. Must have double-jointed thumbs or something.”

Joshua picked up the scissors and carefully poked the end through the cling film just above the waistband of Jack’s boxers in the middle.

“Careful dude, don’t cut my dick in half. Then I’d only have twice as much as you left.”

Joshua smiled.


He cut a panel away around his friend’s genitals then stopped and stood up.

“Hey why have you stopped?” Jack asked.

Josh gave him an enigmatic smile and ran up the stairs to his room. A minute later he returned carrying several objects. Jack squirmed, trying to see what they were.

“What’s that? What are you doing?” he demanded.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

Joshua straddled Jack’s legs and knelt with his knees either side, sitting back on his friend’s knees, supporting most of his weight on his own heels. He reached up and in one movement he pulled the front of Jack’s boxers down below his testicles.

Josh looked down at his friend’s penis. It was still cold from outside, but even tight and cold it formed a curved brown tube almost six inches long including its tight snout foreskin. His nuts were pulled up tight but they still filled his scrotum with the volume of a large fist.

“Hey, what are you doing?!” Jack asked alarmed.

“I’m warming you up.”

Joshua reached down and gripped Jack’s penis in his fist. Squeezing firmly, he drew his fist towards the base drawing the foreskin close to the tip. It was too cold to retract right away. He raised his fist, then repeated the motion slowly. With each pump, the skin loosened a little more as Jack’s penis warmed up. Then the skin glided past the head entirely with an audible slurp, tucking in behind the corona.

Jack lifted his head from the carpeted floor.

“Hey dude, for fuck sake stop!”

“You didn’t say that before when you needed to nut.”

Josh continued slowly pumping.

“That was different. I couldn’t do it for myself.”

“No problem. Just think of this as a Christmas present.”

“But Christmas was almost a month ago,” Jack retorted, getting side-tracked.

Jack’s penis hardened. It didn’t care about dates.

“Oh was it? Well consider this an early present for next Christmas then.”

“Dude, seriously, stop, you’re creeping me out. I’m no homo.”

“If that’s true, why is your dick so hard?”

Josh stopped and squirted lube onto his palm.

“I’ll stop when your boner goes.”

“It won’t go while you’re playing… Uuuhhhh!”

Jack let out a long moan of pleasure as Joshua started twisting his fist around his slippery glans.


Josh rubbed his palms together to transfer some of the lube to his other fist, then he continued slowly twisting his friend’s helmet.

“Jesus Christ, you’re not trying to twist a jelly lid off!”

“Sorry if my technique isn’t good enough for you.”

“No, stop, that isn’t what I meant.”

Joshua started using his other hand to massage his friend’s nuts in his fist, tugging them low in his loosening sack.

With his right hand, he stopped screwing his fist and instead started kneading the head between his fingers and thumb, rubbing his thumb up the back of Jack’s glans, pressing between the two halves of his dick-head. Jack was powerless to resist. He squirmed on the floor, his rigid cock standing tall, but his body held far too tightly to escape.

Much as his homosexual panic hated being touched by a male; even his best friend, he couldn’t prevent the growing swell of horniness that was filling him. Joshua seemed to know exactly how to touch his nine-and-a-half-inch boner to drive him crazy.

His squirming was no longer a futile effort to escape: it was driven by pleasure.

“Josh, fuuuck man,” he moaned.

Joshua picked up a second item. It was a vibrating massager. He tucked the base inside the cling film between Jack’s legs and positioned it with the vibrating head touching Jack’s scrotum. Then he turned it on, sending a continuous vibration into both of Jack’s egg-sized testicles.

Next, he formed both hands into loose fists and started to perform type of masturbation he’d seen on a porn site. It was called the “endless tunnel.” He ran his right fist from the base of Jack’s cock up and off the head, allowing his lightly fingers to bump across the ridge of his helmet. As soon as there was space below it, he added the second hand and made the same motion. When there was space below that, he replaced it with the right again, switching hands in an endless, gentle motion that kept Jack’s penis in a high state of constant arousal without driving him too quickly towards orgasm.

After a few minutes of continuous teasing, Jack begged for mercy.

“Shiiit Josh, c’mon man. This isn’t fair. You’re driving me crazy. Stop for fuck sake dude.”

“Stop? Sure you don’t want to nut?”

Joshua increased the speed and pressure of his hands.

“No, dude, I just want you to stop.”

Joshua leaned forwards and ran his hot tongue over his friend’s glans whilst jacking him with the right fist. Then he started delivering a blow job with great expertise. Jack squirmed and moaned.

After a minute, he stopped.

“Are you sure you want me to stop?”

Jack pondered the question for five seconds.

“Yeeeah,” he said like child being reluctantly forced to admit he’d been stealing.

“Okay, whatever you say.”

Joshua picked up another item. A pair of vibrating pills attached to a rubber strap. He wrapped the strap around Jack’s penis so that the inch-long pills were pressing against the back sides of Jack’s glans. Then he turned them on and they started vibrating. Like the continuous tunnel, they were not designed to drive the victim to orgasm, rather they were intended to keep him in a continual state of high arousal. Josh turned the massager up to maximum vibration, then he stood up and headed towards the stairs.

“Hey what are you doing?!” Jack shouted in alarm. “You can’t leave me like this!”

“You said you wanted me to stop. That’s what I’m doing. I’m gonna play some more COD. I’ll see you in an hour.”


Jack was genuinely alarmed now. He was already horny beyond belief. An hour would kill him!

“See you later. Don’t make too much noise or the neighbours might come by to check up on you.”

“Josh! Don’t you fucking dare leave me like this. Josh!”

But Joshua had already gone upstairs.


Two hours later, Josh returned. He looked down at his friend. Jack’s red face was sheathed in sweat, with dew-drops running down the sides, but it wasn’t the cling film that had raised his temperature. Jack’s penis strained through the hole in the cling film, its head bloated and hard, its shaft veined and stiff. Jack moaned softly, and when he saw Joshua return he said, “Oh thank God. I don’t think I could last any longer.”

“Want me to finish you then?”

“What? No that’s not… Wait.”

He pondered the alternative.

“Okay then,” he said resigned. “Just get it over with. My nuts are almost bursting.”

Joshua smiled and removed the vibrating pills and the massager from between Jack’s legs. He lay to Jack’s side and leaned forwards and gripped Jack’s gigantic nuts in his right fist. Before he lowered his head to Jack’s cock once again, he said, “Let me know when you’re about to cum.”

He tugged on Jack’s nuts to delay his friend’s orgasm, and at the same time he expertly delivered a blowjob, bouncing his head on Jack’s dick. He felt the rim of Jack’s glans brushing the inside of his lips, and he flickered his tongue like a snake’s, running the tip all over the head as he pumped the shaft with his left hand.

The delaying effect of tugging Jack’s nuts was nothing compared to the arousal of two hours of constant edging, and 25 seconds after Joshua had started blowing him, Jack let out an enormous triumphant “Aaaaah!” and he thrust his hips into the air, arching as high as the cling film  would allow. He blasted a huge gob of cum against the back of his friend’s throat. Josh lifted his head away in time to avoid the second blast, and the third, but they each rose high into the air – over two feet before splatting down to his stomach. After that, rather than diminishing, his ejaculation turned into a continuous stream, spraying like a fire hydrant with its top removed. The fountain lasted for a further fifteen seconds and Josh pumped his fist fast to help it on it way, as it sprayed everywhere.

When Jack had finished cumming, the cling film was awash from his groin to his neck with his creamy jizz. There were sprays on the hardwood floor up beyond his head where the rectangular rug ended, and it had dribbled down both sides of his body, darkening the rug beneath him.

Josh moved up until his face hung two feet above Jack’s.

“I told you to WARN ME!” he said, with mild annoyance and a plummy-sounding voice.

“I’m sorry,” Jack gasped.

“Well you can have thish BACK!”

Josh spat the half cupful of jizz he was holding in his mouth, forcing it through tight lips to turn it into a wide sputtering spray. It covered Jack’s face from chin to hairline.

“Dude!” Jack protested.

He tried to turn away but it was too late. His face looked like a Jackson Pollock, painted with his own cum.

Josh stood up grinning and looked down at his friend’s body. Jack’s thick, log-like brown cock stood at 45 degrees to his belly, and it was still twitching and bouncing. He squirmed in the throes of ecstasy.

Josh grinned.

“Dude are you still cumming?”

“Y… yeah,” Jack panted.

“Motherfucker, that’s some nut you’re having!”

Josh reached down and lightly gripped Jack’s penis in his fist. He pumped it lightly to help Josh to finish properly. The inside of Jack’s thighs were trembling, and though they’d long-since stopped delivering semen, his testicles pulsated.


After three long minutes, Jack’s orgasm finally came to an end. He collapsed, exhausted, sheathed in sweat. Joshua picked up a pair of scissors and cut him free.

He lay with his eyes shut, too tired to move and spoke.

“Fuck Josh, how’d learn you learn to give a blow job like that?”

Joshua laughed.

“It’s all in the preparation!”


    • Ghymini-
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    Jack has no idea just how lucky he is to have a friend like Josh!

    • milkingmike-
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    i love it. should have hooked him up to a milker until he was dry

    • watch this space 😉

    • Anonymous-
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    I need friends like this! I suspect they’re more than friends after that 😀

    • You can be certain of it!

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