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Ellis stands 5 foot 4 inches tall – small for his age. Before the apocalypse, he used to wrestle and swim, but since the Blank Virus, he no longer has the chance for competitive wrestling, although he does get to do a different type of rolling around.

Ellis used to love video games on his computer. His favourites were Call of Duty and NBA 2K. Even though Will’s house has power, the games are all online, so there’s no-one to play against even if the people that ran the servers were not all long dead.


Ellis used to be shy about his body. He knew his dick was on the small side, and he always avoided being seen naked by anyone else.

Ellis knew that he was gay but didn’t admit it to anyone until Will saved him. By that time, there was only two of them and Will had seen him naked more times that Ellis could count.

In spite of his shyness, even before the apocalypse, Ellis was a dirty little bastard when he was safely locked in his own bedroom. He would happily shove objects into his asshole, and every day he tried to suck his own dick, a challenge made difficult by its short length. Even on his best day, he still had 6 more inches to go before he could succeed.


Without TV to entertain them, he and Will spend their time gardening, exploring the hundreds of abandoned houses in their proximity, playing cards, and jogging. When they can be pushed to make thee trip to the river, they both swim nude.

Back at Will’s house, they sleep together naked in the same bed.

To read the series of stories featuring Ellis in his younger days, please read No signs of life.


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