Interdimensional Milking part 28 – Go team

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school on planet Herschel Majoris where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

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Interdimensional Milking part 28 – Go team

Max walked through the heavy door. Behind him Rayke and Bryan brought up the rear. Bryan pushed the door closed. It was heavily padded on their side.

Max looked around. They were in an area the size of three tennis courts side by side. The floors and walls up to a height of twenty feet were covered in thick padded vinyl and the floor under his feet squished as he walked. He looked across the pitch, there were dozens of inflatable obstacles; pillars, boxes, long rectangular slabs, and all made from the same vinyl.

Troye grinned back at him.

“I moffing LOVE SlowG!” he declared, his former exuberance fully returned.

“Yeah me too,” Max agreed. “We never played it on Earth.”

“Why not?” Troye asked.

“I dunno. Same reason you don’t play Sax here I guess. Just not something we did.”



Troye, Brill, Max, Bryan and Rayke walked barefooted to the middle of the pitch. Facing them were five more boys from the school. They were all wearing EV suits and coloured safety helmets; red for Max’s team and blue for the opposition.

Coach Sandusky stood to one side of the centre line. Two adjudicors stood, one in each half to judge scores and help maintain safety.


“Okay boys ready?”

All ten competitors responded as one.


“Let’s keep it clean and no spite okay?”



Sandusky pressed a button on a pad and a squishy rubber doughnut the diameter of a frisbee shot out of hole ten feet up the side wall, spinning as it flew.

A boy on the opposite team dropped to his hands and knees, whilst another bent over in front of him. A third boy used them both as steps and ran along the back of one, the shoulders of the other and launched himself up into the air towards the doughnut. He floated through the air in slow motion, his speed greatly reduced by the suppression field.

On Max’s team, Rayke and Bryan faced each other and linked hands in a low swing. Brill ran at them and stepped onto their hands. They boosted him into the air and he shot in a superman pose towards the doughnut.

Brill reached the doughnut just ahead of the opposing jumper, and hooked it backwards towards Rayke just as the other boy bounced into him and they both fell in slow motion back to the ground. Rayke picked up the doughnut and started to run with it, taking large bounding steps, each five feet long and three off the floor. Max ran along the side of the pitch as an opposing player closed on Rayke.

“Rayke, over here!”

Rayke glanced towards Max and launched the doughnut in his direction aiming for a spot ten feet ahead and eight feet off the floor.

Max ran up the adjacent wall, and sprang towards the doughnut. He plucked it from the air and landed on top of one the vinyl cubes. Nearby, two members of the opposing team were rapidly approaching.

“Boost,” one said and his partner dropped to his knees, allowing the first boy to run up his back and dive gracefully towards Max. Max saw the play and dived in the boy’s direction but three feet over his head. He tucked into a ball and executed a loose somersault before landing gently on the floor. He took one step before a third boy stepped out from behind one of the large rectangles and sacked him. Max dropped the doughnut and before he could dive after it, the boy had picked it up and threw it against an illuminated wall target. It hit the target and was fired off at a tangent where it was scooped up by one of his team mates.

“Stop showboating Max!” Bryan shouted at him.

Max turned sheepishly.

“Sorry guys.”

He turned to chase the doughnut, but before he was five paces towards it, it had been passed off again, flanking his team. The air-attack on the other side took the doughnut and ran down the far flank, jumping from one inflatable to the next, and soaring between each one in slow motion. Brill chased the boy, but he was 10 feet short. Brill launched himself into the air in desperate attempt to intercept, but it was too late. With one final launch off a rectangular wall, the boy turned 180 degrees so that was soaring on his back, then he threw the doughnut upwards towards an inverted cone on the ceiling. The doughnut hit slightly off-centre but was funnelled inwards to the hole in the centre. A horn sounded from a speaker in the ceiling.

“Two  points to reds!” Sandusky announced. “Restart.”


Rayke approached Max and firmly gave Max an open-handed shove on the forehead.

“Don’t… Be… A.. fucking… Manj! Safe play. Save the showing off for AFTER we win okay?”

Max looked at the ground red-faced. Rayke was the best player they had and he was their team captain.

“Yeah, sorry Rayke. I won’t do it again. I, ummm, got carried away.”

“You will be carried away if you do it again. On a medbed.”

Rayke half-grinned to make it clear he was not seriously threatening Max.

“Gotcha!” Max responded.


The game resumed, and it wasn’t until just after the second quin break that something odd happened. Max’s light turned green. That wasn’t so unusual. Max was programmed for nine milkings per day. Sometimes something turned him on and that initiated a cycle. Other times the harvesting station initiated a collection cycle, triggering the implant in his head to start arousing him so that he would ejaculate.

What made this unusual was the fact that sports were exempted from collection cycles. As each boy entered one of the school’s numerous sporting areas, a deactivation signal sent a signal to their implants that prevented a cycle from being initiated. The only exception was the recreational wrestling area, where boys specifically went to wrestle and relieve some sexual tension in between skin times.


Max was jumping from one inflatable to another when he felt the stirrings of arousal in his penis. He landed and started running, trying to ignore the sensation but by the time he had run 15 feet, he had a firm erection. Although his penis was stationary on another planet millions of light years away, connected via the portal panel in his suit, he could still feel it and the root of his cock still ached inside his Envirosuit, and Max found it increasingly hard to ignore.

He dived and intercepted a pass from the opposing team’s right flank-attack and landed running. Almost instantly, the opposing air attack piled into Max. The boy was younger and smaller than Max, but he hit Max at shoulder height, and they both flew four feet to the side. Max threw the doughnut up vertically in the air as the rules obliged him to do when tackled, and the air-attacked dived after it. Max scrambled to his feet, awkwardly, the feeling of his now-throbbing erection serving as a considerable distraction. He hunched like an out-of-breath geriatric as his penis stood up on Planet 1RXS1609 b. Veins bulged from its rigid sides.

The air-attack’s leap fell short of the doughnut, and now that Max was back on his feet, he was allowed to reclaim it.

“Max, he’s missed it,” Brill shouted, “get the nut back!”

Max jumped, passing the air-attack as he landed, and caught the doughnut above the other boy’s head. Max turned to throw it to a team member but his testicles were churning now as a level 8 stim aroused him beyond endurance. He threw it lamely, and the right-drive on the other team pounced on the weak pass.

Brill frowned and ran towards the player, but he was slowed by his own pulsating erection. He was way too slow, and the drive was up onto an inflatable and soaring away long before Brill reached him.

The other three players on Max’s team, were staggering around the pitch now as though they had been kicked in the groin. The entire team was experiencing a level 8 stim, their libido elevated way beyond the point when they would normally have ejaculated. The implants in their brains controlled when they would attain orgasm, but in the harvesting station on 1RXS1609 b their five cocks twitched and bounced, desperate to cum.

Max, Brill and Troye collapsed to the floor, writhing in ecstasy. Bryan hunched and reached towards Coach Sandusky.

“Ref, not fair. Hi stim. Can’t play like this.”


Sandusky had seen plenty of boys on green, but a hi stim was something that the boys reserved for their private time. Each of them was entitled to one per week, lasting 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Most boys chose 5, finding it unbearable to remain that horny any longer.

But the boys were not supposed to be milked during PE. The inhibitor disabled their implants as they entered the sporting area.

Sandusky could see that each member of red team showed the green EV suit light that confirmed that they were indeed being sexually stimulated, as though their ecstatic rolling on the floor was not a clear enough sign. He looked at the opposing team and their lights were all red, indicating that they were not being milked.

He frowned, it was a little too convenient that only one team was affected. He knew that the implants could be over-ridden, but no students had access to that kind of control.

He turned to one of the adjudicors.

“Mr Sims, please go vone Nurse Janeway. Tell her to turn off the stims on Rayke, Brill, Max, Troye and Bryan.”

Sims nodded and ran in slow motion from the pitch.

“Turning the gravity back on boys,” Sandusky informed everyone. “3, 2, 1…”

He was looking at his control pad. As he reached 0, every boy suddenly sank an extra few inches into the floor as the gravity quadrupled and their weight was returned to normal. Not that anyone on red team cared. Bryan and Rayke stood resolutely on their feet, but they were no less aroused than their three younger team mates who writhed on the floor, overwhelmed by the feeling between their legs.

“Miss Janeway is on break,” Sims called to Sandusky as he returned.

“Well isn’t there anyone else that has the authorisation?” Sandusky asked, clearly irritated.

“Mr Jeems, but he’s off today. They’re trying to find her now.”

“What about the calmers, they have the power surely?”

“Didn’t think of that. Shall I go comm them?”

“Yes, I think you’d better. These boys probably don’t want to remain like this much longer.”

“No,” Rayke grunted on behalf of the group, barely able to speak.

It took 18 minutes for the calmers to arrive. Long before they did so, Max ejaculated. That was usually the trigger for the implant to shut down, but even after he and the other boys climaxed, the implants remained switched on, relentlessly stimulating the boys.

Few boys liked to experience a hi stim in public. It made them lose their minds, as they experienced a mixture between an expert blowjob and deep but edging fucking, their young nuts bloated by lust. They even experienced the sensation of expert anal and prostate stimulation. It made them pull all kinds of crazy fuck faces and it rendered most totally vulnerable to anything occurring around them. Max’s eyes rolled upwards, unable to control his body. He came again, and again as the implant now forced him to orgasm repeatedly.

In the gallery above, behind transplex walls, the other two teams who were awaiting their matches, watched with bemusement and laughter. Max’s eyes briefly focussed for a moment and he noticed one person laughing harder than anyone. It was Stan.

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