Interdimensional milking part 29 – Advice

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school on planet Herschel Majoris where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

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Interdimensional milking part 29 – Advice

“Max! Hello darling, how are you doing?”

Max stared at the image on his vone.

“Oh not so bad generally.”

“Generally? That doesn’t sound so good. Wait a moment, I’ll go and get Dominic, he’s down in the garage sorting some equipment out. We have an important survey starting tomorrow.”

Max’s fathers were both tectonic geologists working on the far side of the planet.


Jonathan left the room at a jog and a minute later he was back, followed by Dominic.

“Hi dad,” Max said.

“Hey Max, how’s life treating you?”

“Max was sounding a little down,” Jonathan interjected.

“Oh,” Dominic said, his pitch rising, “why’s that son?”

“I’ve never even seen your house. It’s weird not even knowing what your own home looks like. I don’t feel like I’m part of the family anymore.”

“This is not your home,” Jonathan said emphatically, “it’s just the place your father and I live while we’re working. When we’re done here, we’ll move to Central or maybe out in the country and you’ll always have a proper home to come home to when you’re not at school.”

Max suddenly felt very lonely.

“I wish you weren’t so far. It sucks that I can’t just use a portal to come visit you.”

“Yes, that would be wonderful, but you know that there are no portals in tech 2 cities, and portal travel messes with your brain. Not worth being turned into a vegetable just for a single trip.”

“But people DO travel by portal don’t they?”

“Yes, but it costs three month’s wages to use a portal shield pod and they’re still so scarce. You have to book months in advance. I’m sure they’ll manage to resolve that one day but right now we’re stuck with aero-trans I’m afraid. Tell you what though, when I get off the vone, I’ll film the whole place for you okay?”

Max sighed.

“Okay. That would be nice, it’s just…”

Jonathan looked at Max’s face.

“Ohh darling.”

He reached out and brushed his fingers against the screen of his wrist vone where his son’s face was displayed.

“What’s wrong?”

Max shrugged.

“Lots of things. I still don’t get how everything works on this planet. I told you I got ramped, and there was that fight, and then this kid called Shaun got me in trouble and now it seems like someone is messing with me.”

“Whoa hold on, you never told all of this. Wait a sec, I’m gonna switch to desktop. Gonna put you on holo, are you decent?”

Max smiled.

“Yeah dad, I’m dressed. It’s only 7pm here. I’m gonna put you on holo too.”

Jonathan transferred the call to his desktop vone and a holographic image of Max sitting cross-legged surrounded by golden fur floated in the middle of the room. Jonathan and Dominic sat on the couch.

“Ah that’s better. Where are you? Is that grass?”

“Yeah, it’s fur grass. I’m in the field behind the school. I like to come when I want privacy.”

“It looks beautiful. I love the fauna on this planet don’t you? So exotic-looking.”

“Yeah it’s great. They’ve got these great trees here; sponge vines.”

Max aimed his holo-cam upwards. In the upper atmosphere, pale streaks of colour started to form an aurora but it was the giant drooping tree behind him that he was interested in.

“Is that an aurora in the sky?” Dominic asked.

“Yes, we’ve had them a lot recently.”

“Hmmm, that’s unusual.”

“What do you think of the trees though. Don’t you think they look like huge octopuses?”

“Octopi,” Dominic corrected.

Jonathan punched him playfully in the arm with a smile.

“Oh you know what he meant Mr Dictionary!”

“It’s nice to see you two getting along,” Max said.

“Why wouldn’t we?”

“I dunno. It’s just when I don’t see you every day I have no idea.”

Dominic leaned towards their holo-camera.

“Listen kiddo, we’re together for life. This guy would fall apart without me!”

“Pah! You’d fall apart without ME!” Jonathan shot back playfully. “You know,” he confided to Max, “he still doesn’t even know how to operate the washer!”

“It’s true Max, but as long as I have someone to do it for me, why would I bother to learn?”

He leaned forwards and kissed Jonathan tenderly on the cheek. Jonathan turned and they kissed for a few seconds before Max loudly cleared his throat.

“Ahem, impressionable youngster here. Keep it white please.”

His fathers turned to the screen grinning.

“I’m sure you’ve seen much stronger stuff than that on the school’s porn hub Max,” Dominic said.

“Yeah, but not with my dads!”

“Ha ha, he’s got a point!” Dominic laughed turning to Jonathan.

Jonathan wrapped an arm around his husband’s shoulder and they snuggled together on the couch.

“Anyway Max, you said there was some stuff going on there. Something about a fight, and getting ramped, and someone picking on you?”

“No, no-one’s picking on me. It’s not like that, but someone’s messing with me.”

“What’s ramped?” Dominic asked.

Max turned to address Dominic’s floating image.

“It’s when they trick you into, um, going green, more times than you want to.”

“Going green?” Dominic asked.

“What teenage boys whenever they get a private moment honey,” Jonathan explained. “You know, dirty squirty.”

“Ohhh,” Dominic said, as the token dropped.

“Dirty squirty?! Daaad. That makes it sound crood!” Max said laughing.

“So people trick you into it? How?”

“Oh you know, they show you porn when you don’t expect it, or get you thinking dirty.  But if you go over your daily, the harvesting station permanently increases your quota.”

“Ohhhh I see,” Jonathan said, “So um, how many are you up to?”


“Oh that’s not so bad. That’s only once a day and twice on weekends,” Dominic said.

“A day dad, nine times a day.”

“Nine times a day?! Jeez Max you must be constantly walking around on jelly legs!”

Max shrugged.

“It’s not THAT bad. There’s one boy who ramped himself. He thinks it will give him a big di… veener. He wants to impress the women when he gets off the program. He gets milked 27 times a day!”

“27! My lord, it’s a miracle he has a penis left. Someone should tell him it’ll make him go blind!”

“Ha ha, I think his eyesight is okay dad. And his penis. It’s really big, three times as long as…”

Max realised he was about to give away information about himself.

“Well, it’s long. But it’s super thin, like a finger. I don’t think women are going to be impressed like he’s expecting them to be!”

“Ha ha, no I don’t think they will. Poor boy. Somebody ought to put him straight.”

“We’ve tried but he won’t listen.”

“Fair enough. You said someone was harassing you?”

“Well yeah, but it’s not as straight forward as that. You remember that time when I got spied on in the shower? And there’s been a load of other stuff. Like the feeling I was being messed with in my EV suit. Like someone was touching my privates, or, well… other stuff.”

He didn’t really want to share the feeling of his butt plug growing inside him.

“Then the other day my team was play slowG and we all got a hi stim at the same time.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s when you get this really intense milking. It can be nice if you’re not playing sports, but it’s only meant to happen in your room at weekends. And you’re not supposed to go green at all during PE.”

“No, I would imagine it would be very… distracting.”

“Yeah, that’s putting it mildly,” Max agreed. “It’s really hard to run with a boner!”

Jonathan said, “So do you have any idea who might be messing with you and why?”

“Nah not really. There was one kid, Shaun, that I got really hostile with, but he’s a couple of years younger than me and this started before that.”

“You mentioned a fight?” Dominic asked.

“Oh yeah, that. I told you about it before. Well Troye, that’s the boy with the long dong, I mean the large penis; sorry we call him that sometimes; well you know he got EV jacked in Central by some guys there. We bumped into them in Central a while later and it went off. Sec got involved, and we went to station but when they realised that they were the guys that jacked Troye they let us go.”

“Oh yes, you mentioned that before. It couldn’t be them messing with you?”

“Nah, don’t see how it could be. I mean they don’t even know our names.”

It suddenly occurred to Max that their names might be in the address book on Troye’s stolen pad.


“Do you want us to speak to Cap, see if he can investigate?”

Max considered whether or not involving the school principle would help matters.

“I really don’t see what he can do about it. Nah. Leave it for now. If things get worse I’ll let you know.”

“Make sure you do honey,” Jonathan said, “And don’t let it get you down too much. Now what about this boy you said you liked – Brill was it?”

“Oh don’t play coy Jonathan, you know his name,” Dominic turned to Max. “Honestly, he’s done nothing but talk about you both ever since you told us you were interested in him.”

Max smiled.

“Yeah, Brill is… well he’s perfect. He’s got brown eyes with bits of gold in, did I tell you that?”

“Yes you did. It was hard to see in the photo. Did you get any that aren’t nudes yet?”

Max grinned widely.

“Nah, I didn’t see the need!”

“Ha ha ha! Like father like son!” Dominic said.

“Which father?”

“I’ll leave you to guess Max”

Max flashed his teeth in a broad grin.

“Anyway,” he continued, “his eyes glow when he gets angry. Like, properly glow as if there’s lights behind them. And he can read your thoughts. He’s amazing. So kind.”

“He can read your thoughts?” Dominic said, “That must be uncomfortable?”

“He doesn’t do it most of the time.”

Jonathan said, “I really hope we can meet him some time. What do you like best about him? What’s his best feature?”

Max pondered for a few seconds.

“Hey your light thingy has just come on, what’s that mean?”

“What that GREEN light,” Dominic said, looking at his husband and emphasising the word ‘green’ with wide eyes. “You know as in, ‘going green’”

“Ohhh, THAT’S what it means.”

He turned to Max. Max blushed crimson and grinned sheepishly.

“So you’re um, hard right now?”

“Uh huh,” Max.

“And uh, the uh, milking station, it’s uh, doing its thing?”

“Oh for goodness sakes!” Dominic said, “he’s the high school boy not you darling. Why are you being so coy?”

“I just didn’t want to embarrass him that’s all.”

“He’s spent the past nine months getting milked nine times a day, most of them in public. I expect he’s way beyond embarrassment. I doubt he even notices any more, isn’t that right Max?”

Max squirmed as he felt a tongue flickering inside his sphincter, and another on the back of his glans.

“Unnng,” he said, struggling to speak. “Not exactly dad.”

He grimaced, trying and failing to maintain a normal face as the implant in his head made him feel as though his balls were being sucked and his prostate was being expertly fingered.

“See, told you!” Jonathan said, smiling. He returned his attention to his son. “How long does it usually last Max?”

“F… f… five minutes,” Max gasped struggling to speak. “Sorry, this is a g… good one. Better go.”

He collapsed onto his back on the fur grass, looking up now at the holographic image of his fathers.




Ten minutes later he commed them back. Dominic answered.

“All done?”

“Yup, sorry about that. I don’t have any control over when they happen or how intense they are.”

“No, you’re at that age.”

“No that wasn’t what I…” Max protested. “The implant just starts them at random.”

“Really? Funny it ‘randomly’ happened when you were thinking about Brill.”

Max blushed again.

“Yeah, luck I guess,” he lied weakly.


“Hey Dominic, don’t tease,” Jonathan said walking back into the holocam’s range. “He’ll get a complex.”

“I’m just fooling with him Jon, don’t baby him.”

“But he’ll always be our baby, you know that.”

Dominic addressed Max.

“So um, have you and Brill, you know, done more than hold hands yet?”

“You mean sex?”

“Well maybe not that far yet, but at least have some fun together?”

“No, not yet. We only get half an hour out of our suits each week at skin time. It’s not enough time. I don’t wanna rush it.”

“Awww Max wants to take it slow. He’s so romantic,” Jonathan said.

“You can have a lot of fun in half an hour,” Dominic said, “believe me.”

He nuzzled Jonathan’s neck and tickled his waist. Jonathan squealed like a little girl, squirming as Dominic peppered his neck with kisses.

Dominic turned back to the camera.

“Actually, I wanted to talk to you about that,” Max said. “There’s a week-long trip to the mountains coming up at Rangers. I need permission to go. A week out of our EV suits. I thought it would be the perfect chance, you know. Can I go?”

“What sort of trip is it?” Jonathan asked.

“Camping. Get some badges. Survival stuff. Nothing dangerous.”

“How much is it?”

“It’s free.”

Jonathan and Dominic looked at each other and Dominic, ever the prosaic one, turned back to Max.

“Of course you can.”

Max’s demeanour brightened and a smile lit his face.

“Thanks dad. Can’t wait to tell Brill!”

“Be sure to tell him ‘hi’ from us,” Jonathan added.

“I will!”

“And Max,” Dominic said, “There’s an awful lot the two of you can do in 30 minutes.”

He mimed a slow masturbating hand and Max blushed deeply again.

“Your father is right,” Jonathan chimed in, “Don’t want to be so excited on your camping trip that you blow it too quickly.”

“Yeah, 30 minutes. Plenty of time,” Dominic reiterated nodding as though he was imparting sage wisdom.

Max’s light turned green again. His eyes widened in dismay. Jonathan burst out laughing.

“Look what you’ve done to the boy!” he playfully chided Dominic.

Max stared at them, eyes wide as plates as he felt his glans being expertly licked. The image of Brill with his head between his legs popped into Max’s mind and he couldn’t shake it.

“Looks like Max needs some privacy. Love you kiddo!”

Dominic grinned and walked out of camera range.

Jonathan smiled.

“Love you darling. Don’t have TOO much fun.”


The connection broke and Max collapsed onto his back, arching his hips upwards as he thought about Brill.


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