Interdimensional Milking part 27 – The pursuit

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school on planet Herschel Majoris where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

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Interdimensional Milking part 27 – The pursuit

Far from the Galactic hub on the super fringe planet 1RXS1609 b, controller Jan scowled at his screen. It displayed a list of portals in the Sabus continent on Herschel Majoris that had activated during the past month. The system had been desined to protect the anonymity of the donors so that they could never be blackmailed or harassed, so Jan was unable to narrow the search parameter any finer than that.

He knew that there was a small chance that the boy who formerly occupied portal number 184,675,809 may have simply reached adulthood and ceased to be a part of the harvesting program, but he suspected otherwise. The fact that the boy’s penis was withdrawn whilst Jan was enjoying him suggested that maybe he had withdrawn to avoid Jan. That made Jan angry.

Over 142 thousand males on that continent had joined the program over the past month. Hit took time but he was easily able to discount 24 percent of them. The penises were too small, only just at the start of puberty, as most males were when they joined the harvesting program. He discounted another 20 percent as being too large, and another 32 percent as being entirely the wrong colour – black or oriental. 15 percent just looked wrong, too pink, or too dark, or too white, or the wrong shape. That still left almost 13 thousand penises to consider. He’d been scanning the monitor for weeks and with each passing day, his frustration grew along with his certainty that 184,675,809 had withdrawn just to spite him; to stop him enjoying himself.

There was a photo on a pad beside his console showing the boy’s genitals. It was against policy to photograph the donors much less to touch them as he did, but out here, where the planets were mostly populated with terraformers and administrators, he was left alone; almost a law unto himself.

Jan had a clear image in his mind of the former occupant of 184,675,809. The boy was about 14 years old, playful, with wavy hair and a boyish teen body. But now there was a hardness in his eyes that replaced the former good humour. Jan glowered at the screen and continued searching.

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