Interdimensional milking part 26 – Debrief

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school on planet Herschel Majoris where his seed is automatically harvested every day. After a disastrous trip to Central with Shaun, he arrives back at school.

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Interdimensional milking part 26 – Debrief

Max walked into the atrium, an indoor area outside the Shay, with a high transparent plex ceiling. There were chairs and benches where many students socialised outside study hours, at one end, there were screens. Max didn’t have to pass through it on his way back to his dorm but he was not in the mood to go stew alone in his room.

To his pleasant surprise, Brill, Sam and Bryan were there. Brill and Sam were facing away from Max.

Bryan smiled in Max’s direction.

“Hey Max, how ya doing?”

Hearing Bryan address Max, Brill turned to look in the direction that Bryan was looking. His face lit up in a smile and he rose to his feet.

“Hey Max!”

“Hey guys,” Max said, his tone subdued.

Brill stepped forwards and offered a hug and Max accepted it.

“Hey, you’re tense,” Brill observed. “What’s up Max?”

Max’s expression was stormy. He sat at their table and Brill returned to his seat opposite.

“It’s that little valve Shaun, fucking fucker set me up!”

Sam’s brow furrowed.

“What you talking about Max? What did he do?”

Max let out a deep sigh.

“Well he asked me to go to Central with him. I felt a bit sorry for him because he didn’t have anyone to go with. It started off okay, we went to this arena where they run around an obstacle course nude. It was funny because the guys were getting ramped.”

“Oh yeah, Arena is funny,” Sam agreed with a wide grin.

“Then after that we were thinking of something else to do and everything the little hose monkey wanted to do was sexual. I should have taken that as a warning right there.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard he’s a bit like that. Always boned up,” Sam said.

“Anyway,” Max continued, “in the end I persuaded him to go to Hol-Venture. We played Mechwars. Then after that we went to some people he knew. Two of them share a dom in the Eastern hab zone. It was kinda of weird right off. There was five of them sitting around watching an aeroball game, but they were all naked. Yetlin – that’s the guy whose dom it was, said they were naked because it was hot. They were 872 levels underground so I kind of accepted it, especially as Yetlin’s little brother was there too. He was probably younger than Jurnal.”

“Who’s Jurnal?” Bryan asked.

“Oh, you know, that little kid in PE. The one from Pilar.”

Sam chimed in, “You know, he mostly hangs with Maden. They’re accelerated.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve seen him. Never spoken to him.”

Sam turned back to Max.

“Sorry to interrupt Max.”

Max continued.

“So anyway, we were watching the game and they got bored and suggested we played a virtu. It sounded like a good idea, so I put on a headset, and then we were in this school dorm, and… and…”

Max was embarrassed to recount what had happened.

Brill touched Max on the hand.

“It’s okay Max, take your time. You don’t have to tell us at all if you don’t want to.”

Max smiled at Brill, taking strength from Brill’s kindness.

“Nah it’s okay, I’ll tell you. I just feel like such… such a fucking tool for falling for it.”

“Falling for what?” Sam asked.

“Well, it wasn’t a game. It was more like an interactive. Except I wasn’t in control. I could see and feel everything, but it was like I was just a brain looking out of a robot.”

The listeners frowned. They had already guessed where this was going.

“So, everyone started jacking off, and I was watching and I was feeling horny. Or my player was. It’s hard to tell the difference. So I joined in, but I didn’t really want to because…”

He turned to Brill. Brill flashed him a radiant smile.

“And then it turned into this orgy, with me in the middle. And, and they were all having sex with me like I was just there for them. And I couldn’t say no.”

“Vraped,” Bryan said.

“Definitely,” Sam agreed. “Little fucker.”

“Do you think he knew it was going to happen?” Brill asked.

“What, Shaun?”

Brill nodded.

Max pondered.

“Yeah of course. Well, I think so. All afternoon he was trying to get me to do sex stuff with him – watch shows, go to interactives, all sorts of stuff. Then we end up doing that. No way that just happened. I mean, well, there’s no way it was just coincidence is there? What do you think?”

Brill shrugged.

“I dunno. I mean he couldn’t have known you’d go with him so it doesn’t sound like it was planned but he might have known his friends did that sort of thing. How old were they?”

“They didn’t say. Older than us. Two were about 18, maybe a bit older, and the other two were a few years older. Plus the little kid.”


Sam suddenly spoke with an urgent tone.

“Hey look, there’s the little fucker now. Why don’t we ask him?”

Max looked over where Sam was looking. Shaun had walked into the atrium. He was looking around nervously. The boy was hunched and cautious.

“Nah, I don’t wanna have anything else to do with him. I nearly punched him in the face as it was. He just got new lenses. I don’t wanna blind him for life. Little tool.”

“I’m going to speak to him then!” Brill said rising to his feet.

He was striding in Shaun’s direction before Max got a chance to react. Shaun saw him coming and quickly turned to leave.

“Oy Shaun, stop right there!”

Shaun froze in his tracks then turned nervously towards Brill. Brill’s body language was aggressive. He stomped up to the boy and loomed over him.

The others could not make out what Brill was saying, but he was moving his arms animatedly. Shaun was talking back, trying to explain himself, animated at first but becoming more and more subdued with each passing second. Then Brill planted a hand in Shaun’s chest and shoved him. Shaun staggered back a couple steps. Brill followed and grabbed the front of Shaun’s EV suit. Shaun looked into Brill’s eyes, his own eye wide with fear. Brill moved his head close to Shaun’s and spoke to the boy a little while longer. Shaun’s entire physical demeanour crumbled from fearful to terrified. He almost appeared to shrink in size as Brill spoke to him.

Then Brill released him without harming him and turned to return to the others. Shaun immediately scurried from the atrium, leaving the way he had come.


Brill returned to the table.

“Hey your eyes are glowing,” Bryan said.

“Are they?”

“Yeah, a gold colour.”

“Oh, yeah, they do that sometimes,” Brill responded without elaborating.

“What did you say to him?” Sam asked, “He looked terrified.”

“I just told him to stay the fuck away from my boyfriend.”

“That’s all?” Max asked.

“Well I might have threatened to burn his dick off with my laser vision if he ever fucked with you again.”

“You can do that?” Sam asked his eyes wide with awe.

Brill looked at him seriously for a second then he burst into a splutter of laughter.

“Sib! Of course not. I was just fucking with him!”

Max grinned widely.

“No wonder he was almost pissing himself!”

Brill grinned back.



“There was one more thing,” Max said, getting serious again. “Just before I left – fuckers made me walk up 872 floors – I saw a pad on the side. I’m sure it was Troye’s.”

Bryan frowned.

“Why would they have Troye’s pad?”

Max shrugged.

“Remember he lost it when got EV jacked?”

“Oh yeah. Are you absolutely sure?”

“I only got a quick look at it but it looked exactly like it. Who else is gonna paint flowers on their pad?”

“Yeah,” Bryan agreed frowning.



Max started to fidget in his seat.

“You okay sib?”

“I dunno, my plug feels weird. Like it’s too tight.”


Every boy who was part of the harvesting program wore a permanent anal plug so that they didn’t have to keep removing their Envirosuits to use the lavatory. Inside it opened like a petal so that faeces passed inside it. The faeces then passed through a portal and was used as fertiliser on distant planets.


“Too tight?” Sam asked. “That’s a weird one. You don’t think that creep at the harvesting station is messing with you again?”

Max shrugged.

“How could he? He can’t get to the plug, and the portal doesn’t even come out on the same planet does it?”

“Good point no, course it doesn’t.”

Max squirmed as his discomfort grew.

“How far did it go in the virtu? Maybe it’s an after effect?” Bryan offered.

“Yeah, it went all the way. Maybe you’re right, but this is weird. I mean, a couple of them had really big dicks, but this is different. No heat. Just stretching. Like the plug is growing.”


“Yeah it.. ohhhh…” he interrupted his sentence to express his growing discomfort.

“You okay?” Brill asked.

Max frowned.

“It’s stretching my asshole,” he confided with a frown.

“There’s no way it can do that Sib,” Sam said. “The plugs can’t change size.”

“Maybe it’s a weird after effect like you said? Maybe it messed with your implant?”

“Yeah, a software glitch. That would do it I guess,” Bryan said. “It would make you FEEL like the plug was bigger.”

“You wanna go see Miss Troy?”

Max looked pained.

“Maybe. If it gets worse. For now, I’m just gonna go back to our room and try to get some sleep. My legs are killing after all those stairs.”

He stood, and Brill stood with him.

“Walk you back?” Brill offered.

Max smiled.

“That would be great.”

Brill took his hand and they walked from the Atrium.

Far across the room, Stan scowled at them and put his pad away.

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