A young man awakens to find himself being assaulted in a bewildering manner.

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Elijah woke slowly at first. There was something covering his face. He swatted at it with his hand and made to roll away, assuming in his sleep-fogged state that the duvet had somehow risen up. But he couldn’t roll. The thing on his face was damping his movements. His raised hand encountered a soft surface; wet, yielding. It was alien to him.

He opened his eyes now, disturbed by the strangeness of the sensations he was feeling, and what he saw in the early dawn light launched him into an immediate panic. On top of his face was a strange, near-transparent goo, like ice but warm. It covered his face completely although he could still see and breath.

His eyes opened wider, horrified by what he was witnessing. Beyond the goo on his face, he could see that it was part of a larger mass that extended above him, sticking to the ceiling of his bedroom in thick strands. Elijah was bewildered. His brain tried to make sense of it. Had there been an accident? A prank? He quickly dismissed both. The scale of the gloop, and the fact it was in his bedroom made it exceedingly unlikely to be a prank, and who the hell would be in his house pranking him like this during the night anyway? As for an accident, what substance could even produce such a phenomenon? Certainly nothing he was aware of.

Then something happened that heightened Elijah’s apprehension still further. The goo moved. Part of it flowed slowly down his bare chest, wrapping around his torso as it went. Elijah twisted his body and the goo allowed him a little movement, moving with him.

Elijah screamed, terrified now. It was instinctive, but the fact that there was no response from anyone else in the house only added to his fear.

A large trunk of goo extended down from the mass on the ceiling, pressing against the teenager’s face and spreading like a hand. Elijah tried to push it away but as he touched it, it softened and his hand passed through it as though it. As soon as his fingers passed it changed back from the consistency of elementary school craft glue to something firmer, like soft rubber.

To his dismay, Elijah felt himself being lifted from his bed by the mass surrounding his torso. He felt like he was being plucked up in the hand of a giant. His back arched backwards and his legs drooped down under their own weight at the other end. He twisted and squirmed, desperate to break free.

A further tendril lowered from the ceiling mass, this time lower down his body. It was as thick as his wrist. It touched his lower abdomen then moved lower still, oozing its wet way into the fly of his pajama bottoms. Elijah felt its wetness touch his dick with shock. He thrashed his legs and redoubled his efforts to escape but the tendril implacably flowed around his thick two-inch meat and his high-riding, near spherical scrotum like a snake swallowing its prey whole.

He reached down with both hands to pull it from his privates, but again, his hands passed through the goo until he was cupping his own genitals.

This time, rather than simply reforming, the goo divided, flowed and solidified around his wrists before moving away to each side, pulling his arms into a crucifix position.

The goo around his penis reformed, soft as the sweetest pussy Elijah had ever fucked and just as warm.

He felt more goo tentacles oozing up inside the legs of his pajama bottoms, and then with a slow rippling moment like the gentle but muscular peristalsis that worked food along his intestines, his trousers were slowly shucked off until they were left hanging from a mass of goo two feet from his foot.

Elijah was high in the air now, five feet above his bed. The goo at his legs gradually enfolded them, and he couldn’t help but think of the way that Venom in the Spiderman movies encased its victims before transforming them.

Suddenly he remembered something. His younger brother asleep in the bed beside him! Elijah squirmed a half turn in the air, and there before him, Freddie was also suspended. His eyes were wide, and he was fully encased in in the goo, wearing it like a like second skin, attaching him to the walls and ceiling as a caterpillar attaches its cocoon to the underside of a leaf. Or a spider attaches its prey to its web! It was an unsettling thought that Elijah quickly pushed from his mind, although their shared predicament was unmistakably similar.

The boy stared at him with pleading eyes, but there was nothing Elijah could do to help.

Elijah noticed that his brother had an erection. A very hard erection. His circumcision scar was more than half way down his stiff meat finger and his balls were high. Elijah had never seen his brother hard, but it was clear that he was extremely aroused. Elijah was particularly bewildered to see that his brother’s scrotum pulsated and moved.

Freddie gave a soft whimper and his eyes closed gently for fifteen seconds, giving him a beatific, almost angelic expression as though the kid was praying.

Elijah correctly surmised that his brother had just experienced an orgasm. In fact it was Freddie’s seventh orgasm since the blob creature had taken him. Elijah noted that nothing came out of Freddie’s dick.

Elijah felt the goo around his own his own dick moving, massaging him. It was wrong, alien. Under other circumstances Elijah would have enjoyed the feeling on his dick, if he was in control, or at least with a girl he trusted. But this was different. This felt like rape.

The goo pulled his legs slowly but firmly apart, exposing Elijah’s groin, making him feel even more vulnerable. And still he felt it flowing over his body. Sometimes it was as insubstantial as water, and others it was firmer like latex.

He felt the goo flowing between the cheeks of his bottom. It was disgusting. Once on vacation when he was thirteen, Elijah had contracted a bad case of food poisoning, and he had lost control of his bowels and defecated himself, embarrassingly squirting diarrhoea between the cheeks of his bottom. This felt exactly the same as the sloppy goo oozed between his cheeks. Then the similarity felt even stronger as he felt it slip effortlessly up past his sphincter and into his rectum.

Moments after it penetrated him, it started to solidify, turning now into its latex-like form. For the first time in his life, Elijah discovered what it felt like to be penetrated, and it was not an experience he enjoyed. At least not on an emotional level. His body on the other hand, responded quickly as the tendril in his ass squirmed and the tip teased his prostate. To his dismay, Elijah felt his dick quickly stiffening, and as it did so he felt the goo that surrounded it hungrily started working it over, massaging its whole length, but paying particular attention to its enlarged glans. It moved across the surface, simultaneously touching every part of the shiny purple dome, arousing him as he’d never been aroused before. He’d never before considered the rear rim of his glans before, but now the goo was brushing it, one moment softly flowing over it, then hardening and tweaking the flared rim like the fingers of a harpist playing a scale.

Elijah squirmed and twisted, his body responding involuntarily to the pleasure in his hole and his cock. A low moan escaped his mouth and he understood now, the whimper that had emerged from his brother’s mouth. It was ecstasy not fear!

Elijah only been ensnared for two minutes, and the goo had been touching his cock for just 45 seconds when he felt himself cumming. It was a powerful orgasm. Had he been standing, it would certainly have turned his legs to jelly. His moan rose to a repeated, panting groan as his sperm was stolen from him. It was squirted into a hollow that the blob creature had left for the purpose, splattering and filling the small void with a dessert-spoon of teen jizz. Elijah momentarily saw stars behind his eyes and the room faded out as his body’s orgasmic response overwhelmed his senses.

As he started to come down from the momentous ejaculation, he felt something new. A tendril, more liquid than solid was flowing back up his urethra and into his penis. It was not uncomfortable, but it was certainly strange-feeling. The semi-viscous liquid was warm but cooler than the flesh of his penis. He felt it slowly working its way inside him, then to his immense surprise, it branched out to each side and worked its way along his vas deferens, towards each testicle. From there it worked its way along the tightly curled tubes of his epididymis, the tightly coiled tubules leading to the meat of the testicles proper, and once past the that, the fluid worked its way into the seminiferous tubules that comprised the sperm-producing part of each egg. Elijah could feel every millimetre of the cool goo’s progress. It felt like he was being prepared for a testicular enema.

It was a unique experience that made Elijah open his eyes wide as much in amazement as in nervous anticipation. With his testicles filled from the inside, the goo once again hardened slightly.

The tiny rubbery tubes inside the very core of his sensitive orbs started to move and undulate, moving his nuts inside his bag like two cherries bobbing on an ocean. Then a new sub-harmonic was added to the larger movement; a vibration that increased his sperm production.

A different type of fluid started to ooze from the surface of the tiny rubbery tubes that now filled his testicles, and it had an immediate effect. The fluid was an incredibly potent bio-chemical that raised Elijah’s arousal a hundred-fold, whilst also feeding them concentrated nourishment that would increase their sperm production capacity to almost limitless levels. The only restriction would be the rate at which the sperm could be transported away from his testicles.

A glow of ecstasy emanated from his testicles spreading outwards. It felt now, as though his bag was as bloated as his glans.

New tentacles attached themselves to his nipples. Elijah had never even considered the erotic potential of HIS nipples. His teenage sexual interactions were still clumsy and unsophisticated. To him, nipples were a part of his female sexual partners’ anatomy, designed for him to play with. But now, as tiny rubbery mouths suckled on his stiffened nipples, he discovered that his offered just as much erotic pleasure.

A final thin tube snaked its way down his throat to his stomach. Although he could not feel it, when it arrived at his stomach, it started a slow drip feed that would ensure that he never again wanted for water or food.

His brother’s whimpering took on a more strident tone, and his eyes closed once more, the lids fluttering lightly. Elijah wondered if Freddy had ever experienced an orgasm before today.

Elijah’s penis strained, curved upwards towards his stomach with the hardness that only a young man or a drug-assisted porn star could ever hope for.

He felt the tentacle in his rectum pulsing as larger rings of rubbery goo rippled along it, and the tip slowly turned and twisted on his prostate in a way that no tongue could ever manage. The teenager opened his mouth wide as though screaming but it was not anguish that his body articulated. He slowly arched his back and strained the muscles of his limbs and stomach, moving with the treacly slowness of a boy swimming languidly in a warm tropical ocean.

Elijah wondered about his parents down the hall. Why had his father not come running when he screamed a few minutes ago? The answer would have terrified him. In their bedroom, his naked parents were both similarly incapacitated. His father was about to experience his fourth orgasm, whilst his mother hung beside him, in an identical state of ecstasy, as the goo fucked her and tantalised both of them with an expertise that no human could ever manage.

Elijah felt another orgasm rising. It felt even stronger than the previous one. He wasn’t even sure that he could endure a more powerful orgasm, but this was the last one he would ever experience. His balls clenched, he felt the surging rush, his eyes rolled back in his head as though trying to see his fringe, and he lost his mind. His orgasm went on and on and on. He could barely think. When would it end?

But it never did. The goo creature that had captured him perfectly calibrated its actions to ensure that its victims experienced constant orgasms, feeding it the sperm and neural energy that it fed upon.

1 hour earlier

The Colony coalesced back into the primary dimension. It hung in space like wisps of star-forming gas surrounding a blue green planet. The cloud was immediately detected by the planet’s space agencies, but there was nothing they could do to prevent it as it condensed onto the land like spider webs in an ancient tomb.

Within 30 minutes, every land mammal on Earth was captured. Kangaroos, wolves, bears, tigers, mice – everything from the smallest to the largest. If it had testes or a womb, it was captured by The Colony, and humans were definitely no exception.

In bedrooms and living rooms, out on the street, in subway stations and at schools and factories, almost 8 billion people from new-borns right up to the very oldest ceased to have independent lives, and instead fuelled The Colony with the neural waves of their endless orgasms.


Elijah could barely think any more. The tubules in his testicles slowly expanded, enlarging his nuts considerably. His entire existence was just one continuous orgasm, too powerful and pleasurable to ignore. The goo creature fed him and kept him alive.

He could see his little brother. The boy’s balls had grown significantly and his penis looked thick, dark brown, man-sized over the months, (or was it years?) that they had hung suspended. Elijah briefly how much the kid could squirt now. It didn’t matter. Their sperm was absorbed directly from their testicles, and like their parents, they were simply orgasm machines feeding the lifeform that had ensnared them.


The last of the mammals on Earth finally died of heart failure with a smile on his face 124 years after The Colony arrived. The Colony returned to its plasma state then dematerialised back to the void dimension where it would drift for millions more years before another inhabited planet drew it back into the primary dimension…


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    This was hot!

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    How to lose your mind blissfully.

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