A  young man performs a medical procedure on himself

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“Are you sure about this?”


“Absolutely sure?”

“YES! Get on with it!”

“Last chance.”

Dom moved the scalpel close to the skin.

“DO IT!”

Then as an afterthought, Mitch added, “Just be careful not to cut my dick off.”

Dom looked down at his friend’s groin. Mitch had placed a small empty Airfix paint can over his glans completely encasing it, then he pulled his foreskin tightly over the can, in turn encasing the can. There was a small raised ridge visible where the top of the can was crimped for the lid to go. The raised area was at the base of Mitch’s glans. Dom placed the tip of the scalpel above the seam.

“Here we go.”

He pressed the scalpel into Mitch’s skin and his friend tensed his stomach.

Then Dom drew the scalpel in a smooth line, pressing against the metal can. In a single stroke, half of Mitch’s foreskin separated from his penis, pulling away like warm toffee stretching.

Dom paused his stroke, and repositioned himself so that he could finish the procedure in just one more stroke. He looked at his friend’s face. Mitch was grimacing through clenched teeth. They’d liberally dabbed his dick with whiskey from Mitch’s dad’s cabinet to anaesthetise the wound, and apparently as it evaporated, it helped with the pain, but Dom could see that it still hurt.

He drew the knife around the can and as it reached its starting point, Dom’s foreskin came away in his fingers and his dick flopped free. The small can fell off his glans to the barn floor and what tiny bit remained of his foreskin pinged back down the shaft of his penis.

Dom put the scalpel down and picked up a small cup of whiskey, then dipped a piece of toilet tissue in it, before dabbing at his friend’s blood-smeared glans and shaft. Mitch groaned as the alcohol touched the fresh cut, but he allowed his friend to clean the blood away.

When it was done, he looked down at his newly circumcised cock. The small soft glans flopped atop the shaft. A neat ring of red that would hopefully heal just as tidy encircled it a centimetre behind the rim of the glans.

Mitch made a necklace for it out of a sheet of kitchen towel folded many times then wrapped it around the shaft so that the towel absorbed any remaining blood.

“What if your parents find out?” Dom asked.

“How will they find out? It’s not like they ever see me naked.”

“But what if?”

“Then I’ll tell them the truth. That I did it because they wouldn’t. It’s their fault.”

Mitch looked down at the foreskin he had dropped on the dirt and smiled.

“Now I’m just like everyone else.”

He ground the redundant skin beneath his toe with contempt until it was unrecognisable, then he carefully pulled up his briefs and shorts and left the barn.


    • lone_jacker-
    • 11th August 2018 at 3:23 pm-
    • Reply

    Yes, love it. Would love to see you do more circumcision stories.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. It’s not my usual thing, but for some reason this just appealed to me.

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