Four young men undergo an erotic frat initiation.

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Ricky looked down at the sheet of paper in front of him. This was, if not his final chance to back out, his penultimate opportunity. He reread the simplified summary at the bottom of the paper one more time.

“I your name willingly participate in the initiation rituals of the Gamma Alpha Iota fraternity on this day enter date. I understand that I will not be physically harmed in any way, but that the initiation ritual may include elements of physical discomfort, endurance, and emotional stress.

I understand that once the initiation has commenced, it will continue to its conclusion unless my safety is in any way at risk.

I agree that I will NEVER reveal to ANYONE anything about the methods utilised during the initiation unless compelled to do so by the police or by a court order.

I further agree not to hold Gamma Alpha Iota nor any of its members legally responsible for anything that happens during my initiation.

Your name……………………………………….. Please sign here……………………………………………………………”

Ricky filled in the missing details, took a deep breath then signed on the dotted line. He looked up to find the other three pledges had already signed and were standing, looking as nervous as he felt.  They stood in the large living room that represented the central social area in the frat house. Surrounding them, eight Pledge Masters stood, all smiles. Their smiles looked to Ricky like the expressions of a pack of wolves surrounding a lamb. He swallowed deeply.


Pledge Master Johnson spoke.

“Good. Many pledge, but few have the courage to get this far. Seven others have dropped out. You already know that Gamma Alpha Iota is the best fraternity on campus, but you have to earn the right to join us. Today we will discover if you are the right stuff for our fraternity.”

Johnson turned to one of the other men surrounding the pledges and nodded.

“Alright maggots,” the second man shouted, “strip.”

Ricky and the other three pledges were all 18 years old. Just five weeks into their college lives. He’d have been happy enough simply living in the general dorm but his 25 year old brother Duong had told him that at all costs he must pledge for Gamma Alpha Iota fraternity, so here he was, more to please the older brother he worshipped, than out of any sense of personal desire.

Ricky undressed down to his briefs then stopped. He looked at the others. They too had paused when they reached their underwear.

“All the way down worms!”

Ricky was not surprised. Humiliation was a part of many initiation rituals, but he wished nudity was not a component. As the son of a Vietnamese immigrant, he had the diminutive genitals of many Asians. Still, it was too late now. He pushed his briefs down to the floor and brazened it out. He knew that if he showed any embarrassment it would only give the Pledge Masters more to use against him. He glanced at the other pledges. He knew better than to look directly at their nudity but he allowed his vision to pass by their groins on the way to their faces. Two of them seemed fairly ordinary for Americans; three or four inches soft. But the third guy, Mark, had a good six inches flaccid. Mark stood with his hands on his hips. Although he was nervous, he also had the cocky confidence of a guy who has nothing to hide.

Johnson said, “Get the benches out.”

The other young men in his team immediately sprang to life, pulling out four weight training benches that were standing at the edge of the room.

He threw a bundle of straps on the floor at the feet of the pledges.

“While you’re waiting, put those on.”

One of the other pledges reached down and rummaged through the straps, extracting a single unit from the pile. It consisted of two loops of leather, each about the size of a dog collar. They were connected by a six-inch leather covered metal rod attached to a small metal ring at each end. On the outside of each loop were two much smaller loops, less than the width of a wrist. The pledge looked at it, then back at Johnson bewildered.

He explained.

“The big leather straps go around your thighs, as high as you can get them. Do them up firmly.”

The pledge did as he was told, placing the first strap as high up his thigh as he could put it before doing up the buckle on the outside. The inside of the leather loop was up against the crack between his legs. He flopped his penis and testicles forwards out of the way and attached the second buckle to his other thigh. Once it was attached, it held his legs slightly apart.

“What about these?” the slim red head asked, indicating the remaining loops on the outside of his thighs.

“You can leave those.”

Ricky and the other two pledges watched with interest, and as the first pledge secured the second buckle, they copied his actions.

By the time all four naked pledges wore their leather straps, the Pledge Masters had carried the four weight lifting benches over. The benches were made of enamelled iron with padded vinyl tops, four feet long and each stood a little more than knee high off the floor. At one end the square metal support legs rose four feet off the floor with a stand at the top for supporting a weight bar. The Pledge Masters arranged the four benches in a cross with the head ends facing inwards.


“Kneel at the rear of the benches,” Johnson commanded.

The pledges approached a bench each, walking awkwardly with their thighs held apart. Ricky tried to kneel but he felt as though he was going to fall over so he leant forwards and supported himself on the padded rear of the bench before bending his legs and carefully lowering himself to the ground.

When all four pledges knelt at the rear of a bench Johnson said, “Good, now lean forwards and lay on the bench stomach down with your arms hanging down to the floor.”

The boys each complied. Ricky’s head rested on the bench between the front uprights. Two Pledge Masters approached and wrapped leather straps around his wrists, securing them to the bottom of the uprights. Then the older boys moved to his rear and secured the small outer straps around his thighs to the end legs of the bench. Ricky could see the other three being similarly secured, but being one of a group of victims provided no moral support and did little to quell his rising apprehension.


Judging by their position, Ricky surmised that they were going to be subjected to some sort of ritual beating or spanking. His father had spanked both he and his older brother on occasion and it was a very effective tool in modifying their behaviour.

A different Pledge Master returned to his head. Ricky was straining to hold his head up so that he could see what was happening. The boy approached from behind. He tapped Ricky between the shoulder blades so that Ricky knew he was being addressed.

“Open your mouth wide.”

“Why?” Ricky asked.

“Don’t ask stupid questions animal, just do it.”

The Pledge Master’s retort was accompanied with an open-handed thump between the shoulder blades; not hard enough to hurt, but enough to express his unwillingness to tolerate disobedience.

Ricky opened his mouth.


Ricky opened his mouth as wide as he could. Memories of being at the dentists rushed into his mind. He had always been a compliant kid, eager to appease any authority figure.

A mask was wrapped around his head. Two short, smooth curved steel plates like an oral speculum passed over his teeth, preventing him from closing his mouth or biting, holding his jaws wide apart. Then he felt the Pledge Master securing the oral spreader in place using straps behind his head.

Two Pledge Masters appeared in front of him. Each was holding a short piece of cord, and attached to one end was a small hook with a smooth end. The Pledge Masters placed a hook up into each nostril, holding them in place whilst the other ends of the cord were looped over the barbell supports at the top of the front weight bench legs. Coordinating their movements so that Ricky’s head was lifted evenly, they pulled on the cords, forcing the Vietnamese boy to lift his head and arch back. His strapped arms prevented him from simply rising to a more comfortable position.

When Ricky’s head was raised as far as he could lift it, the two cords were tied off, holding him in place. One of the pledges knelt before him and looked into Ricky’s face.

“You okay there little piggy?” he asked with a grin, referring to the way that the hooks pulled Ricky’s nostrils upwards, giving his nose a snout-like appearance.

The grinning boy slapped Ricky’s cheek very softly in a no unfriendly “capeesh” gesture.


To his dismay, Ricky felt a hand between his legs. It grabbed his flaccid genitals and pulled them backwards past the leather coated rod that was pulled up high. Suddenly the purpose of the rod became clear to Ricky – it was to hold his junk backwards on better display to anyone standing behind him.

Ricky could see the other pledges being similarly manhandled. Mark, the boy with the big dick grunted as his large dick and low-hanging balls were forced back past the rod. Ricky could see the irritation on his face, but the other two looked as unsettled by their self-imposed predicament as Ricky was.


The Pledge Masters walked to the side of the room, passing behind a Japanese paper room divider. When he first arrived, Ricky had wondered at the presence of such an incongruous yet aesthetically appealing piece of décor. As the Pledge Masters emerged from behind the panels, they were carrying four pieces of equipment, one to a pair. Ricky could only turn his eyes to see, but judging by the reaction of Mark and the pledge opposite him, he was not going to like it.

Soon enough he discovered what had agitated them. The Pledge Masters walked to the middle of the cross of benches and placed their equipment on the floor. Each machine held a remarkably lifelike human penis dildo on the end of a mechanical arm. It was instantly apparent, looking at the cogs and pistons that each dildo was attached to, that they were mechanical fucking machines.

One of the machines was placed in from of Ricky, then eased into place. He was unsettled to notice that not only did the dildo also have realistic low-hanging testicles attached, but they even swayed freely as the machine was moved.

One of the boys sprayed the head with something, then lowered its height until it was level with Ricky’s mouth, then two of them pushed the machine forwards until three inches of the dildo was inside Ricky’s mouth. The rubber glans had a mildly antiseptic taste.

The dildo was already extended at the outer limits of its forwards stroke on its arm, but one of the Pledge Masters hand turned a cog to test and calibrate the dildo’s range of motion. Three inches in, two inches out, never quite clearing Ricky’s captive head. He looked at the other pledges. Each wore expressions of disdain similar to his own.


When each of the dildo pistons was positioned and calibrated, power cables were attached to each of them, connecting to a power block at the edge of the room.


The Pledge Masters disappeared behind the panels a second time, and yet again, they returned with fucking machines. Ricky couldn’t see them at first but the squeal of dismay from the pledge to his left and the growl of disgust from Mark told him that whatever they were seeing was not going to be to his liking.

The machines were positioned behind the boys, leaving them in no doubt where the five-inch dildos were intended for. The heads were lubed and very slowly they were pushed against the pledges’ assholes. Ricky clenched his hole.

“They’re going in whether you like it or not, but it’ll go easier if you relax your assholes,” Pledge Master Johnson told them.

It was obvious to Ricky that he was not the only one fighting against the anal intrusion. He forced himself to relax, and he felt the dildo continuing to press against his hole.

Ricky felt the dildo at his rear slide past his sphincter. It was pushed just two inches inside then the machine was locked off. Ricky hoped that that was as deep as it was going to go. He could feel the boy behind calibrating its range of motion and his hope seemed to be confirmed by the fact that the dildo was not pushed any deeper.

Next to him, Mark, the tough guy with the big dick was snarling, furious at the humiliation. His expression was stormy, and he struggled but there was nothing he could do. Ricky knew him from their home town. The kid was a muscular jock; a quarterback on the high school second team; not good enough for a scholarship, but certainly at the top end of the masculinity spectrum where they had come from. Ricky wondered if he was still struggling against the dildo.

Suddenly Mark’s eyes widened as though he had been goosed, and Ricky guessed correctly that the boy’s hair-rimmed anal fortress had been breached.

Pledge Master Johnson walked to the middle of the cross where each of the boys could see him.

“Each of you has been recommended to Gamma Alpha Ioleta by an older brother. You are here because according to your brother you are in denial about your sexuality. You will doubtless make excellent frat brothers once you accept who you truly are. Being gay is not about mincing around dressed as a woman, it’s about learning to love your body and your desires as only a gay man can. Today’s initiation is the final stage. If you prove that you are virile enough and have the endurance then you will enjoy your lives at Danberg College more than you can possibly imagine.”

Ricky’s mind was whirling. Huong thought he was gay? How had he figured it out? Ricky glanced at Mark and the boy was scowling, his facing blazing purple at what he had just been told. He growled and struggled. The other two boys looked no happier.


Johnson nodded to the waiting Pledge Masters, and four of them collected a circular black glazed ceramic platter, each large enough to hold a Thanksgiving Day turkey. The platters were placed on the ground between each of the pledge’s legs.

“If you are wise, you’ll surrender and enjoy this initiation. The evidence will be clear for us all to see, and there will be a special prize for the one who squirts the most.”

It was clear to Ricky from the positioning of the plates that they were there to collect their cum. The idea of jizzing in front of other people was deeply distasteful to him, but it was nothing compared to the idea of being publicly spit-roasted.


Johnson nodded and the first power bank was turned on, activating the oral fucking machines. Each started pumping in and out of a pledge’s mouth at a steady one thrust per second. Slow enough for the pledges to feel every detail of the dildos in their mouths. Ricky could feel the latex glans on his tongue. It was warm and felt exactly how he would have imagined an actual penis to feel. In spite of his situation, it was a strangely gratifying sensation. The glans was smooth, warm, slick, and firm but not hard.

Johnson nodded again and the second power bank was turned on. Any expectations the pledges had that the anal dildos would move as sedately as the oral ones was instantly dispelled. The anal dildos were not primed to simulated human fucking, instead there was a jackhammer rhythm, moving the dildos at twenty cycles per second; far too fast to discern individual thrusts. Instead, the boys felt a vibrating wave of pleasure emanating from his hole that each had never imagined before.

Ricky heard Mark let out a long shuddering groan, but it was impossible to tell if it was a groan of disgust or a moan of pleasure. Within a few seconds, all four of them were moaning. It was neither pleasure nor disgust, but the trembling whimpers of trapped animals as their bodies were expertly stimulated for the first time in each of their lives. But soon the raw emotions of boys surprised at how their bodies could be played transmogrified into moans of pleasure.

To his shock, Ricky felt his penis rapidly hardening. The bar against the top of his cock served as a cock ring pressing against the main penile vein, ensuring that he achieved and maintained maximum rigidity. But Ricky was barely aware of his prick against the background vibration of his hole being lightly reamed. The dildo seemed to have a lateral motion as well as a thrusting one. He could feel his virgin sphincter wobbling in every direction.

Ricky looked across at the boy opposite. The boy’s eyes were half closed as though he was struggling to stay awake. He seemed unaware that Ricky was staring at him. Suddenly Ricky’s attention was drawn by movement below to the platter. Seven large splatters of thick creamy boy juice hit the black ceramic and splashed outwards. They’d only been reamed for 45 seconds! Ricky was certain that if it was not for the noise of the dildos, the boy’s jizz hit the plate hard enough to make an audible splattering sound

The boy’s eyes closed completely for ten seconds then when he opened them he looked straight at Ricky’s face. He was ginger haired; not the gentle auburn of autumn leaves but the deep, rust  red of the Vikings. He was also very pale skinned, covered in freckles that matched his hair colour, but now his face blazed scarlet, ashamed that he had cum so early and so hard. Ricky stared at the boy’s face, holding the embarrassed kid’s gaze, refusing to release him and look elsewhere. Ricky knew he was witnessing his own future fate. He would not be able to resist the relentless, high octane vibration in his asshole. And all the while, the boy was forced to suck on the dildo in his mouth as though it was an adult pacifier. Although he would not admit it, in the boy’s mind, it was the cock of his best friend – much larger than life but it was something he had fantasised about doing for three years.


Eventually Ricky shifted his gaze to his right. He could see Mark’s dick protruding beneath him like a horse’s cock dangling down. It was rigid, almost nine inches long, veined, but surprisingly pale and youthful-looking, with a head much wider than its shaft. It was drooling constant precum. Ricky glanced at Mark’s face. He was staring stoically into space a foot above the head of the boy opposite him. Suddenly he whimpered loudly, the sound of a boy whose best efforts have been defeated. Ricky glanced back along the boy’s body and he came even harder that the red head opposite, spraying the plate like a horse pissing. His expression crumbled and his eyes closed. Ricky couldn’t tell if it was pleasure or dismay at his weakness.

When he eventually stopped cumming, Mark blinked and looked side to side to see if either of the boys beside him had witnessed his ejaculation. When he saw Ricky watching, his face flushed brightly and he looked away quickly, blinking with humiliation.

He was used to life as an alpha, and now here he was on his hands and knees being milked like a cow. Worse still, his body had responded to its reaming with gusto. He couldn’t see how much he’d cum, but he felt it leaving him, gusher after enthusiastic gusher. The other pledges had better keep this to themselves or…

A sharp slap on his butt reminded Mark that the other pledges were not the only ones capable of revealing to the world how hard he’d cum whilst being ass-fucked.

“Yeah that’s the way stud. Knew you were a fag at heart the first second we saw you. Your brother was right.”

Mark didn’t know which of the Pledge Masters was speaking to them. He only knew Pledge Master Johnson by voice and it wasn’t him.

Now the hand that had given him a sharp but friendly slap was gripping his left buttock, digging the fingers in and giving it a firm wobble. Another hand gripped his right buttock, spreading them apart roughly.

“I think we’re all going to be getting to know these cheeks a lot more in the future.”

To Mark’s dismay, he saw a boy of about 19 standing to the side of the boy opposite. He was holding a phone and filming Mark’s glowing face. The boy gradually walked closer, moving to the side and crouching ever lower until he was out of sight and it was obvious that he was moving in for a close-up of Mark’s flank.

“That’s a fucking impressive load!” he informed Mark.

Mark took no pride in the accomplishment. He knew he was virile, but having his spunk extracted like a bull surrendering its sperm to an electro-ejaculator brought him no pleasure.


Ricky watched the young Pledge Master filming Mark. The idea that they would be humiliated or tested came as no surprise but it had not occurred to him that their humiliation might be recorded. Ricky knew better than to allow nude videos of himself to get out in public.  There was one boy who lived in another state – a nice safe distance, with whom Ricky flirted, talked dirty, even jacked off together, but he never showed his dick. Now, here he was in the most compromising position of his life and his tormentors were free not only to film his trial in great detail, but to do whatever they liked with the video afterwards.


But in spite of that, there was something very erotic about seeing Mark cum so hard. They were barely aware of each other back in high school. Ricky was more the video gaming, academic type, and Mark was dedicated to football. Seeing the masculine hunk, with his athletic physique and his virile demeanour giving up his seed like a horny dog triggered a fantasy that Ricky didn’t even realise he had, and from this day forwards he would always get a boner at the thought of well-muscled guy being milked against his will.

Ricky looked down at the platter between Mark’s thighs and it was splattered with large puddles of creamy white. Ricky had never produced that much in his life. It looked like the product of a dozen orgasms.

Suddenly, with no warning, Ricky felt himself ejaculating powerfully. His hard cock was bent straight down towards the platter, held in place by the small leather rod. The anal vibration was almost all-consuming, but he could feel his tight nuts, and the pulsing at the base of his bent cock.

From behind, one of the Pledge Masters zoomed in on Ricky’s four-and-a-half-inch tool. It was dark golden tanned, with much darker smoky brown smears along his raphe and his the rear of his nut sack. He was circumcised, but the skin was not cut back as brutally as many American boys. The deep pink glistening head formed a distinct arrow shape pointing at the ground, with wrinkles of skin beneath the V shape accentuating its form. The two hemispheres of his cock curved neatly to meet in the middle, with a tight fraenulum bisecting his cock from the rear.

His small nuts were tight, riding high in his bag, so close to his body that they looked like small grapes bulging on either side of the root of his meat.

He felt a finger running along one of the three deep wrinkles that ran across his bag from left to right.

“If you were any hornier you’d be wearing those nuts as earrings!” one of the Pledge Masters commented.

Ricky felt a light finger sliding over the rear of his glans on the right-hand side. The finger slid easily, and it was clear to Ricky that it was being lubricated by his precum. He could feel the roughness of the Pledge Master’s finger prints. In the immediate aftermath of his orgasm, the sensation was enough to send shivers of mild discomfort to his balls. He let out a trembling whimper.

“Sensitive?” the voice behind him enquired.

The rough finger brushed up and down moving across the arc of the right hemisphere towards the centre. Ricky grunted and whined at the discomfort. The finger moved to the middle. Now it was brushing the inner curve of both the left and right sides of Ricky’s glans.

“You’re really hard. You must be feeling fucking horny!”

“Uhhn,” Ricky moaned in squirming acknowledgement, the pitch of his voice higher and less manly than he would have liked.

He felt the finger tip move to the rear rim of his glans. It ran around a corona that was flared with lust.

“Hey Olli,” the voice behind him said, “look how sharp the edge of his helmet is.”

The finger continued moving along the edge of his glans, then it was joined by another, and each was moving back and forth with the slow curiosity of a child discovering his first erection. Ricky felt as though his penis was just a source of entertainment for the other people in the room, but their exploration was lighting his body up.

“Damn, never seen a helmet that hard. Horny fucker. That’s gonna be fun to suck.”

“Gonna?” Ricky thought. “Who the hell is going to be sucking my dick?!”

Yet the thought sent a shiver of excitement through his body.


To his left, the remaining pledge, Ramirez, a smooth cheeked Latino who looked too young to be in college suddenly started squealing and thrashing within the extremely limited confines of his restraint. Although he was incapable of speaking, it was clear from the tone of his whining that he was begging for mercy. Like the other three pledges, he was about to experience an orgasm the like of which he’d never felt before; entirely anal, and more powerful than he would have believed possible.

Ricky looked sideways at the kid. His dick was as small as Ricky’s, but a lighter shade of tan, more attractive. It was sput, sput, sputtering out a machine gun spray of small pearly bullets. Ricky had seen hundreds, maybe even thousands of boys and men ejaculating online, but he’d never witnessed one who sprayed so many fine droplets.

Ramirez thrust his pelvis forwards in rapid pumps like a young rabbit hammering into a pinned female. Each thrust was short, its travel limited to just an inch or so by the bench and the straps, but there was an aggression to his autonomous movements that left Ricky in no doubt that the kid’s body wanted to go balls deep with each stroke.

Ricky looked to the kid’s face. His eyes were wide and he was staring with disturbing intensity straight into the eyes of Mark opposite. The kid’s expression looked stunned, as though he was incredulous at being elevated to such a mind-scrambling orgasm. His head was almost motionless, held in place by the nostril hooks, but his back curved downwards towards his hips and he continued ramming his groin forwards into a non-existent mate.

It was strange to see his upper body so motionless whilst below the waist he was pounding away like a young fucking machine. He continued fucking and spurting for 30 seconds, 45, almost a minute before he finally succumbed to exhaustion, his reservoir of semen temporarily depleted. He collapsed onto the bench, dripping with sweat, his thighs still held apart, and the dildo continuing to work his hole. All eight Pledge Masters were clapping and cheering.

Like the other three pledges, Ramirez had just lost his virginity to a machine. His face was blotchy from the exertion but he didn’t wear the embarrassed expression that the red head or Mark had worn. He looked shell-shocked; amazed that his body could feel that good.

Ricky looked at the platter. It was sprayed in a wide circle with almost transparent droplets of cum, each resting like a tiny pearl, separate from the others, watery, and sprayed in a rough circle as big as a dinner plate. Although his own hard cock was still being teased by two of the pledges, Ricky couldn’t help but wish that Ramirez was fucking him with such reckless brio. Ricky had determined that he would come out and lose his virginity whilst he was at college. If Ramirez showed any signs of being gay, maybe Ricky could hook up with him, once they survived this trial.


Each of the boys had experienced the unique physical ecstasy of an anal orgasm but the initiation was not yet finished. As the Pledge Masters explored the pledge’s bodies, the machines continued working implacably on the four young men…

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