Interdimensional milking 17 – Now or never

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

In this part, following their fight with the muggers who attacked Troye, the boys find themselves in the city with more time on their hands.

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Interdimensional milking 17 – Now or never

“I dunno about you guys, but I’m hungry again,” Sam said.

“Yeah me too,” Kane agreed.

Max grinned to himself. It was cute the way the younger boy agreed with almost anything Sam said. It was clear that he idolised Max’s room-mate.

“Why don’t we go see a movie?” Troye offered. “We can eat before we go in.”

“Yeah, good idea,” Sam agreed.

“What about EV Cave?” Troye suggested.

Bryan laughed.

“Dude, we just got Max Stimmed two hours ago. You can’t be horny already?”

“Horny?” Max said.

“Dude I’m ALWAYS horny!” Troye said.

It was heartening to hear. Since he was EV jacked several months ago, Troye was NOT always horny. In fact he hadn’t even had to wear an EV suit for weeks afterwards. Prior to the incident, it’s true that he had deliberately ramped himself so that he was being milked 29 a day in an effort to ensure that he had a massive penis by the age of 21 when they no longer had to wear EV suits.

Bryan smiled.

“Great to hear it dude!”

He didn’t feel the need to point out that Troye had largely lost his sex drive since being mugged. Getting even with his attackers seemed like just the therapy he needed.

Bryan grabbed Troye around the neck, pulled his head down and noogied his friend’s skull.

“Ha, ha, ha!” Troye laughed making no effort to escape. “Back off. I gotta stay cute for the ladies!”

Bryan held onto his friend, play wrestling affectionately. Then Troye brought a hand up from behind reaching between Bryan’s legs and grabbed the front of Bryan’s EV suit where his nuts would be if they were not suspended millions of miles away in a harvesting station.

Although his nuts were safe, Bryan’s reaction was instinctual and he jumped, startled, lifting his groin away from the danger, releasing Troye as he did so.

“Ha ha, he got you good Bry!” Sam said.

Bryan grinned at Troye.

“So, are we gonna eat?” Troye asked.

He looked around to get the group’s approval. Almost everyone nodded enthusiastically. Brill gave a half-hearted nod.

Troye missed the boy’s lack of enthusiasm.


The boys walked to main and rode a snake to the other end. Snakes were used in some large urban districts. They were long maglev transportation devices that operated on similar technology as the solo Twisters the boys had ridden to the city on. They were essentially long platforms that floated up and down the street in a continuous circle moving at walking pace. On the platform were seats, and anyone could climb aboard and take a break whilst they were transported to somewhere reasonably local.

They got off the snake and walked into a side street. Just a short distance along, they came to a large building with a bright sign that read “EV Cave”. On the street opposite was a friendly looking family restaurant. The boys walked in and sat at a large table. A server took their order and they ate a light meal.

As they got up and crossed the street to the EV Cave, Brill said, “Hey guys, look I don’t think I’m gonna join you. I’m just gonna do some shopping and hook up with you later. Vone me when you’re done.”

The boys turned and looked at him.

“Oh come on sib, we’ve spent the day together, be dank to split up now,” Troye said.

“It’s cool. I’ll be okay.”

Brill glanced at Max. Sam and Max both caught the gesture. When they first arrived in Central Max and Brill had been hanging behind the group, touching hands, but then they were attacked, in a moment of irrational gay panic, Max had denied their relationship. Brill said nothing but it was clear that he was hurt but the denial.

Sam tried to make it easy for Brill.

“Hey Troye, if Brill has to get some stuff, we can pick him up on the way home.”

“Oh come on, that’s not right. What’s wr…”

Max interrupted.

“Brill, I’m really sorry what I said back there to that guy. Please come in with us. We’d… I’d really like it if you would.”

Brill looked at Max, weighing him up. Max looked genuine and contrite.

“Are you sure Max. I wouldn’t wanna go where I wasn’t wanted, or make you uncomfortable.”

“You ARE wanted Brill. I’m just not used to this… situation.”

Troye spoke up with his usual lack of subtlety.

“Oh for fuck sake Max, you’re hot for Brill. He’s green for you. What’s the fucking problem sib?!”

He shoved Max hard towards Brill and Brill caught Max before they headbutted each other. Max looked sheepish. He looked into Brill’s beautiful brown eyes.

“I guess he’s right,” Max said, finally admitting his feelings out loud.

Brill grinned at him.


He hugged Max and Max returned the hug.

“Oh no, please stop,” Troye said in a girly voice, theatrically wiping away a non-existent tear “I think I’m gonna cry!”

Bryan playfully hit his friend upside the head.

“Will you please shut the eff up Troye, you fucking simp!”

Everyone grinned and they walked into the EV Cave, Max and Brill holding hands.

Bryan walked up to the booth.

“Okay, what you wanna watch guys?”

Max looked up at the huge screen that showed the six movies that were playing. Four of them looked like they focussed on teen protagonists: “Beach party”, “Stowaway”, “Camp”, and “Invaders.” The other two featured adults and looked pretty dull.

“Beach party looks pacing,” Troye said.

“I like the look of Stowaway,” Brill said.

“I don’t know anything about them but Beach party looks cool,” Max added.

“Are you sure?” Bryan asked. “I mean, don’t you wanna watch Stowaway with Brill?”

“I’ll watch whatever everyone else wants to watch. I’m easy,” Max said.

Troyed frowned.

“You’ve never been to an EV theatre before have you Max?”

Max sensed that there was something going on that he was missing.

“No, what’s deal?”

“They’re not normal movies. They’re porn for kids. You watch them, maybe with someone you like, you make out, and you get milked a couple times.”

“Ohhh,” Max said, as a lightbulb went on.

“Yeah,” Sam added, “So you don’t really want to watch the kind of porn that doesn’t interest you, if you know what I mean. The stuff with just guys is on the green screens, the guy girl stuff is on the purple. See the triangles in the corner of the screens?”

Stowaway was on a green screen. Beach party was on a purple.

“Ahhh, I get it now.”

Max turned to Brill.

“So you wanna watch a green movie?”

It was not an invitation so much as a request for clarification. Brill raised his eyebrows.

“Well duh!”

Max grinned then laughed.

“Oh yeah. Me too then.”

“I’ll watch beach party with you guys,” Sam said, assuming that Bryan would also watch the heterosexual movie with them. “You’re coming right Kane?”

Kane looked awkward. He blushed and shrugged.

“Actually, I was hoping to watch Stowaway as well.” He hesitated. “Do you…”

Sam grinned.

“Sure I don’t mind watching that with you Kane.”

The younger boy beamed at him.

Bryan bought the tickets and they waited for the programs to start. They all lasted 30 minutes and were timed to start and end at the same time. As they waited, Max looked around the lounge area. He noticed a sign that piqued his curiosity.

“Hey Bry, what’s this about EV hire?”

“What about it?”

Max frowned.

“Well what is it?”

“Just what it says man. People can hire EV suits. Their dicks go through the portals same as ours, and they get harvested while they watch, same as us.”

“But I thought it was the chip in our head as well?”

“Yeah it is,” Sam chimed in. “They sit in special seats with transmitters on. The transmitters work more or less the same as our implants.”

“Oh wow, that’s pretty clever.”

The doors opened and the audience from the last six shows all exited into the foyer. Most looked happy and relaxed. Max was surprised to note that they were of all ages.

“Adults too?”

“Sure why not?” Sam answered.

The boys walked towards their respective movie screens.

“Enjoy the show,” Troye said with a leer.

As they passed through the doors to their theatre, Max noticed a sign above the door.

“Please keep your penis in your pants. Anyone caught masturbating or exposing himself will be reported to sec.”

The movie theatre was split into two halves left and right.

“Where you wanna sit, front or back?” Brill asked.

“Back I guess,” Max answered.

“You don’t mind if we join you do you?” Sam asked.

“Nah of course not,” Brill said.

Sam turned to the right.

“Not that side,” Brill said, steering him to the left.

“Why not?”

“Adults that side. You don’t really wanna sit with them. Some of them can be kind of creepy. They’re not allowed on our side.”

Max looked to the left. It was all teenage boys and they were all wearing EV suits. He followed Brill as he led them to the back row. Brill walked along the line of chairs until he was in the middle, then he sat and Max sat next to him. Kane sat next to Max, with Sam on the far end.

“Have you been to one of these before Kane?” Sam asked.

“Yeah. One.”

“Who did you go with?”

“Um, with Maden, you know that accelerated kid.”

“Wow, he’s pretty young. Did he enjoy it?”

“He’s only a year younger than me. He enjoyed it plenty. He’s a dirty fuck.”

“What about you? How many greens?”

“Yeah it was ok. Just one. I guess. Maybe I wasn’t really… mature enough for it then. It was the year before last.”

Kane looked bashful at the admission. Sam grinned.

“You seemed mature enough with me last month!”

Kane grinned.

“I guess my cream factory has started working since last time I came here,” he said with a cheeky grin.

“Yeah, it sure has.”

Sam leaned past him and spoke to Max.

“He squirted half way across the room!”

Max wasn’t entirely sure what the expression was that appeared on Kane’s face, but if he had to bet, it was an ambivalent mixture of embarrassment and pride.

“Hey Max, mind if I lower the arm rest?” Brill asked.

Max looked down at the arm rest then back at Brill.

“No, sure, go ahead.”

Brill pressed a button at the base of the arm rest where it joined the backrest, and the arm rest slid silently down into base. The padded top formed a narrow seat, connecting Max and Brill’s chairs together. Brill lifted his arm, inviting Max to scotch over. Max looked at the invitation then smiled and he moved in, wrapping his arm around Brill’s waist. They rested their heads together.

“Wanna cuddle?” Sam offered.

Kane nodded happily.

Sam lowered the arm rest and Kane moved close. Kane leaned his head on Sam’s shoulder and Sam rested his head on the top of Kane’s.

Then the lights dimmed and the movie began.

It was a story about two teenaged boys who had stowed away on a space freighter as it flew to a neighbouring planet. The two boys hid in the cargo bay, sneaking out only to use the food dispensers and showers. During the course of the three-month voyage, as they tried to avoid the crew, they discovered that they had feelings for each other. These grew into affection, and then shared masturbation, and finally sexual intercourse.

As porn movies go, it was remarkably well made. It spent the first 10 minutes explaining the back story, but from that point on, the story was regularly interspersed with regular sexual moments: one teen masturbating in a crewman’s shower, the other watching the first one getting changed, the two of them accessing pornography on a pad one of them had brought, and so on. The acting was excellent, which was hardly surprising as the actors were all computer generated based on some of the best teen actors in the quadrant.

Max snuggled against Brill and Brill turned and kissed him lightly on the cheek before returning to the movie. A cautious first date. They watched until the first sexual scene. Max noticed that Kane’s light turned green immediately. The boy glanced over at him as the milking program was activated. He smiled sheepishly at Max as the green light betrayed how little it took to get him excited. Then he returned his attention to the screen hugging Sam closer with just the tiniest trace of a grin on his face.

At first it seemed odd to Max that Sam would engage in masturbation with Kane when he was clearly a year or two older than the boy. But now, seeing Kane happily snuggled up against Sam’s shoulder, it seemed natural. Max couldn’t help but imagine Kane’s boner twitching in some distant warehouse as the implant in the boy’s head stimulated him.

“Yeah, he’s cute,” Brill whispered. “He’s got a nice dick too.”

Max turned to him.

“How do you always do that?”


“Say what I’m thinking.”

Brill frowned.

“Part Herschellian. Thought you knew?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll explain later. Let’s watch the movie.”

Max turned to the screen and within a couple of minutes, every light in the theatre was green, and 300 men and boys were milked for the future of the human race.

Outside in the foyer they met up with Bryan and Troye again.

“How many?” Troye immediately asked Max.

“How many what?”

“Don’t be Repbulican with me,” Troye grinned, “You know what I mean. How many greens?”

”I dunno, I wasn’t counting,” Max lied.

“I did three,” Kane interjected proudly.

“Three? Nice job my man!” Troye said offering a slap tap that Kane happily reciprocated.

“So Max, bullshit you weren’t counting. How many?”

“Four,” he said, cracking into a self-conscious grin as he looked at the floor.

“Same here,” Brill admitted.

“Three here,” Bryan added.

“Yeah me too,” Sam said. “What about you Troye?”

Troye curled his fingers into a bear paw shape and looked at his fingernails in a parody of modesty.

“Um, six.”

“Six?! Jeez dude, you’re gonna get ramped again if you don’t take it easy for the rest of the week. Even you can’t handle 30 a day. You won’t have time for anything else!”

Sam was referring to the harvesting system which was programmed to increase a boy’s daily milking frequency any time he regularly became aroused in between his scheduled milkings. It was based on a weekly average, and Troye had already deliberately ramped himself to 29 milkings per day.

Troye smiled.

“I can handle whatever they want to give me. Bring it on!”

He used an exaggerated aggressive TV wrestler voice and made a comical body building power pose, both arms held in front of him forming a near circle with his fists level with his belly button and his shoulders lifted. The pose looked particularly ridiculous on him because he was so very skinny. The others all laughed at his antics as they headed to the snake to catch a ride back to the park where they’d left their Twisters.

On the ten-minute journey Max sat next to Brill.

In a low voice he asked, “Hey Brill, you said you were part Herschellian. What does that mean?”

Brill smiled.

“One of my ancestors was a Herschellian. It kinda gives me certain abilities.”

“What kind of abilities?”

“Well, I can tell what someone is thinking for starters. I don’t usually tell anyone because it makes people really uncomfortable. I’ve lost a lot of friends over it.”

Max consider the implications.

“Yeah, I guess I can of see why. It’s scary to think that you can read my thoughts. Makes me feel kind of exposed.”

Brill smiled at him and took his hands.

“I get that Max, but really it’s just like someone who’s really good at reading body language.”

“I guess so. So what was that thing with the yellow eyes when we were in the fight, was that part of it too?”

“Oh you saw that huh? I hoped you missed it.”

“I don’t think anyone else noticed.”

“That’s good. That’s kind of the best bit. And the worst depending how you look at it. I can make people do what I tell them to. It’s not easy. I have to be really hyped up. And it gives me an evil headache afterwards. People think you can just mind control them any time but it doesn’t work like that.”

“Wait a minute, did I hear you in my head in the fight? When you warned me about that punch. Were you mind controlling me then?”

Brill laughed.

“No, not mind control. Telepathy. I just used my mind to speak directly into your brain.”

“You took a punch for me.”

“Yeah, I’m awful at fighting. I hate hurting people.”

Max’s face split into a huge grin and he kissed Brill on the cheek.

“Thanks Brill. I really appreciate it!”

They returned to the Twisters and clambered on for the short journey back to Friedrich Krupp High. Five minutes into the journey, Max felt a tongue slowly circling his glans. It licked as though it had all the time in the world. In a single afternoon, he’d already experienced a four-minute max stim orgasm and four regular ones. He wasn’t feeling remotely aroused. The tongue continued licking him, and now a hand gripped his testicles, carefully playing with them. Then anther hand started pumping his still flaccid penis.

Max looked at his indicator light. It was still red. That meant that what he was experiencing was not part of the harvesting program. He pulled on the brake and his Twister came to a rapid halt, pulling over to the side of the road.

He could still feel hands and a tongue on his genitals.

The others pulled over and Brill was first to reach him.

“What’s wrong Max?”

“There’s DEFINITELY someone playing with my junk!” Max said.

Brill looked at Max’s indicator light. It had turned green. The implant had taken over.

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