Interdimensional milking 18 – Investigation

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

Max has increasingly been getting the feeling that someone real is touching his genitals in their portal.

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Interdimensional milking 18 – Investigation

“Ah hello Max come in.”

Nurse Janeway stood up from her desk and greeted Max with a smile.

“What can I do for you today?”

“Umm, well, it’s kind of weird, but it sometimes feels like someone is, ummm, touching my privates, you know, before the light goes green.”

“Touching them? Well you know that the harvesting station automatically cleans you every day, and of course there are collection tubes in your urethra all the time. Not to mention the testicle massagers.”

“Yes I know that, but it’s not that, it’s something different.”

“Different how?”

“Well, it, err, feels like a person is touching me.”

“Oh, well that is conceivable. After all, the harvesting stations ARE monitored by humans. Perhaps the supervisor detected an issue and needed to touch you. How often has it happened?”

“I don’t know. Maybe eight, ten times. But’s it’s not like that. It’s not like a doctor touching me. It’s… well it’s sexual.”

“How do you mean sexual?”

“Well, sometimes it’s groping my balls. Sometimes it’s jacking me off. Yesterday, it felt like a tongue on my do…”

Max stopped himself from using the word “dome”. It was the crude vernacular. But he’d never used the proper word for his glans. He didn’t know what it even was.

“On the top of my penis,” he finished.

His word described the event with less precision than he felt it warranted. It failed to articulate the sensual nature of it.

Nurse Janeway smiled at him.

“It’s okay Max, you don’t have to speak politely to me. Just use whatever words come naturally to you okay?”

Max smiled gratefully.

“Thanks Miss Janeway. So anyway, it felt like someone was licking all over my dome.”

“You understand that the neural implant is designed to simulate the feeling of extremely erotic sexual stimulation don’t you Max?”

“Yes, of course. I get that. But this is different?”

“How so?”

“Well for starters, it happens BEFORE I go green. Usually, the program turns on, then I…”

He found it very uncomfortable talking bluntly about sex stuff with a middle-aged woman. Janeway waited patiently.

“Normally my light goes green then I get a boner, THEN I can feel all that stuff happening. Or if I was, you know… If I was horny, then I get a boner first, then the program turns on, then I get the feelings. It’s never the feelings first. And there’s another thing…”

Nurse Janeway was curious.

“What’s that Max?”

“It’s hard to describe. It just doesn’t feel the same. Not as sexy. Not as good. But dirtier somehow. It’s making my skin crawl. All I want to do is jump out of my EV suit.”

“Oh whatever you do, don’t do that Max!”

Max thought about Van’s punishment.

Janeway had heard of these cases before. A few dozen in the nine years she’d worked at the school. She investigated them all dutifully, but they never amounted to anything.

“You know Max, once in a very rare while, a boy gets what’s known as “portal psychosis.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s when a boy feels as though he’s being touched even though he isn’t. It’s a kind of hallucination. It sometimes happens with boys who have strong feelings against being part of the harvesting program, perhaps due to their upbringing, or for religious reasons, or simply because they’re very shy about their bodies. You were extremely reluctant to wear an EV suit weren’t you Max?”

“Well, yes, but that was only because we don’t have them on Earth and I’m kind of shy about…”

He realised he was describing exactly the kind of boy Janeway had explained was susceptible.

“No, no. It’s not that. It’s real. I’m sure of it.”

“Max, the feelings can seem extremely real.”

“No, I’m certain it’s not just my imagination! Not only that, but yesterday, we got Max Stimmed for ages and…”

He was hesitant to admit the intimate details of his time with Brill.

“And I had four greens soon after. No way I was even interested. I could feel it for a minute or two before my light went green.”

“Okay, we’ll let’s just run a status check on your neural implant on the tiny possibility that it’s doing a delayed trigger, stimulating you before it shows green.”

Max was absolutely certain that what he was feeling was not part of the program but he knew that he had to allow Nurse Janeway to go through the motions before she could be convinced.

“Okay, what do I have to do?”

“Just sit over here and I can scan your implant. It’ll just take a moment.”

Janeway indicated the chair that Max had sat in when he was first given the implant against his will. He sat in it hesitantly. She lowered the headset over his head and typed a command.

“Okay, I’ll just run a diagnostic.”

“It’ll take a minute to collate the results. In the meantime, I’ll just check the activation latency. We can check the portal cam at the same time.”

She swung a 30 inch monitor around where they could both see it. Suddenly a live feed appeared showing Max’s flaccid, baby-smooth genitals hanging through its portal on a distant world.

“No-one touching it now see?,” the nurse said.

“No, I didn’t say there was,” Max said, struggling to hide his irritation.

He felt like Nurse Janeway didn’t really believe him and she was simply humouring him.

Although Max was not circumcised, his foreskin was permanently retracted to make semen collection easier. There was a narrow tube running from his urethra to the panel his penis was sticking out of.

It was a very strange experience for Max to be looking at his own genitals in real time when they were in a totally different location to them, on an entirely different planet. Max imagined the millions of genitals hanging in columns and rows all around his. He couldn’t help but wonder what the ones immediately to each side of his looked like.

“It looks kind of pathetic,” Max said ruefully, especially disappointed that his penis was not discernibly larger than when he first arrived on Herschell Majoris.

The Nurse laughed.

“Well I don’t think the human penis evolved to impress anybody, and they’re never going to win any art prizes. They aren’t at their best soft either. I think there’s nothing wrong with yours as penises go.”

He knew she was simply trying to put him at ease, but it was unsettling to hear her making an aesthetic assessment of his genitals.

“How long since you last had a green?” she asked.

A green was her euphemism for an erection and orgasm.

“Just before I got here,” Max admitted, sheepishly.

“Well there you are then. It’s probably still recovering. I’m just going to give you another one.”

“What, already?!”

“You’re a healthy young man; I’m sure it won’t be hard for you.”

She paused, realising what she had just said.

“Ooops, poor choice of words!” she said with a smile.

She pressed a button and the light on the chest of Max’s EV suit turned from red to green.

“Well the light came on instantly.”

They both watched as Max’s penis rapidly filled with blood, until it was curving upwards, straining as though desperate to impregnate something. He felt a bizarre sense of disconnection, as though the feeling between his legs and the penis he was looking at were not the same thing. It was one of the most surreal experiences of Max’s life.

“Well, no doubt that part is working,” Janeway said. “Are you feeling the implant?”

It felt like there was a tongue teasing Max’s sphincter and another giving him an expert blowjob. He nodded and Janeway deactivated the program. The erotic sensations ceased, but his erection remained. His penis started twitching on the screen, bouncing up and down, as though begging for further attention. The narrow collection tube exaggerated the motion, swinging serpentine below.

“Very good. So far so good. While we wait for your erection to go away, I’d like you to make a note any future occasions when you feel as if someone is touching you. Write down the time and date, and what you were doing and thinking about at the time. We might be able to see if there’s a pattern.”

Max was certain that her unspoken subtext was “to see if you’re simply imagining all this, or getting horny and not realising it.”

“I’m not just making all this up you know!”

“I never said you were, but we have to rule out all possibilities before we can take things further.”

“What else can you do about it then?”

“Sometimes switching you to a different portal can fix it. In extremely rare cases, it’s possible to give you a holiday from the EV suit for a month.”

She didn’t feel it necessary to mention that counselling and even anti-psychotic drugs were also a possibility.

“Looks like your erection has gone down. Let’s just double check the implant.”

She typed a command and Max’s light turned instantly green. His erection returned within seconds.

Rather than switching him off again, she left him on green.

“May as well make sure it runs all the way.”

After a couple of minutes, Max had to struggled not to fidget in his chair. If he’d been told a year ago that he would be sitting here with the nurse desperately horny, whilst they waited for the squirts, he’d have run away to become a hermit. Now, he watched the screen, as though it could somehow predict his orgasm.

As it happened, he felt it in his balls before he saw it on the screen. He clenched his knees together and grunted, then the tube on the screen filled with white as it sucked his cum away to be processed.

Janeway waited for his orgasm to subside, before speaking.

“That all seems to be in order.”

Max was still red faced and sweating. He nodded. That was two powerful orgasms in half an hour. Sometimes it disturbed him that his body was not his own any more. Any time, the implant or a human operator, could force him to get hard and cum and there was not a thing he could do about it.

Even if he removed the EV, it would only remove his penis from the portal, it would not prevent him from experiencing the erotic feelings. He thought about Van. Van had tried to flee the reach of the harvesting program entirely by exiting its influence field. And now he was locked into a suit, with his arms and legs through portals as well, being milked 24 hours a day! The root of Max’s cock was aching from two orgasms in 30 minutes. He couldn’t imagine what Van must be suffering.

Janeway looked at a data window to the side of the portal cam on the monitor.

“The implant is working just fine. No malfunctions. Remember, keep a record on your pad any time you get these feelings. Come and see me in a month and we’ll see where we stand. If it gets too stressful in the meantime, I can give you some meds to calm you down if you like?”

“Thanks Miss Janeway,” Max said, rising from his chair.

She smiled.

“Try not to stress out over it Max. Maybe you could even learn to enjoy the feelings?”

He smiled at her wanly.

“Yeah, I’m being groped on an alien planet and there’s nothing I can do. Enjoyable.” He thought.

“Thank you ma’am.”

He walked from her office.

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