Interdimensional milking 16 – War. Games

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

Max and his friends have gone to visit Central, the nearest city, for a day out.

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Interdimensional milking 16 – War. Games

The group left the park and found themselves on a quiet street. There was a strange incongruity between the number and scale of the buildings, and how few people were actually on the street.

“Wow, it’s pretty quiet,” Max observed.

“Only ‘cause everyone’s at work,” Bryan replied. “Anyway this is the commercial district. Mostly offices.”

“People still come to work in offices?” Max asked. “Why don’t they just work from their doms?”

“A lot of people prefer to be near their companies or they like to get out of their doms for a few hours each day I guess. Also not every dom has the tech. You know, especially if they’re off-world portal shipping or doing stuff like that.”

“Oh yeah, makes sense,” Max agreed.

The boys continued walking to the end of the street, then they turned into a smaller connecting street. It was lined with bars, cram stations, and small grocery stores; the usual mixture that could be found in any large city near the business district.

“I’m gonna get something to eat,” Kane announced. “Can I get anyone else something?”

“Naw man,” Sam replied. “We can pay for our own, Save your tokes, you might need them later.”

“It’s okay, I’ve got 600.”

He was clearly trying to impress the older boys.

“Naw, we’re good,” Sam persisted.

Max smiled to himself. It was touching the way that Sam was watching out for the younger boy.

They walked up to a cram station. There were a row of stools along a covered bar. Behind the bar on the wall was a menu. Kane walked up to the bar, not sitting, and the vendor running the place approached.

“What can I get you Duke?”

Brill leaned towards Brill so that the vendor could not hear.


“He’s just being polite,” Brill replied.

Kane placed his order.

“I’ll have a green burger, high fibre, toasted bun please.”


“Ummm, steak please.”

The vendor turned and pulled a bun from a bag, and placed two halves into a toaster. They were toasted in just a few seconds. He placed the lower half of the bun onto a paper wrap then lowered a food synthesiser head over it. The head moved in a circle from inside to out, spraying the synthetic green meat, ready cooked onto the bun.

They had industrial food synthesisers at school but Max never went to the kitchens to watch them in operation. There was something mildly satisfying about watching the synthesiser creating the food in real time, reorganising the molecules from a neutral food paste stored somewhere inside.

When the synthesiser was finished, the man topped it with a wrinkle blue leaf and slices of a purple vegetable, then put the other half of the bun on the burger and wrapped it.

“3 tokens please.”

Kane waved his wrist over a glass sensing plate. It beeped, and he pressed his palm to it to confirm the transaction.

One by one, each of the other boys also placed an order, and when they were done, they walked down the street munching their food.

“So what holo we gonna play sibs?” Troye asked.

“It’s nice to see him getting into things again,” Max thought.

Brill brushed his hand and softly said, “Yeah.”

He smiled with a nod. Max looked at Brill his brow furrowed and Brill gave him a wink and a smile.

Max was rapidly coming to the conclusion that there was something weird about Brill; that the boy could read his thoughts. It was more than the sympatico of two close friends, where one would start a sentence and the other would finish it. He looked Brill in the face, scrutinising him like a policeman looking for a lie. Brill stared back, putting on a mock serious expression, allowing Max to interrogate his features. Max stared for ten seconds that seemed like far more. Then Brill couldn’t hold his serious face any longer. He spluttered into a laugh, and his brown eyes lit up. Max grinned at him. Weird or not, Brill was a beautiful guy. Max had never felt so connected to anyone.

“I dunno, Xenomorph, Zero G tag?” Bryan offered.

“Can’t play Xenomorph, Kane’s not old enough,” Sam said.

Kane shuffled, embarrassed to be reminded about the slight age gap between them.

“Sorry guys.”

“Nah, not your fault sib. Next year we can play. I’ll go with you.”

Sam wrapped an arm around Kane’s shoulder to let him know he was not an inconvenience, and Kane gave an awkward but happy smile.

“Tell you what,” Bryan said, “why don’t you choose Troye?”

Troye looked at the others to make sure they were happy with Bryan’s offer.

“Yeah good idea,” Max added nodding.

“Okay, well how about Asteroid Racer? That can be fun with a group.”

“Yeah, I’ve not played that before,” Sam said, “I wanted to try it out.”

“I’m good with whatever,” Brill added.

Kane and Max nodded their agreement.

The street opened out into a much wider one: the main shopping precinct. No vehicles were allowed. Max had been to many cities and each had its own unique flavour. Most of the ones on Earth had grown organically over decades or even centuries, and were a mixture of older, even historic architecture, and modern technology. Out here in the colonies, entire cities could be fabricated in less than a year, so everything about the design was much more consistent and modern.

Here in Central, every store and building was fronted entirely in glass, but unlike the garish Blade-Runneresque eyesore of places like Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong, with their 100 foot tall holographic animations and unregulated billboards, Central seemed much more restrained. Signage was small, adverts minimal, and the stores were not engaged in a “who can hurt your eyes the most” competition.

In contrast to the commercial district and the quiet street that served it, this one was bustling with people: tourists, day trippers, off-worlders, leets; all meandering around as they shopped and took in the sights of the city.

The boys ambled down the street towards the eastern end, where the stores thinned and were replaced instead with restaurants, theatres, and rec centres. Troye lead the group to a building with an animated sign that read “Holo-ventures”.

They went inside and Troye approached the main reception desk. A woman greeted him with a smile. He smiled back.

“Five for Asteroid Racer please.”

“Certainly, that’ll be 150 tokens. Would you like to pay individually or all at once?”

Troye turned to the group.

“Hey sibs, I’ll get this but you can cred me later okay?”

They all nodded their agreement and Troye offered his Vone for the woman to scan. He thumb-printed his approval on the desk scanner.

“Thank you. A bay should be available in about 30 minutes. You can come back – I’ll comm you when it’s ready, or you can wait around.”

Troye turned to the others to get their input.

“Go and come back or…”

“Wait,” Sam said.

“Yeah might as well stick around,” Max added.

Troye looked back at the woman.

“Thanks, we’ll wait.”

“Okay, well you can get your medical scans done now then. Save time when you’re ready to start.”

“Medical scans?” Max queried Sam.

“Yeah, it’s only 30 seconds. Just make sure you’re not gonna have a heart attack or anything while you play. Nothing to worry about.”

25 minutes later all five boys waited in one of the numerous holographic projection bays waiting for the game to begin. Each of them was wearing a one piece orange jump suit and a full face helmet with visor and headset radio.

Five sleek solo spacecraft materialised and a voice said, “Please board your vehicles.”

“Yeah, here we go sibs. Gonna leave you in the dust!”

Troye was really getting into it now.

“Nuh uh,” Kane replied, gaining confidence around the guys now. “Get ready to lose Troye. You’re gonna be crying in a minute!”

“Oh rrrreally? 5 tokes says I beat you to the moon first race!”

“You’re on!”

The others listened to the exchange over the headsets smiling. It was great to see Troye regaining his old enthusiasm.

The boys boarded the ships, each of which was just 15 feet long. Max looked down at the dashboard, it looked complicated, with lights and readouts and dials, but there were just three user controls; a steering wheel, an accelerator pedal and a brake lever. As he sat down, a safety harness swung slowly down pinning him gently to the seat, then a transparent hood lowered sealing him into the cockpit. He looked side to side at the other drivers. Brill was to one side and Kane to the other. He was excited. It was his first time in a holo.

The computer voice came through his headset.

“Racers please be ready. First one to the moon wins. Race begins in 10… 9…”

The drab metal of the warehouse disappeared and was replaced by an asteroid field. The asteroids ranged from the size of a twister, to larger than a building. They tumbled slowly, spread wide apart so that the flyers could navigate them easily.

“8… 7…”

Suddenly it felt as though Max’s craft was no longer standing on the ground, and his body felt much lighter.

“6… ”

“This feel incredible,” Max said.

“Just take it easy to start. These things are harder to control than you think.”

“Ahh taking it easy is for simps!” Troye said.


“See you at the finish line valves!” Troye shouted.

“2… 1…”

“Whooooo hooooo!”

Troyed was amped up now.


Max pushed his accelerator gently. The ship leapt forwards with alarming speed, and immediately started to drift sideways like a car in a power slide.

“Roll the handle towards you Max,” Sam said.

Max turned the handle and the ship started to bank.

“No don’t turn it, lift it,” Sam said patiently, hanging back to make sure Max got started alright.

Max pulled on the handle and discovered it was pivoted in the middle. Lateral thrusters fired at the rear of the ship countering the drift. His nose started to straighten, and he turned the handle gently back, banking like a water skiier carving a lake.

“Niiice,” Brill said to his side.

Max turned and saw him nearby and smiled at him. It made him feel so happy to be around Brill.

Brill smiled back warmly.

Troye and Kane had not started so timidly. Troye floored the accelerator.

Kane went with him. They both immediately started drifting towards each other, their trajectories converging. Force fields around each speeder engaged, bouncing the ships apart.

“See ya later losers!” Troye shouted.

Then he flew off at mach 50.



an asteroid.

He screamed. There was an explosion. He was still screaming a second later as the holo imager returned his craft to the starting line.

When he brought his screaming under control, the only sound over the headset was the raucous laughter of the other four boys.

“Oh do be careful Troye,” Kane said with fake concern.

Sam laughed. He was glad the guys were getting along with Kane. He found the kid pretty hot and he was happy that they were comfortable around him. He thought they might find it weird that he’d brought a younger kid but they seemed totally cool with it.

Max was starting to get a hang of the controls now.

“See you at the finish line Max,” Brill said, and sped off into the distance.

One hour and ten races later, the simulation ended. The score was 4 to Kane, 2 to Sam, 2 to Brill and 1 each to Bryan and Max.

“What’s up Troye,” Bryan taunted as they changed out of their jump suits, “I thought you were this great racer?”

“I am, but uh, I think they must have put a restrictor on my ship. They do that with the good drivers to give everyone else a chance.”

“Oh reeeally, ‘cause it looked to me like you spent more time crashing into asteroids than flying around them.”

“Yeah, you do know you have to steer right?” Kane added with a grin.

“I’ll steer right. I’ll steer my foot right up your butt you cheeky…”

Troye did a hopping kick towards Kane’s bottom, and Kane leapt out of the way laughing.

The boys dressed and left Holo-venture still teasing Troye whilst he took their ribbing in good humour. Then suddenly he stopped in his tracks. Sam almost walked into the back of him.

“Wazzup Troye?”

Bryan turned to his friend. All humour was gone from his face and he was looking intensely across the wide pedestrian street.

Troye didn’t answer. Sam shook his shoulder.

“Hey sib, you okay, what’s up?”

“That’s them,” Troye said, “They’re the ones that jacked me. Some of them at least.”

The others turned to follow his gaze. Across the street were six boys near a wall. They were playing with hoops, two foot circular, single wheeled gyro vehicles that you rode like a cross between inline skates and a skateboard.

“Let’s beat the shit out of them,” Bryan said, instantly angry for the way they had treated his best friend and roommate.

“How are we gonna do that?” Troye asked. “As soon as we start we’ll just get Max stimmed, and then they’re gonna steal the rest of our stuff.”

He was referring to implant in their brains that was installed as part of the harvesting program. It was also used to prevent violence. As soon as the implants detected the change of serotonin and adrenalin levels, they induced a Max Stim cycle – equivalent to a level 15 milking. The arousal level of a Max Stim was so intense that a victim could only squirm on the floor, incapacitated as he experienced orgasm after orgasm and every one of his erogenous zones were teased to their ultimate limit.

“I don’t think so. They’re hardly gonna rob us here on main with all these sec cams about,” Sam said.

“True but I don’t wanna be rolling around on the floor till the calmers get here.”

“So what do you wanna do Troye?” Sam asked.

“Let’s just comm sec. They can come deal with them.”

“Yeah, good idea,” Brill said.

At that moment, one of the teenagers in the other group looked right at them. He paused for a moment then spoke to one of his colleagues. The other boy looked right at them. A slow grin spread across his face. He said something and the remaining boys looked over. Then they picked up their hoops and walked over grinning as they came.

“Why aren’t they wearing EV suits?” Kane asked Sam.

“Dunno. Off worlders. Sovcits maybe.”

Troye turned to Bryan.

“Stay calm sib, stay calm.”

Bryan’s expression was angry and he was breathing heavily.

The other group arrived and one of them stepped forwards half a pace from the others. He looked like he was in his very late teens

“Well well, if it isn’t string dick. How ya doing kid? Thanks for the EV suit. Made us 100 tokes. The pad was nice too. Had to disable the locator, but it made me another 50.”

Troye glared at him.

“Fucking spreader,” he said with an expression like thunder. “You’re gonna pay for that.”

“Really? What are you and the girls gonna do, fall asleep for us?”

Bryan stepped up.

“If I had my way, I’d be stamping your fucking faces into the sidewalk.”

Max stepped forwards as well – two flanks, making it clear that Troye was not alone. Brill touched his dangling hand, not so much to stop him as to let him know he was there too.

The leader of the other side turned to him.

“Oh what are you and your boyfriend gonna do petal, kiss us to death?”

He glanced at Brill. Behind him his boys sniggered.

“He’s not my…”

Max stopped himself but he knew he’d already betrayed Brill. He felt a tangible wave of emotion from Brill and the boy’s hand dropped away from his own.

Max kept his eye on the other group, but he felt sickened at the way he’d denied Brill simply to save face with a thug he didn’t even know.

The other boy returned his attention to Troye.

“So come on, what you gonna about string dick.”

The insult referred to Troye’s penis, which was 10 inches long as a result of all the times he was milked each day – 27 at last count.

He moved close, nose to nose, to show how little he considered Troye a threat.


He shoved Troye’s chest, Troye staggered backwards a step but never took his eyes off the thug.

Behind the bully, his posse watched with amusement.


The guy reached out to shove Troye a second time. He never made it. Bryan moved with incredible speed for a person his size, and suddenly the other boy’s head was whipping away from a punch to the jaw that could have dropped a rectyne monopod. He fell to the floor in a graceful spiral without so much as uttering a mutter of surprise.

For a second, all nine remaining boys except Bryan were frozen in a tableau of surprise looking at the heap of the teenager who lay in an undignified heap on the floor. Then Bryan turned to the others and bellowed at them.

“Come on then? What are you fucking waiting for? Don’t you like it when the odds are even?”

Two from the other side charged forwards to take up the challenge. It was clear that one of them were related to the teenager snoozing on the cement. They dived at Bryan. He staggered back under their weight, but Troye immediately jumped in to even the numbers. Another boy stepped forwards less certainly, and Max moved forwards to intercept him. He shoved the boy, and then a voice bellowed in his head.

“Look out Max!”

He turned just in time to see a fifth boy swinging at him. Brill rushed between them, and the other boy’s punch caught Brill on the temple, knocking him to the floor. Sam suddenly entered the fray from nowhere with a flying kick that landed on the fifth boy’s chest, launching him backwards out of the altercation and eight feet across the sidewalk.

The two boys on Bryan were the eldest of the group, and in spite of Troye’s assistance, they were getting the better of the exchange. Kane jumped onto the back of one of them and caught a reverse head-butt to the face for his trouble, instantly breaking his nose. In spite of the pain, he clung on for dear life, weighing the other boy down so that he was less able to attack Bryan.

Neither Kane nor Troye were natural fighters but they were gamely trying to give Bryan a chance. Troye rushed up and punched ineffectually at the face of the boy that Kane was clinging to. The boy batted the punch away effortlessly and rewarded the effort with kick to the groin. It landed hard. Troye stared at him stone faced.

“EV suit manj. No nuts to kick.”

He returned the kick with interest. His attacker was not so fortunate and Troye’s booted foot sank deep into the boy’s nuts. A look of alarm appeared on his face, and the boy strained to remain standing. Troye kicked him again and the kid looked like he was gonna be sick, then he crumpled to his knees, then to his face. Kane fell off with an unintended forward roll, then stood up and immediately looked to see if Sam needed help, paying no heed to his own pain.

Max was tussling the fourth kid. He was not good at striking, but he’d picked up some wrestling skills. He did a double leg takedown and slammed the kid on his back, knocking the wind out of him.

“No!” Bryan bellowed and for a moment all eyes turned to him.

For a moment the problem was not obvious. Kane’s intervention had enabled him to get the better of the remaining boy, and he had staggered the kid backwards with a fierce volley of hook punches.

But now it was Bryan that looked pained. He fell to the pavement, and momentarily hunched, then he started squirming. Max realised what was happening. He felt the tingling of a Max Stim, then he too was writhing on the sidewalk as he felt his body being drowned under a surge of erotic excitement. He was breathless at the force of it, totally incapacitated, squirming on the sidewalk like a worm after a heavy rain.

Kane fell next, then Sam. The boy who had been launched out of the fight was still well out of it, as was the boy that Troye had kicked, and it would be 36 hours before the leader even regained consciousness. But Bryan’s remaining attacker was hazily staggering back to take advantage, and the fourth and sixth boys were also moving in.


It was Brill. He had clambered back to his feet.

“Stay back!”

The attackers turned to him, and the blood drained from their faces. His brown eyes were glowing, gold around the irises, like there was an explosion going on behind them.

“Back off!”

The elder boy was already battered by Bryan, but he had a fighter’s spirit. He tried to ignore the commands but he was almost paralysed. His veins felt as though they had turned to ice. He couldn’t find the resolve to move forwards. Brill shuffled sidewards, positioning himself between the remaining gang members and his friends. He crouched low, like a cat ready to spring, holding the attackers with his gaze.

They started to back off, then they looked past him to something behind. They were 15 feet away so Brill chanced a look. Four calmers were rapidly approaching.

On the floor Sam, Bryan, Troye, Max and Kane were all squirming, legs spread wide, moaning, lost in a world of ecstasy.

The first calmer to arrive looked at the remaining attackers.

“Don’t move. Sit on the floor with your hands on your head.”

Two of them complied but the one that had assaulted Bryan tried to run for it. He didn’t make it five paces before he was felled with a blast from the calmer’s neuraliser that momentarily scrambled his brain and robbed him of all ability to think consciously. Another calmer rushed over and secured the boy’s arms behind his back with autocuffs.

The other calmers cuffed all the remaining boys who were not squirming on the floor, including Brill. Then the head calmer ran a scanner over Kane. He pressed a couple of buttons and the Max Stim ceased. The man cuffed Kane, then proceeded to cancel the other three, cuffing them one at a time as well.

Max stood slowly. He had experienced a continuous four minute orgasm and he was weak as a kitten. His legs were trembling.

A sec team arrived, and between them and the calmers they escorted both groups away from the pedestrian area to a road beyond, where a transporter was waiting to take them to the sec station.

When they arrived, medics examined the boys. The unconscious leader of the gang was taken away to the adjoining hospital on a gurney. Kane and the boy that Troye had kicked were walked out, escorted by a sec officer. The remaining boys on both sides stayed at the sec station to be interviewed about the cause of the fight.

Two hours later, Bryan and his friends stood outside the sec station. Their statements were corroborated with the sec cam footage and a quick call to the school confirmed that Troye had indeed been recently EV jacked.

A sec officer came out of the hospital and Kane was with him. The boy had panda eyes, bruised from the head butt, and his nose was taped to stabilise the broken bone. The officer wished Kane well and walked into the sec station, leaving Kane to rejoin his friends. The moment the officer was out of the way, the boys cheered and moved up to welcome him back. He grinned self consciously, only too happy to be the hero as they huddled around and made a fuss of him.

“Hey Kane,” Bryan said, “Thanks for the help. But next time, put your head to the side.”

Kane looked sheepish.

“Well that’s obvious NOW. But thanks for the advice Bry.”

The guys laughed at Kane’s joke and Bryan smiled at him and mussed the kid’s hair up. Sam was particularly proud of the kid’s bravery. He walked up and draped an arm around Kane’s shoulder.

“You okay li’l sib?”

“Sure, I’m pacing. Everyone else okay?”

He looked around.

“Yeah we’re all fine thanks. Although I know at least one guy who’s gonna have nuts the size of apples for a while, huh Troye?”

Troye grinned.

“Hey, he kicked me first!”

“ Soooo,” Kane said with a glint in his eye, “What’re we doing next?”

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