Interdimensional milking 15 – City life

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

Max is slowly coming to terms with the fact that he is gay and has a powerful crush on boy called Brill.

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Interdimensional milking 15 – City life

Max was in cosmo class. It was one of his favourites. He loved learning how the universe came into existence and how all the stars and planets formed. But today he wasn’t enjoying the class, he was distracted. For starters he was green. That wasn’t unusual. Ever since the girls had ramped him, the harvester milked him nine times a day, and it didn’t always happen when he was in the mood. But this was the second time in one class.

At the start of the div the teacher was late to class. This was the only class that Max took without any of his friends, so his mind started to wander. He was thinking about Brill in swimming. Naked. Max had already been milked three times that morning, but daydreaming about Brill was enough to get him hard again. The harvester, ever thirsty for his seed, and always willing to oblige, detected his excitement and took over. His light turned green as the chip in his head started tricking his body into thinking it was being expertly stimulated.

Max had gotten past the embarrassment of everyone knowing whenever he had a boner and when he was being milked, but he wasn’t in the mood to go public today. He was still humiliated and stressed over the public broadcast of his shower masturbation session. The last thing he wanted was to show anyone that he was horny and get them thinking about it again.

He leaned forwards, folded his arms on the desk, and pretended to sleep until the session was over. It didn’t matter how stressed he felt, his body couldn’t resist the chip’s expert stimulation, and today was a particularly good one.

The computer ran a variety of programs to keep the sessions from getting boring. It was programmed with hundreds of pleasuring techniques. Sometimes it would edge a boy, taking him right to the peak of ecstasy then holding him there, other times it would do a gradual build. Sometimes the focus would be exclusively on his glans, other times it would tease multiple erogenous zones. And it was not hampered by the spatial limitations of reality.

Today, Max felt as though tongues were expertly rimming him. It was not a sexual activity that he’d even considered before he joined the harvesting program, but once he’d experienced it, it became a part of his sexual lexicon that he hoped he would experience in the real world.

At the same time, he felt as though his balls were being sucked, gently tugged in a warm mouth. And if that wasn’t enough, he felt the sensation of a hot mouth surrounding his glans, with a wet tongue licking its surface.

Max tried to resist showing any public display of his ecstasy, but he couldn’t help but squirm just the slightest bit in his chair at the sensations in his asshole.

The program was designed to control his pleasure level. This was standard; levels 1-5, but even within each level there was a considerable range, and this was on the upper level of that range. Max fought to control his breathing, just as the program controlled his ability to cum. He was destined to go through a full five minutes of pleasure, squirming in slow motion in his seat before it triggered his orgasm. And all around him, his classmates chatted, browsed their pads, or worked, oblivious to the euphoria he was feeling. All but three other boys. They were also being milked.

When the harvester finally released him, Max had to tense his stomach and his vocal chords to avoid crying out as he came. It was a powerful one. Not the desperate, grateful release of a level 10 weekly, but still at the top threshold of a normal.

As the afterglow diminished, he sat up as though rising from a quick nap. His face was flushed and sweaty. A boy a few seats away looked him directly in the face. The kid had a weird look on his face. Max tried to read the kid’s expression. The kid grinned and Max felt suddenly embarrassed. Had he groaned or made some outward sign, or was the kid thinking about the voyeur video of Max that had been anonymously sent to every single student in the school? Max looked away self conscious, and he was relieved when the teacher arrived in class a few seconds later and started the lesson.

His second milking started towards the middle of the div, just twenty minutes after the first. They weren’t supposed to occur that close together. True, the harvesters would respond to a boy’s horniness by initiating a milking cycle, but if he was not feeling aroused, then the program was not meant to activate one of the daily sessions this close to a previous one. Well, correction, in the case of a mutt like Troye, who had deliberately ramped HIMSELF up to 27 harvestings per day, he was more or less guaranteed to be milked every 30 minutes. But for Max, notwithstanding moments of occasional horniness, he would not expect to be milked much more than once every couple of hours.

Max was most certainly NOT feeling aroused. He was still in the pleasant afterglow of his earlier powerful orgasm. Without the physical activity needed to achieve an orgasm that accompanied an orgasm in the real world, either via masturbation or sex, Max experienced none of the post orgasmic exhaustion that he would sometimes otherwise have felt, but his genitals still had to go through the physical process of orgasm, and now they hung limp, pleasantly worn out, in a harvesting station on planet 1RXS1609 b.

Then Max felt something that seemed out of place. It felt like a hand lifting his flaccid dick. He was working on his pad at the time, but he stopped to concentrate on the sensation. His cock was being lifted, stroked now by a second hand. Max was perplexed. This was not the kind of program that the harvester usually ran. It was the second time that he had experienced something like this. He reached down and pulled the front of his EV suit away from his body. He could only move it a small distance, but the hand gripped him by the balls and pulled back, squeezing him gently as though warning him to just let it happen. Max felt sick, certain now that there was an actual intelligence at work, and a real person on the other end.

It felt as though someone was stroking his cock. Max did not find the sensation arousing, he found it incredibly disturbing.

Here he was, sitting in class, but thanks to portal technology, his genitals dangled in a harvesting station millions of light years away. And it felt like he was being groped.

The hand stopped stroking, and was replaced by a tongue on his glans, hot and wet, licking him with unhurried strokes. In spite of his apprehension, Max’s body started to respond, and the moment it did, the chip in his head kicked in and started to add to the arousal, simulating far more expert fellatio than the licking that had triggered the program. But underlying it all, Max couldn’t avoid the feeling that there was a real person on the other end touching him, and it was making his skin crawl.

Five minutes later, he came again, and then his genitals were left alone, unmolested. But it worried him deeply; another thing to play on his mind.

Five minutes before the period ended, Max received a vid on his pad that gave him something to look forwards to. Brill was leaning forwards and whispering, obviously in class somewhere else. The camera was pointing upwards from beneath his chin via a pad that was clearly sitting on a desk, just as Max’s was. He said, “Hey Max, we’re going to Central tomorrow. Wanna come?”

Max looked down at his pad, grinned broadly and gave a thumbs up.

“By the way Max,” Brill said, “I can see right up your nose!”

Max’s laughter was enough to attract the attention of the whole class. He sat blushing but smirking as a laughing Brill winked and hung up.

At 10.15am Max and Sam waited outside the ground floor exit of the risers for the others to join them.

“This is gonna be your first time in Central isn’t it Max?”

“Yeah. I mean, we passed through when I first came here but I didn’t get to look around.”

“Ah cool. It’s pacing. But you can blow a lot of tokes if you’re not careful. Best to lock a limit on your account so you don’t blow your whole year’s allowance.”

“Good idea. How much do you think is enough?”

“I dunno. Couple of week’s worth, maybe a month. 500 tokes tops.”

Max nodded and lifted his wrist to his mouth.

“Access currency. Spending limit. 24 hours. 500 tokens. Lock.”

A voice came from his vone.

“Identity Max Tait, lock spending limit 500 tokens, 24 hours. Please confirm.”


“Spending limit locked.”

He would not be able to exceed his limit now without an override from the bank.

The riser door dematerialised.

“Hey guys!”

It was Troye and he was starting to sound a bit more like his old self again. He was accompanied by Bryan, Brill and Kane. Max turned to greet the guys. He slap tapped Troye and low tapped Bryan, then nodded to Kane. He didn’t really know the kid, but Kane had gotten in a threesome with Sam and a girl one skin time so Max recognised him.

“Hey guys, Kane,” Sam said, reserving a personal greeting for his sometime fuck buddy.

The younger boy was playing it cool and quiet, but he smiled happy at the personal greeting. Meanwhile Max walked over to Brill and shoulder-bumped him, their cheeks close.

“Hey Brill.”

“Hey Max.”

“Oooooooh!” Troye said in a falsetto.

Max’s face reddened and he moved away from Brill.

The group walked to the Twister transit station just outside the school. Twisters were a type of low-powered vehicle that looked like a cross between a small hovercraft and a motorcycle. They had large circular bases, and used magnetic induction to float six inches above the roads. All of the roads in and around major cities had coils embedded beneath them, and a combination of solar and geo-thermal power provided virtually free transport.

Although it was morning, it was dark out. The planet’s 54 hour rotation meant that its days and nights did not match human sleep cycles. Although it was day according to everyone’s body clocks, it was night. The natives of Herschel Majoris but to Max it was still a novelty.

“I can’t get used to it still being dark in the middle of the day.”

“Oh yeah, on Earth your days match the lights and darks,” Bryan said.

“That must be weird,” Kane said, daring to involve himself in the conversation.

“Nah not really, it’s kinda nice,” Max said, suddenly homesick.

Brill moved walked over and draped his arm around Max’s neck, giving him a friendly hug.

Each member of the group swiped their vones over a Twister to register their rental. As they did so, each Twister lit up and rose silently from the ground. The group put on helmets. It was Max’s first time riding one, but the Twisters were virtually uncrashable. Sam mounted his vehicle and spoke his destination into his Twister.

“Central, Samon’s park.”

Troye mounted and said, “Follow Twister 6428.”

Max saw the number on the side of Sam’s Twister.

The others mounted theirs and gave the same command, so Max followed suit. When everybody was aboard, Sam turned.

“Everyone ready?”

They all nodded.

Sam spoke to his vehicle again.

“Drive, engage.”

His Twister started moving slowly at first, and the others formed an orderly line behind. It turned towards the city and hovered away, rapidly picking up speed.

Fifteen minutes later, they all arrived at Samon’s park. It was a Twister bay. They pulled over and dismounted their vehicles.

“Won’t anyone steal them?” Max asked Bryan.

“Nah, they’re locked to our accounts until we release them. Nobody can take them.”

“But what if someone just comes along and puts them on the back of a cargo?” Max persisted.

“Not likely. There’s sec-cams everywhere.”

Bryan nodded to a camera looking down on the Twister bay.

“And even if someone WAS dumb enough, the Twisters are locked. Go on, try and push mine over.”

Max gave Bryan’s Twister a slow, firm shove. He couldn’t move it a millimetre.

“Magnetised,” Bryan explained. “The polarity is reversed when you park them.”

Max grinned, impressed.

“Let’s go to the holocade first,” Troye suggested.

Although nobody had said anything, there was an unspoken feeling that this trip was partly therapy for him, returning to the city with backup so that he would not be vulnerable to another EV jacking.

“Good idea,” Sam concurred.

“Yeah,” Kane agreed glancing at Sam.

They walked through Samon park on their way to the holocade and Max was surprised to see among the various people enjoying the park, there were several vagrants. That was not unusual, even though the human race had advanced to the stage where it could now colonise distant stars, there were always people who chose to drop out, or who were ill equipped to cope with modern life. But there was something that particularly struck Max as odd.

“Hey Bry,” he said in a low voice just after they passed one, “why are those outs wearing EV suits?”

“Outs?” Bryan repeated, puzzled by the word.

“Outcasts,” Max whispered quietly, discretely nodding at the man they had just passed. He was in his late 20s, dishevelled, unshaven, lying against a tree with his eyes closed.

“Oh them? They’re EV addicts. You know, they’re addicted to EV suits. Some guys refuse to take them off when they hit 21, and the Expansion Bureau is not gonna force them. Some people get so addicted to it that they just can’t get used to not wearing a suit. That’s what I keep telling this knucklehead.”

He punched Troye in the shoulder.

“Hey!” Troye yelped, jumping away. “You’ll be the sad one when I finally get out of this EV and I’m surrounded by ladies and I can go all night!”

“Yeah alright,” Sam teased, “You’ll be going all night. On your own.”

Kane laughed at Sam’s joke. His voice cracked and he looked self conscious as Sam turned to look at him. Sam’s brow furrowed just the slightest, then he bestowed the kid a grin and a wink. Watching the way that the younger teen hung on Sam’s every word, Max realised that Kane really looked up to his roommate.

Max noticed that the man by the tree was slowly writhing on the floor.

“That’s kind of sad,” Max said. “So they’re gonna spend their whole lives like that, never having sex with real people.”

“I dunno, yeah, maybe,” Sam said.

Max moved closer to Brill. They were walking shoulder to shoulder at the back of the group. Max let his hand brush against Brill’s. Brill looked at him and smiled sweetly. Max felt the rush of an emotion he only felt when he was near Brill. He smiled back and they continued walking.


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