Interdimensional milking 14 – Embarrassment

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

Max has had a falling out with an awkward boy who is aggressively pursuing him. Meanwhile, one of Max’s inner circle of friends is slowly getting over a recent mugging.

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Interdimensional milking 14 – Embarrassment

After visiting with Van and discovering the secret of the boy’s strange punishment, Max meandered down to the dining area in the hopes of meeting someone he knew to eat dinner with.

When he arrived, rather than getting a meal and grabbing a seat, he stood by the wide entranceway and scanned the tables looking for a familiar face.

He still had the feeling that people were watching him and sniggering, and it was becoming unsettling. At first he thought that maybe it was people who thought they recognised him, but whenever he’d turn to look at someone he suspected was watching him, they’d play innocent and lookj away or stop talking. Max was starting to empathise with Van. He could imagine nothing more irritating than being the constant object of people’s curiosity or worse still, their humour.

He spotted Troye and Bryan just starting their meals. They were almost inseparable, especially since Troye had been EV jacked. Max wondered if maybe they were hot for each other. But if so, apart from boisterous roughhousing, there were never any public displays of affection.

Max grabbed his meal and walked over to them. Troye was the first to spot him. He smiled.


He was starting to regain a little of his former sparkle back, but he hadn’t left the school in the month since he’d been beaten up.

“Hey Troye!” Max said, giving the stick-thin teenager his most genuine smile.

The smile remained as he turned to Bryan.

“Bry, how you doing bro?”

Troye beamed back at Max, and as usual, Bryan played it just the tiniest bit cooler. He said,

“Yeah, things are great thanks Max. What about you?”

“Yeah, pacing, pacing, although…”

He hesitated.

“Wassup?” Troye prodded.

“Well, I know it will sound dumb but it just feels like people have been watching me all day. I know, just me being paranoid, but it’s starting to freak me out.”

A look passed between Troye and Bryan but they said nothing. Max caught it.

“What? What was that about?”

“What was what about?” Troye asked, his voice rising as he did his best to play innocent. He wasn’t a good liar.

Max looked at Bryan.

“Come on guys. Is there something going on? You’re freaking me out.”

“There’s nothing,” Bryan said.

“Then what was that look about?”

“What look?” Bryan asked.

Max was starting to feel really weird now. If he persisted, and there was nothing, he’d look like he was being paranoid, but if he couldn’t even trust his friends to be straight with him…

He changed the subject, and there was a palpable sense of relief from Troye as Max let them off the hook. They chit chatted as they ate, and Max told them about Van, but it felt to him as though there was a slight edge to their conversation, as though it was a little forced. He told himself that maybe he’d interrupted something between them, or that the problem was with Troye, who was still not 100% back to normal after his mugging.

When he was three quarters of the way through his meal, they heard an announcement over the public address system.

“Would Max Tait please report to the Cap’s office. Max Tait, please report to Dr Arnold immediately.”

Max frowned. In all the months since he’d been at Friedrich Krupp, he’d never been called to the Cap’s office, and nor had anyone he knew.

“Wonder what that’s about?” He mused out loud.

The same look passed between Troye and Bryan. This time Max was certain of it.

“Guys there’s something going on. Don’t hold out on me. C’mon, if you know something tell me please.”

Ignoring Max’s plea, Bryan said,

“You better go to Cap’s office. He doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

Max looked at Troye to see if HE would be more forthcoming. Troye looked away like a child who had been asked to tell tales on a friend.

Max stood, frustrated and feeling betrayed in equal measure.

“I thought you guys were my friends!”

Then it suddenly occurred to him. It wasn’t him. It was his fathers. Something had happened to them and everyone but him had found out. But then why would they be sniggering?

Panicking now, he left the dining hall in a hurry, and headed towards the Cap’s office.

On planet 1RXS1609 b, controller Jorge pulled on his EV suit. He walked slowly to portal 43,231,888 anticipating what was to come. Unlike the boys who were being milked, he didn’t have an implant in his head that could make him hard or force him to ejaculate on command. But still he WAS hard. He always was when he played this game. He looked at the portal. It was at eye level. He wouldn’t even need to lean over or ride up on a riser. He studied the erect penis before him. It was not as large as most; just six inches. But it was natural. He reached out and gripped the shaft, sliding his fingers back towards the base to draw back the foreskin. He didn’t need to wonder how its owner was feeling. He looked at the glans, impressed by how shiny it was. He was a penile narcissus, in love with his own dick, and since he had started to work at the Harvesting Station, it was a lot easier.

Jorge leaned forwards and opened his mouth. He extended his tongue just a little. His mouth was watering. Then he tenderly sucked the cock in front of him. HIS cock. Jorge didn’t move from his spot for the next 45 minutes…

Max arrived outside the Cap’s office. He pressed the panel and the Cap’s face appeared on the small screen by the door.


“Max. Max Tait. You asked me to come see you.”

“Ah yes Max, do come in.”

The man’s voice was friendly, welcoming.

The nanodoor destabilised and Max passed into the Cap’s office.

“Doctor Arnold, sir?” he enquired.

The man rose to his feet and extended a hand and a smile.

“Yes, yes, do sit down. You’re not in any kind of trouble so you can relax.”

Max low-tapped hands and the man gestured to a soft chair. Max sat and the man sat also, choosing a chair that was at the same level so that he was not looking down on the boy. He wanted Max to feel completely at ease.

Max was looking at him nervously. It was the usual reaction of any student called to the Cap’s office.

“Can I get you a drink. Juice maybe?”

“No thanks I just had dinner.”

“Of course, of course. I hope I didn’t interrupt it?”

Max hesitated before responding. Doctor Arnold watched his face.

“Not really. I wasn’t enjoying it much today anyway.”

“Hmmm. Well perhaps people have been acting a little a strangely towards you today?”

Max’s face lit up. At last, someone who was willing to acknowledge what he’d suspected all along.

“Yes! Yes, people have been weird all day. Even people I don’t know. I was starting to think I was going crazy!”

Then Max’s light turned green. It couldn’t have come at a more inconvenient moment. Doctor Arnold saw the light come on. He knew that the boy would be hard within seconds and he would spend the next five minutes feeling intensely aroused, culminating in a powerful orgasm. The Harvesting Program didn’t care what Max was doing. It had no sympathy for the fact that the boy was engaged in an important conversation.

Max looked down at his light and sighed in disgust. Not that he needed to look to tell him what he already knew. He could already feel the teasing in his sphincter and the erotic sensation of a tongue running over his helmet.

His cock didn’t care where he was or who he was with. It reacted as hundreds of thousands of years of evolution had programmed it to react. The fact that the sensations he was experiencing were simply digital fictions transmitted by the implant in his brain didn’t matter to his libido. His five inch penis rose, and quickly stiffened.

In his booth, controller Jan noticed Max’s dick getting hard. He contemplated going down to the boy’s portal and getting in on the action, but the kid would be done by the time he got there. Instead, Jan zoomed in on the curved penis: too close to see the whole thing. He slowly scanned along its length, like the tracking shot of a spaceship in vintage science movies.

He marvelled at how much the boy’s veins protruded, how firm they appeared to be. Since Max had been ramped by the girls; tricked into getting hard, and thus increasing his milking frequency, he was being milked 9 times a day, and he was just as hard for every one of them.


Max blushed and made an apologetic face to the Cap as though he had deliberately chosen that moment to think about sex and get a boner.

“Sorry sir,” he said sheepishly.

“Not at all Max. If I’d thought about it, I could have called Nurse Janeway and had you disabled while we talk. As it is, I think it would be best if we simply let the program run its course, then continue afterwards. You can sit there and I’ll get on with my work.”

Max looked away self consciously. Back on Earth, he’d have done anything to hide a boner at school, especially from a teacher. Now, here he was, sitting in the Cap’s office whilst a machine jacked him off.

He looked at the floor, then reclined against the chair and shut his eyes in an effort to shut everything out. It wasn’t so much that he wanted the freedom to enjoy the experience, rather, he knew that he was GOING to enjoy it whether he wanted or not and he didn’t want to have to stare at the Cap whilst he did so.

Max could feel his cock straining hard. He’d more or less gotten used to being milked around other people. Sometimes he brazened it out, other times he stopped what he was doing and waited it out. But there was something about sitting in the Church-quiet atmosphere of this sombre administrator’s office that brought back the embarrassment of his early days at Friedrich Krupp high.

He tried not to think of the man sitting just five feet away, reading from a retinal screen.  But at the same time, he didn’t want to allow himself a fantasy in case it showed on his face. He certainly wouldn’t be the first boy to start squirming, or even to moan involuntarily as the implant in his brain tricked his body into thinking it was in the middle of a torrid sex session. He couldn’t simply ignore the virtual lips wrapped around his real glans, or the virtual tongue expertly teasing it. Nor could he ignore the virtual fingers that were sliding in and out of his sphincter, soon to be followed by a virtual cock.

Max switched his thoughts to the Harvesting Station where his dick was residing. It was a clinical thought designed to take any passion out of the experience. He’d never seen the Station, but he visualised his cock sitting there hard in the vast silent warehouse-like facility. For a couple of minutes it worked. He became preoccupied imagining the place, and thinking about the absurdity of his body sitting in this office, whilst his penis strained in a silent room millions of light years away. He stopped thinking about what was happening t him, and got carried away by his fascination of the technicalities.

Then he made a fatal mistake. He allowed his mental camera to pull back from his own portal to the adjacent ones, and then further out, until all he could see were cocks in every direction as far as his eye could see. Then he saw one particular one. It belonged to someone else. His mind’s eye zoomed in. He recognised it. He’d seen it before. He zoomed until the others were gone. It was dick much like his own. Paler; a little thinner; maybe just a touch longer. It got hard, straining. Max’s eyes lifted. Instead of portals there was a boy standing grinning. It was Brill. He was looking Max right in the eye, hands on hips. An invitation. The hint of a grin appeared on Max’s face. His breathing became louder and his heart rate increased.

Doctor Arnold heard the boy start breathing audibly. He was used to being around boys who were being milked. His own son Stan had never been particularly adept or even bothered to disguise his horniness, but being in his quiet office with a boy who was quite obvious very excited was hard to ignore. He tried to concentrate on the details on the display shining directly onto his retina but he couldn’t help glancing beyond to the boy leaning back on one of his soft chairs. The boy’s chest was rising and falling and he had the hint of a smile. It was obviously a good one. For a moment Arnold wondered what the boy was thinking about. Then the kid started lifting and dropping his pelvis from the chair. Not much; an inch maybe, but it was clear that the boy was fucking in his fantasy.

The Cap looked down at his desk to grant the boy privacy, suppressing his own smile. Horny little monkey!

Precisely on the five minute mark, Max ejaculated hard, unconsciously grinding against the chair. He let out the quietest grunt, “Unhhh,” but it was loud enough for him to hear. It pulled him from his fantasy. He hoped that Doctor Arnold had not heard.

At the sound of Max reaching orgasm, the 65 year old man thought fondly to his own days in the program. He played it cool, giving no sign that he’d heard Max cumming.

Max kept his eyes closed, trying not to be obvious, and sat there, only too aware now that his breathing was heavy. He immediately brought it under control as his penis finished pumping. He sat, aware of his persistent erection. If it didn’t go away soon, the Station would harvest him again, and he’d be in danger of getting ramped. He was already up to 9 times a day, the last thing he needed was any more.

Max opened his eyes, fully back in the Cap’s office now. For a few moments he didn’t make a sound, and to his relief, he felt his dick starting to wilt.

He looked over at Doctor Arnold, who was doing his best “Not aware of your presence” impersonation.

Max cleared his throat twice, “Unn hnn.”

Doctor Arnold looked up as though surprised from his thoughts.

“Umm sir, I’m finished.”

“Ahh good. Max I have some rather bad news for you. I’ve already informed your fathers and discussed it with them, and they felt that the best way to handle it was simply to tell you outright.”

Max’s heart started pounding again. This sounded ominous.

Doctor Arnold picked up a pad and moved over, sitting in his former chair within arm’s reach of Max. He made some gestures to activate something on the screen then he handed the pad to Max.

Max looked down at the screen. It was showing a paused video. It showed him standing in the shower. He activated the playback, and he watched as he jacked off in the shower. The words “Max Tait. Smallest dick in the school” were superimposed at the bottom of the screen. The Max in the video started bouncing up and down as he came. Max stopped the playback, humiliated to see his unconscious air fucking. Max glowed with embarrassment. He swallowed hard. Without meeting the Cap’s eyes he said,

“Where did you get this?”

The man paused and took a deep breath before answering. He knew that this was going to be devastating to the boy.

“I’m afraid it was sent to every student using the school’s messaging system.”

Max looked down at the floor. He stopped breathing. His heart ached so badly he thought he was going to pass out. He felt like he wanted to cry but there was no way he was going to show that kind of weakness.

“Every single student?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so Max.”

“Even the girls?”

“Yes Max.”

Max paused, breathing heavily now.

“Do you know who did it?”

“No I’m afraid not. We have tech looking into it, but they’ve discovered nothing yet.”

Max was speechless. He stared into space at ground level in front of him, not really seeing anything. Doctor Arnold allowed the boy ten seconds to process the information then he said,

“I realise that this is probably really embarrassing to you, especially coming from Earth where I understand you have different values, but people are more open about sexual matters here.”

Max didn’t say a word.

“It’s not as though lots of boys haven’t already seen you naked.”

“Yeah but not like that. Not jacking off. And all the girls are going to see as well.”

Max’s voice was cracking with emotion as he struggled against tears.

“That’s true Max, and I can understand, you must be feeling wretched right now.”

Max had never heard the word before.

“But masturbation is perfectly natural,” Arnold continued.  “I’m certain that 99% of the boys here all do it, and most of the girls.”

“Yeah but not like that!” Max said, throwing the pad face up on an armless chair between them. It was paused on a frame where he was at the extent of a down bounce. It was clear that he was doing something weird as he masturbated. A tear trickled down the side of his nose. He sniffed a couple of times and wiped the tear away, embarrassed now by his emotionalism.

Doctor Arnold looked down at the screen.

“Max, I’m sure that everybody has their own peculiarities, and most of us would prefer not to be watched at our most intimate moments. But it’s not like you were doing anything truly weird is it? The most concerning thing is that this video was sent to everybody, and I promise you, we are already doing all we can to track down the person who circumvented our security systems and did that. Security has already examined your shower. They discovered a micro camera hidden in the upper corner of the cubical. It’s been removed.”

“It’s a bit late now. I’m already the Trump of the school. Everyone has been sniggering behind my back all day. Now at least I know why.”

Arnold looked at the boy sympathetically. He picked up the pad and put it to one side then moved close and put his hand on Max’s shoulder.

“Look son, these things blow over as quickly as they start. In two weeks or a month, everybody will be distracted by something else, and it will probably never come up again. My advice to you is to walk tall. Look people right in the eye. Don’t let this break you. You’ve done nothing wrong. If they know that you know and you don’t care, it will quickly lose its power for them.”

Max finally found the strength to look at the man. He could hear the concern and the sincerity in the man’s voice and his words made sense. He rationalised with himself. After all, what was the big deal anyway? What had he done that was so bad?

“For what it’s worth, I can guarantee that you’re DON’T have the smallest penis in the school. Not by a long shot. There are at least half a dozen saturated boys here who have probably not even started puberty, and several hundred boys younger than you. Also, you’re not the first young man to move to this school from a place that isn’t part of the Harvesting Program. You’re completely average for your age and you have nothing to be ashamed of.”

Like Nurse Janeway before him, Arnold was lying a little about Max’s dimensions to make the kid feel better, but it was a white lie, and the man felt no guilt in telling it.

Max looked at him, obviously eager for reassurance. Arnold nodded and smiled warmly. The boy still looked hurt and betrayed, but at least he was not blushing any more.


30 minutes later, Max was lying alone out in the golden fur grass near the edges of the school grounds. He activated his vone and commed his fathers. They were living on the other side of the planet but they still answered instantly. They’d been waiting for his call. There was a time difference, and they were in their bedroom. Jonathan was dressed in pyjamas, and Dominic was bare-chested. Jonathan was the first to speak.

“Hey Maxxy, did you speak to Mr Arnold?”

“Yeahhh,” Max replied, with all the joy of a kid who’d been told it was his turn to recyc the garbage.

“And how are you doing?”

Max sighed deeply.

“Pretty bad.”

His emotions were still raw and near the surface. The last thing he wanted was to get tearful now with his fathers so far away. It was only make Jonathan upset as well.

“Yeah baby, it was a really shitty thing to do.”

Max nodded.

Jonathan was seated, with Dominic standing behind him. Dominic leaned into the frame.

“It was a fucking low thing to do,” Dominic interjected. “And what kind of security are they running there if people can just hack into it like that?”

Dominic often used aggression as a coping mechanism. It had gotten him into trouble more than once, but this time, he was articulating sentiments that Max was already feeling. His son’s emotions were a mix of anger, humiliation and betrayal.

Jonathan was more prosaic.

“I wish I was there to give you a big hug right now darling. You look so upset.”

“I wish you were too,” Max replied in a half whisper. “I really wish you weren’t so far away.”

“Yeah I know honey.”

Jonathan was never afraid to show affection to his son, but today, with Max feeling so wretched, his vocabulary was littered with terms of endearment. They made Max feel loved.

Jonathan wrapped his arm around Dominic’s waist and pulled him close. Dominic sat on Jonathan’s lap like a woman riding side-saddle on a horse. Usually Dominic was the alpha, more likely to have Jonathan on his lap. In spite of his sadness, it tickled Max to see their roles reversed. He grinned.

“Dad, get off, you’re going to squash him!”

Jonathan smiled.

“I can take it. I’m tough. Rawrrr!”

He made a macho man pose, bending his arms as if to show off his biceps.

Dominic snuffle-kissed him on the neck.

“You weren’t so tough earlier.”

Max laughed.

“Crood! Get a room you two.”

Jonathan said,

“Ha ha. We already did. We live here remember?”

“Oh yeah. Well get another room. Where I don’t have to watch. I just ate!”

His parent’s antics were making him feel better.

Dominic stopped playing with Jonathan and turned back to the cam.

“Seriously though Max, are you alright? Jonathan can come visit with you for a while if you need it?”

It was two weeks away by transit. Although tensor fold technology was commonplace, it was only used in cities with a tech level of 7 or higher. His fathers were living three entire continents away from a city that high, so the only means of travel between them would be by aero-trans. On a planet as large as Herschel Majoris, that meant the best part of two weeks of travelling.

Max considered his father’s offer. Right now he’d love to have Jonathan’s emotional support, but he knew that it wasn’t practical. Two weeks each way, just for a few days of reassurance.

“Nah, that’s okay. That wouldn’t make sense. I just wish… Well, I feel so, so humiliated, you know?”

“Yeah I know baby,” Jonathan said. “But it’s not like you were doing anything everyone else there isn’t doing whenever they can as well.”

“Did you see the video?”

“No Maxxy, but Mr Arnold told us about it. Someone filmed you tugging in the shower right?”


Max didn’t feel like filling his dads in about his horny bouncing or the size reference. He was relieved that they hadn’t seen it.

“Look son,” Dominic said, adopting a down-to-Earth tone that he only used when he was appealing to Max’s sense of maturity, “I know you’re probably feeling kind of stupid right now, but it’ll blow over before you know it, trust me. In a couple of weeks everyone will have moved on to the next shiny, and they’ll have forgotten all about it.”

“That’s what Doctor Arnold said.”

“Smart guy, I like him,” Dominic shot back using a poor Syndicate accent.

The Syndicate was an organisation of criminals modelled around the 1940s Earth mafia. They adopted Italian/Brooklyn accents, wore cheesy, big lapelled suits and ran all the same rackets that their role models had. They had terrorised a few systems for over half a century, but by the time Max’s fathers were born, they were nothing more than the stuff of holos and vids.

Max laughed.

“That accent is terrible dad!”

“Whaddya saying kiddo?” Dominic said, hamming it up, “Ya don’t likes the way I talks?”

Max grinned. His dads always knew how to make him feel better.

“But they’ll always know.”

“Know?” Jonathan asked.

“Yeah, you know, how I do it. What my dick looks like.”

Jonathan smiled.

“So what? There’s only so many ways to tug. I mean it’s not like you were swinging off the ceiling smeared in dairy were you?”

He paused.

“You WEREN’T swinging off the ceiling smeared in dairy were you Maxxy?”

Max grinned.

“Naw. It was Ickenberry spread.”

“Oh well that’s perfectly alright then. So long as it was something sensible. I hope you rinsed between your toes. That stuff can get everywhere.”


Dominic made like a Velociraptor on the side of Jonathan’s neck and Jonathan laughed and squirmed.

“Careful, I’m going to drop you off my lap!”

“I thought you were tough? Rawr remember?”

Jonathan playfully slapped Dominic up side the head.

“Do you MIND. We’re supposed to be consoling our son!”

“He’s gonna be just fine.”

Dominic turned to the camera.

“You ARE gonna be fine aren’t you Maxxy?”

He rarely used terms of endearment. It made Max feel good.

“Yeah dad. I’m gonna be okay.”

“See, our son’s a real trooper!”

“I need to go,” Max said, making an excuse to give them some privacy.

“Are you sure baby?” Jonathan asked.

“Yeah, I’ve got homework.”

“Well don’t forget, you can call us anytime, day or night if you need us.”

“Yeah dad. Thanks.”

“Take care kiddo,” Dominic chimed in. “We love you. Any time, day or night remember.”

“Thanks dad. Bye.”

Max disconnected and made his way back to his room.


When he entered his room, Max was surprised to find Troye and Bryan there with Sam. He looked at Bryan.

“You knew!”

“Knew what?”

“About the vid.”

Bryan took a deep breath.

“Yeah we did. Sorry Max.”

“We were just trying to watch out for you Max,” Troye added.

“By keeping secrets from me?!”

Bryan said,

“The only reason we didn’t say anything is because we weren’t sure about the best way to handle it. We thought maybe if we didn’t say anything, you might never find out and it would be less embarrassing for you.”

Max stared at him, his anger evaporating. His friends hadn’t betrayed him. They were watching out for him.

Troye stood and hugged Max.

“Sorry sib. I didn’t want to hold things back from you, but we were just trying to figure out what would hurt you less.”

He moved back.

“You’re a lousy liar,” Max said.

“I’m not lying Max. You’re our sib. We really care about you.”

“Not now, in the dining hall.”

Max grinned.

“Oh that. Yeah, I hate lying sib.”

“That’s not a bad thing.”

“Nah, I guess not.”

Max looked at his three friends.

“So what are you doing here?”

Sam joined the conversation.

“Trying to figure out who planted the camera.”

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