Interdimensional milking 11 – A discovery

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

One day a week for half an hour, the boys are allowed out of their EV suits. Most use the time as an opportunity to masturbate or have sex. Max is no different.

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Interdimensional milking 11 – A discovery

“Oh damn,” Bryan said out of nowhere.

“What’s up?” Max asked as they walked in the direction of his room.

“I left my key in our room and Troye is at Central.”

“Oh,” Max said, glancing at his wrist. He didn’t really need to check though. The number of male students around them had thinned significantly, and the remaining few were heading towards the dormitory areas. It was quarter to two – almost skin time, and very few boys missed the opportunity to fuck or get some hand-to-dick time.

“On his own?”

“Yeah, but I don’t think he’s gonna be going far from main anymore.”

“I’m surprised he would miss skin time.”

“He gets milked 29 times a day. I don’t think he cares about skin time much.”

“29! I thought it was 27?”

“Well, you know him – always trying to up his limit.”

“I’m surprised he’s not an empty husk with that much milking.”

Max sniggered to himself.

“What?” Bryan asked.

“I just got this image in my mind. Troye getting milked and milked and shrivelling up like zombie.”

Bryan snickered at the thought.

Max said, “It’s weird that he wants to be milked THAT much though, don’t you think?”

“Yeah man,” Bryan agreed, “but he wants to have the biggest dick ever by the time he’s done with the EV.”

“That’s crazy.”

“To be honest, I think he was a bit insecure when he first got here. Skinny body and a little dick like Jurnal. Late developer. I don’t think he ever quite got past it.”

“Oh yeah, that makes a lot of sense.”

Max and Bryan started wandering towards the dorms.

“So what are you gonna do about skin time?” Max asked.

“Do you mind if I come to your room?”

“I was just gonna jack off in the shower, but I guess if Sam doesn’t mind, you could use my bed.”

Max had grown more comfortable talking about sex stuff, but he still liked to masturbate in private.

“I don’t wanna step on Sam’s toes. I could jack off in the shower with you though?” Bryan offered.

Max imagined them both in the small cubicle.

“Ahh sorry Bry, but I’d rather be on my own. I don’t like jacking with anyone else there.”

“No probletski,” Bry said, hiding his disappointment. I’ll go use the pool showers with the other losers.”

Max felt shitty about Bryan having to go jack in the showers, but this was one party where uninvited guests were not welcome. “Sorry Bry. I’m just not comfortable jacking in front of other guys yet.”

“Nothing to be sorry for. I totally understand. I was only joking about the losers. I’d better go though. Don’t wanna miss out.”

“Sorry again Bry.”

“Don’t have too much fun!”

Bryan tapped him between the legs. In the 20th century it would have been called a “sack tap”, but with Max’s genitals dangling through a portal in his EV suit, emerging on a planet millions of light years away, there was nothing but GI Joe smoothness down there. Bryan gave a friendly wink and headed off towards the swimming pool.


A few minutes later, Max arrived at the dormitory room he shared with Sam. He opened the door and Sam was there with Julie and another boy. Julie was sitting on Max’s bed.

“Hey Max, this is Kane.”

The boy gave a tight nod. He looked younger than Max.

“Hey,” Max said.

“How you doing?” Kane asked.

“Yeah, pacing. You?”

“Same thanks.”

“Hey Jules,” Max said.

He was mildly put out by her presence, and it was a mild breach of dorm protocol for her to be sitting on his bed.

“What’s happening?” Max asked.

“Thought we’d go Reenish,” Sam said. “You’re welcome to join in.”

Reen was a planet in the Ogle system. It had been colonised by New Romans. The New Romans was a movement that started on Spitzer 14. Its members believed that sex was the only real purpose to life. They spent much their time engaged in sexual activities, during which almost nothing consensual was off the table. At first, fellow humans had been tolerant of the group – after all, there had been several sects that took sexual liberation to new heights, and free love was the norm, rather than an oddity throughout humanity. But the New Romans just kept on taking things further and further. They didn’t just have sex with sentient aliens, they used animals, and they indoctrinated their kids into their sexual practices from the moment they were born. They were shunned on every inhabited planet in the Expanse so they retreated to Reen, the sole habitable planet orbiting Ogle 24. “Reenish” had now become a synonym for sexual depravity.

Max furrowed his brows.


Julie and Sam laughed.

“Nah, course not! We’re just gonna have a three-up. Room for another if you like?”

Although they were not officially dating, Max was already starting to feel like any sexual activity with someone else would be cheating on Brill. But the idea of group sex was definitely a turn on; he couldn’t deny that. He briefly considered over the invitation.

“Thanks for asking but I’m just gonna…” he looked at Julie and suddenly felt bashful. “Use the shower,” he said euphemistically.

She gave him a dirty grin. He blushed and turned away, to her amusement.


Two minutes to two and Sam and Kane took their EV suits off. Julie wasn’t wearing one. Girls were not harvested like boys were, so she was already stripped down to her underwear. Max wrapped a hi-towel around his waist, and removed his suit, careful not to allow Julie a flash of his nudity.

“Shy Max?” she asked, chuckling.

“Not particularly,” he lied.

“Let’s have a look then,” she challenged.

“I don’t think s…”

Before Max could finish his sentence, Julie had reached out lightning fast and whipped his towel away. His three-inch flaccid penis bounced free. His genitals had been chemically depilated, just like all the boys at Friedrich Krupp. He covered himself in a panic. He had the smallest penis in the room by a good three inches.

“Cute,” Julie said, grinning.

Max stood in comical pose, knees together, toes turned in and hands cupped over his privates. His skin turned deep red from head to toe with embarrassment. For a moment he was speechless, then he removed one hand from his groin, careful to cover himself fully with the other. He extended his arm.


Julie handed it to him and he walked into the shower, locking the door behind him.


Max hung the towel on a hook on the wall opposite the shower head.

He said, “Shower on” and the voice-controlled system activated the shower.

There was no water – just a full body tingling and the sound of white noise as ultrasonic sound waves caressed his body.

“Water,” he said, and the system changed from sonic to water.

The water was hot – much hotter than he liked for masturbation. He found the heat distracting. Very few students took water showers. He always turned the temperature up after masturbation to wash away any armpit sweat, but after all these months, he still constantly forgot to return the temperature to something more comfortable after washing.

Max said, “105 degrees Fahrenheit – fine” and the water temperature instantly dropped 15 degrees, and the droplet size reduced by half.

When it was too hot, he felt like it was hard to ejaculate – the heat on his testicles was just too distracting.


Max thought about the three people in the next room. It had never occurred to him that Sam might be a player. It was natural. After all the boy was good looking, confident with a great body and a big dick, but still it came as a surprise.

Max faced the wall-mounted head allowed the water to tumble over his body. As always, the pattering of water on his glans started to arouse him. He’d already ejaculated five times that day, but he always found skin time stimulating. He wondered what was happening next door – who was fucking Julie first, and who got to watch. Perhaps she was doing the ski pole wank, jerking both boys off together, or maybe one was getting a blow job, whilst the other fingered her. The permutations were many.

Max’s penis raised its head, lifting towards his stomach as he imagined all of the possibilities. The puckered white foreskin slowly drew back to uncover his glans, then continued to retreat down his shaft. He felt his heart beating heavily in his chest. He was surprised at how turned on the imaginary scene made him. He reached out and picked up the bottle of shower gel, and squeezed some into his palm, then he rubbed his hands together to transform the green goo into thick lather. His dick was straining between his legs and his balls were high and tight.

Max looked down at his penis and it pointed straight back at his face. He took a grip; his cock was hard as iron; excitable as he could get. He didn’t often get THIS hard. He started pumping. Thrills of excitement instantly fired up across his glans. Max knew that if he wasn’t careful, he’d jizz in just a few seconds, and then it would all be over for another week. He moved his grip lower down his penis so that his fist was not directly stimulating his glans, then he started pumping with short, gentle strokes that simply moved the retracted foreskin up and down. It was his lowest setting, short of not touching himself at all.

Max tugged at himself for a couple of minutes, whilst he allowed his libido to simmer down a little. He consciously forced himself to stop imagining what Sam and his guests were up to. He tried to let his thoughts float free, but they kept returning to the next room. He forced himself to think about porn that he had watched. It was all heterosexual and there was nothing memorable for him to latch onto. His thoughts drifted to Brill. He’d seen the boy naked, and with an erection, but never in the flesh. He longed to see a live action version. He wondered what Brill would be like if they were lovers. He imagined being on his knees, and holding Brill’s penis in his hand, pumping it tenderly. His mouth started to water, and without making a conscious decision to take the fantasy in that direction, he leaned forwards and wrapped his lips around Brill’s penis. He could almost feel the smoothness of the boy’s shiny glans against his tongue.

Max started to move his hand faster, using full strokes that stimulated his rigid cock right to the tip. The frothy lather allowed him to rub his fist all over his glans, rather than covering and uncovering it with his foreskin. It provided a more intense, electric sensation right to the root of his balls.

In his mind, Brill was now on his knees, with his back turned. Max was buried balls deep in his hole and he was fucking him.

In the shower, Max spread his feet and lowered his stance. He was getting close. His fist flew up and down along his cock. Without realising it, Max started bouncing up and down, simulating a fucking motion. But at the same time, he was clenching his own sphincter – simultaneously fucker and fuckee. His thoughts kept vacillating between Brill’s hole and his own. Suddenly the image of him impaling himself on a seated Brill’s cock filled his mind, and that was all it took. He ejaculated long and hard, launching semen across the shower and onto the tiled wall. He bounced up and down faster and harder still, and he pumped like his life depended upon it.

Finally, after 20 seconds, he slowed, then stood up. His hole was pulsing from his repeated clenching. Although it was permanently filled by the waste collection plug that had been inserted when he was fitted with his EV suit, his sphincter still had the pleasant afterglow of activity.


In his room, Brill was also enjoying the afterglow of a powerful orgasm. He smiled and thought of Max.


Max allowed his breathing to slow, and washed the lather from his hand. He cupped his hands and caught the falling water. When he had a small cup-worth, he threw it at the jizz that was gloopily trickling down the wall in front of him. He repeated the procedure until the jizz joined the splats on the wet floor. He used his foot to create a small wave that washed the evidence of his orgasm towards the drain.

When there was no trace left, he said, “120 degrees, heavy,” and the shower obeyed his command.

He applied fresh gel to his hand, and washed himself. He looked at his wrist. It was only 2.05. He couldn’t walk out yet or he’d looked pathetic. He slowed his washing down, and when he was done, he simply stood under the hot water, allowing it to massage him.

He thought about Brill. He no longer questioned what it meant to think about Brill during his sexual fantasies. He just accepted the fact that he was turned-on by the boy.


After what felt like a respectable time for a wank, Max looked at his wrist again. 2.15 – that was reasonable. He turned the shower off, and wrapped the towel around his waist. Holding it to ensure that Julie wouldn’t strip it from him again, he opened the door and entered the main room.


Kane was reclining on the bed. Sam was sitting straddling him with his back towards Kane’s legs. Max’s eyes immediately went between Sam’s legs and he was stunned to see that his asshole was wrapped around Kane’s thick cock. Sam was riding Kane’s cock with real gusto. Max couldn’t believe it. He’d always assumed that Sam was straight, and now here he was clearly enjoying reaming himself on another boy’s cock. Julie was straddling Kane’s face, and his tongue was hard at work inside her. Sam was leaning forwards and nibbling at her tits with his lips, and she was grinding her body in pleasure at the twin assaults on her erogenous zones. Her hand was working low in front of her and though Max couldn’t see precisely what she was doing, he assumed correctly that she was masturbating Sam.

Julie sensed Max’s presence and opened her eyes. She looked right at him and smiled.

“Oh hey Max.”

Sam turned and looked over his shoulder and gifted Max with an impish grin. He momentarily raised then dropped his eyebrows in acknowledgement. Max felt like he’d been busted spying on them.

“Not too late to join in if you like,” Julie said.

Max grinned sheepishly, and shook his head without a word.

“I’ll um, get dressed and leave you guys to it.”

“No need,” Sam said. “You can stay and watch if you like.”

Max felt like it would be sleazy to do so, but he couldn’t motivate himself to stop looking. Sam returned to Julie and they started kissing deeply, whilst her hands worked faster between his legs.

The front of Max’s towel rose, but he was distracted by what was happening to his roommate. Kane had started to grind his pelvis, taking control of his stimulation. He had massive balls, especially for his age. Max wondered if maybe he just had a young-looking face. Kane’s grinding was replaced by thrusting. Powerful, urgent strokes, almost as though he was trying to buck Sam off him. Sam rode the wave, and in spite the thickness of the boy’s cock, white cream started to leak out of Sam’s hole, trickling down the shaft.

Julie looked down at the erection tenting Max’s towel. He caught her gaze then noticed his own hardness. He covered up and blushed again, and retreated back to the shower. One wank was not going to be enough.


At 2.25 he heard Sam on the other side of the door.

“Hey Sam, mind if we just get a quick shower before 2.30?”

Max emerged immediately, dry, with the towel around his waist.

“Thanks man,” Sam said, and he and Kane quickly ducked into the shower together, and Max heard the sonic activate.


Julie was already clothed. Girls could use the showers any time they wanted.

“Two times Max, or more?”

She gave him a lewd grin. He shrugged, hiding his irritation at her over-familiarity. He grabbed his EV suit, turned his back to her, and pulled it up under his towel like a boy dressing at a beach. Julie watched bemused.

He continued dressing in silence. Kane and Sam emerged from the shower. Sam was carrying a metal butt plug.

“Hey can I borrow your towel please Max?” Kane asked.

Max passed him the towel, and he and Sam quickly dried. A warning beep started playing inside their heads to let them know that skin time was ending, and they pulled their suits up. Kane dressed fully, but Sam pushed the disposal plug back into his hole, and locked it before zipping the suit up fully.

“How the hell did you…” Max said.

“Told you; I know someone. Same guy who does the porn. You can’t keep it out permanently or they detect the drop in shit, but you can take it out for skin time if you like.”

Max was a pretty law-abiding guy, and he was beginning to suspect that there was a lot more to Sam that met the eye. He shook his head smiling.

“You sketchy fucker!”

Sam shot him another grin, “Yup, that’s me.”


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