Interdimensional Milking 10 – Controller Jan

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

Their seed is collected via interdimensional portal suits, through which their genitals hang. Their genitals are all assembled in massive harvesting warehouses on frontier planets millions of light years away.

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Interdimensional Milking 10 – Controller Jan

The next day, Troye was still not back in an EV suit. His testicles were bruised and swollen, and he was given a week’s dispensation.

For all his usual bravado, he was quiet and lacking in joie de vivre. All day long, friends and people he barely knew would come up to him and offer their commiserations on the assault, or ask him questions about it, and by the evening he had had enough.

“I can’t take any more of this,“ he announced, after a total stranger had just asked him questions about what had happened. He sent the girl away unanswered and stood up to leave.

“Wanna play Dominion?” Bryan asked.

Dominion was a space conquest video game. Troye gave it the briefest consideration. Distraction was exactly what he needed.

“Yeah sure, pacing.”

He and Bryan walked away leaving Max with Julie, Sam and Brill. Over the months since Max had started at Friedrich Krupp, Julie had taken every opportunity to get closer to him, and now she was in his inner circle of friends.

“I feel so bad for Troye,” she said.

“Yeah, me too,” Sam agreed.

Brill nodded empathetically.

Max was distracted and said nothing.

“Still, at least he wasn’t badly hurt,” Julie continued.

“I dunno about that. I think his nuts are gonna be sore for a few days!” Sam said.

Julie looked at him with a puzzled expression. The punch in the nuts that Troye had received for involuntarily ejaculating onto one of his attackers’ arms was a detail that he hadn’t shared with her.

Sam clarified, “He got punched in the nuts.”

“Ooooh, poor Troye,” she commiserated.

Max allowed the conversation to flow over him without interacting. He was feeling maudlin. He hadn’t felt this down since the first day he discovered he would be wearing an EV suit for the next half a decade. Herschel Majoris seemed threatening again, and he felt as though in the past 24 hours, he’d glimpsed a dark side to it that he didn’t realise existed.

Brill said, “Max are you alright? You seem kind of down.”

Max looked up, forced to participate in the conversation by the direct address.

“Nah, I mean yeah, I guess. I mean, fuckers! Who would do that sort of thing to a nice guy like Troye? I guess I kind of thought that sort of thing didn’t happen in places like this.”

“Happens everywhere sib,” Sam said. “Unless you want cams following you into the bathroom there’s always gonna be crime.”

“Yeah, I know, you’re right, it’s just, I dunno. I didn’t think it would happen to someone I know. Someone like Troye. If it can happen to him, it can happen to anyone.”

“Yeah,” Julie agreed with a sigh, “makes you think.”


At that moment, Shaun came by.

“Hey Max, great match last night!” he said with a leer.

Max scowled at him.

“If you say so.”

“Mind if I sit with you guys?” he asked already reaching for a chair.

“Yeah, I do actually. We’re having a private conversation.”

“Oh,” he said, and paused awkwardly, “okay.”

For all of his confidence, Shaun was two years younger than the others, and he knew his place in the pecking order. The confidence leeched from his demeanour.

“Maybe another time then.”

He walked away.

“That was rude,” Julie said to Max.

“I wasn’t in the mood for him today. He can be a mutt sometimes. I wasn’t in the mood for ANOTHER walking hormone humping my leg.”

There was no humour in Max’s words.

Brill watched the exchange, and he could tell that something else was bothering his friend.

“So anyway Max, how did your wrestling match with Stan go?”

Max scowled at Brill now.

“You wrestled Stan?!” Julie asked, surprised. “I didn’t think you even much liked him?”

“Yeah I did, and no I don’t. I think he’s fucking valve. SOMEONE set me up,” he scowled pointedly at Brill, “and I felt sorry for him. But I’ve learned that lesson. I won’t ever do it again.”

“Why, what happened Max?” Sam asked.

“He was a tool, just like I knew he would be.”

“A what? What do you mean?” Sam asked, grinning.

Every so often Max used an Earth colloquialism that he was unfamiliar with.

“He just… He was…”

Max still felt violated and humiliated.

“I don’t wanna talk about it.”

Brill put a hand on Max’s shoulder. Max resisted the urge to pull away.

“Max I’m so sorry I set you up. I was just pranking. Did something go wrong?”

Max looked at Brill with a deep frown, his mouth tightened into a line. He was feeling angry all over again. He looked back at Sam and Julie sitting opposite.

“Actually Julie, I need to talk to you about, erm, Astro,” Sam said standing up.

Slow to take the hint, Julie remained sitting.

“So, can you can you come help me NOW?” Sam said, pulling at her arm.

She got the message and stood up.

“Bye guys, bye Max,” she said, singling him out for extra attention.

She resented having to leave him.


As Julie and Sam moved out of earshot, Sam said, “I know Max really likes you as a friend, but I think you’re wasting your time with him for anything else.”

“What do you mean?”

“Isn’t it obvious Jules?”


“He’s crazy about Brill. He’s just too shy to do anything about it.”

Julie looked at Max and Brill sitting at the table as they walked away.

“Really? Are you sure?”

“Yeah, pretty sure. He gets a green almost every time Brill is near.”

“Why doesn’t he do something about it then?”

“Why haven’t you?”

Julie paused.

“I guess I just didn’t want to spook him by coming on too strong.”

“Maybe that’s how Brill feels too. Earther’s are different. Weird. I think Max is just getting comfortable with the idea of liking boys.”

“You’re absolutely POSITIVE Max is into Brill?”

“I showed him a naked pic of Brill and he nearly squirted on the spot. He doesn’t know I know, but he’s got loads of naked pics of Brill on his pad.”

“Fuck!” Julie said.

Sam laughed cordially, and draped a friendly arm around Julie’s shoulder.

“Wanna go swimming Jules?”


Brill watched Sam and Julie retreating before continuing.

“So, what happened yesterday Max?”

“Stan was a total valve!” Max said aggressively. “He was all over me. He had my legs up in the air and he was grinding my ass like he was fucking me!”

Brill looked at Max for an uncomfortably long time without speaking. Eventually Max could take it no more.

“What? What! Why are you just looking at me?”

He was adversarial and aggressive.

In a calm voice Brill said, “But that’s what we did Max.”

“No, it was different!”

His tone was angry.


“It just was!”

“But why Max?” Brill persisted.

“I don’t know. It just was,” Max evaded, still fearful to articulate his feelings for Brill.

Mingled in with the remnants of needless homosexual panic was a fear of commitment. He didn’t even understand it himself, but Max was instinctively afraid that if he surrendered to his feelings for Brill, that he would be swept away. That he would lose his autonomy.

“You do ENJOY wrestling with me don’t you Max?”

“Of course I do!” Max snapped. “Of course I do,” he repeated in a far softer voice, regretting the harshness of his initial tone.

He looked Brill in the eyes. Brill looked back at him, a mixture of tenderness and sadness in his eyes. Max’s anger fell away as he realised that Brill would NEVER do anything to intentionally cause him distress. Max took a deep breath, as emotions swelled within him. Brill’s beautiful brown eyes stared back at him, drawing him in. Max felt himself in danger of falling into that gaze. He loved Brill. In that moment, he could have hugged his friend and never let go. But still, he held back. He was teetering on the brink like a man standing on the edge of a bridge, looking down at his own destruction.

“Max don’t.”

“Don’t w…”

Before he could finish the question, Brill leaned forward in his chair and hugged Max. Max allowed himself to be hugged. He reciprocated like a man being hugged by an overly affectionate drunken uncle. Polite pats on the back. Brill could feel Max holding back, but this time he ignored Max’s awkward discomfort, and maintained the hug for a full minute.

“I love you Max.”

Max looked over Brill’s shoulder. A couple of people nearby had noticed, then politely continued their own conversations. Eventually Brill released him, and sat back. Max looked at his friend. Brill’s eyes were sad.

“So why was it different Max?” he pressed yet again.

“Because I like you. More than like you.”

Max was afraid to commit to more but Brill still smiled warmly.

“Because when we wrestle, you do it for both of us. Even when you had my legs in the air and you were grinding against my butt, it was like you wanted to be close to ME. When Stan does it, he was USING me. All he cared about was how his dick felt. Like I didn’t even matter. It’s like he was raping me. And to make matters worse, it was in front of everyone else. He’s a lot stronger than I am, and I just had to go along with it.”

“Oh man, I am SO sorry I set you up for that. I thought he was just kind of sad and lonely. I never would have put you in that position if I thought he would behave like that.”

“It’s okay,” Max said, forgiving Brill completely, and allowing the last of his resentment to evaporate. “You didn’t know. I just wish it hadn’t been in front of everyone else.”

“Yeah,” Brill said, commiserating. “That must have been so neg for you. But it wasn’t your fault.”


As Max listened to the last of Brill’s reassurances, he felt a strange experience on his penis. It was as though the head of his penis was being lightly gripped between the thumb and forefinger of someone’s hand, and his foreskin being drawn back. He felt a tongue start licking his glans, and he focussed on the feeling – it felt different to the normal milking program. That was capable of giving him extremely erotic sensations, but they were more or less the same each time, and this felt different. More personal. Blood started to flow into his penis, and as soon as it did, the milking program was activated, and Max experienced the feelings he had become used to, but still there was also another feeling mingled in with it.

Brill noticed the green light on Max’s chest that indicated he was being milked. He was already seated right in front of Max facing him. He moved a knee between Max’s knees, and nudged first Max’s left, then his right knee apart from each other a few inches, symbolically exposing Max’s genitals.

“Good to see you still feel like that around me,” Brill said grinning.

He looked pointedly down at Max’s groin.

Max looked back at him.

“I hate to tell you this Brill, but it wasn’t you.”

Brill hid his disappointment.


“No. It feels like there’s someone licking me.”


In the harvesting plant, controller Jan was adding donor 184,675,809 to the small group that received his personal attention. He knew nothing about the donor except the frequency of his ejaculations, and way that his penis behaved when it was hard or soft. But he had created a back-story in his mind for the boy, and he imagined what the owner looked like, and even how he behaved.

Jan left his control room and walked through the vast harvesting plant until he reached row 87, column 483, walkway 194. As he went, he passed hundreds of thousands of genitals of every conceivable shape, size and colour each one sticking out of a small portal panel. All were hairless, some penises hard, some soft, some twitching, most still, and many, many of them in the process of silent orgasm. It was uncanny, and strangely exciting to sit up in the control room, and think that millions of boys were silently experiencing the best orgasms of their lives.

Jan located the donor he was looking for. He had spent so long looking at the boy’s penis, that he could undoubtedly have chosen it from a line up of hundreds.

The chance of being discovered by the only other controller on duty was practically zero. His colleague monitored a different set of portals, and never had need to come to this section of the fully automated plant. But he didn’t want to risk someone catching him at the other end via the monitoring camera attached to each panel. Jan turned off the boy’s portal camera, and deactivated the automated maintenance systems using a remote control pad. Then he took off his trousers. He could barely contain his excitement and his own penis was bulging in his underwear. He dropped his underpants to the floor and gripped Max’s penis, carefully withdrawing the soft collection tube from the boy’s urethra. Jan inserted the tube into his own penis so that he wouldn’t have to clean up after himself, then he tenderly retracted the boy’s pale, puckered foreskin, exposing his pink glans.

Jan leaned forwards and licked the glans with the tip of his tongue. Jan knew from months of studying this penis, that once its owner became aroused, his penis usually inflated very quickly. It was one of the things he loved about the boy.

Every penis had its own personality, and Jan fancied that he could tell a lot about their owners simply by the way that they behaved. The younger boys were quick to become aroused as they took their first steps through puberty. They were unable to control the thoughts that lead to arousal, and were as likely to get hard two minutes after orgasm, as at any other time of the day. The only thing that seemed to slow them down was when they were physically drained of sperm. After the fourth, fifth, or sixth orgasm of the day, the younger ones were sexually exhausted and no longer became hard at the drop of a hat.

The older boys generally stayed hard longer after milking, but did not become aroused as frequently. Although it was not a guaranteed method of telling, the older boys mostly had larger penises measuring on average anything from 5-8 inches soft, and 7-12 inches hard from years of milking. Each portal’s maintenance system had two manipulator arms that spent much of the time massaging the donor’s testicles to maximise their sperm capacity, so large testicles were a better sign that a boy was older, but even that indicator was sometimes not certain. Jan remembered one particular boy, who measured 7 inches soft, and had testicles the size of large hen’s eggs. Jan was not attracted to the larger boys. Their size was not generally down to nature, and artificially large penises did not impress him. Also, he preferred to give pleasure to those who were less experienced at receiving it.

But there was something about the youthful pink whiteness of this boy’s skin that had intrigued him. Jan left his booth and studied the boy closely, running his fingers over the boy’s pubis tenderly, and looking at his genitals in detail. It was clear from the lack of hair follicles that this boy was simply freakishly well developed. Jan imagined the boy’s swagger around his peers each time his penis was withdrawn from the portal. Jan watched that penis for 8 years, seeing it grow until it was as thick as a small child’s arm, and over 14 inches long. He wondered if its owner would ever find a sexual partner capable of receiving such a monster.


But, now 184,675,809 was in his hands, and as expected, the boy was hard within seconds of being licked. Jan knew that he had exactly five minutes until the harvesting cycle allowed the boy to ejaculate. It was both a blessing and a burden. It meant that he could not enjoy the boy for longer, but it also meant that quick draws like this kid could not blow his wad in 20 seconds and spoil his fun.

Jan rolled the boy’s testicles in his hand. They were on the small side, as was his penis. That meant that the boy was either young, or had not been part of the milking program for long.  Very few boys who had had been on the program over a year would still measure much under six inches, let alone Max’s five. Jan had studied Max’s pubis and he could see that there was a decent distribution of hair follicles that indicated to him that the boy was at least a T4 in sexual maturity. That meant he was most likely in his mid teens.

Jan licked at the boy’s glans. He knew that he could not compete with the sensations produced by the implant, and he wished that he could turn it off so that he would be the sole source of the boy’s pleasure, but he had no access to the donors except for their penises. He consoled himself with knowing that although the implant sent signals to the boy’s brain that made him feel as though every part of his penis, anus and prostate were being expertly stimulated, the boy would also continue to feel what he, Jan was doing to him, so he was adding to the boy’s pleasure.

Jan teasingly licked every millimetre of the boy’s glans, paying particular attention to the flared base and the boy’s fraenulum. It was strange, knowing that the kid on the other end was feeling  unbearably aroused, but no matter how desperately he wanted to cum; NEEDED to cum to gain some release, he was not able to until the implant in his head released the inhibitor that prevented his brain from initiating an orgasm.

Jan inserted a slender metal sound into the boy’s urethra. The boy had already had the soft milking tube inside his penis, so it was not his first experience of being penetrated, but the sound was hard and cool, whereas the collection tube was warm and soft. Jan had tried the sound on himself numerous times. The sensation never ceased to fascinate him. He imagined how 184,675,809 was feeling. The sensation was a mixture between burning and stretching, with just a frisson of pleasure to titillate. Jan slowly fucked the boy’s urethra with the sound, knowing that it would be adding fresh and disturbing undercurrent to the sensations that the chip in the kid’s brain was generating.

Jan had himself, been grown from sperm collected by the Human Expansion Program, but had never actually been a donor because his world was not a high enough tech level to make forced donation compulsory.

He kept an eye on the orgasm timer. It was surprising how quickly the time passed once he started to play. It was important that he didn’t mistime the donor’s orgasm. He had done that on a few occasions, only to get drenched in cum as an unbearably horny boy had a computer-induced orgasm. There were few minor orgasms, and cleaning a mugful of sticky boy semen from his hair and clothing was not something Jan enjoyed doing in the middle of a work shift.

He made it a policy to catch the boys’ donations in his mouth, hungrily swallowing every drop. However, as he had learned early on, swallowing half a pint or more of rapidly delivered jism was a very challenging task, and on two occasions, he had ended up with his nostrils blast-cleansed by semen as it exceeded his ability to swallow in time. For that reason, he preferred servicing boys who had smaller testicles. The rare few that he favoured in spite of their larger testicles, he left plugged into their collection tubes, but then that meant that he had to clean up after himself.

Jan started to masturbate his own hard cock. Although the collection tubes responded to the pressure of an orgasm, draining the semen off to processing, Jan liked to try to time his orgasm with the donors’ – it made for more of a shared experience.

At first Jan did not like the taste of sperm, but he had quickly grown to love it, viewing it as the ultimate expression of a boy’s libido. The taste of each was slightly different, and even the same boy could taste different according to his recent diet.

He had already tasted 184,675,809 on several occasions. The boy’s sperm had a vaguely fructose flavour, with a slightly sweet aftertaste. Jan imagined the donor as a sporty, clean-living kid who lived on a diet of fruit and vegetables.

Jan withdrew the sound from the boy’s penis, and clamped his lips over the glans, and started face fucking the rigid member, whilst rapidly masturbating the shaft with his left hand. As his palm passed lightly back and forth along its length, his fingers bumped across the veins that bulged out from its rigid sides. He loved boys who could get this hard. He imagined the unyielding tool hammering into his own hole, and his right hand pounded frantically in his own groin. He’d have to be careful or he would cum ahead of the boy. He stopped wanking to take the edge off, but suddenly his own mouth was filled with 184,675,809’s cum. It wasn’t as copious as most, but with was delivered with impressive force against the back of his throat. Jan’s hand returned to his groin and it took just a few pumps to initiate his own eager orgasm. He greedily swallowed the boy’s cum, whilst depositing his own seed into the tube intended for Max’s semen. The bureau wouldn’t care. All semen was sorted and screened anyway.

The boy squirted 14 times, filling Jan’s mouth with warm cream. Jan continued flogging his own cock, milking it of every drop of juice and every moment of pleasure. The boy stopped squirting but Jan continued teasing the kid’ cockhead with his tongue for another 30 seconds. He had not yet swallowed the boy’s cum, and the kid’s cockhead was bathed in a pool of his own juice.

Eventually Jan reluctantly pulled his face away from the boy’s rigid cock, keeping his lips clamped to the boy’s cock, forming a tight seal until every bit of it was out of his mouth, cleaning the glans as it exited. Jan swished the boy’s sperm around in his mouth like a wine connoisseur checking out a test glass at a tasting. Then he swallowed it gratefully. In his mind, digesting the boy’s sperm somehow made the boy a part of him, forever joining the other boys he had sucked. He continued slowly masturbating his own penis until it had completely softened, then he withdrew the collection tube. His sperm was already on its way to an automated lab within the facility.

The penis in front of his face was still hard. Jan smiled and lightly teased the rim of the glans for a few seconds with the index finger of his right hand, before carefully reinserting the collection tube back into the penis.


Sitting in a chair, in a communal area at Friedrich Krupp High, Max was now certain beyond a doubt, that a real person had been touching his penis.


Jan pulled his pants back up then dressed, and returned to the control booth. He could still taste the boy’s sperm in his mouth. Sometimes, he liked to go speak to his fellow controller on some pretext just after a sucking, just so that he could get off on the wrongness of breathing on him with the sperm breath of a boy on a planet billions of miles away. This boy was special. Jan wanted to share. He went to find controller number two….


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