Interdimensional milking 12 – Please, lecture me

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

Max is cautiously getting closer to a beautiful boy called Brill.

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Interdimensional milking 12 – Please, lecture me

Max was starting to suspect that Julie had told everyone about his small dick. This was the third group of people that he and Sam had passed in the hallways who had looked at him and snickered, and he didn’t recognise any of them.

By Earth standards, Max wasn’t particularly below average, but here on Herschell Majoris, the boys got milked and stretched and massaged for hours each day, and even the youngsters quickly grew to proportions that would embarrass a 20th century Earth porn star. Of course, all modern porn stars used their own genital enhancement and modification technology so that they were not outdone by guys who had grown up as part of the Harvesting program.

Max leaned in to Sam and said in low voice, “What the fuck is up with everyone today? I get the feeling they’re all whispering about me.”

“Why would people be whispering about you?”

“I dunno. Do you think that someone has said something about me? Do you think that Julie…”

He trailed off, not wanting to come out and express the source of his embarrassment to Sam.

“Julie? She wouldn’t slamchat you sib, she’s crazy about you.”

Max thought about it.

“Yeah I know that, but, you know, I haven’t really been showing any interest in her.”

“Don’t get me wrong Max, she would overload if you got wild with her, but she knows you’re green for Brill.”

Max was embarrassed to hear his sexual interest in Brill expressed openly, even though it was completely true. But there was a lot more to it than that. Brill was kind, and he had a great body, and beautiful eyes, and the tone of his voice was… Max snapped himself out of it.

“So what the fuck is going on then? All day it’s been like people are whispering about me as I pass.”

“Are you sure man? Maybe it’s just coincidence.”

“That’s what I told myself at first, but,” he looked back towards two girls behind them they were watching him, with smirks on their faces, “this was like the fourth or fifth time people start whispering and looking at me as I get near.”

Sam had to admit, the girls’ behaviour was pretty odd.

“Why don’t you just go up and ask them?” he said.


“Why not? Then at least you’ll know.”

Max shrugged.

“I’m just not that bothered,” he lied.


First div after lunch, Max walked into the lecture hall with Brill. There were 300 boys and no girls. The course was Advanced Sex Ed. It was the first time Max had attended an advanced course. He’d done the standard series on Earth: human reproduction, sex organs, masturbation, sexuality, pregnancy and that kind of thing, but he was wondering with great anticipation what constituted an advanced course.

There was a gently curving row of fold up chairs, each with its own small desk attached. Above and behind that was another row, and another – 12 rows in all, arranged like a Roman amphitheatre.

Brill guided Max towards the last two chairs of the highest row. In spite of the fact he was taller, he walked into the cramped fixed rows first, and sat down. As Max was about to sit, he saw something that caught his attention. It was another student, wearing what appeared to be an EV suit much like his own, but his arms and legs were missing, and there were what appeared to be portal panels on the suit at the shoulders and hips. The boy looked older than Max; maybe 19 or 20 and he wore a serious expression. He was suspended in a frame by thick wires that connected to rings above his shoulders and at the sides of his hip joints, and the frame was mounted on a heavy base with an electric motor and caterpillar tracks. The boy was positioned on the carpeted walkway behind the top row, in line with one of the two aisles that divided the arced seating, facing down the aisle towards the stage.

“What’s the deal with that guy,” Max asked. “I’ve never seen him before.”

Brill looked over his shoulder at the kid resting alone behind the rows of students.

“Dunno. Maybe he was born that way?” Brill offered.

“No way, they’d have fixed it by now.”

“Maybe he’s a hybrid or an exo and he likes being that way?”

“He doesn’t look very happy to me. And aren’t those portals where his arms and legs should be?”

At that moment, the guy looked directly in their direction, and Max and Brill quickly looked away.

“Why don’t you ask him later?” Brill suggested in a low whisper.

Their attention was pulled to the front of the lecture hall. Doctor Phlox, the head of biology was speaking.

“Gentlemen, now that you’re all here, we’re almost ready to start. I suggest that you ensure you are seated. Before we get into the lecture, you’re all going to get a 5 minute blast on level 10 just to clear the old pipes out, and to ensure that you’re not distracted during the lecture. Many young men find it hard to stay focussed whilst they’re green, and this lecture is too important for you to miss out on.”

It was unusual for the teachers to talk about the harvesting program, much less to control it directly. In fact it was the first time in all the months since Max had transferred Friedrich Krupp. The only person who had ever directly controlled his implant was nurse Janeway during his initial medical and EV suit fitting. He turned to Brill with an expression of puzzlement.

“Just sit back and enjoy it,” Brill said with a gentle smile.

The teacher spoke into his vone then he brushed his hand over the wall panel. The lights dimmed, and Max could feel his balls and sphincter starting to tingle. He settled back in his seat in the near darkness, and started to breath slowly and deeply as the program commenced the stimulation routine.

He felt Brill’s arm brushing against his between the seats, then the boy’s hand touched his. He briefly wondered what Brill was doing, then Brill took Max’s left hand with his right, holding them down between the seats out of sight in the darkness. Max felt momentarily trapped, as though Brill had manoeuvred him into this situation, but he quickly pushed the feeling away.

“Don’t be stupid,” he told himself. “This is exactly what you wanted.”

He squeezed Brill’s hand to show his assent and Brill squeezed back.

The harvesting program commenced in earnest, and in a harvesting station millions of light years away 300 teen Friedrich Krupp penises all strained in unison.

Max felt as though his glans and his anus were both being skilfully teased, whilst there was a vibration in his testicles that was driving him crazy. He suspected, although he had no way of knowing, that his dick was hard as plasteel right now. High intensity stims always drove him wild with lust, and although he’d experienced dozens of them now, they still felt as arousing as the very first time. That was the beauty of implants over actual – the system adjust to the user’s responses to ensure that every orgasm felt fresh and exciting. As soon as a boy’s responses to a particular line of stimulation diminished, the system increased the intensity or teased him in a different way.

All around him, Max could tell that the other boys were equally boned. Although their forms were just outlines in the near dark, Max could see lots of movement, and next to him, Brill was writhing in his chair, still as aroused after years of being milked as Max was. He gripped Max’s hand tightly, as the implant in his brain told his body that it was receiving all kinds of erotic sexual attention – nipples, glans, earlobes, even Brill’s toes were being tongued, nibbled, tweaked and massaged in his mind, just as Max’s were. It literally produced the same feelings in the sensory processing areasrain as if they were actually being touched. But the most fiendish part of the brain implant, was its ability to deny orgasm, leaving all 300 boys edging with no possibility of release until it decided to grant it. A rising volume of adolescent heavy breathing, panting, and groaning gradually filled the hall.

At 4 minutes and 45 seconds, the boys were granted release. The implants switched from inhibit to induce, and as one, all 300 boys started to ejaculate; hard. Even though Max was used to ejaculating eight times a day, a high intensity always managed to draw a massive load from his overactive balls, and today was no exception. In fact, he ejaculated for almost 30 seconds unabated in what he felt was surely the most immense orgasm of his life.

Meanwhile, in a perfectly silent harvesting plant on planet 1RXS1609 b, the boys in lecture hall 2 of Friedrich Krupp High added another two and a half pints of semen to the day’s total.

When it was finally over, Max was still holding Brill’s hand loosely.

“Pacing,” Max thought to himself.

“Yeah,” Brill murmured and gave his hand a gentle squeeze.

The lights stayed low for a few more minutes, allowing the boys time to recover from their milking. As the teacher turned them up, Max turned to Brill and smiled warmly. Brill’s green eyes flashed in the diminishing gloom, but there seemed to be flecks of gold in them. It was almost as though they had their own inner light.  Brill looked fondly back at him and stole a quick peck on the lips. Max blinked, surprised again, but for once, he didn’t look around to see who else may have seen. He grinned back.

Doctor Phlox began the lecture and Max turned his attention to the man, but he couldn’t help but lick his lips to see if there was any taste left behind. He wasn’t sure if it was his imagination, but there seemed to be a little sweetness there.

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